Golden Disk Awards’ unbelievable & unacceptable explanation!

December 17, 2010 at 9:17 am | Posted in Awards, ELF, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 45 Comments

1) Digital Bonsang – Yesung was never debut as solo singer, so he was disqualified. at the same time, as Suju has already been given Album Bonsang award, so they will not award to Yesung. our question: if this is so, why in the first place, was Yesung nominated?????

2) YEPP popularity award & Asia Popularity award should not have repeated winner. (Terms in GDA main page ONLY stated that Rock & HIPHOP bonsang winners cannot be repeated).

3)Daesang award – as Suju already won Daesang last year, and album sales difference from no 2 (SNSD) is not huge, judges have decided to award SNSD higher votes to win Daesang

We are doing line by line rebuttal:
1) Yesung was not debut as solo singer rebuttal: since when did 2008 Popularity award TaeYeon ever been debut as a solo singer???

2) YEPP popularity award & Asia Popularity award cannot have repeat winner – rebuttal: such terms was never revealed in any of GDA’s official announcement or web? Popularity award has always been based solely on vote ranking, inthis case why is SNSD ranked ahead of SHINee?

3) No repeat winners for Daesang – rebuttal: there were 3 times Daesang winner & 2 time Daesang winners before! furthermore, Suju is ahead of SNSd by 48,000 album, this is consider a small gap????

As any self-respected human beings, i don’t think any of us can accept this bullshit excuses (they definitely smell worse than the cow dung i faced on the road side!).

If you have twitter, please tweet #justice4sj in every single of your tweets from now onwards, for the world to see.

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  1. I saw this yesterday. GDA sucks. > < (Good morning by the way, Unnie)

    • Good morning… & Goodbye, got to get ready for work O_o annyong! btw FUCK YOU GDA!

    • Agreed!!! Fooling around with SUPER JUNIOR??? we, ELFs will fight for you boys…..!!! We shall boycott GDA next year…GDA, wait till you see what is the power of ELFS…..!!!!!!!!!

    • Boycott? Not the best idea. I think it would be better if we can show our strength by buying 300,000 + copies of the forthcoming suju album .

  2. OMG!!! this is the most unacceptable explaination!!!! FUCK THAT!!! OMFG!! I cannot believe this!!!

  3. “as Suju already won Daesang last year …. judges have decided to award SNSD higher votes to win Daesang” WTF??!! i was already pissed with MAMA unacceptable results, and now GDA too!!!

    • and i think GDA is more sucks than MAMA…

      • i agree. at least MAMA didn’t post such bullshit nonsense excuses.

      • yeah . i big agree with u !

    • this is the most unacceptable explaination!!!!

  4. Why do they even pretend our votes or the record sales make any difference if they are going to choose the winners themselves in the end????????? Well, now we know how it is. It is not a contest at all, but a decision made by a very few people in their very own private club. Their explanation has made the award meaningless, and the winners must feel that they hold nothing more than a pretty statue and a piece of paper. They won’t fool me again.

  5. GDA only made themselves look stupid with these lousy excuses… If GDA said yesung can’t win, why bother nominating him like the post said?!? To cheat more money from K-ELFs for voting?? GDA u just lost ur credibility!!! U just proved that u’re bias to SNSD… Gave them higher votes to win DAESANG just because SUJU won before?!?? GDA sucks

  6. what nonsense is just bullshit

    • i agree… this is a total bull. if this situation was presented in court, those mere explanations don’t even count as counter rebuttals. this won’t get the juries’ support at all.

  7. SERIOUSLY?! Couldn’t they have at least good excuses?! This just proves how lousy they are! They just made themselves look bad in front of ELF. They lost their CREDIBILITY, their DIGNITY, and their FACE. This is pure bullshit! They are as lousy as MAMA or even worse. At least MAMA didn’t post lousy lame and bullshit nonsense as excuses. Go to hell GDA!

  8. GDA has already lost its meaning. Thr’s no point in fighting for it. . . I was really eager to see suju hold daesang b4, but rite now, i dont care bout GDA anymore. I personally feel bad for snsd if these rumors r true. It must b painful to know tht the thing tht u’ve been proud of is not even urs. So, i think it’s better to move on.

  9. Did GDA think they were trying to fool one year old kids??? Its totally unacceptable for the Daesang award.. Suju clearly has more album sales (by 48,000!!!) Even though if it was only more by 1, the winner was still the winner, which is Suju!!! Look like they should go back to primary school and repeat their maths.

  10. So that’s how they want to play???? They think this is some kind of JOKE????? WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR… WE’LL MAKE SURE THE BOYS WIN… *plots evil*

  11. HAHA now we know the reason . Super junior is the real the winner !


    because we the real champion !!!

  12. boring.

  13. GDA … and this prestigious award? .. could not come up with something more believable? In my opinion they are simply themselves entangled in his own lies.

  14. “Daesang award – as Suju already won Daesang last year, and album sales difference from no 2 (SNSD) is not huge, judges have decided to award SNSD higher votes to win Daesang” OMG WTFFF? SERIOUSLY??? HOW IS THAT A VALID REASON!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND LOW!!!! I can’t believe this…I thought GDA was reliable but who knew…ugh hate them

  15. GIVE KELFS MONEY BACK! absolutely disgusted with their explanations. They might as well don’t explain. Stupid to the max

  16. i really hope kelf do something about this… I know to some other fanclubs they might say we are being ridiculous but if this happened to their idols they would feel the same.

    • agree..elf is not being ridiculous..suju and elf has gone through so much pain..being emotional and sensitive over their idol is not elf’s fault..neway..if sme is behind all this,what else can elf do? anyway.i cannot see sme appreciate elf as suju’s fan..they always ignore our feeling..they always dont care about elf and suju~!this is unacceptable~!!
      it is enough for them to hurt geng and caused him to leave but the same thing should not happen to the remaining suju members~!

      • If other FanClubs, after so literal statement that SNSD just gave an award judge (let us remember that the judge is only 20%. they just stepped over the record sales and fans!) will say that we are ridiculous, absurd and paranoid … it just shows their real attitude towards us …

      • Agree with u syamimi. All Korean award is juz fooling their artist. There is no real award for singer in Korea. That’s why hangeng out from Korea. All are fake!! Their artist work so hard but they are not appreciate by their entertainment industry.

      • yes..korea might produced so many talented artist with their ability to dance and sing very well but the system in the industry is not helping their artist..well,can i say that their artist is more powerful and appreciated outside the country more than in their own country?!it really pissed me to think that they treated our geng so bad and now even suju,who was born in korea has to receive the same treatment~!how evil they are~!

  17. this is….omg i already lost my words..funny things is they admit it!all that we have been suspicious about, but..yeah the explanation is really unacceptable
    but good thing is we know,the world know who is the real winner after all..SUPER JUNIOR!

  18. FUCK GDA !!!
    what kind of excuses are these!!!!
    do they think they make a cheat to 1 year old kids , huh !!!!
    omg, i can’t control my self , seriously this’s kinda cheating us , they just simply saying this , consider the wind !!!!

  19. screwed GDA!!!
    since when the winner of last year can’t achieved the same awards for the next year?suju is the best last year and either this year, so what?
    i’m really sick hear this news>>> i’m not use to say something bad.but this?itis too much!!! it’s really hurt for suju and elf
    fuck GDA

  20. WHAT THE FRICK ¬_¬.

  21. WOW>………….. that is the crappiest explanation i have EVER heard!!! they are so stupid… that is so unfair!! SJ won fair and square, so did Yesung… and these rebbutals are completely right!! i am so mad and dissappointed..

  22. You all are absolutely right about this… If they didn’t treat us ( ALL ELF & SUPER JUNIOR ) fairly, we will not treat them fairly… If they still give us anymore excuse, they should let us see the true results to prove that they are innocent… WTF are they thinking about? They think they can easily make their f*cking rules like that before they tell us and let us believe that!? They think who are we? Some idiots, insane people who are really really stupid!? I am very very want to say that we are not stupid like what they are thinking of… What kind of joke are these? SHOW US THE TRUTH!!!


    cr :

  24. why are they doing like that !!!

    what if Super Junior win last year … they worked hard ELF worked hard … the should win .. this is the most unacceptable explaination!!!

    Can not we some thing about it ??!! really

  25. Wow. Those are pretty lame excuses, every reason for their rules are illogical! This makes no sense whatsoever. I feel bad for the guys, they worked so hard and voters had to PAY for Super Junior’s loss. Now that’s just playin’ dirty… :/

  26. I want a “DISLIKE” button on this…UGH. STUPID STUPID STUPID JUDGES >.<
    At least we know in our hearts that Super Junior DESERVED to win ❤

  27. I’m laughing.I’m laughing at how seriously pathetic they are.Please,GDA shouldn’t make up some bullshit excuse.They’re making the biggest mistake of their lives and going to regret it.Pathetic,selfish and unfair.We all know Suju deserved the award for like everything.In our hearts,we’ll ALWAYS have Suju in it.

  28. WTH GDA???????

    It’s like you’re not even trying to pacify very disguntled ELFs. My cat has more tact than that.

    I don’t know about you guys but I would have taken a formal apology from them, plus acknowledgement that the award was rightly SuJu’s but because of their policy that no group/singer should be awarded with the same award tow years in a row, they couldn’t give hand it over to them. Sounds ridiculous, but I would’ve understood. Most awards seem to apply the same policy, especially to the bigger, more important categories.

    But this is just so tactless, GDA. Not cool.

  29. they even more sucks than MAMA!!

  30. what the hell is this?!
    the judges of mama and gda kan the boys bu shuang, is it?
    they work so damn hard and this is the result they have?
    this is really bullshit… this people go and eat shit la!

  31. haiz,wtf is the bullshit, lets’ gather our international strength & power to appeal & get gda to return justice ( & the daesang award) to the boys and elfs

  32. this is complete bullshit. do they seriously think we’re fools??! they are just making useless excuses to cover up their stupidity, but good thing no elfs believe this. if they were to think of excuses, why must choose such stupid ones.-___- love the rebuttals, completely right.
    yesung can’t be awarded because he’s not a solo singer, then what about taeyeon? this is just so unfair. -.- tried to trick us didn’t they?

  33. ho well…
    it’s REALLY stupid reasons!
    no repeat repaet winner…no repeat winner…they can’t say others things??!! =__=”””
    With these “reasons” we can be sure SJ is the REAL winner!
    and for Yesung GDA is really unfair too!!!!

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