100424 Leeteuk Cyworld ~ Everything has been hidden …, no access to all sections, BGM list update!

April 24, 2010 at 4:20 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Leeteuk, Wonderboys | 36 Comments

everything has been removed and/or hidden.
no access to diary entries, photos, videos, etc …
Leeteuk has closed all sections following a diary entry.
Before he closed all sections, he changed his sidebar messages and titles a few times, then … as you can see.

what happened? 😦
i’m worried.

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Blue19 at sj-world.net

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  1. oh oh

    what is going on ?!

    hope that everything is fine


  2. hah?
    what happen?
    is it because 4jib?

  3. i worry about this man..
    i think something’s up..

    • i’m with you on this one…i’m really worried

  4. I’m Korean E.L.F.
    His cy was under attack by SNSD fans yesterday dawn.
    i heard that His cy was also hacked by SNSD fans.
    but i don’t know he took back his cy now….
    They drive us mad these days. How annoying!We are all angry.

    • OMG not this again. And right before Dream Concert too.

      • why snsd’s fan want to attack leeteuk??

    • hm.. what’S the reason for snsd fan to do that… i’m confused

      • I hate SNSD fans…they have caused so much troubles to SUJU and DBSK!!!!!!! why cant they just leave us in peace???

    • grow up sones… lol. i wanna wring their stupid necks

    • There is trouble between them and us from 2 days ago.
      The reason is Dream concert fan seats.

      they were assigned three areas, and We were eight areas.
      but they broke the SM official notice, book the SJ area tickets.

      cuz of them, many E.L.Fs couldn’t get the SJ area ticket.
      many overseas E.L.Fs also plan to Dream concert, but they spoil our area. We don’t understand how this happened to us…
      WE are really really annoyed and distressed about it.

      maybe SJ members know about this incident…T.T

      • oh seriously… aww why are they like that… i mean i like snsd but i would never do somthing like that ( well i prefered suju ^^) but yeah, i don’t understand their way of thinking… They need to relieve their frustration with another way.. 😦

      • If they booked for the E.L.Fs area, then why are they the one annoyed and go as far as hacking Leeteuk’s account? They got what they wanted (stealing seats from ELFs!)

      • yeah….i feel sad and angry, worried….
        SJ always perform on Dream concert from 2006
        but Such a thing has never happened before.

        they claimed that they run short of their area.
        but HOW ABOUT US? WE TOO!!!

        they messed up the SJ area cuz of thier covetousness.
        so we are really upset now.

      • hi are you korean elf?
        is there anything sm can do about this?

      • YES hi =]
        i live in Seoul now.

        well….no. SM doesn’t say anything about that incident.
        but i think that sone will not follow any notice…:p

      • nice to meet you~
        lol! push them down ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
        so what are the k elf doing about this?

      • We don’t know what to do….

        ticket open was over already T.T
        so we can do nothing with this incident.

        more upset!!!!!

      • HUGS!
        K ELF! FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!
        nevermind there will be more of you than them, so you can actually beat them up if they try anything funny(haha joking)
        just try to enjoy yourself there!

  5. yeah i though bout dat too… but i thought that snsd got 4 and suju got 7? hm… strange that snsd isnt attacking ss501 or other bands which have more seats… anyway i hope that evrythin is alrite wth teukie oppa~ we all know dat he is a bit sensitive at times… T^T why does snsd fans have to do such things? i thought they had already stopped but they always cause all the trouble during dream concert… last yr i think there was a major issue between shinee and them or somethin.. i dun no much but why do they do these stuff? if dbsk waz still here to perform at the dream concert, their fans will probably take 1/4 of wat suju has now or somethin (i have to admit that they’re REALLY popular) but i won’t imagine anything like this happening in between elfs and dbsk fans… why? T^T

  6. wat i mean about ss501 and other bands is that they have
    more seats than snsd not suju or anything…soz

  7. The sones again
    oh i hate them
    what a shame

  8. I really want a black ocean this year 😡

    • what is that?

      • I want just like what happened to sones and snsd in DC2008 it was the best

      • is the the part where they turned off all the lightsticks ahaha

      • Yes but my fav part was when we cheer for wonder girls
        that was awesome ❤

      • well but the most important thing should be that you enjoy yourself there coz there is suju 😀
        just try to do that and not let them affect you~ if they do anything funny, then, you can throw them down into their designated area.

      • Loooool
        of course honey don’t worry ^^

  9. Look at the Kiss Me fans though [U-Kiss] they’re just crammed in a small space with ‘others’ they’re not even recognised as a single fanbase – but they’re not having tantrums and hacking peoples cyworlds.

    SNSD fans are disgusting for doing this – and to Teuk especially. It’s just because he’s the leader – yet its not his fault this happened :T

    I vote silent protest when SNSD play again. It had an effect last time, they should learn to stop being ridiuclous and have respect for the other bands. Or SNSD should ask their fans to stop being so childish. :T
    aren’t Sones older than most E.L.F anyway? :S

    • You know.. I love U-KISS.. !!!!!!!!! I WISH THEY THE AUDIENCE WOULD UNDERSTAND HOW EFFING HARD THESE GUYS WORK.. I LOVE U-kiss Vampire too, GUTTED IT HAD TO END.. Oteoke/??!?! T______________________________T

      • I LOVE U-KISS TOO ; ~ ;
        They hardly get any recognition for how good they actually are TT o TT

        Kiss Me should get bigger and have their own seating as well XD;;;

    • Who’s your favourite? HAHAH Mine is .. well it used be Eli, then Soohyun now it’s Kiseop !

      • KEVIN ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
        HAHAHA i adore him XD!!!

        SooHyun second and then Xander XD!!!

    • I don’t think it’s right to do a silent protest against a group because of what their fanbase did. That’d be the same thing as attacking Leeteuk’s cyworld. I can understand SNSD’s fans’ frustrations as they did get less seats but some just took it too far.

      SNSD and Suju are very close and I’m sure they won’t be happy that their fans are having an all out war with each other.

  10. Gossssh are those people have a brain? they should should be a shame of themselves
    I just can’t believe it when I read comment from @the13

    @the13 ELFs are the best. ELFs are strong. you guys can handle it. I’m pretty sure about it. Enjoy the concert anyways 😀

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