110101 Zhou Mi’s Weibo (2 Updates) Reposted With Explanation

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To the person who hacked my account please take care!!!! You scared me!!!!!

Because my Weibo was hacked, so I’ll temporarily stop using it

Source: Zhou Mi’s Weibo
Translated By: eternalsnow @ + ~♡ 혁-fied @

Posted By: iCarolina__ (


TIME: I live in California, so all times are in Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8). I’d do a GPS location tweet to prove it, but you don’t need to know where I live. That’s creepy.
APPLICATIONS: At the time, I was running weibo on several applications: Firefox, SinaTair (desktop client), and iSinaWeibo (iPhone app). I read Twitter on Twitbit for iPhone and Tweetdeck Desktop.
NOTIFICATIONS: SinaTair notifies me of new weibo posts within 30 seconds of posting. I wrote a Twitter bot a few months ago that checks this RSS feed for new posts every five minutes and tweets them to my private twitter account, @streamofni. These not only show up on my Twitter feed when I’m on my desktop, but are pushed to my iPhone.

In other words, I’ve got a lot of timestamps and I’m not afraid to use them.


The hacked post was made at approximately 00:18 PST, which translates to 16:18 China time. To prove this, I have A LOT OF CAPS.

Click for full-size image (the entire screencap, with identifying info and private content blocked out). I don’t usually cap when he posts, lol, but I couldn’t believe this when it appeared, so I capped it just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Little did I know = =

This twitter bot checks an RSS feed every five minutes (00:00, 00:05, etc.) for new content, then tweets it as a mention to my private rambling twitter. Here’s the timestamp at 00:20 PST, which translates to 16:20 China time.

And lastly, because I get notifications, I tend to get to his posts pretty early. I clicked on the link to this particular post 40 seconds after he posted it. Note that the timestamp given by my browser (Mozilla Firefox) says that the page in question was generated at 00:18 PST on January 1st, 2011. Note that the timestamp on weibo reads 40 seconds ago.

I made this screencap just a few minutes ago after I realized I still had the page open, which is why the computer timestamp is so late. But Firefox displays information based on the time the page was opened. If you don’t believe this, try it out yourself.


And you can see, plain as day, that Zhou Mi posted this at And you can see, plain as day, that Zhou Mi posted this at 16:30 China time, which happens to be 00:30 PST. There is a twelve-minute window.

Which.. is a lot more than the 1-minute window some people seem to be suggesting.

Got it?

If you want additional proof, I still have the page open and all those notifications haven’t magically disappeared from twitter, so whatever. Holler., which happens to be 00:30 PST. There is a twelve-minute window.



“Zhou Mi’s weibo account is linked to his phone and the post was made from his cell phone! He couldn’t have been hacked!”

The hacked post was made via 新浪微博手机版. Translated, this is “Sina Weibo Mobile Version.” And it means exactly what it says. You know how a lot of websites — like, say, twitter — automatically redirect to a mobile version of the website when you access it via a cell phone?

That’s what this is. 新浪微博手机版 postings are not cell-phone specific. It’s like how you can logon to any Twitter account when browsing?

Here. I’ll show you.

Oh, and while we’re at it, notice how I was logged onto weibo on Firefox and mobile web at the same time? And SinaTair above? You can have more than one session running per account, too.

“Zhou Mi posted from his cell phone, which is tied to his weibo account! You have to use his SIM card in order to post! Therefore, he made the post himself.”

When a cell phone is locked to a weibo account and you take advantage of this connection, this is what posts look like:

Think Twitter. You can log on to any account that you want if you use and access via a web browser, but in order to send tweets via text message, you have to connect your account to a cell phone number. It’s the exact same logic here. No more, no less. Furthermore, because weibo can only connect to Chinese phone accounts (with China Mobile), Zhou Mi does NOT use the phone connection to post from Korea. International text fees are pretty high, y’know.


In short, anyone could have made this post. The mobile version is not bound to a SIM card.

“He always posts using mobile web!”

Untrue. He RARELY posts from mobile web. Only when he’s out in places that don’t have wifi. If there’s wifi, he almost always posts from his iPhone, and if you’ve ever been to Seoul, you know that the only conceivable way you could be without wifi is if you are, like, on a highway. Take a look at his weibo. The vast majority of non-web posts were made from an iPhone client, like the official sina iPhone app (iPhone客户端), or iSinaWeibo (iPhone微博助手), or Weico.iPhone.

“The IP address is the same as the anti-fan’s!!!”

If you’ve seen this graphic, please be advised: the OP of that post is not aware of how the Internet functions. That is, in fact, her own IP.

Please also note that this boy is deluged with hateful spam, death threats, and insults on a daily, if not hourly basis. There is no reason that he should reply to this one random anti-fan. This is not an isolated incident; people @ him with insulting garbage all the time. And he does read his mentions, because he tends to reply to the friendly ones. If you haven’t noticed.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I am not a computer science major. I don’t have any real technological qualifications beyond the fact that I (a) have been playing with the internet and scripting since I was twelve, and (b) am not an idiot, and know how to use Google. If someone can come up with a more foolproof way of proving when these posts were made, fantastic.

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Posted By: iCarolina__ (



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  1. Terrible. Some people never quit. Mimi is so cute and squishy..I dont get why people still attack him liek this.

  2. Childish… Why won’t they just stop messing with him? People need to sit the hell down…

  3. Who do like a bad mind, blind mind,incompleted brain like that, should stop doing this, it will make you go to temporary uncivilize guy futhermore.
    ZhouMi don’t do such a bad thing like this.

  4. I believe Mimi…poor him, now so many Gengfans are attacking him on weibo nonstop arrggghhh >_<
    oh and ELFs who have twitter, we are trending #BelieveinZhoumi 3pm KST today 🙂

    • wait…why are gengfans attacking zhou mi?

      • gengfans ?

    • what do u mean…
      dont slander
      i believe gengfans dont do that…

      • An anti hacked mimi’s weibo with a post that said really bad stuff about hangeng…
        gengfans = fans of hangeng

        and i went on his page personally to see gengfans and ELFs/Honeys attacking each other, poor mimi had just gained a whole lot of antis from this >_<

    • In every fan group, there are always a few who are a little extreme. I believe the majority of gengfans are clear, level-headed smart people who don’t go to other artists’ weibos or sites attacking others. The last thing we need is both fan groups fight with each other. We don’t want to let the antis have their way. I think the best thing to do is to not give these antis any time of day.

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