Super Junior on Allkpop’s Background!

September 22, 2010 at 8:44 pm | Posted in ELF, Pictures/Videos, Random/Other, Wonderboys | 15 Comments

although allkpop is anti suju,  they have Super Junior in a voting poll… just for a background really.. but do VOTE 🙂

Click here to vote:…

thanks to Suju TV @ YT for the heads up !



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  1. Is allkpop really anti suju?????? I get all my news from there 0_o oh well allkpop is EXTRAAAA slow in posting news too so…

  2. i didn’t know that they were anti suju -_-

    • they look like hidden anti. they are not seen an anti. but a lot of bad news bout SJ from them.

  3. ewww i hate allkpop

    they’re so painfully obviously biased

  4. They’re not anti-suju. It just so happens that they’re more biased at other idol groups.

  5. really they are anti-SJ?
    sometimes i got news from them but too late…

    are they really anti-SUJU?

  6. the meanest article I’ve read about SJ:

    I think that’s why allkpop is considered an anti-SuJu

  7. Why not, I really want to know that why?

  8. You’re right..
    Allkpop = anti suju. snsd bias. -_-

    • REALLY?? SNSD biased?? And they do not care about SM Family???? That’s SO SO funny~~!! How can they call themselves FANS? xDDDDD

      I knew they were SuJu-antis but… SNSD biased… That’s big news!!
      The article (given by joisu) was awful… How can they judge Shindong on his APPAREANCE??? Oo That’s SO stupid of them… Of course nobody can judge SNSD on their looks since they perfectly fit the Korean idols’ standard…
      And say Super Junior doesn’t have any talents… They’re blind and deaf and don’t have anysense of humour or what? xDDDD

      Ah well, I hope SuJu will win, it would be so funny to see if they respect the votes or not because they don’t like Suju… xD

  9. allkpop is biased to snsd,,

  10. DBSK is winning on allkpop..but don’t lose hope! ELFs keep on fighting we can and we will win!! =D

  11. I dont think allkpop is anti suju because allkpop love sme Artists alot and I think allkpop os anti bigbang specially G-Dragon.

  12. UGH!! I cant belve that they are aniti suju is tyhis anti the good one or the bad one anyywaay SUJU RULEZ!!! u can do it guys just dont give up I miss them soo much

  13. makes money by distortion, fabrication, and making fun of K-pop and Koreans. Allkpop is an anti-Korean site manipulating international Kpop fans

    click to see the truth of allkpop:

    Allkpop is blamed by Korean media as anti-korean:

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