100718 Hangeng’s Solo Concert Official Pictures, 13P [DOWNLOAD LINK]

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Download link: HERE [MF; 21.32MB]

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100718 Inkigayo Fanaccount

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The 5 years old Sungmin
Everyone that went for recording today definitely will feel the same, that Sungmin is the highest today. SJ wore powder greenish shirt today, very cute, and Sungmin is wearing shorts… When the sets are arranged properly, Sungmin was the first to come out, sitting on the chair, using his watery big eyes to look around.

Everyone saying he is “5 years old Sungmin” because he is seriously too cute!!!!
We are at the standing part and can see properly that there are bruises on Sungmin’s knees. A fan asked him what happen to his knee, and he made an action of sprawling forward, like he fell… Perhaps he fell down…

Sungmin is alone at the stage for a very long time while the other members are backstage, preparing. Today’s balloons are also his favourite, keep hitting/punching it. Then he treat the balloon as someone’s face and stare at it, and even KISS.

Just when he is playing happily, suddenly a hand appeared, snatching his balloons… So.. there is a Balloon War… People cant see who the person is and are all wondering. Suddenly Mr. Lee Hyukjae appeared with the balloon he successfully snatched and put it in the middle of the stage.
Minnie didn’t stop, he continue playing with the balloons with a very cute expression, everyone was shouting “So cute.” “Ottoke? So cute, too cute?!” Lee Hyukjae cannot take it anymore, telling him “Don’t do this!”

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100718 Yesung Cyworld updates, Tabs

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ori source: Yesung’s CY
Shared by LaCrymaMosa

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100718 ShimShimtapa Update ~

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Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET


Taken on 100718

100718-14 Donghae Twitter Updates..

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JULY 18TH 2010
@jho_in_da_house hyung did you buy it? hehe
@jho_in_da_house cool! When is it coming out?^^
@jho_in_da_house You like it?? I’m envious!^^
@KmovieUpdate iPhone hehehehe

JULY 17TH 2010
@Khunnie0624 kun! Where are you!!
Donghae will be looking after all of the asian ELF!!^^ Super Show 3 is soon starting so please be patient^^
@Heedictator Stop fooling around!! You have to go on stage hyung!!

JULY 16TH 2010
Sheon Senior gave us a ‘Rugelic disease’ which is for patients!! Thank you so much^^ Sheon Senior hehe We need your love everyone. Please give a lot of attention to people with the Rugelic Disease

JULY 14TH 2010
Right now a press conference for a CF in Thailand with Siwon^^ Right now going on the plane to Thailand… The day is really long… I want to sleep hehehe
Whenever I go to Thailand there are so many ELF that love us and cheer for us so thank you. Go home safely my 1000 or more ELFs^^
@Heedictator kekeke are you kidding?!!
@myblacksmile are you kidding!! hehehe
@kmovieupdate my first greetings with a tweet^^I have heard lots from RyeoWon noona ^^ Thank you and I will go back safely!^^ Let’s eat together with RyeoWon unnie later^^
@jho_in_da_house hyung I am tired ㅜㅠㅜㅠ I have to ride a bike but it is not the right timeㅜㅠ
RT @KmovieUpdate: Jung RyeoWon&Soy’s Sweet ‘Saturday Afternoon’ by ‘Raspberry Field’. Teaser Promo. Your clothes look cool and fresh. The music is Gr~ea~t! Enjoy, guys~ all…
@Heedictator You cannot see if no one is at home?? That is Hyung Dongsaeng hehehehehehehehehehehe I cannot do better than a cat? If you cannot see the cat then find it hehe
@jho_in_da_house If promotions end you will go^^
@special1004 I want to see Teukie Hyungggggggg

Translatior: Seungeun Lee@SJWORLD.NET
Source: Donghaes’ Twitter

Super Junior’s No Other for #1 on MYX..

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Universal Records will release “Bonamana” Version C very soon!

Original Source: Universal Record Philippines
Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with full credits.

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Super Junior Bonamana is #1 in 3 Major Record Outlets

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Last week, two of the country’s biggest record retail chains – Astroplus/Astrovision and Music One announced that Super Junior’s 4th album “Bonamana” was their NUMBER ONE ALBUM after two days of release in the market! This week, another big record retail chai…n, Odyssey, released their latest bestselling album chart and guess who’s at the #1 spot. You’re right, it’s Super Junior’s “Bonamana”.

This is SECOND TIME that a Super Junior’s album became NUMBER ONE in THREE MAJOR RECORD RETAIL CHAINS SIMULTANEOUSLY. The first time Super Junior had three simultaneous number one was for their 2nd album “Don’t Don”. “Bonamana” is the group’s FIFTH NUMBER ONE ALBUM in the country – “Sorry Sorry” in September 2009, “Super Girl” in November 2009, “Super Show 2 Live Album” in February 2010, “Don’t Don” in May 2010 and now “Bonamana” in July 2010. They are only K-Pop group to have FIVE NUMBER ONE albums and a Gold Record for “Sorry Sorry” in the Philippines.

Close to 3,000 Super Junior fans trooped to Astroplus The Block SM North Edsa, Music One One Greenbelt and Odyssey SM Megamall last July 3rd, some as early as 6:00AM, in order to attend Finding Miina Day , the Bonamana Album Launch Event organized by Universal Records and Super Junior United Philippines and get their advance copies of Super Junior’s 4th album “Bonamana” Version A & B plus its freebies. The main event during that day was the photo taking of Super Junior fans with the portraits of each member. According to one of the record store’s personnels, “Bonamana” is also one of their fastest-selling CDs this year. Universal Records confirms this by saying that the sales of “Bonamana” CD has reached the 1 MILLION PESO mark in just 4 HOURS! They also predict “Bonamana” will achieve GOLD RECORD status in less than a month, which will be Super Junior’s 2ND GOLD RECORD after “Sorry Sorry”!

Congratulations Pinoy ELFs for another achievement ! Universal Records is gearing up for the release of Super Junior’s “Bonamana” Version C. Watch out for further announcements here!

Original source: Universal Record Philippines
Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with full credits!
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Super Junior Eunhyuk-Leeteuk, following pianist Shin JiHo ‘Laughter’

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Super Juniors’ Eunhyuk and Leeteuk who tried to follow ‘Nichkhuns look alike’ pianist Shin JiHo unique skills has given a huge laughter at once. On the 17th when SBS ‘Star King’ was aired Nichkhun played a sweet tune with pianist Shin JiHo who appeared on the show. On this day Shin JiHo has thrown away his sweet side and played the piano powerfully and like a ‘beast boy’ which has shocked many people.W hen MC Kang Ho Dong said “It’s my first time seeing you play with fists”, Shin JiHo replied “The method of playing an instrument with your whole body is called the Ilekton methos” and explained.

Following this, Super Juniors’ Eunhyuk said “The way Shin JiHo plays is nothing” and, “I will play it the same way”. Eunhyuk said “First of all the posture has to be suspicious. The eye contact has to live” and, started to randomly press the keys, the whole recording studio was made into laughter. After Leeteuk who has studied composition has come. He first played a smooth performance and went into the Ilekton method. Leeteuk method is to do the Ilekton method whilst rolling your feet, this has made people explode again. Meanwhile, on this day on ‘Star King’ a Thai girl group called G20 and Candy Mafia came to seduce SHINees Onew and had a competition which caught the eyes of the audience.

Translations: Seungeun Lee@SJWORLD.NET
Source: Yahoo Media
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100718 Hangeng Solo Concert Fan Pictures

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Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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100718 Hangeng’s Solo Concert Official Picture

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Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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Parkjungsu Splash Picture Update…

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Credit : | Reuploaded by lycandy
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100718 OFFICIAL Boryeong Mud Festival Photos

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Super Junior to end 4jib promotions next week, the reason is…

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Credits: sinyi88@twitter
*NOTE: Sinyi88 is one of the moderators of this chinese forum site
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