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to those who don’t know WHY my wordpress was inaccessible today (110113) & yesterday (110112) it’s BECAUSE.. well basically it got DELETED by hmmm do I say by an ANTI FAN ? or a VERY JEALOUS person !!!!

This was the girl I trusted this was the girl who was an admin on this wordpress.. I thought she was like me, someone who had an aim, to spread the love of Super Junior.. to share their image, to show their personality to show why they have sooo many fans.. to show why they are loved & that they are loved..

I woke up yesterday (110112) morning as always & the first thing I do is update.. When  tried to access my wordpress like many others.. it stated

“ is no longer available.

The authors have deleted this blog.”


that moment I felt so crushed.. the effort I put into this blog.. Over 1 & a half years nearly 2.. Of constant updates mostly on my own.. Posting images everyday, translations, news, articles.. interviews, downloads, english subbed videos, general videos of variety shows, radio shows.. the list is endless.. All I can say to be exact.. 12,382 posts!! 50,160 comments, 13 Millions hits.. did you know ? Like for example the Super Show 3 Guangzhou I uploaded well over 2,000 images.. don’t forget all the crediting back etc.. It’s just you can’t understand the effort I put into this wordpress.. day in day out.. My. No.1 priority, without eating breakfast I must POST! Coming back from Uni.. I must POST, .. after work.. getting home around 11.30pm I POSTED without eating a late dinner, early mornings etc.. I’m just expressing the effort..

I just don’t know what to say, or didn’t.. she called herself an ELF but she is ANYTHING BUT.. how can you delete my wordpress? it wasn’t only for me.. My aim has been to provide easy simple suju news to other elf.. but she attempted to destroy it.  And YOU did succeed … but for a MOMENT.

All I wanted Super Junior is to have more fans,  in a way I felt she destroyed a bit of Super Junior.. when she deleted my blog she did take all the information about Super Junior with it.. a HUGE DATABASE.. with all 13 news, all 15 news.. ariticles.. interviews.. musical info ..  I felt so lost…

^^ After this.. I don’t care if I sound I don’t know.. but straight away I could have left the fandom there & then. But Carolina YOU gave me the biggest motivation boost ever. I bought a NEW domain, contacted readers through twitter etc.. & Posted about what had happened.. & the comments…

I’d like to say THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT FROM MY LOYAL READERS, LOYAL SUPER JUNIOR FANS, LOYAL ELF.. SERIOUSLY THE SUPPORT HAS BEEN OVERWHELMING.. I have the feeling of thankfulness & appreciation.. Gratitude is the word I am looking for.. From Brazil to Argentina, to Austrailia to the USA.. to Peru, Ukraine to Hong Kong I got support left right & centre so thanks again..

Anyways I managed to get my wordpress back thanks to this guy called HEW!! (at wordpress 🙂 ..) I contacted the WP Support, I had to prove who I was but all was recovered.

Concluding what has happened I can ONLY ask the readers to just continue to SUPPORT SUPER JUNIOR.. & SUPPORT my wordpress..

But something I have to share, is the what my best friend wrote, thanks Mrs. Jaejoong!!

“For someone to waste their time to pretend to befriend someone and then screw them over when they have done CRAP ALL to you just shows that they are leading a sad little life, full of hatred and negativity.


Your heart is cold and it’s pumping jealousy and hatred through your veins. If you did this because you are a Super Junior anti then I pity your life that you’re wasting away doing pointless things and spreading hate. Why would you spend your time hating on people who you’ve never met before and do you no harm, when you could be doing more productive and life fulfilling things like helping those in need and less fortunate than you are?

And if you did this because you are a SJ fan but were jealous of how successful and how popular the blog/uksujusid was then I seriously DO NOT GET YOUR LOGIC. How can you let your jealousy get in the way of a genuine fan who spends her time to pass on the SJ fandom to other ELFs? I admit that I have felt envious of uksujusid, but I am envious of her PASSION. Her LOVE. And her DEDICATION. To be such a great fan and be willing to share it with others. Wouldn’t you be glad that their are people out there wanting to keep ELFs worldwide updated and connected – to be one big family?

Lastly, what I want to say to you is that what you did was a bad thing, whatever your reasons are. And you will get what you deserve. Karma will come bite you in the ass. And if you don’t believe in Karma then I’m sure your God will punish you for your sins – both jealously and hatred.”



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    • AMEN!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

  3. Yess! Been constantly updating on sup3r junior’s twitter and at
    So Happy it came back!




  7. YEEEY!! before 2 days i was so sad :/ but this is a miracle, hehe ^^ i’m so happy for you!!! Congratz Sid!~

  8. yay 😀
    I’m so glad~
    Congratulations Sid~!

  9. Welcome back, and congratz for it 🙂

  10. congratulations!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for all your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *massive hugs*

  11. YAY! I am so happy you got it back! 😀

  12. Congrats!!! ❤ I'm so glad you got it back! You are a TRUE ELF! Thanks for all your dedication!

  13. Welcome back! I’m so happy. 🙂
    But what happened?


  14. yay!!!! =D aw you must be very happy that your hits are still there =D haha n_n

  15. wahh~ Sid unnie you’re back!!! congrats!!! ^^

  16. yeah,welcome back!!!
    I really miss this blog..
    thank you for your come back…:)

  17. Thank god! Congrats sid!

  18. OMGOSH YAY!!!
    I’m so glad you got your wordpress back. I was devasted when i found out. But it’s okay I’m glad you’re back!!!
    YAY and thanks once again for all the handwork!

  19. Yey!

    i`m so happy !!

    good work 😉

  20. Welcome Bacck!!!! Wahh~~ I’m so happy for you!!!!!

  21. wuaaa, cukhaeyo!!!
    Happy happy happy

  22. muahahahahaha
    Welcome Back <3333333333

  23. well I’m very happy !! you got it back!!! this is one of the first sites I visite from SUPER JUNIOR, AND I SEE IT EVERY DAY, 2 ,3 4 times!!! and thank for all your work !!!!!!!!
    ^ ^

  24. yes you’re finally back!! so happy!!! hope you can still continue updating !!!!!!!!!! i check this nearly 10 times a day!!! please don’y give up on this 😀

  25. Oh my gosh how could some one do something like that, really sometimes I don’t get people -.- But thank god you got it back, showed her 😀
    Hopefully she wont show her face here ever again.
    And you need a medal for all your hard work and dedication, very admirable ^^
    \ /

    Hehehee exuse my poor art XD

    Anyways a BIG wecome back *hugs*

  26. YAY~ IT’S BACK IN ALL ITS GLORY!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    so happy lol 🙂
    …btw, are you still gonna update in the other domain? cause if you're not, can you maybe delete me as an author from that one and add me as an author onto this one? lol ^^ cause I was going to post something but then I remembered that you hadn't added me as an author yet lol 🙂

  27. thank goodness!!!! i was like freaking out when i found out that this wordpress is deleted….yeyyy i’m s happy it’s back

  28. I visit this website probably 10 times a day and when I woke up to read the latest updates, I was SHOCKED to see that it was deleted! But I am SOOOOOO happy that it is back up because I need my Super Junior news everyday! I really appreciate all of your effort you put into this wordpress! I am very happy for you to get it back up and running ^_^ !!! Keep up the great work!!!!!


    Anyways… Welcome back chingu!!! Hard work pays off^^ All 13million hits, 12,000 posts restored~ I feel like this blog just got RESURRECTED!

    From now on – only have yourself as admin and the other authors as editors, yeah? Also I think you can export your blog so that it gets all the data backed up in case WP has problems or if anything like this ever happens again.

    Also sorry to nit pick, “…but straight away I could have left the fandom their & then.” – the “their” should be “there”… Maybe… I should become an editor? HOHOHOHO~~

    • HAHAHA LOL.. you just made me laugh tell me the different between their and there.. 🙂


  31. wOoow Congratulation chingu 🙂
    ELF can do the Impossible ^0^
    well done for getting your wordpress back [n_n]
    If I were u I’d have been hopeless & devastated 😥 but u taught me not to despair or give up ^^
    Gomawoooooooooo 😀
    & Chukaheeee for us 😉
    SJ Fighting ♥

  32. oh my god! i’m so glad!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i guess you must be in pure joy! aigo! that’s something i call karma! 😀
    LOL anyways she’s gonna have what she deserves!
    and also destiny decides what to do with who and in what time of life =)! she never was an ELF a true ELF! cause then she would of known this phrase (my favourite also!) “If the world betrays Super Junior, ELF’s will betray the world too” SO WELL WHAT THE “world” did with your wordpress… the power of ELF and other things too xd gave the most amazing twist to the story! 😀

    • *nod* *nod* *nod*
      I totally agree with you!
      “If the world betrays Super Junior, ELF’s will betray the world too”^^

      fighting! \\(^o^)//



  35. that girl has no life!!!!

  36. hi welcome back!

    i was really shocked yesterday when i saw “ is no longer available. The authors have deleted this blog.”

    good to know you able to bring it back.. i’ll kill the anti fan who deleted it! haha..

    im really frustrated yesterday coz i dont know if there’s another website that can update me about super junior like you did. i kept looking last night for another website but i did not find website like yours… I AM VERY HAPPY TODAY!!!!!!!!

    thank you Sup3rjunior (uksujusid) ♥ ♥ ♥

  37. Glad to have this site back!! I was very upset yesterday when I tried to access this blog and found out that it got deleted. Like you said, I visit this blog almost everyday to keep and update with all SuJu members’ activities.

    Hopefully something like this won’t ever happen again in the future.

  38. YES!!!! I now can read past entries about suju woohoooo :D/
    Glad u got it back~!!!

  39. Yess… You Are Back… i just found out about you 2 days ago…..
    but you are very inspiring…..Congrats for getting your blog back… I hope that person who took everything that you posted will have lots of hateful comments on their profile…….. She did a very bad thing and she does not realise that…
    Congrats once again..

  40. Yaaaaaaaaaaaa welcome back. Yesterday I went to this sit they say websit nolonger I’m like what nooooooooo happy that you back

  41. welcome back girl! you are truly amazing~^^ this site is amazing~and stronger than ever!
    fighting unnie! 😀

  42. I’m so happy… !! Welcome back my dear..

  43. so happy for you !!and i m really sorry for what happened i thought I’ll never see your blog again but thanks god you are here again thanks a lot for your hard work I’ll always support you unnie fighting!!!

  44. Wow!!
    Very Happy!

  45. yay!!!!!!!!! =) i’m simply too happy for words to describe! love ur blog!

  46. Welcome back. Yay!!!

  47. Wow!Welcome Back!!
    So happy!

  48. Alhamdulillah 🙂 such a relief..

    • yes..alhamdulillah,,it is the best word in this moment~!she will be punished for that!!welcome back~!

      • yes..this site do more than give us infos of it also connects ELFs all over the world. sid has done a great thing with this wordpress :)more than happy it is back 🙂

  49. Welcome back! I was wondering what happened! Wow, I can’t believe what that person did. But I believe in karma this will come back to bite her.


  51. welcome back! i completely freaked out yesterday when i couldnt access this site lol 😀

  52. i’m glad that u are back … this is where i can daily update of our oppa news… when i see ‘this wordpress is no longer available’ i was damn shock, how come .. so without believing and nv gif up… i try to enter this wordpress everytime i on my laptop… and today i saw it alive again … same as other elf over here … we are happy to see you back… thanks so much for reviving this wordpress again…

  53. I cried so hart…… there is nothing like this wordpress
    At least u are back! Welcome back we missed u those nearly 24 h….

  54. Well one of the first things I do in the morning is to check on SJ updates and I always open your wordpress but then yesterday I was SHOCKED that it said Sup3rjunior no longer exists! Glad it is now back!! Seriously, your site is like the most updated one! ^^ Fighting! and to that person, well karma is a big B. XD

  55. Welcome back <33333

  56. great… u got back ur wordpress! i really got a shocked when it says “sup3rjunior.wordpress” is no longer available. i will continue to support, love suju n also i will continue to support, love ur blog. im ur loyalty reader, check ur blog every 2 hrs. n i feel so damn ashamed for not leaving down any comments… but from today, im gona leave down my warmest comments to u, our lovely boys n also all ELF… fighting, fighting, fighting 😉

  57. welcome back. without this wordpress, i dont know where i can get suju’s info and stuff =]]]. happy happy !!! ♥♥♥

  58. Thank god you got your site back!!! I have been a silent reader but when I saw wordpress was gone I was crushed. I also knew it had something to do with anitis I remember telling my friend, it was something you totally wouldn’t do, wordpress was your baby. I almost cried I was so upset! I’m sooo glad you got it back!! Thank you for always updating :). ^^

  59. Yeh!!!
    Now you comeback.Congratulation>>>>>>
    I belived like you that bekieved in kama.
    So let’s go sup3rjunior.wordpress

  60. WELCOME BACK!!!! I’m sooo happy for you 😀 😀

  61. welcome back~!
    happy happy happy~!
    yahoooo~! congrate unni~!♥♥♥

  62. ah..thank God!!
    I was so shock this last 2 days. I cant open this blog, all I read is “The authors have deleted this wordpress”….What the heck ?!?!?!

    Even I comment rarely, this wordpress is my daily updater of Suju news. It’s already a routine to check it every day, sometimes I even check it couple times a day….Thank you so much for you all to keep it alive….all I can say just THANK YOU…from the deepest of my heart, I LOVE YOU ALL :))

  63. i thought you have deleted this wordpress without a single word at first, but you came back for us 😉 hurray!

  64. Yay!!!! What a relief!!! Screw u Voldemort!!!
    Sid, congrats!!! Keep up the good work my dear!!!

  65. Welcome back!!! I’ve been reading this site almost since it was created! I was really surprised it was closed, but I figured it was probably a mistake or espionage ^^

    Again, welcome back!!! Please keep updating so well! This is my favorite of the SJ fan sites ^^

  66. I’m so glad you got your wordpress back! thank God all the database is untouched! *o*
    well, I just want to say that you still have my support! thank you again for all your effort you put in this page, and thank you for not giving up. your concern is with the fans, and that makes a big difference!

    lastly, I want to thank you for mentioning Brazil in your post! we have a lot of ELFs here, and authough there isn’t too many comments, I’m sure a lot of brazilian ELFs visit your wordpress!

    keep up the excelent work! HWAITING!~

    (oh yeah, and thank you, HEW, for recovering this wordpress! =D)

  67. Alhamdulillah..
    Yayy,, congrats Sid..
    I wil always support SUPER JUNIOR n ur wp..


  69. So glad you got it back!

  70. CONGRATULATION chingu…!!!! finnaly you got u’r wordpress back…!!! aaah…we so excited too..!! ^_^ *happy…happy…*

  71. welcome back!!
    yeah~ finally back…

  72. even I’m not an Elf but I love to come to ur blog, i’ve been a reader to your blog since April last year and I’m surprised that this blog can’t be open a few day before. I knew u (uksujusid) won’t close it w/o informing us first & i know it wasn’t u. Welcome back.

    • i agree with u cindy… uksujusid won’t just delete e blog w/o letting us know… e gal who have just deleted e blog will get her punishment…

  73. I wasn’t here for the past two days, but what a shame!!! All that hard work keeping up with this blog and being DELETED… Someone was truly selfish and unreasonable! Congrats about getting your blog back! 😀

  74. Congratulation sid,,
    Thank you for your hard work for us n super junior…
    we will always read your wp and support you n super junior…

  75. i love the they see me rollin, they hatin’! with HEECHUL… really fitted the statement… haha..

    welcome back! ♥ ♥ ♥

  76. congrats uksujusid! I felt your sadness yesterday but now I’m very happy for you! thanks for spreading super junior love! 🙂

  77. I’ve been reading this blog for well over a year. I really appreciate everything you do. Thank you uksujusid!

  78. Congrats sid! Im so happy that the wordpress is back! We ElF, are uncrushable. :] ELF and Super Junior fighting!

  79. OMG yesterday I was so depressed cause I had no idea where else to go! I looked all over and couldn’t find a single site that updates as much! Thanks sooooo much! You have no idea how happy I am!!!!! =DDDDD

    • Next time you can visit or They too are awesome sites with numerious updates daily^^ – just a suggestion.

  80. that girl that did this got some issues. glad u got ur blog back

  81. i’m so happy for you sid and for all the ELFS it fels like we got our lifeline back ^^,
    keep up the spirit we are always here for you 😉

  82. i’m so happy u r back!!!! was really upset yesterday, but m an avid visitor of ur blog n hope u carry on:)….

    ELFs 4ever!!!!

  83. yay!! congrats!!~~~ beautiful, meaningful post. We ELFs must be one big and happy family. Thank you for spreading the love. :< so happy! Love from Brazil~

  84. im so glad to be able to view this page again..congrats sid!! may god gve the girl a good lesson for her did! lets continue support this page n ur effort!!

  85. That is pretty awesome! I am so happy for you and everyone who supports this blog. 🙂

  86. I see that everyone is happy for you, and I am too! But I have to say, I am happy for ME!! What would I do without your blog? You surely know it is the best suju online blog….and so many can access it because it is in english….and every now and then a topic comes up that has dozens of elf commenting and discussing…we are like family. And we are fans of the best bunch of guys ever….and I have to say,Sid, that you are The Best Administrator Ever…you let us speak our minds without censor, and you upload every possible Suju story, leaving out nothing. I would be unable to know of Suju without you. There is NO Kpop news in my country. So yes, I am happy for me that this blog reappeared….yesterday I was DEVASTATED. Today, I am so happy 🙂

    • Yeah me too I agree with every word you said

      Sid and here blog are really the BEST..

      She worked really hard ..

  87. Sid unnie and US owned the last laugh. Yaaaaay! LOL poor the-one-who-should-be-named *cough* Carolina !@#$% *cough* *cough*

    Congratulations! This is a victory.
    Victory victory victory ELFs! 😀

  88. THANKS HEAVENS IT’S BACK! I swear that I died of an heart attack when I was that it disappeared. I knew it was someone else who did it. It was impossible that you would suddenly close it without any warning, as you know how many we are who adore your work and efforts. I wish I had the time to put so much dedication. *worship*


  89. Yeah! I am so happy for you. Everything is back to normal.

  90. welcome back! whoever did this to your blog should be ashamed!!!!!

  91. waaaaaa , congratulation congratulation sid unnie XD
    omg , you must really enjoy a heavenly life right now ! you are amazing !!!! and so are this wordpress ,ELFs, and of course SUPER JUNIOR oppas ;D
    this’s like a sudden attack and gift too for my bday ,lol
    welcome back in sup3rjunior world >,< hoooorrrraaaaay party party 😉

    • seungil chuka hamnida~!happy birthday~!glad that it happen on your birthday~!

  92. Chukaeeeee 😀

  93. I’m so happy to see you back!! When I entered the site and saw it was gone I felt lost, your wordpress is amazing, I seriously can’t pass a single day without coming here!
    I’m really happy you were able to recover everything ❤
    "From Brazil to Argentina" – awn, that was so sweet! I'm Brazilian /o/

  94. This is called good Karma…in this case should be “AWESOME KARMA”…really really super super Happy for you~ WELCOME BACK ^^ fighting~, we’ll always be here to support you ^^

  95. i’m sooooo happy for you!! btw, i’m from malaysia..

    • hai, i’m from malaysia too. nice to have malaysian here. btw congratulation sid. you win!!!

      • of course we have lot of malaysians here..~!!

        • yes, go Malaysian ELFs!! 🙂 let’s all pray that SS3 in Malaysia will not be cancelled!

          • unnie,do you know any update about the ss3 in malaysia??even in newspaper,i dont find any info for tickets or promotion..i just wonder about the current situation..or maybe any malaysian elf,if u know about this..let us know~!thank!

  96. Thank you for being back!

  97. glad you’re back! =D

  98. CHUKKAHAE!!! Congratulations! We’re so glad you had this awesome wordpress back. Greetings from the Philippines!

    What’s with that girl??? YOU (Carolina or whoever you are) are not a TRUE ELF!!!! We should support all our fellow ELFs, and spread the SuJu love!

  99. i’m very glad you’re back..!!
    welcome back.. i’ll keep support this blog.. 🙂

  100. WELCOME BACK! when I saw that the site had been “supposedly” deleted, I was in shock. but now, I’m happy you have recovered the site. ❤

  101. alhamdulillah…
    welcome back sid…
    i’m glad u happy now..

  102. Yay! I check it every morning and when I saw it gone I was scrambling to find something else to get my Suju fix i’m glad your back nothing else is better.

  103. Thanks a lot, WordPress for helping us…
    Thanks a lot, uksujid… Thanks for everything….
    Thank you, E.L.F., everyone for everything…
    Now, there is nothing blocking us!!! Let us continue our journey to be the biggest family ever!!!

  104. Very glad you’re come back.

  105. Yeahh this is what is called “Miracle” Cuz ELF is A Miracle..And Our boys is The ANGEL…

  106. YAY

    Congratulations on getting the WP back, im so happy 4 u. Im from Puerto Rico and without your site I would not know what is happening with super junior

  107. I’m glad u r back..
    I’m really shock when I open ur blog then it’s missing..
    It’s like I had lost something very important!?

    I’m ELF from indonesia, nice 2 meet u..
    I always..everyday everytime do not forget to open ur blog..
    U always update everday so it’s really make me very happy..coz I can find out each super junior job and activity
    Thanks for ur effort

    U really really do awesome great and brilliant job!?
    Keep it up!
    Two thumbs up for u!

  108. Omg… I was so worried when I found the page unavailable… This has been my daily dose of Sj for I don’t know since when. I can’t fathom why the person deleted this site but I’m really glad u got it back. Cheers from Singapore!

  109. Aaah, sooo happy.. :]

  110. YEYYY

    Welcome back~~!

    can i ask? Where is carolina from? Because there’s a carolina in Indonesia. She’s a plagiator of Super Junior fanfiction…

    are they the same person?

    • if i am not mistaken,she is from us~!not an indonesian for sure~!

      • Gah! From the U.S.???? Now I am Really upset and embarassed! I am from U.S…..please, we are not all like that! I would rather she be from….ummmm….Mars. Yes, that’s it. She’s from Mars. She’s on a student visa. Because no world elf would do what she did.

        • are rite..dont worry..people are bad not because of their nationality..dont worry,k..we know that u are good elf..well,i got this info from her utube account..~!but now it is deleted!!

  111. CONGRATULATION!!!! happy for u!! and for me too… hihiihi

  112. I was so shocked 2 days ago but now i’m relieved. I really like your blog and the efforts you make everyday in order to share your love for SUJU. I really don’t understand that kind of people full of hatred and i’m really proud of you who didn’t give up.
    So fighting!! and THANK YOU VERY MUCH or in french : MERCI BEAUCOUP !!
    Gros bisous de la France !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. YaaaaaaaaaY Welcome Back…..

    Dancing dancing dancing from happiness ….

    Your are the best Sid … We will always support you no mater what , we are always by your side

    I really liked what Shapaimnida said “If the world betrays Super Junior, ELF’s will betray the world too”

  114. Welcome back. I was wondering why was the blog deleted?

    I read this blog pretty often. Thanks for your hard work. It is one of the most updated blog about all the members in Super Junior.

  115. THANKS GOD…
    you don’t know how much this wordpress means to me
    it makes me proud to be an E.L.F to see our oppas doing their best in every single works
    thank you for coming back…

  116. Omo! Congratulations! 😀 Welcome back!

  117. So happy to see this website running again!! YAYYYY!! So happy now!! THANKS!! Always stay strong!! HWAITING!!!


    I come to your wordpress to check out the latest of Super Junior everyday^^

    It makes me happy reading your posts all the time!!

    This is all thanks to your hard work, passion and love for Super Junior!!

    I am not only a great fan of Super Junior, but also a GREAT fan of you, SID!(//∀//)



  119. This carolina girl.. I read some of her comments on another site.. i think it was shes a total hypicrit. She was saying this and that to the owner on that site too. Im sorry to say this, but youre so better off working by yourself on your WP. I really cant believe she can do this to you. I come here often and your effort and work you put into this site is amazing. I hope that girl get whats coming to her.

  120. forgot to say.. good job and happy that you have return to this blog^^

  121. Congrats!!! Finally,you got back what belongs to you ^_^
    What rightfully belongs to you, no matter how others snatch, it’ll come back to you in the end!!!
    Serve that “who shall not be named” right!! You have all the supports of us TRUE ELFs hehehe

  122. I’m so happy that you got it back!!

  123. WELCOME BACK. i dont know where to go, if your WP deleted, seriously. ==. now, you got your WP back and i got my superjunior news, my EUNHYUK NEWS, STUFFS again. LOL. congrats^^ next time, do be careful. ok. 😀

  124. Those haters who befriended you for this…
    i have no words to say

  125. I’m so glad you are back, I felt a bit lost when I saw the WP was gone, because you always help keep me up to date on SUJU ^^ I really appriciate all the work you put into it and don’t let that girl get you down *nods*

  126. thank god…. i was so shocked yesterday when i visited this blog and it’s said that this blog was deleted by its owner. because i always come here everyday to know more about super junior. i’m a new fans of super junior, i recently knew about them when i watch cinderella sister and just felt in love with yesung’s voice and try to know about him more. that’s when i fall in love with super junior. thank you for your efford to provide information about super junior. will always support this blog. fighting… ^_^

  127. so glad u’re back!!! i thought smth was wrong with my computer!!!!

  128. hey…welcome back!!!
    i’m glad you back….

    I’m so happy that you didn’t leave, I live and breath this site (cause it’s the best, and almost only, sorce of SuJu for me). I will continue to suport you!!!

  130. Sid-unnie good thing it’s back!

  131. Yeey yeey yeey Welcome back sis…I m happy too^^

  132. Some people are just jealous that SJ has love from many people. You have my support, sid. I was like desperately refreshing your website for like every 15mins in the past few days to watch Foresight. Haha. Yayness for getting back your wordpress! WOOHOO! And really thankyou for spreading love for SJ around the world. MUACKS! N b careful tt there mayb other anti-fans among your authors. (Just a reminder, nothing offensive^^)

  133. Hmm.. My instinct is correct. Somewhat i couldn’t comprehend her motive.. I don’t think she’s an SJ anti though coz i remember one of her comments previously “i will keep on updating even though you don’t, sid” especially if what heidi says is correct that she frequents other website too, it might be jealousy.. If not that reason, perhaps that girl has MENTAL problem!

    Carolina, why do you do this? Haven’t you heard of healthy competition? Grow up, will you? Maybe you can go into politic and bid for presidency position. You are so good at being nice with people, let people believe you and then you backstabbed them. but wait, people can overthrow you anytime n will not be there for you anymore.

  134. Thanks goodness, everything is back to normal…welcome back dear, so happy to see that nothing has change in here…, will forever support you.

    Oooh I’m so happy that you got your wordpress back *___________*
    I can promise you that I will visit it every day – like I did all the time since I found it~
    Your wordpress is really the best site for updates I could imagine…
    *hug* really happy

  136. Ah the site for my daily dose of suju news is back on its feet again 😀 congratz!!it must have been tough on you for the past few days but now that everything is fine again REJOICE!

  137. Oh my god!!oh my god!!i really cant believe it!!your wordpress is back!! \(-^o^-)/im so sooo crying right now because of too much happiness for you sid and of course for all the elfs who love this site!!ahhhh!!what can i say?HOME SWEET HOME!!kyaaaa~ ❤

  138. yay!yay!welcome back!im happy too!

  139. Welcome back!!! By the way, I love your blog! It’s what keeps me updated with any news regarding our beloved boys.. Thanks and more power!!!

  140. congrats sid for having your wordpress again…
    were so happy, all the elfs in the world, who frequently visit your site for suju updates… thank goodness you got it back…

    well EVILS NEVER WIN after all!!! hehehe… ^_^

  141. congratz!!! so happy for you!!! now imma be updated again about SuJu’s whereabouts!!!

  142. I’m really happy to have this site back. I’m so sorry that I never leave any comment before (but I always take out with full credit) but after this site disappear I’m so shock about it and that make me realise how much I love this blog.You always keep your heart on every issue you update and I can get how much you luv our SUJU boys and I will always support you. Fighting!!!!!

  143. Congrats Sid!
    I’m so happy you got your WP back!!!
    I don’t usually comment but I’ve always appreciated you and your WP.
    Felt really sad when it was unavailable.
    You can definitely count on me and a lot other people for support!

  144. I was really surprised that your wordpress has been deleted.., Congratz…^^ I’m glad it has been restored….

  145. welcome back

  146. Phew ! So happy you got it back. 😀

    But, Sid, I think there are some posts missing. Those posts just before “the incident” happened are not there. Like, Heechul’s 46 tweets, Eunhyuk’s pics from SS 3 in Guangzhou, the translation of the iweekly magazine interview.

    Could you re-post them ? Especially Heechul’s tweets and Eunhyuk’s pics. I haven’t saved those. 🙂

    Thanks !

  147. welcome back sid!

    happy to have this wordpress again and will keep a solid support for it

  148. congratz!! i was also shocked when I visit it and said that it was gone..but I know that it will come back so i didn’t lose hope..and i was right!!

  149. kyaaa!
    i thought it was intentionally deleted!
    but i’m glad you’re back! 😀

    your blog is just irreplaceable for me ^_^

  150. yeahhhhh!
    very happy to see your wordpress back sid,
    i will always support you
    like i support super junior

    and for you VOLDEMORT, you will regret all you had done to ELF and Super Junior!

  151. Waaaaah !!!!!!

  152. wow congratz!! even though i am not a superfan of SUJU i enjoyed your blog..

  153. Congratz Sid! You won the battle against Voldemort. Welcome back! Very happy for you, will always support you.

  154. unnie chukga hae! milky white skin uksujusid, saranghaeyo uksujusid! ^^

  155. CHUKAHEAYO! OMO, YEY~! congrats again for having retrieved all of what was yielded through your immense hard work and dedication! \(^O^)/ Imagine my surprise and joy when I read the words “I have my wordpress back!” The feeling of having to hug something precious and special to you that you have lost… Ah~ such a great relief^^ If we’re all so very happy, we know you’re the happiest out of all of us who love and support this wordpress. 😀 We will always support you! WELCOME BACK!^^

  156. yaay I’m really glad you have your WP back!
    CONGRATS!! ❤

  157. OMG!! I dunno what was happening, since I was just able to online today, back then I also wondered what happened to your blog cz I couldn’t access your blog via mobile. So that’s it.

    CONGRATULATION!! God will always give be there with the right person, don’t worry, we’ll support you. Don’t give a damn to those who hate you. They’ll get their punishment, don’t worry!

    We love you!! ❤

  158. thank you for come back again with out you i am lost TT.TT

  159. I thought you really deleted your wordpress! I’m so happy you got it back! This is like the first site I always check for Super Junior news and I was so disappointed when I saw it was gone..but I’m so happy it’s up and running again!

  160. serious? carolina did this?

  161. Congartus!! x

  162. omg. I was out of town for two days and came back to read this news ^^
    Glad that you get your WP back!!! 😀
    thank you for always keeping us updated!! *hearts*



  165. Will you be updating both site or just this ?

  166. huray !!! XD i feel happy for ELFs this wordpress is now back XD!! congratulation!! ^^ ELF power! hwaiting!! we support you sid 😉

  167. yeah yeah, congratulations to you sid for getting the wordpress back, hwaiting

  168. I love you! you’re back!-))

  169. Congratz and welcome back!

  170. my heart stopped when i visited the site and read, “The authors have deleted this blog.” oh i can’t describe the feeling. BUT now you’re back! and i’m so thankful.

    it’s really sad about what that person did. and i’m aghast that she spent so much effort befriending you only to do something as awful as that. i thought people like that exist only in movies. oh man… why can’t they just use their energy on something more productive.

    but, like you, i believe in karma. she will get what she deserves.

    happy to have you back!

  171. Okay, i’m a big fan of your blog. I visit it EVERYDAY !
    And this is the first comment ever I leave on your blog ^^ (even though i’ve been here many times before).
    Two days ago, i went on, and i was TOTALLY shocked because it said that the blog was deleted ! i was like “OMO, what am i going to do !!”, because seriously, your SJ Blog is the BEST ! It’s always updated, everything is clear, all is on the page (you don’t have to always click “Read More… Read More READ MORE”),etc…

  172. YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad you’re back 🙂 I was seriously DISTRAUGHT when I found out what had happned, but hey, it all works out in the end, yeah?

  173. OHMYGOD.. i am sooo glad you got it back!!
    i was sooo scared! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    honestly, this wordpress is the best ever and i wouldn’t be able to support SuperJunior without it! THANK YOU!! 😀

  174. wowowo that day i entered to the web wanted to search about suju and waaaaaaa i said noooooo why?? what happened? i’m this blog’s fan too. I couldn’t believe the blog was deleted!! so WELLCOME BACK!! ^^

  175. Thank you for getting it back! And welcome back!
    I totally freaked out when i couldnt see it anymore.
    It was like i was lost n didnt know where i will be getting those awesome updates you guys do here on the blog!

    Keep on working and keep on supporting Super Junior!



  177. Welcome back 🙂
    IM soooo happy to see the blog again ^_^
    i felt lonely thees too day’s 😦 i thought something happing to U.. T T
    i’m soo glade that U R o.k ^_^
    Fighting >>

  178. Aaaaa…..
    So happy u back…
    I like read your news because its updates…
    Thanks you:)

  179. I was so worried when your blog disappeared! You are so kind to work so hard to give us accurate Super Junior info. I’m glad you were able to get everything back and I’m very grateful for all you do. Good job!!!

  180. wow thank god this WP is ok!!

    you better get revenged on that person!!.hahaa..:)

  181. When i woke up and i wrote “” i was like… “THAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??” i was really upset! But now… i said: “i’ll try one more time… who knows, maybe it was just an internet error”… And I’m so glad to see that this blog is still working!


  183. yippii, welcome back ^_______^
    i’m so happy to see the blog again,,
    Hwaiting ^__^

  184. OMG, is it U’r blog really remove by C***
    Hard to believe, but your motivation to keep strong
    inspired me so much,
    I’ll to do same thing with U,
    keep blogging and share ’bout Super Junior in BAHASA
    I know how hard to become blogger,
    in other hand have to go to Univ~
    sometime, it’s hard to choose
    wether to update blog or doing homeworkk
    I got one thing from your experience
    I’ll manage my blog with my self
    I’ll become the one & only “admin” in my blog
    it’s didn’t mean that I’m not trust others
    but, some time we don’t know who & like what our partners,
    Love Your Blog,,,
    Keep On Blogging,
    & HWAITINGGGG ~*^^*

  185. thankfully u’re back!!
    aww.. it was scary when ie couldnt access yur blog..
    ‘ll always support u and diz super duper blog!!
    thankiu for always tryin yur bez to update!!

  186. Congratulation!!! And… welcome back!!!

  187. wow, i was so surprised when the link doesn’t work for 2 days. Which was weird cause I didn’t think you would leave w/o saying goodbye.
    Am glad you get your WP back and I will continue to support this blog. It’s the only best Suju blog I find so far on the internet.
    Aja Aja Fighting1

  188. hooray!! you are back!!! so happy. Have always relied on your blog for the latest Suju news and updates.

    Totally love your blog!

    Aja aja fighting!!!!!

  189. So good to able to read back all of your posts!! Thanks a million for the efforts!! Was very taken aback when I can’t access your site as I always did!

  190. welcome back…:)

  191. fiuh… i am really happy

  192. congratz yuo dun no how much im happy ;u; !!!! fighting ^^ !!

  193. Fighting~,.. I want to share something with u,.. I just lost my persnal account too,… it converts into a page,.. that made me so sad too,.. T.T,.. I’m happy that this blog is back,… thank u so much for informing us everyting, everyday n everytime,… saranghaeyo ❤

  194. Thanks God you can get this site back, this site like a soul for many ELF, information, updating news and etc, we got it from here.

    that so-call-fiends of yours/other admin in here, look so low for me.
    can’t she keep her hatred by herself. I promise, I will let u explode or drown in your own hatred. so cunning >.>

  195. Look like my previous comment disappear.
    hmh, I want to congratulate u, for getting back your site. This site like a soul for many ELF, u update us info, news and etc.

    I dont know what kind of friend of yours who close this site. So short-minded, if this site close, it will making all ELF sad. and I agree with you, if all her reason sound not logic to me too >.> she sound so cunning. I hope she get her karma. Amin.

  196. very well said Sid, you know i love you even though i havent meet or know you personally. you are amazing. that person that made that to sup3rjunior is nothing but selfish. there always a thing called Karma and we have God.

  197. Congratulations 축하해요 chuka haeyo (-^〇^-)

  198. OMG, so happy to see that this site is back LIVE. I miss it soooo much and almost in tears when it was taken down. Thank goodness all your hard work have not been deleted. Super Junior & ELF fighting!!!

  199. welcome back!! ❤ congratulation and as always, thanks to all ur hard work~all the admins, i sincerely salute u guys and will always show my support towards!! about the little hatter/anti who pretend/call herself an ELF, i felt sorry to u. Sharing is caring. WE ELF CARE SUPER JUNIOR SO WE SHARE. our dearest admins did their very best effort but with ur childishness, u nearly destroyed it.God is watching you. Hope u are "blessed" with what u have done.

  200. Welcome baaaaaack!!!!!!
    thanks 4 your hard work ^^

  201. OMG! I’m so glade your back! I totally freaked out yesterday when I saw it got suspended. It’s a good thing your were able to recover everything. Thank you for always providing us with the latest suju news and thank you for not giving up. 🙂


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