101207 (Cyworld) Kim Namho : “Yesung Almost Killed his pet Turtles”, Kim Namho is Yesung’s co-star in Spamalot

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Kim Namho : “Yesung Almost Killed his pet Turtles”

*Kim Namho is Yesung’s co-star in Spamalot.

He brought a box and put it on the desk~
He said it was his pet and I thought what kind of an animal is in a box with holes.
I became curious, so I opened the box right away.

I thought, “what is this?”
He said they are land turtles.
I asked him, “then, they can’t swim?”
Yesung said, “I almost killed them trying to make them swim.”

The tiniest one is the maknae Ttangkkomi!
He was born 6 months ago.
It looks really cute being on a Cchapagettiㅠㅠ

I couldn’t take an individual picture of the second oldest because it was sleepingㅠㅠ
Its name is Ttangkkoming.
Also, the oldest one, this kid is Ttangkkoma. Even though it’s huge, there’s only 6 months difference between this kid and Ttangkkoming.
A year and 6 months… Anyway, this kid is so cool.!

This kid!
He looks at them like he’s looking at his children…He also caresses them and loves them~
What a nice kid he is..
I hope your innocence goes on for a long time and I’ll pray for you and your three children to live happily together^^

Source: Kim Namho Cyworld
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


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  1. Kyaaa!!~sooo cute!!^^of all the pets our suju oppas have,for me,yesung oppa’s tortoises are the best!!kekeke!!i dont care if they do nothing than blink their eyes and crawl around, those tortoises are just too cute in my eyes!!<3

  2. OMG So Yesung’s turtles is Ddangkoma, Ddangkomi, and Ddangkoming? I thought they’re Ddangkoma, Ddangkomeng, and Ddangkomaeng before =______=

  3. this is so cute

  4. Haaaa.. the name is so cute..
    Ttakomi, Ttakoming, Ttakoma.. ><

  5. their names are almost the same. hahaha! he is so adorable.

    thanks for sharing.

  6. so wich is that turtle near to him ? Ttangkkoming or Ttangkkomi???

  7. their omoni is in here!!! kekekekeke

  8. i want yesung oppa’s pant ! *mianhae out of the topic

    oppa , now u know that ur children r not boring right? n_n

  9. omona!! Sooo cute ^^ 3 tortoises haha.

  10. awwww…oppa u’re so adorable,i fallen love with you once again…seems u really love them so much..really envy to those turtles,they received so much love from our yesungie.
    yesung oppa love you more

  11. yesung and his tortoise is so cute!!ddangkoma is so huge….

  12. WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH~ CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ❤

  13. LOL, Yesung and his turtles! I don’t know why I find it so funny…XDDD

  14. OMO O_O

  15. This guy is adorable and such a dork! I love him! 😀

    Haha, I remember that he says “I never knew having a turtle would be this boring,” and now he’s two more. XD
    LOL “I almost killed them trying to make them swim.” XD Oh Yesung…

  16. They’re really so cute~~
    Yesung oppa, you’re the best^^
    I wanna have turtle too~
    Norul saranghae~<3

  17. yesung oppa, seeing how adorable and loving u r, just get married.. 😛

    p/s: girls, pls don’t kill me…

  18. Yesung oppa look the most handsome when he was staring at Ddangkoma, Ddangkoming, Ddangkomi, and Ryeowookie.
    his expression just… so tender.
    if only he could stare at me that way ^^

  19. ahahaha ttangkoma 😀

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