Han Geng & Wu Zun Collaborate, Will Have An Ambiguous Relationship On Screen

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NetEase Entertainment on December 23 reported recently that the Republic of China martial arts movie “My Kingdom” published a set of pictures, along with lead actor Han Geng, Wu Zun, Da S (Barbie Hsu) in stylish Republican China fashion. Being the most anticipated Chinese action blockbuster movie, collaboration with the foreign team in filming ensures the film is of international quality, the line-up of idol stars is also one of the movie’s attractions. Both the movie’s lead actors’ looks, strength and popularity are equal. The competition between both of them on and off screen is undoubtedly the interest of many.

Comparison in Strength: Wu Zun’s Transformation VS Han Geng’s Maiden Appearance
Wu Zun and Han Geng debuted at the same time in 2005, (their) differences are in their singing, makes a killing in their performance, getting album awards everywhere and the lead actor award. Wu Zun who relies on his unique advantage of years of physical training, has appeared initially in martial arts movies “Butterfly Lovers” and <14 Blades>, switching his focus of development to movies. By appearing in “My Kingdom” this time, will Wu Zun be able to present a perfect display in an artistic and martial action movie to break out from his idol title and transforming into an actor with strength? This will be the crucial point. He has received Sammo Hung’s special martial arts training as early as 3 months before the start of filming. Because of Da Wu Sheng, it can be said that Wu Zun has undergone hard work: “Whenever I am in Beijing and Shanghai, I will request the teacher to train (me) and record the demonstration. I will watch the recording and practise on my own when I am home.” This earnest attitude has earned (him) Big Brother Sammo Hung’s praise.Han Geng has gone solo for one year, accomplished in transforming from an idol group to a singer with strength, equal singing and dancing skills has earned him extensive acknowledgement. Already filming an action movie for his first time in the movie screen, (he) is facing the greatest challenge for his maiden appearance. Han Geng born with a fearless spirit** began participating in the training for acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera. “At the beginning, I was motivated, (has) a fresh feeling to it. I have the courage to try whatever action and will also be doing it fiercely. At the end of the fourth day, I pulled a muscle when I was exerting force.” Having studied dance for more than 10 years, this has became a good foundation for Han Geng when (executing) acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera for “My Kingdom”. Among the actors/actresses who are active at the movie screen, Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi with the help of their dancing (background) have successfully become martial art celebrities, Han Geng might be the next one.

Guessing on Their Characters: Brothers? Rivals in Love? Ambiguous?
It is reported that the story of “My Kingdom” occurs during the Chinese Republican era in Shanghai, Han Geng and Wu Zun will be acting as fellow apprentices of the Chinese opera performers specializing in martial arts. Actors of the Beijing opera in the 1920’s have an extremely high fame and prestige. The relationship between their fellow apprentices who have been learning from the master since young is deeper than family ties. “If you mess with my family, I definitely will not let you off.” This one verse from the script is what impresses Wu Zun most about Guan Yilong. “I had said the same thing as what Guan Yilong had said when I was young, family ties to me is the most important thing.” Han Geng’s character Meng Er Kui is more introverted comparatively: “Actually, there are similarities between me and Meng Er Kui. There are some things which I hardly tell my friends and family, I will keep it and digest it all in me. He (Meng Er Kui) wants revenge for his family, to avenge his master, sacrificed a lot for the people he loves but ends up hurting himself.”

Both who learned performing arts in the capital since young, has left home together and headed for the pleasure seeking and corrupted Old Shanghai, inevitably facing a series of problems. Will Han Geng and Wu Zun be able to hang on to their brotherhood or becoming enemies because of the character played by Da S. Or will it be similar to ‘Farewell My Concubine’, an ambiguous relationship which started as something fake that eventually became true. (This) might even become the movie’s controversial point.

Bursting With Popularity: Most Popular Idols in Taiwan and China PK*
Han Geng and Wu Zun, one is from the Korean idol group with various fans, the other from an all-rounder Taiwanese group. Both of them in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and the South East Asia region, equally high level of popularity and idols with lots of fans. Now, both idols that are bursting with popularity will be filming together for the first time, (interactions) on and off screen will be the attraction for many fans.

Coincidentally, Han Geng and Wu Zun, whether it’s their looks, height and temperament, both are extremely similar especially when they have their costumes on and after make-up. So much so that both of them look like twin brothers. The evening before the start of filming, the director has especially arranged for both of them to eat together, chatting while having food. After nearly 3 hours of long talk, Han Geng and Wu Zun have become fast friends who can talk about anything. After filming over slightly a month with the cast and crew of “My Kingdom”, both have the chemistry between them in their Beijing opera stage posture and acrobatic fighting. This has become a joke among the staff members who called them the ‘male version of TWINS’*. With both these idol stars in real life acting as a Beijing opera actors during the China Republican era, what kind of results would there be for these two good-looking guys who are collaborating for the first time. This has lead to both fans and film enthusiast to find it out.

* T/N:
1. PK is “competing” with each other in Mandarin.
2. TWINS is a female Cantopop group made up of Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi.

Source: NetEase Entertainment
Shared By: proleptical @ geng-bao.net
Translated By: paranoiame @ geng-bao.net


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  1. i realize it from the start that they look alike..they are twins if people dont know them~!wu chun is known a girly man and hangeng has an opposite character,before,when he was in suju,he was known as manly..he was also known as heechul’s boyfriend~!!i cannot wait the transformation that they have undergone~!hangeng is a martial art expert..i think that is the package that make him more special~!!
    to know that he is soo happy..i feel so relieved!!hope suju members will support him~!!really hope that they are happy with geng’s success~!

  2. Ambiguous relationship….oh really? I’m so watching this. Wu Chun is so pretty.

  3. I’ve BEEN thinking for a long time that they look like twins so they should play twins/brothers. I can’t believe it’s coming true! They’re going to play bros! yay!

    Can’t wait for this! Hope it’s good!

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