SHINEee 2nd Album thanks to, with SJ part – SO DAMN SWEET

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Onew :
KyuHyun hyung…Don’t get sick ㅜㅜ

Miinah Kyuhyun hyung,please hug me again!

I grew up together with Super Junior hyungs!
Sincere leader in this century, my teacher! Teukie hyung~ hyung is the best!
Admitted me, HeeNim HeeChul hyung! hahaha
A hearted like Ferguson, YeSung hyung.
Animator to everyone ShinDong hyung~ Congratulations!
SJ’s almightiness SungMin hyung~ too thin RyeoWook hyung.
The best dance, crybaby HyoJjae EunHyuk hyung, Don’t tell me you forgot our talk.
Kyu line’s representative KyuHyun hyung, Do i really have to join Kyu line, Hyung? don’t be sick!
Guide my way well, my bro SiWon hyung! Hyung i will follow you soon~
Always good hyung good friend, wonderful and perfect my DongHae hyung! i’m happy and glad because I’m with Hyung!
And YoungWoon hyung~ come back carefully!

Credits: twitter @The_Chess and @sinyi88
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  1. please tell me why i don’t like them. especially Minho… aish. ;/

    • because he’s so competitive..

      • maybe. and he knows why Eunhyuk is depressed…
        “Don’t tell me you forgot our talk.” hmmmm….

    • oh yeah. I don;t like minho too.

  2. I’m not a big fan of Shinee, but I don’t hate them. I just don’t care about them (hehe). But it’s always nice to read about anything related to Suju. 🙂

    • I like .. their first album, also noona but since then it’s SJ, BEAST or wait I like U-kiss more than SHINee yeah that’s why… I’ve seen them as U-KIsses rivals xD

  3. wooooow shinee is soo close to super junior

    that is soo coool

    minho’s thanks to is soo cool

  4. Funny how Minho didn’t mention HK & KB…

    Glad to see some SJ-INee LOVE?

    • Probably because he haven’t seen Kibum in a while (?). As for HK, the lawsuit is not over yet, so it’s still sensitive, I guess.

  5. Kyuhyun-ah¬¬ Listen to your dongsaengs…. dont get sick… 🙂

  6. i don’t know why i don’t like shinee. its not like they’re suju’s competition and they’re nice and all.. i’m just weird like that aish

  7. D:
    I think i’m the only person here who does like SHINee.
    but anyways, that was sweet 🙂

    • it’s alright your not the only one, i like shinee too and i’m sure there are others that do 😀

    • haha dont worry, i lik shinee too. i support their new album also 😀

    • I love shinee too 😀 they’re definately my favourite k-group, after super junior~ they really are sweet XD I can’t wait for when their album arrives~ bonamana was my gorat album, and Lucifer will be my second!

      • Kekeke, *first album =____=

  8. haha u’re not alone, i like shinee too. their 2nd album is awesome.

  9. I like SHINee but im jealous of their relationship with suju’s members. I want to be as close as minho is with donghae

  10. Minho -> My Donghae ???
    *Donghae is mine*.. L0L..

    I’m not a big fan of Shinee too.. But I like to listen some Shinee songs.. Honestly, Suju song always n forever become favorite in my playlist song but Shinee song only 1 or 2 month in my playlist favorite song..

  11. Minho didn’t greet hangeng 😦

    • hu uh, he should also greet Hangeng Minho oppa -,-

      • I think he didn’t greet Hangeng because the lawsuit isn’t over yet….
        (that MAYBE could cause problems with the company…but I’m not’s just maybe)..

  12. minho : Do i really have to join Kyu line, Hyung?

    i wonder wat is kyu line..hahaha!!
    looks like most of shinee r close with KYUHYUN..^^

    • Maybe they’re close because KyuHyun is the youngest, and is closer to their ages. Dunno. But SHINee is pretty good!!~

      Should definitely give them a chance 😀

  13. please hug me again.


  14. hmm i wonder why people dont like shinee lol i like them, i actually like everyone in SM and some other groups xD

  15. so cute!!^___^
    I love Shinee 🙂
    shinee & SuJu = ♥

  16. sujushinee brotherhood ^^ i love them :’)

  17. so cute

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