110120 SM The Ballad song “Miss You” originally was SHINee’s song

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SM the Ballad song Miss you was originally owned by SHINee. The history of this beautiful song clear storied on the blog entry of the composer Miss You.

[Blog Entry] S.M The Ballad – The History Behind ‘Miss You'(?)

Now I can finally say this…Since promotional activities are over…This can be considered as the heartbreaking love story behind ‘Miss You’…

The fans of TRAX, Super Junior and SHINee should all be familiar with the song ‘Miss You’. Even if they have never heard of it they should have also seen the song title before…

Actually, this owner of this song was originally SHINee.

When SHINee’s group name was still undecided, Jinki and Jonghyun had already recorded the song in duet style, there was intention to include the song in the debut album… At that time, there was a prelude which included Minho-goon’s soft rap…An attractive baritone rap… @____@

But because it was incompatible with the album’s image, there were plans to release it as a single instead…

But there was yet another change in plan, and the decision was to have Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Xiah Junsu, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Jonghyun to perform it as a trio… (Kyuhyun-goon recorded this song before Super Junior-M’s ‘Better Tomorrow’)

Everyone worked hard to finish recording~And….The trio’s voices blended really well~Attractive attractive~

BUT!! With just 2 months before the album was to be released, Junsu released the declaration to break away from the group…

So there was a long waiting time again, and new members Jay and Jino were included to perform… This is ‘Miss You’

This was released only after a really very long journey. The length of 3 years…

Am grateful that it can be born successfully… ‘Where It Began’ (This song was originally titled ‘Where It Began’)
I will often open up and listen.
‘Where It Began’ sang by Jinki and Jonghyun…
‘Where It Began’ sang by Kyuhyun, Jonghyun and Junsu….
Even though it’s a pity that these versions are for my appreciation only, but it’s because of these various reasons that I am able to meet Jino, it was a very enjoyable experience.^^

P.S I remember what Jino said to me during recording.
Me: Why are you always smiling?
Jino: Everyone is already very tired from recording so all the more I should smile ^^
Kind fellow…Hope you won’t change and continue to keep your heart and that kindness, spend everyday happily like your Kyuhyun-hyung and Jonghyun-hyung and continue your singing career charismatically~~
Finally shall end off with encouraging Jino??
Jino fighting!!

Source: http://blog.paran.com/daiki/43380331
Chinese Translation: The SHINing Club
English Translation: atlantis-x
Original article : Soompi

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  1. can i know who’s blog entry is this??

  2. i wish to listen to all version of miss you …jino fighting 🙂

  3. Me: Why are you always smiling?
    Jino: Everyone is already very tired from recording so all the more I should smile ^^

    Sweet, sweet boy. 😀 I’m sure Jino’s career will soar! and he’ll do great in the future! I shall be wishing the same thing the composer is wishing for Jino, it is that he stays the same with that heart and kindness, live everyday happily and continue living the dream. Hwaiting Jino oppa!^^

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