Boys in the City 3 ~ Donghae & Siwon BIAS __ OH YES!!

April 17, 2010 at 10:20 am | Posted in Albums, Magazine, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 3 Comments

Credit:  ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °以下内容一起转载ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ ° | 转自百度李东海吧 | 扫图:Smiley| 禁止涂抹logo及二次修改 | 转载请自传 | Please do not cut our logo, thanks a lot~^-^ | ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °以上内容一起转载ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ °ゅ ° & suigetsu@Sapphire Junior

Reupload: UKSUJUSID (


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  1. loveee this:) Donghae looks so cute & hot:D

  2. these are some nice photos~ i loved the ones early of teukie

  3. oh no. my top 2 bias.XD thanks for sharing these.:D super thanks!:)

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