SS3 Singapore: To Cost More Than $1.5 Million

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I don’t know if this have been posted yet u.u, but it caught my attention 🙂

Super Junior is in the middle of taking part in two enormous concerts — SM Town with their labelmates and their solo show, Super Show 3. It’s been reported that their Singapore show will cost more than $1.5 million to produce and run. The cost will run so high because of special stages and equipment and one stage in particular which costs more than half a million dollars alone. By the time you add in the performer fees, staff, and other features, the cost of this concert could become astronomical.

FORKING out at least $1.5 million to stage the Super Junior concert here seems like a huge risk.

Especially since concert organiser Running Into The Sun is a new kid on the block. The company, which has its beginnings as a special projects unit in Irene Ang’s Fly Entertainment, was formed officially in July last year .

But Fly’s chief marketing officer Terence Ang said they wanted to show that the company was able to handle a big-scale concert.

He added: ‘There were initial concerns about the cost. But after we did the Super Junior showcase in June, we knew what kind of fans the group has and we are assured that we can bring in the concert.’

The Super Junior Galaxy Showcase, presented by Samsung and SingTel in June, gave away tickets with every purchase of a mobile phone. All 2,000 tickets were snapped up within hours, Mr Ang said.

He added that ticket-holders also queued 37 hours at the showcase venue so they could get the best spot at the free-standing event.


Credit: MTV IGGY
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  1. As long as our boys are safe ♥
    And the fans enjoyed it 😀

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