100702 No Other Fanchant

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Orange parts = chant separately ; Blue parts= chant together (when SJ sings it)

Neo gateun saram tto eopseo (No Other)

Su.Per.Ju.Ni.Or. x 7

[Siwon] Neo gateun saram tto eopseo juwireul dureobwado geujeo georeohdeongeol eodiseo channi
Neo gatchi joheun saram (saram) neo gatchi joheun saram (saram) neo gatchi joheun ma eum (maeum) neo gatchi joheun seonmul
[Yesung] Neomu dahaeng iya aesseo neorel jikyeojul geu sarami baro naraseo eodiseo channi Na gatchi haengbokhan nom (na) nagatchi haengbokhan nom (neo) na gatchi unneun geureon choegoro haengbokhan nom

[Ryeowook] Neoui ttatteuthan geu soni chagapge, chagapge shikeo isseul ttae
Neoui ganghaetdeon geu ma eumi nal karopge sangcheo badasseul ttae
[Donghae] Naega jaba julge anajulge salmyeoshi, geugeoseuro jakeun iroman dwendamyeon johgesseo
Eonjena deo maneun geol haejugo shipeun nae mam neon da mollado dwae

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100626 HanGeng on Billboard Top 10 Countdown

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credits to GengBaoChannel@yt

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100701 Han Geng on Music Billboard Preview

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credits to GengBaoChannel@YT

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100702 Sukira Update, 5P

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Taken on 100628

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100702 Yesung 1 Photo Entry

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Title: .
2010.07.02 00:12

Random memories of the past flashing through this beautiful picture Thank you^^

Translated by LaCrymaMosa
Take out with full credit and no additional credit

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100701 Siwon’s fancafe entry

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Title : 6.30.2010
10.07.01 00:00

Everybody have you been doing well ?

I always pray for everybody of THE SIWONEST family full of love and happiness.

Ah who am I ? Sorry it’s Choi Siwon ^-^ㅎㅎ
With everybody’s love and caring Oh My lady has ended safely…as well as Miinah’s activities…thank you ^0^

This week Friday we will be in front of everybody again with the song No Other and (because of that) I’m so excited ㅎ

Thank you THE SIWONEST family because everybody always give me strength and courage and hope ^-^

In the future I will keep praying (for all of you) full of love and happiness!

miss you all and peace and bless.*

* this line was written by Siwon in English

credits : THE SIWONEST fancafe
thanks ☆★pinkninja for the korean entry
translated by

may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credits

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100630 SME to Hangeng: You’re still under contract with us

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SM Entertainment has reminded Hangeng, the Chinese member of boy band Super Junior, that he is still under contract with the agency and that all his activities should have its approval.

Hangeng filed a lawsuit against SME last December in South Korea to terminate his exclusive contract, saying that it was disadvantageous to him.

He left South Korea and is living in his native China.

Since then, Hangeng has been charting his career as a solo singer outside SME.

SME’s action is regarded as a response to many activities that Hangeng has been doing in the past several months including TV appearances.

Recently, Hangeng and Chinese singer Zhou BiChang recorded the official song for the Asian Games that will be held in Guangzhou, China this November. The song has topped 20 music charts in different parts of China.

Hangeng is also set to release his own album.

In an article in a Chinese website, Hangeng talked about his lawsuit.

“In Korea, artists terminating their contracts are very common. If that artist is a solo artist, the termination just needs to go through the necessary procedures to complete, but it is more sensitive if that artist is in a group, as he/she not only needs to face the company, but also the fans and members who make up the group who have been together for many years,” said Hangeng in a translation by, the international forum for Super Junior fans.

Hangeng is leaving up to his lawyer to work on the lawsuit while he is focusing on his career.

In addition to singing, he said he is interested in making movies and his dream is to act with his idol Jackie Chan.


Manila Bulletin

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100701 Star King Official Update, 5P | Leeteuk, Eunhyuk

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100701 Hangeng Sina Interview, 3P

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Credits to, reuploaded by KIM@SJ-WORLD.NET

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100701 Celebrating Leeteuk’s Birthday, 3 GIFS

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GIFs by: Sessasha @

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100701 Hangeng for CeCi Magazine

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Credit: (Official Weibo of Ceci Magazine)
Reuploaded by dDonika at

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100701 Youngstreet with DJ Heechul Caps, 3P

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100701 Hangeng MV Trailer Caps, 17P

July 1, 2010 at 2:05 pm | Posted in Hankyung, MV/DVD/CD, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 3 Comments

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