100428 Heechul Cyworld Update, about Hankyung :'(

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2010.04.28 03:39
Title : R o s a c e a

There is a friend of mine

Although his Korean is poor but his Chinese is very good
His singing is not so good but his dancing is excellent
I like cats while that friend likes dogs
I cant cook while that friend cooks very well
Although I curse everyday but that friend just laughs

Time has passed and I have never been nice to him ㅋㅋ

I’m really sorry..
That I have never been nice to him when he’s still beside meㅋㅋ

I’m not a sentimental person in particular
I just got drunk while watching the tears fall out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

It’s a very happy and precious thing when you have someone beside you
But me who is old and already grown-up still havent realized that

It’s late…I know it now..really..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

It seems that beautiful words dont exist for nothing^-^

I miss you.. it seems that i’m going to write these words at times like this(-┏)

Me who didnt even cry when filming the sad scene
is now shedding the very hot tears

source : 김희철 미니홈피
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
thanks dDonika for the shout out

may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credits

posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


100428 Heechul Twitter Update, (this is SERIOUSLY Killing me.. – uksujusid)



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  1. i love their friendship …
    I wish they’ll still performed together..
    even if hangeng is not in suju anymore…
    I love them !
    hanchul ftw

  2. OMO, this made me cry.. woah, heechul is really close to geng.. huhuhu.. ” im not a sentimental person.. i just get drunk while the tears fall out” aww this is so sad… on the end looks like he’s referring to their new MV for 4th jib “while fiming the sad scene”.. oh, dont be sad oppa 😦 elfs are sad too…

  3. Omo the picture is soooo beautiful!
    I really miss both of them
    Awhhh Heechul! Don’t be sad..he’s alright
    You also! don’t blame urself for not taking care of him
    Awhhh HanChul!! I miss this couple alot!
    Hangeng! I miss you too~

  4. Huhuhu~ I am seriously crying now…SuJu is going to be so much more different without Hangeng…but finally,someone has spoken out about their true feelings on Hangeng leaving >_< I don't think any of the other boys have,yet.
    I can't bear to see the tears of SuJu fall when Hangeng leaves…I'm sure there will be tears at most 4th Album promos…but everyone stay strong!HWAITING <3!ElF will be forever with you!


  5. I cried. I read this and immediately started crying. ugg. Heechul. dont regret! please. im sure Hanny doesnt believe you were a bad friend. It makes me SO sad to think that you think this way.

    Heechul, stay strong, Hanny too.

    ….. -cries-

  6. omo T__T
    “Me who didnt even cry when filming the sad scene
    is now shedding the very hot tears”
    waaa~ nice friendship .. i hope suju will come back again w/ hankyung, kangin and kibum 😦
    thanks for sharing this T.T

  7. wow…hanchul relationship are so strong…
    hope hankyung can back beside him…pity heanim…

  8. i hope hangeng sees this…please don’t cry heechul!!! T.T
    its so sad to see these two so far apart! its killing everyone.
    i really hope they are reunited soon (as in, visiting each other!)
    such a sad cyworld entry…~sniff~

    • i hope too that hangeng will read his entry 😦
      they look so happy together
      i think, among suju members, heechul is the one who is the most affected because his two bestfriends(hangeng and kibum) is not with him at this moment, but i believe that they still talk to each other 🙂

      hwaiting heechul! 🙂 we are here for you! 🙂

  9. OMG.. a very serious chullie this time…well i feel the same..
    I hope their friendship will continue on even after all these things going on.. Waahhh… I so miss seeing HANCHUL together..!

  10. Thank you so much for posting the translation!

    omfg, chullie~ D:
    This is so… sweet… sad… and… wth, I MISS YOU TOO GENG! TT_TT

    I really hope that they will meet again soon and get to talk out about things, open their heart, because I think they both need it. Ffff, they’re so close it breaks my heart to read this </3

    Super Junior hwaiting~! Kibum hwaiting~! Kangin hwaiting~! Zhoumi hwaiting~! Henry hwaiting~! Hankyung hwaiting~! ❤
    (and Heechul hwaiting, too~! <3)

  11. ….I’m really crying now…really..my tears just comes up…
    he really misses him…I also miss him…
    we all miss him…

    HanChul forever! this friendship will never never end…
    and even if one is in china while the other one is in korea…their heart will be together 🙂

    Heechul really likes him…

    and his entry really made me cry…
    at the one side I’m happy that they have a good relationship
    at the other side I’m sad because he and I and I think every ELF are missing Hankyung…and this is making Heechul sad…so sad that he even has to cry…he who usually always holds his tears…and seeing Heechul sad..makes me sad too…

    HanChul fighting!
    SuJu fighting!
    ELF fighting!!!♥

  12. After these few days of Heechul mentioning Hankyung, I really think it’s related to the lawsuit thing. Guess Heechul knew some sort of results of something like that, if not Heechul wont mention all these: first he immitated how Hankyung speak in his radio show, then he started putting up fanarts, now he updated his twitter and his cyworld.
    I hope the results are not bad results that will cause all ELFs to cry with SUJU again….if not everybody is going to hate SM Ent. forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think he knew how the outcome would most likey be .. that’s why he was all emotional n kept mentioning hankyung..:( *cries*

  13. ;_; Poor Chulie misses Hangeng!
    I love the pictures he puts up though.

  14. OMG this words is very Influential

    I hope U can see which other again soon

  15. i love you Hee but you just made me cry in this early morning! i just woke up ~ oh gosh! HanChul will forever exists for me no matter how long the distance between you two…

  16. this breaks my heart. so much.
    words can’t even explain a tenth of what i feel.
    heechul-oppa, don’t give up. know that hankyung-oppa will return.
    he will return and make that Beijing Rice we all love.
    so don’t feel alone, because you have a millions of others ready to offer you a shoulder, since we understand.
    letting out your true feelings once in awhile will only make life easier.
    so don’t be afraid. just love and live, and pray for the best.

    we ELF are always watching over you, including Hankyung. (:

  17. Heechul… i don’t know what to say..
    He’s really a good friend to Hankyung even if he makes fun of Hankyung poor Korean, he still is a close friend.
    Anyway, i think they’ll meet again.
    Don’t worry Heechul oppa! Fighting Super Junior, fighting!

  18. cryinggg~ i think i can relate
    my friend is going away and im not going to see him alot.
    D: its so sad
    heechul and hankyung need to be together~!

  19. awwwwww. T.T soooo saaaaad T.T i can’t bear my tears. huhuhuhu

  20. Oh GOD. that’s kill me , I just so sad & crying right now T_T

  21. This is soo heartbreaking, soo tear jerking, so sad. I wish Hangeng would come back, but he must have his reasons for wanting to leave. Sigh. I just wish it wasn’t he wasn’t leaving. 😦 It makes me really sad seeing SuJu with less members and watching others have to take over different parts. I wish Heechul would feel better, and I’m sure Hangeng knows how much you love him. How could he not?

  22. Omg..
    I read this earlier on on baidu…
    The tears just came.
    Though it sounds silly coming from a fan, but his words totally pierced my heart and it hurts so much to see him so upset.
    Heechul isn’t usually an emotional person (well not to the world)
    This post shows how important his Geng is to him
    The scattering of all the ㅋㅋㅋ… trying so hard to “laugh it off” but we all know
    I don’t know… for me it really isn’t really about fandom and fangirling that this post touched me so much. It’s about actual human relations and friendship ;~;

  23. the picture is so pretty. but i feel the hanchul here. sigh. if it werne’t for stupid SM, i would beg Hangeng to come back. but i wouldn’t want him to suffer. but still…i just wish SJ was one again. everyone together and no one left out. 😦 heechul must really be in pain for him to be crying; he’s nearly unemotional when it comes to these things. i’m sure hangeng knows he is sorely missed and loved. sj fighting!

  24. (-┏)What a beautiful relationship they have. It’s sad that they have to be apart but they are still together in their heart coz theur friendship is real and pure.

  25. awwwwwwwwww thats soooooo sad poor heechul and hangeng! did he really leave super junior?? i thought they were still discussing hangengs contract!

  26. i cried

    just this words..


  27. So sad… this makes me cry too… i really miss him a lot! it must be really difficult for heechul to be so far away from such a close friend…. TT-TT

  28. HANGENG! 我真的想念你!! :((
    its so sad hangeng is far awway and that heechul misses him so much
    :(( i really hope suju will be 15 again (<<plus sjm guys)

  29. heechul oppa don’t make me cry hangeng please comeback,,,,,aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh ichul ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i cry

  30. i thnik i can feel how he feel..
    heechul realy miss hangkyung~~
    omo0o0o0~~~so sad this morning…
    heechul-ah dont worry..u r nice friends n he know that u r..
    hopes u guys will e togethr again despite all of this circumtances..
    FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!!! SARANGHAE ~~~

  31. I cannot help but CRY…..T.T
    Kyung knows your mind..

  32. Wow I didn’t know Heechul could be this emotional and deep. I really feel sad for him and I hope that one day he and Hankyung can hang out. :/

  33. I bet He really misses Him. T.T
    It’s really sad. I feel for him. >_<
    I hope Han Geng misses him too.
    Can't he just call him up or something? T.T
    It's really painful to see the boys like this.
    I'm hating the reasons why it became like this. *_*

  34. Heechul, you have been nice to Geng all the time T_T

    I miss the complete Suju.. bring back the old days T_T

  35. awww.. this made me feel sad!!
    oppa!! fighting!!!

  36. Hanchul Forever!!
    I hope Hankyung Oppa will come back too.. it’s nice to see SJ in 15

    we all miss him!!

  37. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww heechul~!! i feel bad for you ={ dun cry! Hankyung pls come back for heechul! he miss u a lot and he needs you! awwwwwwwww fighting SJ!

  38. OMG!! And the weather outside is not helping, suddenly turn dark!! T____T!! HanChul oppa!! T__T! Please stay strong…Keep hwaiting~

  39. awwwhhhhhh….so touching!!!!hearing this from heechul is one in a million!!!!so want to cry too…

  40. Its really sad …*cries*.really miss hangeng and the hanchul pair T_T.Heechul oppa…be strong…

  41. i always know that heechul oppa @ han kyung oppa is so close..but reading this make me realize that they are too close that they cannot be apart..i can’t imagine heechul oppa feeling if han kyung oppa really leave SuJu..we E.L.F can only pray that things will back to normal and SuJu will always remain 13..as for me, although i love him and want the best for han kyung oppa, i can’t denied that deep in my heart i hope he will stay as SuJu member..watching SuJu Full House over and over make me tears..really miss the old times..really miss to see han kyung oppa happy face when he is around other SuJu member..why things have to end up like this…? please, please, please..stop hurting our beloved SUPER JUNIOR…(-_-)

  42. i’m crying so badly now..it’s really touching..i love their realtionship..sme so cruel coz seperate them..

  43. even though they many difference heechul always help hankyung….

  44. Awwww Heechul. It’s okay. It’s not too late to tell him how much you appreciate him. I’m sure he’ll understand you. Stay strong, Heechul


  45. wohh .. heechul really misses hangeng .. to be writing like that . poor heechullie . he needs hangeng . hangeng needs heechul T__T i bet hangeng misses heechul alot aswell .. i hope they reunite soon .. ~ ^^

  46. we can’t stand it to see our oppa in tears..
    Heechul oppa, be strong!!
    i hate the fact that I can only pray for the best for the two of them T.T





  49. i cried..heechul really loves geng..
    i hope he and the other 2 will be back soon~

  50. Awww….i will support hanchul till the end of my life 😀

  51. I miss seening them interact with each other. What they had (still have?) was real. I see them and I feel thats what having a brother is all about.

  52. it’s so sad…

    i miss seeing them…. i miss their friendship…

    HanChul hwaiting!!!!!

  53. he miss him so much..
    my heart hurts reading his cyworld..
    our heechul oppa., very strong outside
    but very fragile inside..

    i can’t resist to cry..
    this is really heart breaking..

    the thought of hankyung leaving ..
    he makes everyone sad..
    everyone longing for him so much..

    will the other members be okay.???
    will ELF be okay.???

    let’s put it all into God’s plan..
    God loves us all..
    maybe God has a purpose ..

    let’s not lose hope..

  54. Awww, Heechul! Seriously teared up there! I think this is the first time a member has honestly spoken (if at all spoken) about Geng’s departure. Hopefully, they’ll keep in touch because they always had such a beautiful friendship.
    Heechul fighting!
    Han Geng fighting!
    Super Junior fighting!

  55. Aw, Heechul oppa so cute…. really love their friendship and really miss seeing them together, playing around… HANCHUL HWAITING!!

  56. they’re two people with so opposite personalities but they really compliment each other… so true… opposite attracts… hope to see them together again.

    heechul oppa, i know how it hurts… (- _ -)

  57. so touchy..

    nice blog sist..
    i’m ur new follower fan..

    should i register?

  58. i’m really feeling like crying now… i had also been watching Heechul’s activities lately, particularly in his Twitter… piece by piece i somehow notice his feelings towards this “certain person” and slowly coming out…

    I’m really crying now. Because though I would admit Heechul’s only about 5th on my most favorite SUJU list, by the way he expresses himself he feels so similar to me, to how I deal with things like these, so I really understand and could really imagine what is going on with him right now — I feel for him… because of what he is, in the end, he could only feel helpless (and can only cry)… Though he doesn’t show it, in the end he is the one hit the hardest…

    But still, I wish the best for him, and Hankyung. I still wish they would all still be together, but… well, I’m really trying not to think about it. Somehow I’m a bit thankful that everything about Hankyung’s and Suju’s status is still in a limbo, no confirmation… though it’s painful. I would like to still believe in hope.

    Honestly all I really want to do now is give Heechul a hug ;__;…

  59. Hee miss Han oppa. and I miss him too.

    It’s hurt me so much. I just want Han oppa still in SJ’s circle. I’m Totally miss HanChul couple. I miss Them a lot.

    seeing those two guys together really, OMG! I can’t hold back my tears. Miss U both a lot!

  60. so sad…so touching…i miss hangeng oppa too…i miss hanchul…

  61. i never thought hee could be sentimental, , , words like that?! it would made me cry if i was geng, ,

  62. oppa..uiljimaseyo…I’m speechless…How can a friendship be so pure and beautiful like theirs?(sigh)…
    I love them…Forever..
    I hope they will be together in any ways no matter what..
    Super Junior Saranghae..
    Super Junior Hwaiting..
    Super Junior, ELFs 13elieve ur hear+2 are true!<3

  63. don’t worry heechul….i miss hangeng too ='(

  64. Awww…. This made me cry. Heechul hwaiting! Hangeng hwaiting! Super Junior hwaiting! I miss Hangeng with Super Junior.

  65. Heechul Oppa, the ELF we also feel lost with his departure Hankyung Oppa. But, we will continue to support Hankyung Oppa with what he would do. And Heechul Oppa also may not be sad. OK? Fighting!

  66. Hankyung……. Please come back!!! No more of this anymore I can’t take it…

  67. I cried! oppa! let’s be strong! everything is ok! Chul oppa, oppa miss Han oppa, I know, me too!
    Han ah, please, comes back again!
    Chul oppa who never cries before E.L.Fs,
    chul oppa who always strong
    Han-Chul couple! 😡

  68. i cried while reading this.. it’s so sad.. ='(

  69. i’m sure hangeng also misses heechul a lot.. it’s juz he never said it out.. it’s nvr been late for u to express ur feelings, i hope hangeng’ll go to visit heechul n other members juz once..

  70. so sad, very very sad that hankyung is leaving super junior,
    but he will always stay in our heart and always be part of super junior..

  71. HeeChul is not a person who easily express his feelings.
    Now he even wrote in his cyworld saying that how much he miss HanKyung..
    Gosh, i cried when i read this post..
    Deep in my mind, i really really hope that HanKyung will come back…

  72. Awwwwe.. sniff It’s soo sad 😦

  73. I really hope han geng will come back.
    bali…Please come back to SUJU!!!

  74. ow,,heechul really love him i hope he could come back with them and built a new and memorable things with them specially with heechul i don’t know but when I’m ready heechul’s message for him my tears fell down and made me think of my friend who is far like hee and geng we don’t have a chance to see each other again (almost like to heechul’s situation) i hope hee and him could see each other again and be with each other forever

  75. this is so heartbreaking…T.T
    a person like Hee Chul who doesn’t express his feelings so often…suddenly….:'(
    I believe Han Kyung will miss him too….
    Really hope that Hankyung will still keep in touch with Hee Chul…

    Hee Chul oppa fighting !!! :’)

  76. dont worry heechul….even though hangeng are far apart from you, but your heart always with him..and he always in your heart….ELF also will always with you and SuJu, we will make you strong…13elieve n_n dont be soo sad and smile…your friendship with hangeng will never end n_n that is the most important

  77. awwwwwwww. T.T this only shows hoe Heechul misses Hankyung~ huhuhuhuu.
    HanChul is real. i wish hankyung would return to SuJu. i miss seeing the 13 of them altogether to perform. and these past few months, we can see how hankyung’s departure affected heechul~ even in ss2! huhuhuuhu. i will wait for his return! we will wait even if it takes forever!! SUJU FIGHTING! i love you:D

  78. heechul hwaiting!!!

  79. awwww..heechul misses hankyung!!
    when will geng come back to them??
    i miss the times where they are all together!!
    13+2….i wish when ss3 starts..they are all together
    from the start to ending…
    super junior~hwaiting!!

  80. Is this website ONE OF the official websites of SM? How many of the commentors from China? I think there are many. I really think than many people are brainwashed by some ill-disposed organization.

    Do you think it’s useful and fun to make use of some unsophisticated young person so as to redeem all this breaking uP, SM? It’s cheap of you doing that kind of thing.

    • you are seriously not making nay sense here.

      • After totally one year, I accidently found the website I used to leave messages at. There are still so many brainwashed guys drowned in the reality show and could not face the reality. I am really sorry for these guys. You are so pitiful. Just wake up, young girls. Want to know what is real friendship? Just go out and make some friends. You may learn more from your own life and experience and won’t be cheated by these set dramas. Life is not like movies. It’s more real.

  81. Even if the friendship did exist, it can not be used as a tool for some bad purpose. Mr.Kim is grown-up and he might know what is the best way to do for his fans. He also has obligations for his fans. If the mis-guideness keeps on going like this, how will the young fans be like? Twisted outlook of the world? Mr. Kim intentionally let go of the rumor, will it be good to himself? Won’t it be bad for his own reputation? If he don’t want others to misunderstand him, why would he sometimes dressed up like a female person? Or is it that he had to obey the instructions of SM high level? Although he wanted to live like a normal female and want to find a girlfriend and live a happy marriage life in the future, this kind of action will not only harm others but also himself. How will the girls look on him? Many fixed idea and prejudice will form and make it harmful for his life. How poor it is for the SM to choose such a kind of strategy? So mean and dirty.

  82. sorry for a mistake. The sentence “Although he wanted to live like a normal female” changed to ” …….male person”. I think he is a male person.

  83. Entertaining is not all of a life, it’s only a tiny small part of one person’s life.

  84. i’m reading this for the 4th time. but it still gives pain to my heart. i feel like i’m getting out of air already… it really hurts to read about this.. but how hurt could have heenim be today and on the succeeding days… i have only been a SuJu fan for a couple of months. but Super Junior bought happiness to my heart. Even I can’t explain it in exact words. I hope Hangeng will be happy on whatever road he will take. Because for sure, we ELFs will be there for him!

  85. My HanChul is REAL~ I miss them so so so much~

    Ok, HanChul is so not friendship~
    I 13elive in HanChul’s love
    Not Friendship~

  86. ~~~~~~No words at all….
    I cried. No words to describe the beauty of HanChul…
    Such a beautiful friendship, brotherhood that I’m envious.

  87. oh my gosh i cried!!! it makes me so sad, i wish they could still be together, it hurts so bad for me i can’t even imagine what they are going through

  88. Omo, can’t stop crying……
    I miss hangeng so much, and I am so sad for Heechul.. 😥

  89. oh my gosh… oppa i am so sorry you are hurting … i know your pain … and i know that you will be able to find a way to be together again… it hurts having your heart ripped out, knowing that only one person can put it back together… but i know you will find him and be able to be with him and i support you and wish for you the best. i don’t know that you will ever read this or understand it… but i do know you are amazing and i wish you the best and i hope that you can smile honestly once more. don’t listen when people tell you you don’t belong because they don’t know how hard you have worked to be where you are and to achieve what you have. you are amazing and you belong exactly where you are, where you want to be… i waish you the best, i love you as a person and because you have over come so much to be who you are and where you re, continue to be amazing and to be who you are and you will always find your happiness, and don’t worry, it may seem hopless now and hard, but it will get better and one day it will just be a bad memory and a hard obsticle you guys had to overcome. stay strong and know that where ever he is he is also watching you and cheering for you and that he loves you to, very much, just as we all do. hwaiting!

  90. i mean wish not waish … sorry

  91. SOO SAD T.T
    just wondering when was the GIF at the bottom? super show?

    • Still feel sad about the whole thing? It’s like a joke to me. Just grow up!

      • You’re a completely stupid and heartless person. Do you think their friendship is a joke ? Do you really think he wrote that on purpose ?

        He cried because of that, he made a depression because of that, and you think it was all fake ?
        Why are you still here after one year ? You’re just obsessive it’s pathetic.

  92. my feeling is upset, lost, saddest becouse 13 brothers of suju havn’t together. how come? hangeng, kangin, kibum and next heechul ARE DISAPPEAR ONE BY ONE,ahhhhh….i’m not fine,i just wish all of them come back and get new albums together. I WISH HANGENG IN SUJU too,i miss him so……..

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