Han Geng: Character in 《Da Wu Sheng》 very much like me, quiet but have plans in mind

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On the 19th of January, the Sina Web Awards was held in Beijing at 7PM, and saw the appearances of celebrities such as Ge You, Fan Bingbing, Wang Luodan, Hai Qing, Miriam Yeung, Han Geng, Bibi Chou, Wang Xueqi, Feng Xiaogang, Rodney Wu, Guo Degang, Yao Chen and more. The King of Newcomers Han Geng obtained the honour of Male Singer of the Year, and he admitted that the year 2010 for him was a very unforgettable year. After filing a lawsuit for the nullification of his contract with his previous company, he has also released a new album and held a solo concert, whereby he had reaped large rewards from them. When talking about the movie “Da Wu Sheng”, he expressed that the character he played in the movie was very alike his own personality: “Personally I’m a very introverted person, I’m very quiet. I would keep everything in my heart and refuse to say it out, but I have an idea (of what I want) in mind.” At the same time, he also revealed that there are a lot of scenes where he acted opposite Da S (Barbie Hsu), and thanked the other party for teaching him a lot of things.

After a long-drawn contract termination battle, Han Geng became stronger, and whenever he was faced by some negative remarks about his previous company and also the rumours that he had turned against his SJ brothers, Han Geng would always answer with a smile: “There are some things where it’s fine to let people say what they want to say, it’s good enough that I’m clear with what I should do. The entire 2010 was a very fruitful year to me; my mood has turned good since coming to the new company. Furthermore, I’ve released a new album and also held a concert which belonged to myself, (so) I’ve really gained a lot. I hope that I can continue to have more rewards in the year 2011, (like) releasing a new album, (and) hold concerts in even more locations.”

The movie “Da Wu Sheng”, which is Han Geng’s first foray into the movie world, would be cranking up the hype soon. He revealed that in the movie, he plays a character whose personality was very much alike his own, so it was rather easy to fit into the role while acting: “There are a lot of monologue scenes in the role I play, and it’s very much alike my own personality (which) is quiet, keeping everything in my own heart and refuse to say them out loud, but I have what I want in mind.” Han Geng also mentioned that he had a lot of opportunities to act opposite seniors Barbie Hsu and Wu Chun, and that he had learned a lot of things from them, thereby benefiting a lot from it.

Source: Sina Entertainment
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
Please take out with FULL and NO ADDITIONAL CREDITS.

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  1. yes,hangeng is a very quiet person and i think because of that reason,there are a lot of persons do not understand him!!i think he is stronger now and know how to deal with the past~!!it is better for him to act in that way because i hope no one will blame him~!let other people think the way they want as long as he knows what he want~!!i hope after this,no negative remark will be given to him about sj~!i’d rather not to see any news about him and his fellow sj members if it is a bad one!!

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