PART 1: 110129 SS3 Singapore: The audience! (Yesung’s mom comes) [7P]

January 29, 2011 at 11:28 am | Posted in ELF, Events/Concerts/Perfs., Pictures/Videos | 14 Comments


Credits: _vera |KyuhyunBiasedmook_yeyeProm15e_elfkpop.freak
Reuploaded & Posted by:Phoebe & uksujusid (

SUJU’s moms come! Yesung’s mother is the one in pink.

Done updating xD


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  1. I heard Hae’s mom is there for SS3 too Idk~

  2. I cant see the picture >.<

    • me neither, I’ll try to edit it 🙂

      • me 2 can not see it !!

  3. Awww, Sid, I didnt know you edited this and reuploaded the pics.
    So I basically delete all the pics and start uploading them again -_-

  4. Anybody else’s came?

  5. Is that whole row of ppl tat yesung’s omma is siiting super junior’s ommas??? If yes, then it will be so cute!!!

    • I think yes :),
      Arent they all ELF’s mothers-in-law? xD

  6. Hi, i’m going to SS3 in SG on sunday. may i know how these pics are taken? i heard that cameras are not allowed, but i really want to take some pics. also, its my 1st time going 2 a concert, is thr anything that i shud know??

    • Photography devices are banned, but mobile phones are not ^^

      • actually, its alright to brg unless you’re in the mosh pit. (: and try not to use flash cos it’s irritating. i’m still spazzing from the concert hehe

        • thxxxx so much!!!!!!!!! OMG YOU GUYS ARE MAKING ME EXCITED!!!!!!!!! hehe, and do you know if thrs any Sungmin project going on?? i went outside d stadium yesterday n i oni saw Kyuhyun’s and Yesung’s…

  7. this is awesome!!!

  8. sungmin’s mom was there too and i was sitting beside her!! too bad didnt take a pic together.

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