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REMEMBER TO BUY THERE ALBUM. <3, all information about the 4th Jib can be found here:

IMPORTANT Links – regarding the 4th JIB ! =]

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  1. First *smile*

    I was listening to all of them =D
    and I know it will be great! I love the songs and I still can feel Suju (even if some members are missing).
    Very well done~ it’s worth to buy it. (I hope my Oppa will buy me one for bday =DDDDD)

    SUJU 4 EVER !!! ❤

  2. honestly….it’s kinda dissapointing…but the ballads are good….the poppy ones though seem too cheesy and 90s ish….but the yesung/kyu ballad is amazing….

  3. Thank you… i love all :).

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!! I love the songs!!!

  5. Love coagulation and boom boom…coagulation is such a nice ballad…and for boom boom, love the ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ part…4JIB DAEBAK

  6. “Here we go” and “Shake it up” makes me alive!

  7. but there is no 응결 (Coagulation)…where can i get the song..?coz there’s only 9 songs excluding bonamana..

    • Here’s the link. It’s a must-listen song :). I’m sure you would love it 🙂

    • Oh Crap. ><
      Sorry. :\
      I probably missed the link. XDDD

      • it’s ok…
        and thanks for the link…

  8. orgh!!!In my dream…buahhhhhhhhh^^

  9. i really love all the songs ❤
    for me , i think it's the best album eveer <33
    even my antikpop classmates are ordering their own copies ❤

  10. oh i love ryeowook’s solo.. his voice is seriously.. wow.. ❤

  11. I think is beautiful music, like SuJu always do ^^

  12. people if you don’t mind, pls continue voting for this wordpress.. the ranking has been dropping.. so erm, yea.. d voting button is on the right hand side.. =D

  13. wookie’s voice in his solo is very relaxing, the reason i admire him

  14. *big happy smile*
    i wish i can buy their album…
    sucks being in difficult times right now. ):
    but good luck you guys!
    and i’ll come back later with song reviews! XD
    i love ballads, so can’t wait!
    fighting always!
    love forever.

  15. hey, how did you get the songs when the album isn’t even out yet?
    or is it out already?
    i thought that they pushed to the 17th instead of the 13th

    • it’s out in South Korea on the 13th.. =]

  16. Looks like SME is definitely planning to have Kyuhyun and Ryeowook going solo. They’re singing half of this album.

    • they always sing the most anyways
      its cuz they’re kry.
      kry are the 3 that were really trained and are really the talented singers of the group.
      originally suju wasn’t made for the singing or dancing. it was just a cutout/exchange group so they didn’t pick the people for their talented voice or dance moves
      it was so they can use it as a fame stepping stone to go onto acting, which most of them have, and becoming show hosts and such.
      but i’m glad that they stopped the original plan cuz i immediately fell in love with the 12 on 1st performance so yea.
      but thats the reason why kry sings alot and of the 3 of them, kyuhyun sings the most in every song.

  17. wow!! the Kyu & yesung duet is amazing !!!!!

  18. I am in love with the album, the ballads are perfect and the up beat poppy songs are brilliant!
    I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed!
    Super Junior ❤

  19. i’ve listened to all the songs and i cant even choose which is the best! SuJu is more than awesome! i cant find any words to describe the endless effort they have put in making this fourth album a SUCCESS!!!

  20. when i first heard their songs– wookie’s ballad, in my dream, coagulation, shake it up, your eyes, boom boom– i immediately loved them! go suju! I’D DIE FOR TRANSLATIONS for the ballads. they’re very heartfelt.


  22. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I don’t really like it. I only like Miinah, Boom Boom, and One Fine Spring Day. I’m not really a balled person so I’m kinda turned off. There is only like 2 and a half dance songs here. I know Sorry Sorry had alot of ballads too, but those were amazing…these..not so much. Hopefully I grow to love this album.
    I can tell that their next single is going to be on the repackaged though because none of these, aside from Boom Boom can be good follow up song. They’ll probably perform Boomx2 in their comback tomorrow though.

    I know I sound really negative right now, but I’m really not trying to be. I still love Suju and I’ll still buy this to support them, but SME needs to start actually spending money on the boys to provide them with better songs and MVs(even though I love Miinah’s MV). They are SME’s second biggest cash cow right. SM needs to treat Suju right for once.

    • who are sm’s biggest cash cow, then? BoA? DBSK? FFFFF DBSK. I miss them.

  23. I love all the songs ♥..esspecially Boom 🙂 (I love the twinkle twinkle part)

    but still…I would like to hear more of the other members too…in most of the songs almost only KRY is singing..I really want to hear more Heechul xD…I know they have wonderfull voices..but I want to hear others too…

    but still I love the songs 🙂

  24. I love My All Is U, so romantic.. and boom2 is great!! and bonamana is my most fav song now..
    for the rest.. umm.. need time to grow in me.. I love ballad, but I expect more up beat song in this album.. well~ ^^

  25. woaaahh *~* the songs are soo nice..x3
    they are beautiful…:D but i miss Kibummie…he’s my fav suju member..:'(
    and kangin of course too..(: but the the songs are really great!! xD

  26. wow all the songs great..thanks pei jin..i love you so much la…baby we get married yah!!

  27. yea the songs are nice, nipaporn… love suju

  28. love shake it up, my all is in you, here we go, your eyes ^^
    but all songs in this album absolutely DAEBAK xD

  29. can anyone explain to me about the songs..which one they sang as k.r.y,kyu and yesung duet…everything….coz i’m a little bit confuse…hehehe

    • i think “coagulation” is a KRY song

  30. kyu & yesung duet @ your eyes, and wookie solo @ one fine spring day^^
    the rest are sung by all members

  31. i listened to all the songs and i cried without even knowing.
    the songs reflect how Super Junior feels.
    there’s a huge language barrier but their feel is there. (:
    our guys have come a long way and it feels amazing to listen to their voices again,
    in ballads, hip-hop, funky and all kinds of feels.
    but finally. our guys are back.
    so let’s support them!!!

  32. The only songs that needs to grow in me are Good Person and Only Girl. The others are good especially shake it up and boom boom and my all is in you. Definitely an album worth buying :)) Gogogogo Suju!! 🙂

    Love the songs 🙂

  33. OOhhhh…Thank U so Muaaaaaaacccchhhh..!!

  34. da songs were so good!!<3 it

  35. i heared that in this album, there’s a song that suju sang back (renewed the song)…is it true..?what song..?

  36. Great songs! Thanks for posting!

  37. love shake it up,my only girl n boom boom..
    saranghae oppa suju<3

  38. i love u super junior and the handsom eunhyuk oppa 🙂
    my best song is mr simple

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