Hangeng at 100% Entertainment Recording (From 100902)

November 19, 2010 at 9:42 am | Posted in Albums, Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Hankyung, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 10 Comments

Credits: 轉自韓庚台灣守護站 庚庚不熄 (onlylovehangeng.com) | Photo by: 機器紅
Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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  1. hankyung,u should make everything clear..u have some grudge in your heart against korean person?against suju?is it?i always want to know..i dont want to believe anyone else but sometimes i hate the things that his conduct may lead to some misinterpretation..when he keeps on talking about sme..i wonder if suju members will get hurt because of that..i hate when suju talked bad about him..i always wonder what heechul think about his action..maybe heechul will not trust him anymore..i hate him for doing something that can cause suspicious to arise..i dont want suju and hangeng to break apart!!that is the reason i think he should forget what had happened during his past..i know it hurts but everyone is talking about how he has changed..everyone is keep on saying that he is not an innocent hankyung anymore..!! i’m sorry if my word is too harsh..i’m writing this comment in a miserable condition!

    • i believe suju and hangeng have their reasons for keeping quiet. hangeng had said in a s’pore press conference in oct that he does not contact the other members frequently cos he doesn’t want to make things difficult for them. do bear in mind that the other suju members are in a sticky situation: they are caught between their close friend and their company.

      don’t start a war by saying that heechul won’t trust him anymore. hangeng did mention that he still keeps in contact with heechul, and heechul did talk about hangeng’s solo album on his YS radio show.

      since when did suju speak badly about hangeng? i rmb seeing an interview where eeteuk expressed shock about the lawsuit. that’s about it. when eeteuk talked about his wish to have 13 members on stage before he enlists for army, hangeng had said he would help eeteuk fulfill this wish if SME let him.

      i support suju too, and i really don’t wish to see hangeng go… but let’s think of it this way: would u want ur idol to stay on and lead an unhappy life?

      lastly, we’re just bystanders and only suju, SME and hangeng can truly understand what’s going on. don’t judge them too soon.

      i’d really like to see suju gracing the stage with carefree smiles and silly antics once again. ooh-ri neun super juni-OR!

    • If you want real answers, go to the source itself. Go watch the subbed shows and interviews of Han Geng and see if he said any bad things about SUJU, Koreans, or SME. Go watch and see if you hear him say anything about holding grudges about his past. Stop paying attention to internet gossips and misinterpretations from third party sources. Stop buying in to the words of the antis. Then, maybe you won’t feel so miserable.

      • thank for your concern..i’m sorry for that..i wont pay attention to all those stupid things anymore!!

  2. This is too much! Hangeng is such a nice person and yet he gets maligned by ppl like that. Hangeng mentioned SO MANY TIMES on SO MANY TV PROGRAMMES that he is THANKFUL of what he had gotten during the times he was in korea. He even refused to talk too much about his lawsuit with that company. So why would ppl say that Hangeng is complicating things and aggravating the problem?! Please take a good look at all the tv programmes he attended and see for yourself what he had said of his past. For Your Information, Hangeng said that ALL THAT HE HAD BEEN THROUGH IN THE PAST, ARE ALL HIS WEALTH BECAUSE ALL THESE EXPERIENCES WILL HELP HIM MATURE AND BENEFIT HIM IN THE FUTURE!

  3. Poor Han Geng!

    I just found that the ad that is being discussed was actually done in CHINESE! NOT IN KOREAN! Please see this link for the ad – http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/zQvZk23mMCQ/. The bar owner had spoken in Chinese.

    The ad company later put Korean in another version (artistic makeup?). Han Geng most likely did not know about this at all (or until it was too late).

    So now what? Will Kim say sorry to Han Geng? Well, no matter what. He has gotten the attention he wants to promote SJ’s first TV program with him as special guest.

  4. So tiring. It’s making me sad…because friendship can be ruined when people listen to gossip and he said she said instead of going to the sources. Upsetting. I’ll defend Han Geng because I believe he did nothing wrong. Poor kid works so hard and keeps getting hate…even from the people you would think should support him.

    • Agree 100%. I’m still surprised that there are people out there that believes Han Geng left SUJU because he is greedy or he wants to be more popular. I conclude that certain people believe only what they want to believe, even if the truth is right in front of their eyes.

    • dont worry..the truth will be unfolded soon..even it takes time..
      dont feel sad and sorry for what had happened..
      good things will be with kind hearted people..
      God will bless them..

  5. Hangeng never hate Korea. He is a person who had been brought up in good family that teach to respect and value people. He is a kind person. He dislike argue. Hate Korea? Never in hangeng dictionary. We love you hangeng & always believe in you.

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