100723 Kyuhyun UFO Replies

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Fan : Oppa tomorrow the record card will come out ㅠ Should I hide it anyway ?? ㅋ
Kyuhyun : Just rip it and throw it away immediately

Fan : I’m at the 3rd year of high school but I still go to super show 3….If I fail at SAT it will be oppa’s responsibility ^♥^
Kyuhyun : I cant take responsibility ^^

Fan : Suddenly I want to drink Coke ~
Kyuhyun : I want to brush my teeth

Fan : Are you hungry now ? I’m hungry too ㅠㅠ
Kyuhyun : You should go to bed at this hour ^^
* The fan sent this msg at about 11PM

Fan : It’s very hot ㅠ Are oppa resting in the waiting room with the air-condition ~ ? ㅠㅠ
Kyuhyun : No do you know that I’m sleeping in the van with the broken air-condition and it’s deadly hot ㅠㅠ

Fan : Hurry up this cold naengmyeon naengmyeon naengmyeon ~~ I want to eat naengmyeon ㅠ The most handsome oppa let’s buy it for me !!!
Kyuhyun : Is it me ?

Fan : I’m at the hair-salon now but it’s so boring boring…boring ㅠ please play with me !
Kyuhyun : Do I look like a free person who will play with you when you’re boring ?? How do you know it ?

Fan : Have you eaten yet ???
Kyuhyun : I had lunch late so I’m full ㅠㅠ

Fan : You’re so handsome that I cant let you go…please teach me how to break up with you ㅋㅋㅋ
Kyuhyun : There is no way (to do it)

Fan : Oppa I’m a female seon-do-boo ㅋ
Kyuhyun : I hate seon-do-boo a lot when I went to school….
* “seon-do-boo” is the head of the proper guidance in a school, they catch the students who broke the school’s rules and punish them

source : Onsaemiro fancafe
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100722 4jib BONAMANA Japan Version DVD – Yesung Cut

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Credits: + YesungCenter@youtube

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Shin Junghwan PD show preview

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Members present: Yesung, Shindong, Kyuhyun….

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100721 Ryeowook’s UFO replies

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Fan : I’m having dinner right now (in the) menu (there is) sam-gyup-sal ♥ but since I’m eating alone so it’s not tasty…
Ryeowook : (You will) gain weight ~ ㅋ

Fan : The most intelligent oppa among of you let’s come out over!!!
Ryeowook : ㅋㅋ
* The fan said this UFO msg was for Kyuhyun but Wook replied it instead

Fan : Kkya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryeowook : ㅋㅋ

Fan : Wangja-nim ~ I cant sleep ㅠㅠ please give me a kiss ♥
Ryeowook : ㅋㅋㅋㅋ jjok ! ~~
* wangja-nim = the king, “jjok” is the sound you make when you kiss someone

source : Onsaemiro fancafe
translated by

may take out with full credits

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100722 Hangeng’s apartment revealed, two chinchillas as pet

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Sina Entertainment- On the day when Hangeng announced his comeback on the Great wall, Top Chinese Music Chart Awards (音樂風云榜) made an eight hours premiere recording with Hangeng, as he invited the reporters to his apartment in Beijing. Out of the reporters expectation, Hangeng’s apartment is rather small; the small flat only accommodating 2 rooms and 1 living one, however, Hangeng appears to be satisfied with his ‘Dwelling Narrowness’*. Hangeng even introduced some of the funny decorations in his home, as well as his pets, two chinchillas.

Hangeng’s apartment in Beijing is first seen; monthly rent cost for 5 thousand (in terms of RMB)

This simple flat with 2 rooms and 1 living room, white walls without any decorations, a wooden floor, is exactly Hangeng’s place in Beisihuan. What makes it more stunning is that Hangeng only used less than 5 thousand to rent this little flat. To this, Hangeng stated “I living all by myself, so it doesn’t need to be that big, 2 rooms and 1 living room are already enough.” Once stepped in, a little living room was seen, but this seemed more like a room of a fan, since the room is filled with all kinds of Fan clubs’ flag, banners and promotion products, and of course, many photos of Hangeng of different times. Taking a closer look, you could even see the presents that the fans gave to him were all placed in his house as decorations.

Chinchillas as pet; choreography of title song was done by Michael Jackson’s dance crew

The real owners of Hangeng’s living room are actually two chinchillas. During the visit, the two little animals were sleeping, they seemed to be very when Hangeng immediately warned the producer “You must not touch them when they are sleeping, they would get angry, and once they got angry, they will bite you.” Actually, Hangeng had once owned different kinds of animals, for example like a lizard, but because he was too busy with his work, he handed it to his parent to take care of it.

Other than the living room, there are two more other rooms, one as his bedroom, and the other for placing his clothes and shoes. Since there weren’t much space left, Hangeng had to put the bookshelf in the living room. On the bookshelf, there were a lot of Michael Jackson’s disc, and this time, Hangeng had specially invited the dance crew of his movie ‘This is It’ for his new album.
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Donghae for Maxim Contact Lenses

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Credits to. Maxim Contact Lense Official Website
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Siwon with fan outside Unicef Building taken on 100722

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Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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100723 Sukira Official Update

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Taken out from KBS Kiss the Radio Official
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Taken on 100719

Taken on 100720

Taken on 100721

100722 Hangeng Fanmeeting at Shanghai Poster

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Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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100722 Youngstreet with DJ Heechul

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Credits: as tagged | Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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100722 Youngstreet Recording – Heechul

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Credits: heedjyoungs @ Twitter
Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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2nd line-up of K-pop idols announced for Hallyu concert

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The second line-up of performers have been announced for the upcoming “Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010” concert, to be held next month in the city of Incheon, South Korea. According to a press release by PR agency The J Story on Thursday, Korean singers BoA, Kara, Se7en and Taeyang of idol group Big Bang will also be performing at the concert, which will take place August 29 at Incheon Munhak Worldcup Stadium.

Earlier this month, concert organizers HH Company and the city of Incheon had announced the first line-up of performers that included 2PM, After School, CNBLUE, Girls’ Generation, MBLAQ, SHINee, Son Dambi and Super Junior. A total of sixteen K-pop singers and groups will be performing at the concert.
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100722 Donghae with Dream Team in Hongkong

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