Leeteuk opposed his sister’s debut as an actress because she wasn’t pretty enough?

February 2, 2011 at 6:41 pm | Posted in Leeteuk, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 6 Comments

Recently on an episode of Strong Heart, Leeteuk revealed the reason why he was against his sister’s debut as an actress.

Park Inyoung, Leeteuk’s sister, stated that after she came back from studying abroad in New Zealand, she decided to pursue acting.

However, not only was her mother against it, apparently her brother was against it as well.

Leeteuk replied by declaring that although she was his family member, he had to be cold-hearted. Then he continued on to say that he believed that his sister did not exactly possess the loveliest outer appearance.

Still, he said that although his sister never properly learned how to act, she was still very passionate. Ending on a warm note, Leeteuk wished her good luck with her acting career.

What do you guys think of this family relationship?

Source: TV Daily, koreaboo
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  1. What did she study in New Zealand? If it’s another profession, then I think it’s a waste that she’s pursuing acting right now. I think I understand why her mom and Teukie would oppose the idea.

  2. I think it’s a bit macho, he also took hard work to become successful,Is your sister is not capable?
    I think she’ll do well!
    It’s very nice^^

  3. I think he’s just trying to protect her from getting swallowed up in the acting industry. I mean Korea has plenty of very pretty actresses, and unfortunately appearance is something that people pay attention to when watching dramas, movies, etc. So instead of her getting hurt in the long run, he’s just trying to be the protective brother.

    • yeah i agree to what you’ve said. teukie knows how it feels like being in the korean entertainment industry so instead of him being a supportive brother, he just wants to protect his sister.

  4. whoooaa cool she studied abroad in NZ? I’m studying abroad right now in NZ too!!!~

  5. sorry but doesnt it seem a little not on the nice side to basically say’ you shouldnt act because you are not pretty enough’ …. like is the korean pop media like this? i know North American pop culture is not much better when it comes to judging people but i thought maybe korea would be different:( they always make fun of the bigger girls and there are like no girls above a siz 6 in korea if they even get that wide. 😦 😦 this is just something i have noticed recently nothing agents leeteuk

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