100324 “If Leeteuk ignores me, I will reveal his nude photo” – HAHAHAH

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SUJU’s Shindong,
“If Leeteuk ignores me, I will reveal his nude photo”

Suju’s Shindong gave a warning to Leeteuk.
On the Strong Heart episode broadcasted on the 23rd, SNSD’s Jessica said that she had secretly taken lots of photos of her members. Shindong expressed that “it is relatively normal in groups”.

Shindong revealed “To be honest, my phone has pictures of Leeteuk completely naked without clothes.”

He jokingly said, “The reason for this photo is to use it when Leeteuk ignores me in the future.”

Shindong added ” When we first started taking photos, he was saying “what are you doing” with a rejecting face but after taking more shots of each other, he even started posing happily.”

Credit: tvdaily
Korean to Chinese: 宝蓝十三妹(Baidu)
Chinese to English: τнє ғιяѕт тυпє ♪ @ SJ-WORLD.NET



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  1. Erh, that’s disguisting but I want to see Leeteuk’s naked body. I believe he has sexy body and naughty attitude. I like him!

  2. i sure want his nude photo. hahah.

  3. HAHAHAHA!!!
    that is so sexy!!!!
    i wonder if the other members has also nude pic!

  4. Hahaha,
    Teuki, please ignore him ahah xD

  5. thats just weird…but it makes me wonder a little bit…;)

  6. lol. that’s hot xD but pretty good blackmail stuff. good job, shindong 🙂

  7. OMG can u imagine how bad it could be if someone steals :s shindong’s phone!??! hahahaha

    its kind of weird to think that these groups are so open about themselves! aw teukie looks a little nervous laughing in that pic but cute, nonetheless!

  9. bwahahaha!!!!! be careful our dear teukie!!!!!
    hahaha!!!! shindong really have some pictures of him naked???
    hahah!!!! shindong-shi bad! hahah!!!!

  10. what episode is this??

    • It hasn’t aired yet, well atleast I think so.. ~ I’ll post it up soon as it does.. ~

  11. normal…..even
    dbsk hero did that

    • doesn’t hero take images when the dongbang boys are in the toilet?

  12. serious ah!? haha. shooo cute la shindong. hehe. But its normal for me cos their so close like brothers so if leeteuk ignores shindong. of cos he will do something to make leeteuk doesnt ignore him. lol. 😛

    • I hope Teukkie Teukkie ignores him 😀

  13. whahahah..
    as expected to shindong oppa..
    blockmailing eeteuk oppa.hihih.
    I want to see that nude photos.tsk.

  14. Kekekeke 😉

    Shin Oppa??
    Are you really wanna do that if Teuki Oppa ignores you??

    It’s so funny..
    I’m sure, Teuki Oppa will be afraid to ignore you..

    Hahaha.. 😀

    SJ Fighting!

    I love you, Oppa! ♥♥♥ LOL

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