a FanVid WORTH Sharing Clips from the FanMeet & DC2010 Eng SUbbed! added – 2nd fanmeeting – Marry U + Kang In talk

May 23, 2010 at 9:24 pm | Posted in ELF, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 11 Comments

Credit: 40lumiere, sunluvfish



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  1. teukie was awesome. so sweet of him to include the other members. (: ❤
    and hearing Kangin again was just pure joy. (:

    • dat so sweet of leader teuki..he never forget his other 3 members.. =.=
      it’s so sad.. ~~
      i can’t hold my tears..

  2. start crying just earing his voice.
    gonna’ miss him, he is my favorite member T.T
    see you soon Kang-in ssi

    can feel the sadness from their voice,
    teukie and his broken voice T.T

  3. Kangin! ❤
    gah. im crying all over again. hahah just hearing his voice puts such joy in my heart ♥ I'm going to miss him SO much T_T
    and fdsghdfkg teukie ❤ gah, so sad. definately the best leader ♥ ;_;
    We'll wait for you faithfully Kangin! Until you come back, and grace the stage with your presence once again, reunited as 13 ♥

  4. i nver fOund any other band which is very clOse with each other…
    its only SUPER JUNIOR..and im prOud tO be E.L.F..i will be E.L.F untill i die…that is a my prOmise..
    kang in oppa, we will wait 4 u…
    and yeah…~ after 2 years, SUJU will be 13…
    and im waiting 4 it..!! teukie is the best leader….!!!
    and echul very love his friends…i love suju sO much…



  5. OMO!
    thank u for sharing!
    I’m crying all over again,
    Teukie is the best leader ever!
    em gonna for them to be complete 13 again,
    Super Junior Forever! 🙂

  6. OMO. i’m crying again. 😦
    thanks for sharing this.

  7. we 13elive their Prom15e.We miss you kangin oppa….T_T

  8. thanks for sharing this.
    i love them all hope to see them all soon

  9. I feel so happy *cries*

  10. crying again 😦
    please stay healthy oppa .. dont get sick in army.
    ELF stay waiting you!

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