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Last Updated February 8th 20.23 GMT

UNSURE either From 110130/29 ———————————-

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Donghae Bias [5P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Donghae Bias 2 [19P] Hae-girls

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Donghae Bias 3 [63P] Hae-girls

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Kyuhyun Bias [10P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Heechul Bias [8P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Ryeowook Bias [8P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Ryeowook Bias 2 [5P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Ryeowook Bias 3 [10P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Sungmin Bias [22P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Siwon Bias [22P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Kyuhyun Bias [13P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Leeteuk Bias [46P] & DL

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Yesung Bias [37P] Woonvoice

PART 1: The show! 110129/2930 [51P] MQ & DL
PART 2: The show! 110129/30 [60P] HQ& DL
PART 3: The show! 110129/30 [250P] HQ& DL
PART 4: The show! 110129/30 [86P] HQ

PART 6: The show! 110129/30 [20P] added more 🙂 MQ

———————————-Everything From 110130———————————-

PART 1: The show! 110130 [48P] LQ
PART 2:  The show! 110130 [49P] LQ
PART 3: The show! 110130 [26P] LQ
PART 4: The show! 110130 [46P] LQ
PART 5: The show! 110130 [57P] MQ/LQ
PART 6: The show! 110130 [132P] LQ & DL
PART 7: The show! 110130 [116P] MQ & DL
PART 8: The show! 110130 [15P] HQ


SS3 Singapore 110130: Yesung Bias [5P] 4Yesung

SS3 Singapore 110130: Yesung Bias 2 [5P] 4Yesung

SS3 Singapore 110130: Eunhyuk Bias [8P] [smilehyuk.com]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Eunhyuk Bias 2 [20P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Sungmin Bias [9P]

PerMINent Splash, Sungmin – SS3 Singapore 110130 [1P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Sungmin Bias 3 [10P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Pumpkin Ming [10P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Kyuhyun Bias [9P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Kyuhyun Bias 2 [21P]

SPLASH PAGE Update, 2Kyuhyun.com SS3 Singapore 110130 [2P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Donghae Bias [11P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Donghae Bias 2 [15P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Donghae Bias 3 [8P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Donghae Bias 4 [11P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: KyuMin Bias [6P]

SS3 Singapore: 110130 EunHae Bias [42P]

FANCAMS:SS3 Singapore 110130: [40FANCAMS!]

SS3 Singapore 110130 [HD FANCAMs!]

FANACCOUNT: 110130 FanAccount No.1 . 110130 FanAccount No.2 .
SS3 Singapore 110130 – YeWook biased Fanaccount


SS3 Singapore: Press Conference! 110130 [75P] [xinmsn] & DL

SS3 Singapore: Press Conference! 110129 [17P] [xinmsn]

Super Junior In Super Show 3 Press Conference At Singapore – From 110130 [ENGLISH SUBBED]

———————————-Everything From 110129———————————-

PART 1: The audience! [7P] LQ
PART 2: The show! [81p] LQ
PART 3: The Show! [35p] LQ
PART 4:  The Show! [17P] LQ
PART 5: The Show! [52P] LQ
PART 6: The Show! [55P] LQ
PART 7:  The Show! [59P] LQ/MQ
PART 8: The Show! [47P] LQ MQ
PART 9: The Show! [53P] HQ
PART 10: The Show! [37P] MQ
PART 11: The Show! 110129 [58P] HQ
PART 12: The Show! 110129 [23P] HQ & DL
PART 13:  The show! 110129 [53P] LQ & DL
PART 14: The show! 110129 [17P] HQ
PART 15: 110129: The audience! [15P]


SS3 Singapore 110129: Heechul Bias [5P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Donghae Bias [11P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Donghae Bias 2 [21P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Donghae Bias 3 [28P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Donghae Bias 4 [3P]

Pictures taken by KYUHYUN! [3P] . SPLASH PAGE 2Kyuhyun.com [1P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Kyuhyun Bias [26P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Kyuhyun Bias 2 [26P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Yesung Bias [5P] 4Yesung

SS3 Singapore 110129: Yesung Bias 2 [5P] 4Yesung

SS3 Singapore 110130: Yesung Bias 3 [9P] 4Yesung

SS3 Singapore 110129: Yesung Bias 3 [7P] MyBabyCloud

SS3 Singapore 110129: Sungmin Bias [9P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Sungmin Bias 2 [27P] DL

SS3 Singapore 110129: Sungmin Bias 3 [5P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Sungmin Bias 4 [30P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Leeteuk [39P] DL

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: EunHae Bias [10P]

ELF (incl. Merchandise, Banners, Stage)

ELF Pictures [7P]Merchandise [4P]THE STAGE! [9P]Photocards [6P]

Banners [5P]ELFs QUEUE OVER NIGHT!! [4P]Part 4 I think? xD OF ELF! [20P]

10 Gold medals for Super Junior from Indonesian ELF ~

FANCAMS: Part 1 110129: [16 FANCAMs!] –  Part 2  110129: [41 FANCAMS!]
Part 3 110129: [32 FANCAMS!] Part 4 110129: [35 FANCAMs!]
Part 5 SS3 Singapore 110129 [HD FANCAMs!] Part 6 SS3 Singapore Performances – From 110129 [4 HD Clips]

FANACCOUNT: SS3 Singapore 110129 FanAccounts 🙂FanAccount No.3FanAccount No.4

SS3 Singapore 110129 – Eunhyuk biased Fanaccount



110128  Changi YS, DH & EH [1P] . 110128 Incheon, DH, KH [2P]
110128 Incheon, DH BIAS! & Henry [12P & gif) . 110128 Incheon, EH  [7P]

110131 Super Junior at Incheon Airport [Fancam!]

110131 Super Junior At Incheon Airport [5P]


110130 Heechul Twitter Updates: Lady HEEHEE

SS3 Singapore 110129: Lady Hee Shakes the Twitterverse!

110130 Yesung Twitter Update: Singapore

110131 Yesung Twitter Update: Thank you ELF!!

110131 Shindong Twitter Update: Wow!! Surprise!!!!

110131 Heechul Twitter Update: memories made

110130 Heechul’s Photo Tweet – With Siwon, Kyuhyun & Ryeowook [2P]

110131 Eunhyuk Twitter Update: really happy!!!

Car Crash (& some tweets)

Heechul & Leeteuk got into an accident!!!  Don’t Worry, they are OK!! [3P]

110128/29 Heechul Twitter Update: Everybody is in danger

110128 Leeteuk Twitter Update: I thought I’d die…ㅠㅠ

SS3 Singapore: Heechul and Leeteuk got into a minor car accident

Leeteuk, Heechul’s accident on Singapore newspaper: Were fans to blame for crash?

110130 Interview with Kim Heechul on the Accident in Singapore

Leeteuk and Heechul Involved in a 7 cars Accident in Singapore

Super Junior’s Leeteuk goes to the hospital for a check-up


HC, LT, EH, RW & KH Entering the stadium [5P] . SS3 Singapore: Cost More Than $1.5 Million

SS3 Singapore: 110130 ~ Newspaper [3P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Yesung hit by a fan’s lightstick

110130 – Super Junior’s Super Show 3: A night to remember (News + HQ Pics)

110131 Super Junior wants to bring Super Show 4 to the rest of the World

110129 Super Show 3 in Manila featured on ‘The Philippine Star’

Super Junior successfully completes their Singapore concert

110201 Super Junior’s Singapore screamfest

SS3 Singapore, by shieldkitten

‘Super’ surprise at Singapore Church!

SS3 Singapore FanArt: WonKyu (?)

SS3 Singapore FanArts: Heechul & Eunhyuk [5P]


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  1. Fighting admin! Keep update..

    • THANKYU we all will do !!

      • this is totally off topic…but just wondering if you guys posted this video of hangeng before..
        he talked about him leaving korea and stuff…when asked about his relationship with the members, he said that he would text/message them when he misses them…then he teared up

  2. it makes me feel more excited for SS3 Manila

    i think it will be a lot of fun too

    it almost near

    hope to see a lot of ELF at that time too

    (admin thanks for the update it keeps me awake with my sleepy work! all admins are doing a great job!)

  3. sharing my fanaccount:) sungmin bias!

  4. ELF
    please…help us!! ELF from INDONESIA
    help us to follow @SentraEnt
    invite oppa SUPER JUNIOR come to INDONESIA

  5. okay..sorry for posting this.. but i need to spaz.. THIS IS SO UNFAIR!! when sj came to singapore in june i missed them by ONE DAY! and i can’t go to this one because im all there way here in the midwest stuck in the snow! AND.. they’re going over to malaysia again this march.. AND i technically could fly back during my spring break bt my parents will of course disown me first.. so i can’t go…. bottom line in.. THIS IS SO UNFAIR!! I WNA GO!! im always at the wrong place at the wrong time.. -_-

    sigh.. at the mean time i should jst enjoy all these pictures and wait til the day that i am actually there and will be the one taking the photos..

  6. oppa…
    i love you …
    4 ever never end…

  7. no henry n MiMi bias? T_T

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