100703 MBC Music Core “No Other” – Second Stage [yesung focus]

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CREDIT janedoe24able @ YOUTUBE

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100703 SBS Star King Ep. 170 Full Show + Cuts [DL LINK]

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Youtube Cuts:

Smart Phone Concert:

New way to bow w/ 2PM:

SU-JU Jiang! (filipino elf?):

Leeteuk is a Thai Musician?:

Leeteuk learns yoga pose:

Full Show Download:

Mediafire: Part 1.Part 2.Part 3.Part 4.Part 5

Credits to HAN (torrent site), cut & reuploaded by KIM@SJ-WORLD.NET
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100702 KBS2 Music Bank – Comeback Stage ‘No Other’ FANCAM

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100702 Music Bank – Ending_Kyuhyun and Sungmin

Credit: uketsu4 at YT

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100703 MBC Music Core “No Other” – Second Stage, [STREAMING][DL LINK]

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100703 MBC Music Core
“No Other” Performance – Second Stage

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TP: Part.001Part.002Part.003
AVI: Part.001Part.002

MEGAUPLOAD: [558.77 MB][fctzen] – reuploaded by LaCrymaMosa

Credit: lovelybaby@egloos, sj-market, crazycarrot250@yt, fctzen

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100703 “Strong Heart” special to air on the 4th

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Due to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, SBS Strong Heart which has paused airing for the past three weeks is coming back.

Before 6th July’s SBS Strong Heart comeback after 4 weeks, “Strong Heart Special” would air on the 4th, 12:10AM, where the BESTMAN revealed by stars during the TALK would be strictly picked out, to fill the regrets caused by the break in airing. Other than that, Strong Heart aired on the 6th would have a new summer special format, opening the doors to summer with a whole new look. Appearing on the episode would be Tak Jae-hoon, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, ShinDong, Donghae, Kyuhyun, actors Yoon Se-ah, Oh JiEun, Rapper Simon D, Cho Jeong Rin and more.

Source: Nate
Korean to Chinese translation: 摇摇@
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100702 Zhoumi @ Beijing Airport

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Credit: 百度周觅吧
Record: 爱熙觅
Reuploded by.
keenie22 @Youtube

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100702 Henry At Berklee College of Music! [FANACCOUNT]

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This is my very first fan account ever, and I’m so excited about it!!!! I’ll never forget what happened today. :]

As most of you probably already know, Henry is doing a 12-week composition program at Berklee College of Music here in Boston. I was working today, and I had agreed to meet some friends after my shift was finished. We agreed to meet at Berklee and walk to the Prudential, a nearby shopping mall, from there. We all knew where Berklee was, so it would be easy for us to meet there.

As I walked across the street, cell phone in hand, I stopped and noticed that Henry was standing right in front of the college building with a couple of friends. I was curious, and a little nervous. I walked past him and stood off to the side, watching him converse with some of his classmates. My heart was pounding so hard and so fast, and my hands were literally shaking. But then I got the guts to go up to him. I tapped his arm with the corner of my cell phone and said, “Sorry, but are you Henry…?”

He seemed a little surprised, like he wasn’t expecting anyone in this city to know him as Henry Lau. Or if he was, he wasn’t expecting them to be so calm. I was shocked that I didn’t stutter or squeal or anything like that. But he said yes and reached out to shake my hand and said, “Nice to meet you.” We talked for a little while about how he liked Berklee and the Boston area, what my name was and where I went to school, and how he had a midterm and how he thought he did. He was very friendly and courteous, and I think he might have appreciated the fact that I wasn’t screaming in his face.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures or an autograph–I didn’t want to scare him even though lots of fans probably ask for pictures or autographs–but he said he was going to go back inside the building (which was apparently where his dorm room was), and so we parted ways with a simple “It was nice meeting you!” We only talked for a few minutes or so, but I’m very grateful to have met him. It was a very good experience and I wouldn’t be opposed to meeting him again ^^

fanaccount by: kusari @ SJ-WORLD-NET

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