Super Junior’s honest stance about Kangin and Hangeng caught attention

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Super Junior appeared on MBC Chuseok special “radio star Super Show” on the 23th and revealed they were sad and had a regretful heart about Kangin’s assault and drunken driving incidents
Super Junior said ” First when Kangin was caught in a assault case, we thought we needed to defend and protect him. Kangin also said sorry to the members and seemed to be reflecting on himself. After a month, when again another case (drunk driving) happened, honestly, we felt betrayed.”
Then the SJ members said “But inevitably, because we are one we thought we needed to defend him. It’s said that time heals all wounds. As time passed by, our minds softened a bit”

Super Junior’s members speak about the announcement of Hangeng’s destruction of his exclusive contract with SM.
Super Junior explained: “We still don’t have any contact with Hangeng. Even if we are all close we were not contacted separatly either.” Then they added “When we hear him say in the news that his life in Korea was hard, and that the members were not helping him, it hurts.”
Leeteuk added ” If there was a problem, if there was hard spots, first it would have been good to consult the members because we absolutely didn’t know. No one among the members knew Hangeng was going to act like that.”
Super Junior members added in one voice “Even now we miss Hangeng”
Regarding this, Leeteuk said: “We are keeping Hangeng’s chair empty now”, and “In my dream, before going to the army I’m wishing the 13 of us can have a performance on stage together. I’m hoping for it to happen .”

Source: Nate news
Translating credits: Alice (OhㅡDɑrℓing♥) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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  1. Teukie, we are all with you. We all share your dream, we all hope for Super Junior to be Al13 once more… I’m sorry. I wish we could do something to grant that dream. I want to see HanKangBum on stage together again…

  2. I’m kind of confused…their statement contradicts with that of Hangeng. He said that he was still in contact with Heechul, Siwon, and Ryeowook, I believe, but here they claim that he hasn’t been in touch at all…

    • I’m confused too. So does that mean someone is lying? O_o

    • yaaah really confuseing !!!!!

      but i wish to see all the 13 i miss them all

    • No one is lyin.. I think we have to watch the show.. It may b he member that hasnt been in contact with him who have said that..

  3. IHOP to see you together again before go to the army T^Tgood luke to you all.

  4. why do i feelsm told them to say tht to make Hannie sound bad :S cos im sure Chullie knew everything~ HeeKyung ❤

    • yap,, thats rite!!! I am sure Heechul and Siwon know the best!! He even brought up Hankyung’s album in his radio show after he came back from China. That means they must have connection somehow. Hangeng once mentioned that he also has connection with Wookie. That’s why maybe Wookie didnt say a word when members mentioned that they couldn’t contact Hangeng. And about the news “the members didn’t take care of me.” That’s so lame…. when did hangeng say? when did this article post? I have never seen or heard from hangeng!!!!!

      • The chinese media is super biased. So i doubt it’s the truth. They always twist Hankyung’s words.
        Like the articles that come out after his interview is all twisted. If you watch the actual interview, it’s different.

  5. Leeteuk added ” If there was a problem, if there was hard spots, first it would have been good to consult the members because we absolutely didn’t know. No one among the members knew Hangeng was going to act like that.” T_T

  6. I thought he had connection with some members of SJ è_é
    Hangeng really had hard time.. but he never said that members weren’t help him :/
    So weird..

  7. I’m also confused on the contact after lawsuit, but the issue with if the members knew Hangeng’s act in advance, I think Leeteuk is right. No one knew that he would act like that. That’s why Heechul was in such a low state and hide himself for months (like Chullie said himself).

    Maybe Hangeng did contact Siwon, Heechul, and Wookie, but they didn’t tell the other members?…

    I can’t eliminate the possibility that SM instructed some of what Teukie said, but I trust Teukie that he’s only speaking of what he knows to be true. I mean there’re lots of ways to construct a sentence, but in essence, I believe what Teukie is saying. Maybe there’s just some mis-communication amongst the members, and Teukie and Hangeng.

  8. i dont think they meant he actually said ‘the members didnt help me’
    but it was more of,
    the articles in china are implying that suju were bad towards geng, i mean, come on, lets be honest, china articles have not been nice to super junior after geng came back and thats the only one thing i do not agree with geng, was that, he just lets these kind of articles get written, he didnt come to his members’ rescue : /
    either way, i understand the actions of both super junior and hankyung, and wish them best of luck anyway ❤

    • What makes you think Han Geng can control what each magazine publish? Every magazine that Han Geng has been in he NEVER said anything bad about the SJ members or SME. He even thanked SME for everything they did for him.

      There are tons of negative stories about Han Geng in Korea. So you think SJ members can stop these stories from publishing? Instead, they are here in person saying not so nice things about Han Geng. May it be misunderstandings or SME put them up to it…frankly I’m shocked and disappointed. Do they understand the impact it’ll have on Han Geng when these words are coming straight out of their mouths?

      • i’m not saying hankyung said anythng bad, or that he should stop articles from being published, its just that he should say something about it, like, ‘ yes, the company did mistreat me but my members did not’ just to clear things up.

        i’m not mad at hankyung for not saying it, i’m very happy for him, his album is china is doing well.

        i disagree that suju is saying not so nice things about hankyung. theyre just expressing their regret for not being able to talk things through with hankyung.

        but in conclusion, i am not satisfied with both parties. they should just put it out there and state clearly, are they contacting? are they mad at hannie? is hannie mad at them? cuz GOD am i in need of CLOSURE

      • Han Geng did make things perfectly clear. He stated in many interviews that his problem is with SME not with the SJ members. He said they remained good friends and they’ve talked on the phone or texted each other. He even said the members all heard his album and wished him well. He even goes so far as to say that Heechul visted him when filming his “Fire” MV in Korea and contacted each other when Heechul was in Beijing. I don’t think he would tell a lie when there may be crew members and staff at the video shooting who can testify against what he said.

        The members are saying bad things about Han Geng. They are indirectly saying that Han Geng didn’t care about them or their feelings. Shindong sounded pretty bitter complaining that Han Geng said the members didn’t help him at all (even though this is completely false). Anyone who doesn’t know the situation would think badly about Han Geng for being cold-hearted and ungrateful.

  9. I just hope that the discrepancies between what Teukie said and what Hangeng said won’t cause anything serious between the fans and members. *crossing my fingers*

  10. This translation says it differently though:

    We should know how shows are like. It could be that they cut out parts from the conversation and just left the scenes that will garner attention. Maybe Ryeowook spoke up and said he’s been contacting Geng, maybe the members said something else too. Too bad we can only rely on what we’re being told 😦

    Anyway, really, really want to see the 13 of them together again. I’m happy that to hear Eeteuk’s sincere wish that they perform on stage as a whole again.

  11. The comment that Teukie said about the others did not know is not true. There is a video on youtube that has a clip with Siwon saying to Hangeng that he knows “he is having a hard time” and then they hug. It was a TV special with little kids dressed in red costumes. So what Teukiee said is not true.

    • Hi Cindy 1, yes I see that vids also it is around 2007, siwon had know hangeng hardship 3 years ago. It is proof that hangeng have told some other member.

  12. All Leeteuk wanted to say, at least how I understand it, is that they would have helped Hankyung with his troubles if he told them. Teukie is protecting the other group members as well, not wanting it to appear like nobody cared if Hankyung was being mistreated while he’s still in Korea. And Hankyung could have said good things about SuJu as well during his China interviews, not just Heechul or Siwon. (It seems like he’s using Heechul and Siwon to keep his SuJu fans.) Goodluck to him but I hope SuJu will not be used to promote his solo career because obviously SuJu is doing perfectly well without him, its even mighty pleasant for Teukie to say that the members miss him.

    • Are you saying that hangeng use suju to promote his solo album?
      you sound like an ANTIS. If what you said is true, dont you think Sme
      try to use hangeng to promote Suju also? Think about it.

    • Hankyung doesn’t need anyone to help him keep his SuJu fans. Some Suju fans (AHEM YOURSELF) already hate him (Despite SuJu’s wishes) and he accepts that
      Yes they miss him. No it’s not being “mighty pleasant”. IT’S THE TRUTH. And HE MISSES THEM TOO.
      SuJu is NOT doing perfectly well without him. Shouldn’t you know that?
      Despite the smiles, you can see their pain behind it.
      And Hankyung did say good things about suju. All he ever said was that his issues are with SM and examples of SM ill-treating SJ.

  13. Think about it in term of publicity who honestly talk. and think about in term of friendship who told the true. think about in term of fans who told the truth. and last think about in term of last long career. in this entertainment world there is no 100% truth. when an artist open their mouth they have to think about their stomach and life. Everyone had their opinion. let both side work in free and pleasant condition. honestly I dont like this vids, it give bad image to both side.

    • thums up….!!!! Good talk!!!!!!

  14. I’m just sooooooo damm freaking tired about both Geng’s and Suju’s news like that….I mean I just want the 13 to stand on stage together like in Super Show 1 during Marry U but seems like china and korean news are telling rubbish all these while! Even with DBSK’s problems, it goes the same. I felt that those freaks in the news shouldnt put words like that, it hurts us fans toooo much because we just wana see all the brothers standing together on stage one day. Even Geng goes solo but I’m sure Suju can invite him to be guest artist during their concerts in China, but this will never happen because SME will block everything like shit!!!!
    Aish…I have to wait till when again????? Is this simple wish to hard to be granted????

  15. This kinda reminds me of Jay Park and 2pm situation, but in this situation with Hangeng and SUJU they both spoke out about the rumors and try to clear the air with their fans. Things happen for a reason and I believe both sides. Maybe Hangeng and SUJU need to meet up together in private and discuss this situation so everyone can move on and put the past behind them. I don’t think that Hangeng will come back to SUJU, but he might do a song with them in the future. Let’s pray for Kangin while he is in the military.

  16. i can’t keep from not thinking that it was SME behind all of this misunderstanding.. Similar with DBSK’s problem, i think that SME was the core of this problem. Come on.. this is not about Geng against Suju.. but Geng against SME.. And about the show..haha..don’t trust entertainment gals..that’s all for popularity and rating.. that’s what makes entertainment fun.

  17. I’m so confused >_<,I don't know what to believe anymore…of course I'm going to take Super Junior AND Hangeng's word for it,but SM?Definitely not…
    The main thing that confuses me is that how could the boys not know of Hangeng's problems,I mean they literally LIVED TOGETHER and saw each other everyday!It's hard to put this all together…unless Hangeng never spoke a word of it?
    And Geng said he's stayed in contact with the members,but the boys say differently.Doesn't make sense,does it…?
    My MAIN suspicion is SM is not allowing the boys to say what they want on screen,what they wanted to say probably was edited out…SM has done some pretty outrageous stuff,it's hard not to suspect.

  18. Im cryin n i dun even know y. T.T

    • I’m crying too. It just upsets me, what happened to Hangeng. I miss him so much. Even though I see news about him, I miss him with the members. I know that one day they’ll all be reunited again, though. By then, I hope every single one of them has achieved their happiness. 🙂

      We miss you Hankyung!

  19. T^T
    hangkyung faster come back ,
    do you hear what teukie said ??
    please come back , always 13 !!!!
    i’m gonna to cry …

  20. After reading wat leeteuk said I have tears in my eyes. Hope ur dream will come true.

  21. kibum should wake up.asap

  22. From all the Taiwanese variety shows that Hangeng went on, he has never once said anything bad about the members. He only said he kept to himself during the difficult times..and he just want a happier time working as he didnt feel really happy under SME… and that he misses his family..

    –> Super Junior explained: “We still don’t have any contact with Hangeng. Even if we are all close we were not contacted separatly either.” Then they added “When we hear him say in the news that his life in Korea was hard, and that the members were not helping him, it hurts.”

    I dont know if Teukie’s words were being translated properly,or if SUJU had misunderstand, misheard or gotten wrong interpretations with Hangeng’s interviews, but from previous interviews of Hangengs, i believe when he mentioned that he’s still keeping in contact with SUJU n they are still close, he’s probably also want to protect them, not because he’s trying to put himself in good light by saying that.. but probably because he doesnt want the media to create more animosity between them? There’s already alot of twisted words from the media…

    We dont know the underlying reasons behind each of them… of coz unless we are hangeng or suju themselves, we wouldnt know the truth. Inevitably, everyone will want to protect themselves.. For sure we know, SME wouldnt want them to stay in contact, so probably they cant say they are? And because Hangeng is not with SME anymore, so he can say without the restrictions? Teukie is the best leader n i sincerely hope all these can blow over soon…

  23. I watched the interview. The part about Hankyung is very short. Only a minute or so. Only half of members are present and only Leetuk and Shindong said something. Shindong was saying it hurt to hear in the news that they did not help Hangeng. So they were defending the team members by saying that they did not know he had problem. I think this is targeted for Korean fans to show that they do care and would help if given a chance. It is not important if the news is correct, or if Hankyung did say it or not. That is not the point at all here.

    About Hankung’s problems, some of the members might know somethings, but not all. In interviews, he never spoke ill of his members. He always said they are like brothers and wish everyone well. He said that when he was unhappy, he could not talk out to others. He would just lock himself up and endure. I believe this to be true from my personal experience. I love all the members of my choir and love the happy time spent together. But I would not tell them my personal pains, etc. Besides, in the last 2 years, Leetuk and Shindong and some other members are not with Hankung that much. They are always traveling somewhere with their activites.

    About the contact, Hankung only said that Heechul visit him when he was in Korea and they had contact. But he also said that they do not contact much because everyone is very busy with their own schedules. Just call or txt sometimes. He might have contacted only with a few members and not often. If they do contact, would the member stand up and say something, against the company and the group? I double it. Keeping silence is the only way. It is private anyway. Notice that Hankung only reveal that he met with Heechul after reporter told him that Heechul showed Hankyung’s CD in the radio show. He laughed and said that only he would do such a thing. Apparently he did not want to bring trouble to his friends. BTW, if Leetuk and Shindong wants to contact Hankuyng, they could just call or txt him. So if they really did not have contact with Hankung, then it must be mutual.

    I agreed that 13 on stage is the best and wish to see it happening too. However, it will not be too soon. First the legal thing must be over. Secondly Hankung must be very successful so SM would feel they can get a lot of benefits by inviting Hankung as guest performer and risk losing face. Leetuk’s wish is not so easy.

  24. To add on, everything seems suspicious… could it be the media are firing things up so that they have things to write about suju and hangeng? i mean, with more hype and talk, they are probably waiting to see if supporters of both sides will start to retaliate or something and they would have more things to report on. Or could it be because hangeng has just recently expressed that he will not give up on the korean market, thus those who feels that hangeng had turned his back on suju is trying to create animosity to thwart his plans? i seriously hope these are not the case, coz it will only create more bad feelings among the supporters and also between suju n him.

    i believe in their friendship…i believe that the rest of suju never stop regarding him as their brother/friend despite initial disbelief in hangeng’s actions…i also believe hangeng’s words as i dont think he will lie that blatantly on tv about staying in contact since suju has a huge overseas fanbase and it wouldnt do him any good to say negative things or earn more anti-fans anyway. There must be truth in it, though may not be all. And for those who dislike hangeng because of the so called betrayal, who always say hangeng is using suju by talking abt them on tv… well, its inevitable isnt it? because thats what media wants to know and likes to ask. likewise, suju is also being interviewed about hangeng and all even till now… so do we say suju is using hangeng? of coz not isnt it. they dont need to make use of anyone, they are doing just fine as they are. So i really hope this isnt going to cause another hoo-ha… or create another storm. i feel tired for all of them..

  25. WE ALL NEED TO SUPORRT SUJU AND HANGENG, DONT LET SME BREAK UP THE SUPPORT OF HANGENG!!! SUPPORT SUJU AND HANGENG 4EVER!!! COME ON ELF’S. SHOW UR SUPPORT. KEEP FIGHTING!! WE LOVE U ALL. and also why have we not heard or seen Heechul in any activities hmmm? Is he being punshined, or is it his choice, he did not go home for holiday, or do any specials just his radio show. Why he hasn’t tweeted in days? I am worried.

  26. I think Hangeng didn’t say that his members were not helping him.
    Hangeng just claimed that living in Korea was hard for him.

  27. I feel like Super Junior members in this show are from SM side. I really want to watch this show…

    • You should watch the show, or at least the cut where they are talking about Hangeng.

      Most of them were pretty quiet throughout that question, only Shindong and Teukkie spoke.

      I just pray that they keep the friendship together. Despite what the media or SM have to say about it. That they only believe words from each other, in person.

      i would rather they contact each other (not just with Siwon and Heechul) and see each other more often, but keep it a secret… ….. than having very little contact and that’s what the media shows to the public, to show how close SUJU and Hangeng are.

      I support Teukkie’s dream and i hope some day it will happen. But for now saranghae SUJU and hangeng ❤ ^__^

  28. we are ELFs right? we can do a effort to communicate with the 3 members 1st by hangeng’s sina 2nd ELFs with a brother on military where kangin is 3rd talking with other members who can communicate with kibum i know that is hard but for leeteuk and suju we can do it in possible way right? ELFs SUPPORT SUPER JUNIOR W3 ALL LOVE THEM AND MISS THE 13 MEMBERS RIGHT??

  29. its all SM fault!!!!!~im sure heechul knows everything…

  30. to be honest.i’m very sad with what is actually happen now..i’m a bit upset with what leeteuk said and even shindong.they are like trying to accuse hankyung..they didn’t read and follow hangeng’s career rite?they did not even notice how hangeng try to give them a good image..hangeng even said that he miss suju could leeteuk utter something like that?i know he is in pain but hankyung is also in pain..if he wants to talk,do they always care about hangeng?even in television show when hangeng was with them, they never try to drag hangeng into conversation but heechul was the one who always did it for hangeng.even,siwon,know about how hard hangeng’s live in korea.even donghae mentioned about this..they already forget how hangeng care for them during they had promotion in china.? what hangeng did?maybe, he should be blamed because he leave without saying anything.but the other members..ryeowook.hangeng claimed to have a contact with him but hwy he keep his silence? i’m not saying that they treat hangeng bad during his presence in korea but hangeng really did something great with his suju m fellow members..i’m almost cry now..leeteuk,he is a very good leader.i know how upset he is but please..this statement is a bit would cause chaos among geng fan and suju..even ELF might break up due to his few minutes confession..letetuk,the one who i always admire..he should do something about this..hangeng need to see them personally and they have to discussed about this..i know heechul would defnitely defend hangeng if he know this is not the real story..even hangeng is very awkward with them,but he has done a great job..even with eunhyuk..this is probably would make me cry..please,everyone..dont blame hangeng..I’m sad to see how they overcome ths problem.i thought suju would be better compare to 2pm..leeteuk’s dream could not probably come to reality of they are handing their finger towards each a tru ELF..JUST PRAY FOR THEM AND NEVER BREAK UP!BELIVE HANGENG AND SUJU!

    • u are right! I’m sure that Hangeng didn’t say that his members didn’t help him.
      He just said that living in Korea was hard..
      Heechul and Siwon know how Hangeng worked hard in the past. These two are the ones who listened and knew about Hangeng.

      P.S I know that Leeteuk has the habits that he talked big in shows..Siwon and some members said that before( in TV shows”Come to Play”) how Leeteuk exaggerated about them.

      • oo yeah, really? some member said that Leeteuk like to talk big in show? Strange, i already think he is like that without know that the other member also talked like that. Sigh… if he is the best leader, i’m worry for the other now. Hangeng is introvet person, but he is not a liar or betrayer, think about this, Heechul who lock him self in his room for 3 months after Hangeng’s lawsuit, even not say anything bad about Hangeng, and Siwon and Ryeowook whose Hangeng said still have contact with them, wan’t talk anything about Hangeng to media, why is it?
        Because they know the truth is not what the other said, but they can’t say the truth either.
        anyway, can some one don’t know if one of his member or “brother” ill, throw out everything everytime he eat something and it’s make him lost his weight a lot?
        You no need to be told, just see it your self, you must be know it.
        The leader is the worst if he can’t aware his member’s condition like that.
        But Hangeng showed that he is a good leader due suju-M promotion. He always include all member in the interview, he know it’s hard to work at other country far from family, so he try he best so his member not feel that way.
        They already forget about that, just remember the bad things and forget the good things he have done for them?
        sigh… no wonder he sick (in the real meaning), he is tired girls, and do you think it’s good if he tell the other his difficult? He is not a self pitty person, that’s why he try to endure it him self.

        • Geng never spoke about his problems. He said it himself. He would just endure it silently. You can’t expect Teuk to always know everything, especially if the members refuse to talk to him about it. Maybe Geng always said he was fine if Teuk asked him if anything was wrong. There were 11 other members Teuk had to take of at the time.
          This article was taken out of context. At the time, there were plenty of articles coming out of China that twisted Geng’s words. It’s not like the boys understand Chinese or even have time to watch the actual shows. Translations of these Chinese articles were all they had, so yeah, I’m sure they didn’t get a good impression of what they ‘thought’ Geng had said and were hurt by the situation. Especially if they found out about the lawsuit through the news. Korean news didn’t paint a pretty picture for Geng either.
          I’m sorry. You wrote this comment so long ago, so you probably won’t even read my reply, but I really don’t agree with you calling Teuk a bad leader. He’s always carried a huge burden being the leader of a 13/15-member group. He’s got a company to answer to, remaining group members to take care of – it’s not easy for him or any of the members to stand up for Geng, especially while in the middle of the lawsuit. Teuk is not Heechul, who stands up for what he believes in and says what he wants to say no matter the consequences. Teuk can’t do that.
          We’re never going to understand what goes on behind the scenes. What the members are allowed to say to the public, what Geng is allowed to say – we can’t ever know if everything they are saying is true. We don’t know what talk shows cut out during editing. We don’t know anything. But Teuk stands up on stage and introduces himself as Teuk, then as Hankyung, Kangin, and Kibum. Teuk writes on his twitter saying that there will always be a spot for Hankyung. He’s never forgotten. He was hurt because of all the articles and because of the situation. Teuk is human, too, but taking care of his members and being the leader of Super Junior has always been his first priority. I don’t want anyone to jump to conclusions because of one measly article and one radio talk show. Let’s just support all the boys in whatever they do.

  31. LeeTeuk’s words made me cry… I really really hope his dream comes true ❤

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