SS3 Singapore 110130 – YeWook biased Fanaccount

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First of all,as usual,they’re beside each others at the beginning of Sorry Sorry Remix and Don’t Don

Member introduction,during Ryeowook’s introduction,Yesung shouted something about Ryeowook,which I don’t know what T.T and after that,they’re sitting beside each others

At the end of You and I,I saw Yesung touched Wook in the arm,if I’m not wrong]

Anyways,during You and I,Ryeowook wore this vest + shirt again that Yesung ever wore too

They’re beside each others again during ‘In My Dream’.Caught Yesung looking at Ryeowook,its in my fancam,kekeke~

They’re beside each others again at the beginning of ‘Rinaldo’,I cried during this song,Kangin T_T

At the end of All My Heart,they’re beside each others again and did some cute pose…unfortunately,my camera had died during this song,OTL

When Yesung’s in front of me during “Dancing Out” if I’m not wrong,I kept shouting “Yewook is real”,doubt he heard that tho

They did a highfive!pic herecredit : euodsie @ twitter

Ending~when they’re walking to the front,they stopped for a while and Yesung whispered something to Ryeowook….why my camera died already?anyone caught this moment?T~T OTL

When all the members walked,Ryeowook took a fanboard from a fan beside me…this made me regret that I cancelled the Yewook board I was supposed to bring T________T all I did when he’s in front of me was shouting “Yewook is real!”,just like I did when Yesung’s in front of me ==

After he took the board,I think Ryeowook walked beside…or in front of or behind Yesung?after that,they’re standing beside each others during ending talk,but they didn’t hold hands when they bowed because Ryeowook’s holding that fanboard

But according to @euodsie Yesung held Ryeowook’s WRIST to bow because Ryeowook refused to let go of the fanboard..I didn’t see it…was kinda blur after I touched Kyuhyun during wonder boys lol

I have some fancams,but I need sometime to manage it,hope I can upload it soon ^^

Credits:, WeLoveYeWook

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  1. i think yesung walked in front of wook.. while yesung is meddling with a cap, wook is reading the board.. on the stage wook is still reading the board while yesung keep meddling with the cap still. lol

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