13th Letter from Dongsun to ELF (aka Kangins Friend!)

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written on 101010

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To. Youngwoonie’s fan the 13th letter.
Friend of Youngwoonie 2010.10.10. 09:36

Hello, long time no see. this is DONGSUN

Just write something from long time haha

I’ll start the big practice tomorrow, so maybe you can see the copy of my writing

I’m assuming everyone finished the holiday and maybe in mid-sem time

There will be the ELF who doing korean SAT as well.

So everyone just fighting 🙂

I brought one news that you might interested in. but not a big one.

Just thought that you might wonder about youngwoon’s recent news

I couldn’t directly talk with him.

But heard that he’s doing shooting practice

I tried to contact him to speak on the phone because i got the phone number that we worked at

But unfortunately, normal people can’t call to that number (i think that number is only possible btw army people)

I still have 2 months left but i’m in same position with youngwoon as soldier so i can possible to make phone calls.

Maybe i can hear his voice in next week, but i heard that he’s real doing well and also he’s in shooting practice

When can i reach a contact with him, i’ll tell you the details that you might wanna know.

ps. I’m sorry for all the copy writings to where ELFs are

less than 2 months of my soldier life left. so i don’t realize the time clocking.

What i can back to you for your letters are my reply and this kind of writing.

It’s the first time that i didn’t realize the time goes so far because of the letters written by people love me and also ELF and my reply

Still less than 2months left but when you send a package, plz leave a contact number!

There are people didn’t left the contact number so i couldn’t even call back to say thanks.

I’ll write later again to elf.

Have a great day and take caare!

And didn’t you forget who i am right?

Elf’s fan

Source :: Youngwoon’s fan cafe’ []
Translation :: mysterious friend of delicious @
Please take out with full credit , thanks
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  1. Shooting practice, huh? 🙂 Wow. I’ve always imagined Kangin handling a gun well. Go Youngwoonie! XD

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