Leeteuk Said To Jessica “It’d Be Good If You Read Some Books” Attracting Laughter

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Super Junior Leeteuk said to Girl’s Generation Jessica “It’d be good if you read some books”, humiliating statement attracted huge laughter.

On the 11th broadcast of , a student made an appearance as someone whose able to read a book in a span of 2-3 minutes, and shocked everyone.

After which (,) Leeteuk said to Jessica “It’d be good if you read some books”, this sentence turned the shooting scene into a laughing ocean. The flustered Jessica then explained “I like books.” which could not be of much help (in actual fact).

In regards to Kang Ho Dong’s question “Out of all the books you read, what’s the one which left the greatest impression on you?”, Jessica replied “The books i read are all foreign books.” However being unable to continue (,) she said (and tried changing the topic) “Ah, it’s so hot.” Using her aegyo to resolve the situation, again making everyone burst into laughter.

Source: reviewstar.net
Chinese Translation: 桃果饮 @ 音悦台饭团
English Translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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  1. Oh my God, she’s so perfetic.

  2. Great job Leeteuk!!The best humiliating statement of the year….

  3. Good one Teuk!!! That’s our Leader~ 8D

  4. hahahaha nice one!

  5. Super Junior & ELF ❤

  6. BWAHAHAHAHAHA go teukie <33!

  7. Minho’s face XDDDDDDDDDDDDD! OMG LEETEUK YOU KNOW -highfive-

  8. Minho looked like support Teuk’s statement so well,,bahaha!!

    why so show off tht she’s reading foreign books???

  9. you guysss , dont be mean to jessica she is a friend to suju -_-

  10. Lee teuk only joking.. Seriously..

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