15 successive days of being #1 on Nate charts – YESUNG

April 26, 2010 at 12:57 pm | Posted in News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Polls, Wonderboys, Yesung | 18 Comments

Up to April 24th, according to bestiz and Nate ringtone charts, Yesung with ‘It Has To Be You’ had been on #1 spot for 15 days on Nate Ringtone chart and 21 days on Nate Coloring chart.
Currently he has fallen from no1 but come on, ‘It Has To Be You’ was released on March 31st, and it has been doing extremely well, beyond everyone’s expectations I believe.

Extra information, I hope you guys still remember the Digital Music Award on Cyworld – the competition between Yesung and Bi. There are 5 days left till the D-day. This is Yesung’s percentage so far:

information from nate and bestiz
summarized and shared by LaCrymaMosa

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  1. yesung with his wonderful voice.. it has to be you to take all no.1 in any music chart.. go go go!!!

  2. c’mon support yesung in digital music award!!!
    yesung must be the 1st!!!

    • do u know how can i vote for the digital music award against rain bi?

  3. yeah he should get this award!! we should support him. sooo proud of yesungie..recently he got lots of attentions ^_^

  4. wow!!!
    seems like our fellow elf’s at korea
    are really working hard..

    this is just the beginning..
    we will work hard for this year 2010..
    make it a memorable year..

  5. Yeahh our Yesungie!
    There’s no doubt that he’s the best!
    Good job Korean ELF!!
    Now..let’s gather the power to make a wonderful success for
    Suju this year

  6. I’m so happy that Yesung is number 1! He’s even beating Hyori and Rain! I love his voice so much, so I’m glad he’s doing well and getting recognition.

  7. Yesung will beat the crap out of Bi!

  8. wowww thats impressive!! the song is sooo good i listen to it everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Yaaaa~~~ Yesung! Hwaiting!!!! <33333

  10. That’s so amazing for Yesung! I wish I could look at Cyworld. =/

  11. yesung! no matter what you will win! ‘it has to be you!’ =)

  12. YEAH~! yesung ํ™”์ดํŒ…~! โค

  13. Go yesung!!!!!! I looove his voice!!!!!!

  14. ^^
    and for those 15 consecutive successful days, i’ve been listening to his song non-stop.
    his voice makes me smile non-stop. (:
    also reminds me of how weird and cute he is.
    gotta love this guy. he’s just… amazing!


  15. yahh! so great for yesung oppa! oppa fighting! but that’s truly amazing, i hope he stays there!

  16. He really deserve this! His voice is really awesome..the best!

  17. really?? hahaha Yeusng Oppa chukahae!!!


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