100630 SME to Hangeng: You’re still under contract with us

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SM Entertainment has reminded Hangeng, the Chinese member of boy band Super Junior, that he is still under contract with the agency and that all his activities should have its approval.

Hangeng filed a lawsuit against SME last December in South Korea to terminate his exclusive contract, saying that it was disadvantageous to him.

He left South Korea and is living in his native China.

Since then, Hangeng has been charting his career as a solo singer outside SME.

SME’s action is regarded as a response to many activities that Hangeng has been doing in the past several months including TV appearances.

Recently, Hangeng and Chinese singer Zhou BiChang recorded the official song for the Asian Games that will be held in Guangzhou, China this November. The song has topped 20 music charts in different parts of China.

Hangeng is also set to release his own album.

In an article in a Chinese website, Hangeng talked about his lawsuit.

“In Korea, artists terminating their contracts are very common. If that artist is a solo artist, the termination just needs to go through the necessary procedures to complete, but it is more sensitive if that artist is in a group, as he/she not only needs to face the company, but also the fans and members who make up the group who have been together for many years,” said Hangeng in a translation by, the international forum for Super Junior fans.

Hangeng is leaving up to his lawyer to work on the lawsuit while he is focusing on his career.

In addition to singing, he said he is interested in making movies and his dream is to act with his idol Jackie Chan.


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  1. “it is more sensitive if that artist is in a group, as he/she not only needs to face the company, but also the fans and members who make up the group who have been together for many years”

    Yeah, he’d better know that!


  2. *awaits/anticipates hangeng’s statement to super junior and ELF*

  3. why can’t SME ust face the fact that hangeng doesn’t want to be part of their company any more gosh….. and the reason they want to remind him that he’s still under contract is probably because he is becoming more popular now, SME has seriously got to stop with all this…. cause we want hangeng to be happy

    by the way, does anyone know the song that was mentioned above, the one for the asain games????

    • Well the lawsuit isn’t over and he technically is still under SME. Everything he’s doing now probably is suppose to be approved by them first and his going around their approval could hurt his case in court.
      No doubt SM is probably bitter because of Hankyung’s popularity in China, but until there’s a verdict in court he’s still under SME.

      • ohhh i get it
        but still, its so sad that their trying to keep him, when he wants to be free

  4. oh shat up lee soo man
    Now you remember you really lose him !!


  5. Response to SM from Hangeng “F you. kthanxbye”

    On another note – if Hangeng makes a movie with Jackie Chan, I’d be sooo happy. Especially if he demonstrates his martial arts skillz.

  6. hangeng and Jackie chan making a movie.. martial art skills? omg if he really does make a movie with jackie chan.. i’ll be so happy… but SM ENT you are really greedy for money aren’t you?

  7. SMent 🙂 , please liberate 4 HanGeng . Let’s him go . He doesn’t want to be a part of SMent artist ….
    HanGeng FIGHTING

  8. SME is way too arrogant…technically yes,Han Geng is still under them but they can’t hold him back..!!
    If worst comes to worst..payment will be the last resort..but then according to Korean laws,the contract is automatically null and void as it violates the law by the length of it which is 13 yrs, more than what the law specifies..!!..

  9. I’m puzzled. I certainly do not know who is in the wrong, but if Hangeng is really wrong, SME could file a lawsuit back to stop him from doing solo activities. But why are they all talk but no action?

  10. SME.. why don’t you let him go?
    Movie with Jackie Chan? I completely agree 😀

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