Fakesub; The magical mountain, a SuJu gnight story

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hahaha RANDOM but awesome.. xD *MUST SHARE*… *SHARES*

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SUKIRA Recording.. Eunhyuk BIAS..

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taken on 100729, also more HERE

^^ too lazy to upload everything… also it’s pretty much the same.. xD

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KRY Concert in Japan Goods Update

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Not sure whether this has been posted yet; the Avex Creative site has updated the goods that will be sold on the concert day itself. Didn’t know where to fit this either, since I wanted to translate some of the guidelines they had about buying concert goods, haha.

T-shirts being sold are in XS or S size (but are actually labelled as one size smaller than the shirts were last year,  ie. XS now = S during last year’s concert; S now = M during last year’s concert). The shirts are available in either black or white and cost 2500 yen each.  In addition to the T-shirts, other goods still being sold are the tote bag, cleaner strap for mobile phone, clear file, sticker, and original printed photos. They are no longer selling the face towel.  Goods will be sold at the main entrance of the Tokyo International Forum A. For the additional concert, the goods line is open from 11am to 12.30pm; for the actual concert itself, the goods line is open from 2pm – 3.30pm. and people who do not have tickets can also join the queue to buy goods.  Goods will be sold from the admission time (1pm/5pm depending on which concert you’re going to) until the beginning of the concert within that area. For people who want to buy goods after the additional concert, goods can still be bought from the time the concert finishes until 4.30pm, but this requires the buyer to have a concert ticket.

Source: Avex Live Creative
Translated by:
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100730 Singing Eunhyuk & Leeteuk @ Sukira

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Eunhyuk focus ~
Eeteuk focus ~

Credit Stitch / phran1015 @ YOUTUBE
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100730 Donghae @ Gimpo Airport….

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Big Star Birthday Party – Hangeng ~ DOWNLOAD

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MU download: Part A (for premium members) or  Part A.001 …. Part A.002 …. Part A.003
(combine with hjsplit) Part B …. Part C

Credit:, Reupload:
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Boa-Eunhyuk, Awkward relationship, despite fellow SM company mates.

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^^ I’m SURE this had been posted before, but it’s a different article so here you go..

Both under the SM family, Boa and Super Junior Eunhyuk have started the mission of becoming closer to each other through twitter. Firstly, it all started on a recent broadcast of Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio, when Leeteuk mentioned the following “Boa is making her comeback soon, Eunhyuk ah, please become closer to Boa.” Eunhyuk: “I have Boa’s number in my hand phone, but it seems like she has already changed it.” And aroused laughter. Leeteuk: “In our group, Siwon and Boa seemed very close, but for us it feels like we are from different companies.” After which Eunhyuk replied: “This time, we will become closer through the upcoming SM Town concert.” Boa also left a comment on Eunhyuk’s twitter saying: “Eunhyuk shi? Don’t only say you want to become closer on radio, do you want to try and start the plan of getting closer through twitter? Shortly, Boa also left a comment on Heechul’s twitter: “… I finally followed Eunhyuk and Leeteuk (on twitter).” revealing the mission of getting closer with Eunhyuk.

Source: Nate
Korean to chinese translation: Liandonghai @ SJBaidu
Chinese to english translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @
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100730 Hangeng Weibo Updates

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@Luo Zhixiang (Show Luo): Happy birthday hehe! I’ll call you when I get to Taiwan.

I became an artillery soldier for a round. Hahaha!

First stage of the human cannonball preparation, release!!!!!

Source: Han Geng’s Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow @
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100730 Preview of Shin Jeong Hwan PD’s Variety World part 2

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.. w/ Kyuhyun, Yesung & Shindong..

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100730 Siwon Recording for “Looking for The Day”

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I am TELLING you all the ShiBrows have a mind of their own.. !! xD

Credit to 3rd Wave Music’s Official iLike Website Facebook
Shared by ☆★
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100730 Gimpo Airport – Super Junior KRY + Sungmin, Donghae

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.. 15 Pictures.. SERIOUSLY K.R.Y ARE SO jjang !! I love them soo soo much..  also I see Sungmin & Donghae.. OoO Interesting…  hmmm

Credits: 【voice金钟云个人专属站】 (
Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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to watch the Siwon 3D clips go3D Photo Montage Super Junior Choi Siwon – No Other Special

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100730 《Top idol》 Magazine Issue No. 7 – Super Junior

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