Updated** Heechul & Leeteuk got into an accident!!! But Don’t Worry, they are OK!! [3P]

January 28, 2011 at 12:39 pm | Posted in ELF, Heechul, Leeteuk, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 31 Comments

Leeteuk & Heechul just arrived to Singapore, & unfortunately they got into a car accident. All I can say is that thank the lord that they didn’t get hurt, seriously. As soon as I found out I was hoping it wasn’t a Kyu situation.. I wouldn’t want that at all. Again thank the lord ~~Here is a picture, (someone correct me if I am wrong) but I think it was a fanvan.. Yeah I know right. They will now be staying at the Swissotel instead of MBS. – uksujusid

Always remember that if you are well stalking Super Junior, always GIVE THEM SPACE & PRIVAVCY! Always try to make their stay feel welcome & memorable ~!~

Imaged Credit: superting18
Also thanks to Supe13rJunior
Reupload & Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Another Pictures, thanks to Phoebe!!
Shared by FISHYsuperlove & MINNIEsuperlove

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  1. Wow!!! Really scared me when I saw the tweet in twitter!!! Really thank God that they are fine! Really hope that the nightmare in 2007 wont happen anymore…

    • oh my God, really thanks be to God that they’re safe.But what i’ve noticed is that why are HeeTeuk always together nowadays?.i was really worried for them..but God is Good…let’s all pray for all of SuJu members…

  2. oh my gosh..
    thanks God they’re just fine..
    don’t want to recall the old accident again
    oppa, please be safe..

  3. oh my…. thank god they are safe.

  4. glad they r both safe… hope they’re able to have a good rest upon checking in!


  6. Thank god that they are okay~

  7. aw, it broke my heart when I read the tweets.
    hope they are completely unharmed.
    83line have been the centre of attention recently
    first the BKK flight incident
    since then they’ve been seen together often
    now this

    and later on the ARMY =((
    NOOOOOO >”<
    *negative fangirl mood*

  8. OMG. thank god they are ok !!!!!! that accident that happened yrs back hurts me. hope it doesnt happen again to them, ever.

  9. Alhamdulillah . . .
    I had a Bad dream last night . teuk’s face looks so sad .
    Hope They’re be Safe always .
    Thanks Lord.

  10. thanks God they’re fine..

  11. all i can say is thanking the lord too, sid unnie
    you can’t imagine how shocked i am when heard the news
    thanks LORD for protecting our 83s line and all people inside the van
    just wish no more incident like this , give me heart attack 😥

  12. i nearly had a heart attack when i read the first few words of the title of this entry. whew! i’m glad they are ok. hope we get more details soon.

  13. thanks God

  14. I hope they are okay

  15. Christ! I had a freaking heart attack when I saw this! Thank God they are alright but they must be so shaken up, after the accidents they’ve been through in the past. This is so upsetting.

  16. My heart almost come out
    always hope them be safety

  17. Gah, Sid, nn is right. This can’t stand. There is enough hate in the world that we can’t do anything about…but this we can. Please remove it. And maybe ban the poster, because no good can come from a mind that works like that.

    • Sweetie, you are too full of hate. It takes a lot of hard work to carry so much hate. You know, you can love jay chou without hating Suju, or anyone for that matter. You will feel better if you stop. Why make enemies when you can make friends? We are really nice people on this board.

    • then you dont have to go to this blog n trolling..
      nobody force you to like anybody, so dont spread hatred as well..

      i hope you’ll fine some peace..

  18. I won’t breathe again until I see photos of them walking around. Especially Heechul, with his leg bearing scars and his bones once broken in so many places….if that leg has more trauma, it is hard to say what the result would be. I am waiting for updates…..

    I am wondering, who is driving? They probably had a hired driver. Why does this keep happening?

  19. Oh god.. Glad it’s not serious..
    I kind of guess it..
    It’s really rarely to hear car accident in Spore.. They really drive well n order there..
    And to happen in Suju after all, really unfortunate of them.. 😦

    what the 2nd n 3rd picts about?
    Is it? their car interior..or the fan’s?

    yes I totally agree! give them some space & privacy.. It suck to be stalked and starred all the time..

    • the pictures show the front (slightly damaged) and the back of the car :). Yes the 3rd pic is taken inside the car of some fans.

  20. Oh my God,I’m so glad they’re fine
    Teukie! D:


    • ye kak,Alhamdulillah sangat kan?!my heart was beating so fast till i dont have any ideas what i’m going to do tomorrow~!dongsaeng,i’m sorry because i am still looking for their news and not preparing for our presentation!!now,i think i will do better tomorrow,knowing that they are safe!!

  22. thanks god..they are safe…
    i can’t breath when i hear this bad news from my sister..

  23. Crazy fans!!!.. what do u think u r doing??? What an experience you guys have given the 2 of them!!!.. They would think thrice about coming to Singapore again… You can SEE THEM at the Concert!!!!!!.. You nearly made them miss doing the show!!!!… Think think think!!!..

  24. thank’s GOD they fine .. but i’m dying to see them right away..coz i’m not so sure they alright until the picture show as a proof

    btw it’s funny haters had a time to bash others idol instead looking for her/his own idol news..very funny

  25. ELF! give them privacy!!!!! leave them alone!

  26. They wont hurt easily!!!!!It is not that much important!!!dont make it too big.poor heechul……

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