SUPER SHOW 2 DVD informations! (picture, price, etc.)

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Release date: changed to the 29th of October (2 days earlier!)
Price: ~29 000wons (USD 26; we don’t know yesasia’s price yet.)

Superjunior The 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2”
DVD special features : Concert making film! +Special color photobook! + 1 poster!

2 DVDs + special color photobook (82 pages) + limited edition poster
DVD Concert of Super Junior 2009 asia tour that started in July in Seoul olympic stadium.
It includes super junior’s remix songs and sub unit performances as well as their solo.

DVD with pcm sound and HD video.

177minutes of concert and 37 songs! Total video (with extra): 216minutes.

Disc 1:
01. Intro
02. 갈증 (A Man In Love)
03. U
04. 너라고 (It’S You)
05. 그녀는 위험해 (She Wants It)
06. ment (members presentation)
07. 앤젤라 (Angela)
08. Miracle
09. Disco Drive
10. Dancing Out
11. Baby Baby – Sungmin
12. 魂[혼] – Heechul
13. Beautiful – Donghae
14. 체념 – Yehsung
15. Insomnia – Ryeowook
16. 7년간의 사랑 – Kyuhyun
17. What If
18. 이별… 넌 쉽니
19. Honey – Leeteuk
20. Doc와 춤을 + Run To You – Kangin
21. Don’T Don
22. Twins

Disc 2
Concert making film : concert rehearshals, dressing room and personal interviews of the members.

01. 우리들의 사랑 (Our Love)
02. Puff The Magic Dragon
03. Who Am I – Siwon
04. 당신이기에 – SJM
05. 迷 [Me] – SJM
06. Shining Star
07. Sorry, Sorry
08. 슈퍼맨 [superman]
09. 로꾸거!!! [rokkugo!!!]
10. Gee
11. 꿀단지 [Sunny]
12. 파자마파티 [Pajama Party]
13. 카니발 [Carnival]
14. 소원이 있나요 (soweoni itnayo)
15. Marry U
16. ENCORE SONG – Wonder Boy
17. ment [Closing]

Source: yes24
Translated by Alice (OhㅡDɑrℓing♥) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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  1. waaaaa. O_o


  2. wahhhh can’t wait!!!
    have been waiting for this since a long long time ago ,hehe

  3. how to order it ?

    • it’ll be available on yesasia soon ;D

  4. Yesasia price for preorder is $50

    • are yuo kidding/?? dear god that is expensiva !

      • woooooooooooow soooo expensiva

        is there are other sites to order it ?!!!

    how am gonna know when its available on yesasia ??
    plz lemme knowwwwww

  6. i have been waiting for this long, long, long, long time, finally its out… just check yesasia selling at S$52.19… expected released date on 2nov. i am deft gona buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😉

  7. I’m really happy that the album will be out soon!!!! i need to save money now! FIGHTING SUJU!!!!!

  8. thanks for the info!!

    really hope it will have english subtitle!

    i bought the 1st one (SS1) but only with japanese and chinese subs which is no help as I only understand english!! but i watched it anyway!! love the part when ELFS sang Marry U to them!!

    hope it will be in malaysia soon!! hope dont have to wait for months to get this in malaysia!!

  9. it’s already in YESASIA.
    here’s the link.

  10. Wowwwwwwwww. Actually it’s considered pretty cheap for quite alot. whoosh.

  11. >.< they don't like selling ones with english subtitles would they… lol ah well, I'll still buy it!!

  12. I hope they release something with eng sub TT__TT and darn.. I wont be able to buy this soon.. still saving up for ss3 TT_TT

  13. Am I the only one having a hissy fit about Zhou Mi and Henrys solos not being on the DVD?

    • nah SAME.. HISSYEFFINGFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ok good, its nice to know Im not the only one who is upset.

  14. *is SO excited* I *really* can’t wait XD ^_^

  15. NEED IT. ~Dies~

  16. WANTS *.*

  17. Already pre-ordered!!! So excited for this!!!!!!!

  18. yesasia marked up the price by almost double.. are there any other sites to order from?

    • from

      Super Junior_The 2nd Asia Tour_Super Show 2 (2DVD+PhotoBook) by USD29.145 and the Release date 2010-10-29

      Super Junior_The 2nd Asia Tour_Super Show 2 (2DVD+PhotoBook) +Poster by USD32.675 the Release date 2010-10-29

      got an E-mail from with this informations

  19. I dunno how to order from yesasia !!!!
    plzz for suju sake help me how if i don’t get it i will get a heart attack

    • I’ll post information soon, I have a driving lesson now.. =]

  20. I will buy these, I promise…

  21. sad that they dont have hangeng’s solo “betrayal” on there 😥

  22. Hey Guys ..

    look at the informstion i got..

    from you have two offers :

    1- Super Junior_The 2nd Asia Tour_Super Show 2 (2DVD+PhotoBook) by USD29.145 and the Release date 2010-10-29

    2- Super Junior_The 2nd Asia Tour_Super Show 2 (2DVD+PhotoBook) +Poster by USD32.675 the Release date 2010-10-29

    I got an E-mail from with those information..

    • ooh sorry i couldn’t know the shipping costs information for ..

      can someone help me because i can not enter the site now !!

  23. Pre-order of Super Show 2 DVD is now open at!

    Php 1,670.00 with free poster. Add Php 250.00 for shipping visit to order.:) And also add us on facebook!

  24. We are accepting orders outside the Philippines!
    Just send us an e-mail for inquiries about shipping:

  25. PRE-ORDER OF SUPER JUNIOR’S SUPER SHOW 2 IS STILL ONGOING! Deadline for pre-order and payment is Oct. 27. And us at fangirlasia is even more excited to announce that one order will have A FREE SUJU MOBILE CHARM!!! Pass and post dear fangirls and fanboys! 😀

  26. ho yeah
    pre-ordered mine~~~~
    can’t wait for it to arrive. thank goodness it’s possible to buy things online w/o using a credit card

  27. does it have ENGLISH SUBTITLES? I tried checking all super junior stuff but don’t have ENGLISH SUBTITLES..only in japanese, chinese and korean subs…huhuhu

  28. does it ENGLISH SUBTITLES? co’z I tried checking all super junior stuff..but don’t have ENGLISH anybody here knows where I can find it with ENGSUBS?

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