100711 Kyuhyun waving fans in the car after Inkigayo Fancam

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100711 Victory Korea voted as Best World Cup song by Singapore’s newspaper

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The Straits Times, Life!, page 4

Best World Cup song
We are so sick and tired of Shakira’s Waka Waka so we vote Asian pride with South Korea’s Victory Korea by pop supergroup Super Junior, which has an infectious dance beat.

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100712 Hangeng Releases His Third Track

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With the first two tracks of his solo Mandarin album already released, Hangeng revealed his third track today. The third track is titled ‘心疼.笔记本 – Heartache. My Memory’. The song features a slow and kind of depressing tune and along with Hangeng’s soft voice, the song is surely able to create a sad sort of atmosphere.


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Super Junior ‘Victory Korea’ voted #1 for best World Cup-inspired song on ESPN

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Super Junior’s World Cup song ‘Victory Korea’ set to cheer the S.Korean team in the top 16 garners interests overseas. A poll was recently done on American site ESPN for the Best World Cup Song. And there were 11 songs shortlisted for the poll including Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’, K’Nann’s ‘Wavin’ Flag’, Akon ‘Oh Akrica’ etc. And #1 on the voll is the song ‘Victory Korea’ by Super Junior with over 90% of the polls, confirming the popularity of the song as well as having S.Korea more known through the poll. Super Junior said, “We wish to cheer together with the rest of the nation for the S.Korean team, and at the same time show off the tagline of the S.Korean representative team while incorporating the ‘Ddan ddan ddan’ of our 2009 hit song ‘Sorry Sorry’. “

Here’s a Video to watch it over again: Victory Korea!
Source: MyDaily
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100712 Sukira Caps – Leeteuk, Eunhyuk

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Charice Pempengco in Korea.. Tweet about EunTeuk =]

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She just finished filming Star King today. The episode will be aired on the 24th.

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At Charity Service for Impaired People.. Siwon & Donghae ~

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Kyuhyun at the Car After Inkigayo

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Premium Live in Japan Official Photo Cards

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Credits to. cassandra_ying
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New Semir Promotional Banner

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100712 Youngstreet with DJ Heechul

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Super Junior @ SBS Inkigayo

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Super Junior scores double win on televised music shows

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Korean idols Super Junior took the top spot on two televised music shows over the weekend, scoring wins with follow-up track “No Other” from their fourth repackaged album.  The boys claimed their first win on KBS’ Friday music program “Music Bank” with their second single “No Other” against Korean rapper MC Mong’s “Hurts Like Death” and won the Mutizen Award on SBS’ Sunday show “Inkigayo.”

“We are thankful for our win. We will work hard to become a better Super Junior,” the members of Super Junior said in their acceptance speech, adding that dedicate the prize to fellow bandmate Kang-in who entered the military last week as part of fulfilling the country’s two-year mandatory military services.

The boy band had released a fourth repackaged album on June 28 featuring 11 songs from their original fourth record as well as four new tracks. The group’s latest single “No Other” was written by leader Lee Teuk and Super Junior subgroup Super Junior-M member Henry.

Super Junior, a thirteen-man band, made their debut in 2005 with their first full-length album “SuperJunior05 (TWINS).” They are known as one of the most popular K-pop acts in the country and throughout Asia with their hit albums “Don’t Don” and “Sorry Sorry.”

They are gearing up for their performance at the “Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010” on August 29 with other top K-pop artists.

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