Super Junior Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Their Debut

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Asia’s most popular group Super Junior celebrates 5th anniversary of their debut.  They first appeared on November 6th 2005 through SBS Inkigayo. Since then, they have become Asia’s super star through various activities. Super Junior will hold their 5th year anniversary party in Korea College, Seoul on the 6th. Let’s take a look at the activities they had for the past 5 years.

▶Multi-talented entertainer group’s ‘separately and together’ strategy

Super Junior is made of multi-talented members who work in various areas as actors, MCs, DJs, gagmans, composers and models in addition to working as singers. Since the debut, they had a catch phrase ‘separately and together’ and performed various activities. Many were suspicious of this strategy. But now, it has become a trend.
Siwon, Heechul, Kibum and Donghae are working as actors, while Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong are working as radio DJs and are appearing various variety shows. Kyuhyun, Yesung, Sungmin and Ryeowook are actively participating in musicals and OSTs.

▶First to introduce unit system
Super Junior is a pioneer in introducing unit system to Korean music industry. Along with their ‘separately and together’ activities, unit system was also unfamiliar. However, it has now become aground breaking system that other singers have also tried this system.

Starting with the ballad unit, Super Junior-K.R.Y. made up of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung who have great singing abilities, there was also Super Junior-T who was the first showcase trot as idols. Super Junior-M worked in China and achieved grand slam at Chinese award shows. Lastly, Super Junior-Happy showcased bright and fun music. The group transformed itself through various genres and performances that their diverse music and charms received recognition.

▶Breaking records in Asia
Super Junior is receiving overwhelming interests from all of Asia.
Also, the fourth album Miinah released this year is expected to have their highest CD sales. The album has been ranked number one for 22 weeks on KKBOX.
Moreover, Super Show 2 which was held in 9 cities in Asia for a total of 15 shows had cumulative audience of 2,000,000. Their third Asia tour, Super Show 3 will be held in 13 cities in Asia for a total of 16 shows.

Source: Sports Chosun
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


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  1. I felt disappointed coz i started to know them from last year and it is not even 1 year since i fall in love with suju.i hope i could know them earlier coz since my interest in them started to grow,hangeng left..since my first introduction to suju started with super girl and its you,i completely fall in love with hangeng’s charisma.but,he,left, even before i can see him with other members..kangin too..he left too early before i can keep on laughing with his spontaneous act!but,i’m glad that they have gained so much attention all over the world.dunno what to say,just miss all of them together again!anyway..congratulation suju!

    • I feel the same way! Thats what happened to me too. I wish I couldve been there since the beginning. but now I just think I might not have been there in the beginning but I’ll be there till the very end. :}

      congrats SJ! Super Junior fighting!

      • its ok..mee too..i will always support suju till the end even i know after graduate,i might not have so much time for them,but its ok!now,even with my busy schedule,i still spend time to look for older videos and watch it, funny.whenever i feel down and stress i always watch their old videos and shows.i love it very much.another thing that i woluld always love to do is reading the story of heechul and hankyung..their friendship is wonderful.that will help me to overcome the stress!i will keep on doing this until the very end!thank suju for making my days!

  2. congratulations to suju! i also got to know them in early 2009.. but i did some research on them coz i really love them! haha! i would like to thank the TV station that aired their programs/shows in Korea.. though its a replay, i really appreciated it and is the main reason why i fell in love with super junior especially to Sungmin oppa,, ^_^

    Godbless to you suju!!

  3. Happy 5th Anniversary, Super Junior!!!

  4. -happy 5th anniversary to super junior.. i’ve been in love with them since 2007 and still im loving them more and more.. forever love!!! 🙂

    • same..i’m also start love them from 2007 until now..

  5. For me it has only been 2 years that I have known of Suju….I live in U.S. and was doing a school project on South Korea, and discovered the group and HEECHUL.
    Korean artists are active and out in the public eye on a daily basis: they are photographed everywhere they go. They aren’t just music idols…they also do TV, radio, movies, commercials, plays, the list goes on. In my country, rock stars come onstage, get a bunch of pictures taken, and then disappear back into their everyday lives, out of the public eye. I have a theory that because there are so many pics of KPop stars, the fans feel they know them personally. I can follow HeeChul, for example, on a daily basis. I know what he is wearing on practically any day, how his hair is fixed (and what color it is =D), what he says. I know what his laugh sounds like, how his face looks when he is joyful and when he is sad. In some ways I feel like I know him better than some of my best friends!! But of course, I am only a fan, and he doesn’t know me at all. But somehow I feel attached to him. It’s not this way with American artists, because there is only the occasional picture and their everyday lives are hidden. Does this make sense?
    Feel free to delete this lengthy comment..I did get carried away, didn’t I?

    • Yes, yes! That’s exactly it! We know everything and nothing about them. I am satisfied that they show enough of their real personalities to the camera that fans can see that they must surely and actually be lovable IRL. I also agree that as a group we may need to allow them some personal elbow room…we shouldn’t stalk them or overwhelm them with attention when they are trying to have private moments. I think in the U.S., idols would sue the paparazzi (professional photographers) for harassment if they followed them as closely as KPop stars are followed. Or at least they would tell their body guards to rough them up a little, hah! Loved your reply..

    • Wow… US n Europe… I always wanted to go there… Plz let more ppl love them and make them known as world star instead of just Asia… I know them from last year sorry sorry only… Sad… Since one by one, they going to army, I really hope they are the world’s most popular, best-est group ever. U will nvr know they might just disband one day, esp next yr when heechul n eeteuk going to army le..

      Hehe.. Paisei I very nagging.. I from Singapore!! Haha

    • I know!!!!!!!
      that’s exactly how I feel.
      Even though it’s only been 5 years. it feels like so much more.

      • I gotta say, I really like the people that Suju has attracted as fans. Back in high school, I thought that people on the other side of the world were probably way different from me because of different language, culture & experience, but I have found the opposite to be true. We are more alike than we are different. We like to laugh, we can be sweet & generous and sometimes mean & catty. And we get attached to our idols. This is just like in the U.S. We have a lot in common. And I am so glad I learned this fact. And really I owe this lesson to my knowledge of Suju (and HeeChulie!) I hope to travel to Asia and Europe one day! They seem so much closer because of this blog and reading comments from international fans. I’m really glad this blog is here. And I hope Suju stays together until they are in their 80’S!! I will still be a fan, because I will be older too!! Why not?

      • Haha! I had to laugh so hard picturing this Suju/Elf fanmeeting in 2040 or 2050! We fans would wave our blue lightsticks for about 10 minutes, then stop because our arthritis would start to act up! We would have to keep cleaning our glasses to see better. There would be refreshments in the lobby: Iron pills and Tylenol! The week before they arrived everyone would replace their hearing aid batteries, and oil their wheelchairs! And what would Suju be doing? Dying their gray hair red and blonde and brown, of course….and updating their stage clothes. They would have the same wicked grins (Only maybe with big false teeth?) and the same charisma that we loved to begin with, only now they would dance in their socks because big heavy shoes would slow them down! And if this ever happens, I WILL be there! Suju hwaiting! Elf hwaiting! (Feel free to delete my ridiculous comment; I am having fun, but I will stop the shenanigans now…sorry!!)

    • i agree with you..we know a lot of them and they cannot hide what they are thinking.but,there are still a lot of things that they dont disclose to us,their sadness,pain and many more.sometime, they have to act in front of camera just to make us(ELF) happy..i watched the video in utube,title;a walk to remember,,almost crying to see how they suffer!thats y i never blame any one of them if they get sick with SME or any related thing..just a comment here!dont bash me,ok..i will always support suju..

  6. Happy 5th Anniversaryyyy .. Super Junior, U guys r just the best .. love yaaaa !

  7. HAAPIE 5TH ANNIVERSARY!! diz derh first anniversary ie spend with Super Junior oppas & ELFs! ❤ May dere b 15th, 25th, 55th and so on anniversaries to come!! =PP

  8. happy 5th anniversary super junior. thank you for everything always remember were always love and support you guys.

  9. i’ve been their fan for like 3 years already…. but im quite upset that i didnt be their fan since their debut… but its okay bcuz i starting to know this kpop thingy also 3 years ago and they are my first and last favoutite kpop band!!!!!!!! ill love them 4ever!!! i dunno why but im just not interested in other band just like im interested in suju… i dont even like 2pm(bcuz i think they ripped their shirts to many times and im sick of that ; i was taec fan at their debut time but when he started doin that…urgh)2am,ukiss,zea,shinee,etc… haha my love 4 suju are just too much!!!!

    • i feel the same.besides suju,i try to watch other group as, is started to watch 2 pm since they performed in music bank with heartbeat..i like taecyon also since he played a role in cinderella stepsister but i hate their dance or whatever dance they call..they are manly,no offence if fans want to support them.compared to suju with various character,i prefer suju,even sungmin and ryeowook,they are too cute to express with word,kyuhyun with his naughty ideas to create chaos among his hyung,leeteuk with his non stop smile(cute with dimple),kangin who talks too much,yesung with his singing ability,shindong with his belly but can dance soooo well,euhyuk with his ability of dancing.donghae(he is loveable,crybaby,)heechul as mood man,hankyung(the one that i love the most,)and kibum..cold prince,siwon(the person that always in the middle of the other couple..)in the middle of hanchul,he interfere..then,it become SIHANCHUL,and between EUNHAE,he comes and it is SIEUNHAE..haha..i like them when they express their appreciation to fans..even,they cry,who cares..because they love us so much,rite>>

  10. luv you super junior…will meet you…muachh….

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