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On March 20, 2010, Super Junior will be hosting a concert in Malaysia. Hallyu will reach Malaysia again, history’s biggest boy group Super Junior (or also SJ) Confirmed in March to come to Malaysia and host a concert. They will hold their second Asia concert “Super Show 2” for Malaysia.  With REDSTAR PRESENTS honorably hosting, MARCTENSIA as their coordinator, Malaysia’s Warner’s Music company, “Super Junior 2010 Asia Tour Super Show 2 Malaysia” will be on March 20 (Saturday) Seven PM at night at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil atmosphere to start their concert. They will bring singing and dancing to Malaysia’s stage.

CR: Marctensia
Translated by:
Reupload: uksujusid (



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  1. I’LL GO! wait for me oppa!

    • i very like you all…aishiteru…muuaahhh…

  2. yes… finally Suju’s COncert in Malaysia…
    i’m definitely will go to this concert…

  3. i wan 2 go!!!!hope all suju members are there!!!argh!!!!!wats the ticket price??

    • ALL the info is on the image… just click on it, it should go bigger.. then you’ll be able to see 🙂

    • you go to and click at Super Show 2..

  4. when will the tickets start selling?

    • ALL the info is on the image… just click on it, it should go bigger.. then you’ll be able to see 🙂 .. if not, I shall do some searching.. I’ll let know you know soon as I do ..

  5. OMG~
    but I can’t go~
    as I have to work!!!
    or I apply for leave?
    but that day is the last day of my training~
    I can’t imagine they would come to Malaysia~

  6. FINALLY!!!!!,,, aahh, i need to go!!!,,
    hope i can go,,>.<

  7. lucky.

  8. oh gosh~ Cant imagine they are coming.. Yeahpee~!!!

  9. how i wish they can cross the causeway and come to singapore when they finish their concert in malaysia..

    • ahhhhh…YES YES YES!!!!! cross the causeway!! hahahhaa…

    • my exact sentiments. all they have to do is just cross the causeway:(

  10. wanna go!

  11. OMG I WANT TO GO! I can skip school for this! But how am i going to purchase the tickets! OMG! If i were to buy the $458(numbered seating/rock pitt) how do i know which one i’ll get? I want the rock pitt ones!! Ahhh~~ I really hope i can go…=S

    • Look here

      • omg! So does that mean overseas fans can’t order the tickets online? T___T!! How can i purchase the tickets then? *cries*

      • You can ask some Malaysian who is confirm to attend the event to buy it for you…

        P.S: Ask not confirm yet..T_T

    • have u bought the tix? if u want i can sell u. price are negoiable. Is at rock pit b.

      • really!!!!!!
        i want it!!!

  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!
    IM really EXCITED…
    Cant sleep well last nite…hehe
    SUJU will be here, MALAYSIA…

  13. omg!! so expensive..T_T
    but i still wanna go!!!!

  14. OMG~!!! I can’t believe this! i hope all of them coming! pls pls pls! how to get backstage passes?? :p

  15. KYAAA~~~~~~~~~
    Im SO happy!!
    I must go!!!!!

  16. yeah~~

  17. huhu ~~
    im waiting for tis so long !!!!
    im coming !!!!

  18. OMG! I just hope they are able to cross the causeway and go singapore instead. Wish i’m able to go -.-

  19. Oh my.. I will definitely go..

  20. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
    really want 2 go n will try my super-hardest 2 do so!
    malaysian ELF~ let’s go~~~


    • i want them to come to Spore too! but is very unlikely… =(

      • I wish they would come too! But we have too little fans!:(

  22. i need to save money for that
    hope i can get the tickets

  23. the tickets is to high 4 me
    my parents would not let
    me spend money 4 the concert
    i really gonna cry
    i cant afford it

  24. Not fair… Why they don wan come Singapore?

    • they will go to s.pore..just wait,,:)) but still,ft island and b.e.g had gone to s.pore wat?? u also lucky..

  25. wow!!
    that is exciting!
    more Malaysian fans will be happy!
    Go SuJu!!
    My support!
    I wish they will go here in Philippines!

  26. YA!!!!
    I wish they would come to Singapore and hold a concert or a Fan meeting!!!!!!

  27. Wahh…. So Lucky Malaysian Fans!!! I Cant Go Coz Im in Brunei>..SuperJunior Oppa FIGHTING!!!<

    • Heyyy!! I’m from Brunei too, but I’m planning to go…=D

  28. im so happy.
    i’ll definitely go. waaaaaaaaaa~~

  29. aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooo exited!!!!!!!
    can’t wait to meet XD XD XD XD XD XD

  30. OH MY!!!i really want to go…why is the school france trip in that week…..sooooo sad…….

  31. lucky to be malaysian.hehe.
    definitely will go.

    Malaysian E.L.F,

    super junior, fighting!!

  32. I would love to go so very much but I don’t have that money. Sobs sobs. My parents will probably have my head for spending so much. The tickets are so expensive. Can’t they just lower the price? :S

    • hey our fate is same cause my parents didn’t allowed too

      • Me To…HuHuHu

  33. Thanks to u..I definitely go to the show..OMG..I’m so happy..:)

    BTW,where do you got this info??

  34. Any Malaysian ELF buying SS2 tix?

    A friend and I are looking to find someone to help us buy tickets cos we’re not M’sian but are willing to travel there for the concert! Please reply to this message if you’re a kind and willing soul :3

  35. can you go group orders? for international people who want to join the concert can’t go to kl to buy the tickets. anyone know where someone can help get tickets? email me at


  36. hey singaporeans…. go to and vote for super junior to come to singpaore!! QUICK GO AND VOTE.. they are 4th most wanted among the other different groups!!

  37. finally!!!!!
    i’m waiting!!!!
    come join us!!!!

  38. Can overseas fans buy the tickets on line? Pls advice cos I want to go too 🙂 Possible to collect tickets at Venue? Anyone knows whether there’s any public transport at the venue?

  39. To overseas fans, i think you can ask them here..

    or here

  40. hey, you guys…
    I have found some people are willingly to buy tickets for overseas fans.. but not in here @

    Giving you the links..

    My advice, read the previous page too..^^
    I hope that will help..

  41. People,

    Oversea fans can buy online. But not during pre-sale. During pre-sale, you can only buy at the counter. But once its done, you should be able to buy it via Axcess website. This statement I have confirm by contacting them. The only problem is, I dont know when will the online be open. & there will be no more good seats left. 🙂

    Yes, go to Soompi or Facebook to find Malaysian ELF for help. Im sure there will be one. It might be a little difficult as 1 person is only entitle to buy 2 tix. So, they also need to buy for them self. But no harm on trying.

    Im helping out a few oversea ELF to buy theirs. And im already full. So, im so sorry if I have to reject request from here. However, if you do have any questions. Feel free to ask.

    Owhh. The Air tickets is quite cheap now. So yes, go check it out.
    Its around 329 BND.
    Singaporean can just drive ar take a bus from Johor.

    • Actually, there is no limit in buting the tix.
      The limitions only come to the posters. Every 2 ticket = 1 posters. Limit to first 500

      • *buying…

  42. ahhhhhhh i wanna go! but i don’t think my parents will let me go.. and i don’t have the money TT.TT

    • that’s what i think at first..but i’m willing to do anything for suju oppa..and now i already got my tix..hope u can too..

  43. AHHHHHHHHH I wanna go!!! Why oh why am I not going to Malaysia this March but tomorrow???? TT_TT

  44. I heard that it was a rumour, there are no confirmation from SME yet. I don’t know how true is this though!! OMG~~ When can I get the confirmation…T__T

      NOT JUST THEY ARE GOING to Malaysia
      But to PHILIPINES too…^^

      Check this :

      • wow,where didi you get the information

  45. i heard that too that it’s not true and might be a fraud.. cos there is no announcement from SME or any other ones confirmed that Suju are going to m’sia…

    So dear all ELFs, how??? i really hope they are going m’sia and hope they drop by singapore too, since so near only.

  46. hi..i wanna go too!..anyone from batu pahat going to the concert? the most expensive ticket is RM 4++ right? i think still cheaper compared to the dbsk concert that i went..

  47. hi..anyone from batu pahat johot going to the concert?i wanna go too! the most expensiev tic is RM4++ right?

  48. OMG!!!!
    can’t wait..
    love all of u
    i’m very excited.

  49. it is confirmed oledy you can visit the dreamaker website here..

    and at soompi

  50. i want 2 go!!!
    but, my parents definitely wont allow me go…
    because the price is expensive…
    sooooooooo saaaaad…. T__T



    This is the site


  52. Omo~
    Just wanna say WAIT FOR ME OPPA><

  53. is there gonna be a gathering..or r we randomly going on our own…

    • i wish there’s a gathering…my mom won’t let me go on my own T_T

      • a lot of my friends r having the same problem…
        me too! i wish there was a gathering…

  54. omg!!!!!!! i have to go!!!!!!

  55. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………

  56. OMG ! I really waiting for this moment ! At last , they’ll come and i would like to meet my Ryeowook and Heechul oppa and other members , saranghaeyo ~ Aja aja fighting ! (:

  57. huhuhu… i’m excited, but at the same time very sad, cz on that particular date, i’ll just start my practicum……..arggggggggghhhhhhhh

    anyway, WELCOME!!!!!

  58. at last… can meet them face to face… bukit jalil here i come… hope can see kibum in this concert….

    love you….

  59. erm…can i ask…what does pre sales means??
    i might b going to sg wang on wednesday…

    • pre-sales means that they are selling the tickets to the residents in malaysia only…then they will sell it online on the 1st of February for overseas fans. If overseas fans have friends in KL itself, then they can ask their friend there to help purchase the tickets. You’ll get the better seats if you’re early…=D

      • But that way it’s quite unfair for those overseas .. We also wanna buy the tix but due to our locations , we’re not able to . I hope they set aside some good seats 4 the overseas fans then at least we get to c them upclose 🙂 btw I’m from Singapore n I was wonderin if they’ll reserve some tix 4 the online sale or will they jus sell it all during the pre-sale ?? I’m really lookin forward to goin

  60. totally i’m in!!!!!!
    SUJU You’re rock!!!

  61. wow!!i dont belive dis…..i can’t go coz i’m so far 4m Malaysia..but i’m Malaysian k…so OPPA SUJU FHIGHTING!!!

  62. can someone buy the ticket for me 1st..i’ll pay it back..
    please..i really want to go to suju oppa SSII..

  63. Hankyung got come o not???
    who can tell me???

    • i heard rumour said that heechul and hangeng will not come..
      hangeng have have a problam and heechul busy..

  64. wooohoooooo!!! bought the tixs awedi!!! cant wait to b in d rockpitttt!!!! sure hope hangeng will b there!!!!

  65. btw the tixs for rockpitt and numbered seats in front of the satge r still available this week….

  66. ahh, want to go. the stadium is so close to my home. but malaysian never advertise hard if the artist that come was from korean,japan or china. i wish malaysian government will help them to be recognised here. pls, smbody from any broadcasting, help advertise suju’s concert. can’t wait for kibum,donghae&eunhyuk

  67. reports say only 10 members ll be coming at the concerts, excepts 4 “HanGeng, KangIn and KiBum”

  68. can i like buy the ticket in february?

    I heard from my friends that the 138 tickets is sold out.

    Anyone can help me clarify?

    • Mei, yup. The 138 tickets are sold out. Left with the 258 and the 458 tickets..XD you can check them at They actually tell you that the 138 tickets are sold out…

  69. fyi i am in the malaysia…since feb ticket sales is for oversea fans….but then can still local malaysian buy tickets in feb

  70. i want 238 ticket, anyone want to sell???

  71. waaaaaaaaa…great2x…..

  72. anyone wants to sell their ticket..
    please tell me..
    i need the ticket lorr..

  73. helloo..
    anyone wants to sell their ticket..
    tell me..
    i wanna buy it..

    • I got 1 u want?

  74. i really3 wan to go…but da ticket hav been sold..
    so any1 who wan to sell da super junior ticket plez tell me..

  75. anyone got extra RM238 tickets to sell? i need 2 tickets..

    • I have 2 tickets for Rock pitt A worth RM458 per ticket, but I’m selling it off for RM250 each. Anybody interested? Please email me at . Term: Cash on Delivery within Kuala Lumpur area only.

  76. If only the concert is held on May…. Huhuhu…. I want to see Super Junior! I will be in the midst of examination during that time T_T

  77. i will come to SF concert ,
    with my FERRARI !

    sarang ! allll!!

    i love u all!! !!!

  78. omona…….

    i cant go to there…..
    sarang suppo!!!!

    i want to meet with suppo!!!!
    but i cant……

  79. Selling 1 super junior msia tix. Rock pit B. Interested, please email to Price are negoiable.

  80. so excited…. i’m gonna go to suju concert…
    saranghae suju….

  81. wanna go ur concert!!!!saranghae DONGHAE & EUNHYUK!!!!!
    do the best for ur concert coming soon…..

  82. yoooo…guys…I just I wanna ask about da ticket price…..?

  83. Anybody selling Rm138 tix ? Pls!!! I really want to go!!!

    • try win the ticket at 8tv at 2am-3am.

  84. OMG im soooooooo gonna go! im gonna see u oppas!!! sarangheyo!!! but sad2.the RM 138 N RM 238 tickets r sold out..only left the RM 458…

  85. can someone tell me where and when their fan meeting ?
    I wish i can go to the concert but i dnt have money erm .
    i just wish to see their face so close 😦

  86. huhuhu…
    I’m studying! Of course I can’t go!
    But, SUJU Oppa, Fighting

  87. hope they all can come!

  88. ooohhh…really hope to go…
    hurm…the ticket price is too high…
    my parents will not allow me to do so…
    hope they can still come here some other time…
    i’m…sooooo saaadddddddddddd…

  89. is there anyone have an extra ticket RM238?

  90. i am a fan of u…
    i want to see ur concert,but i have an examination..hope ur cncert can show live in tv

  91. ahh..i can’t wait this 20 march…

  92. I have 1 ticket. Anyone interested can drop me an email @ Thx

  93. i’m a very big fan of suju….
    hope they can come once again..
    i’m truly sad bcuz i can’t go this 20 march 4 their bif event in malaysia…
    I’LL WAIT 4 U ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. for malaysian fan, win free ticket to SUJU concert on 8TV chatroom with Moe&Mike. answer 1 simple question everyday(2am-3am/27feb-13mac). i wish i win. but sice eunhyuk is just recently sick, i dont think he will come,is he? with the inner problem in SUJU, will they reunite this time?

  95. oh ya, for those who will goes to their concert, can u record it and post it in youtube? i never see them in m’sia so hope u can help us malaysian fan to atleast see their performance in youtube.

  96. i hope there will be an interview with them from radio station or tv. i wanna see them.

  97. wah.. super junior nak datang msia tue.. best nya klow dpat tgok dorang scra live…
    betul ke siwon tue macho mcm kat dlm tv tue.. hehehe
    dorang nie cute2 lah sume.. tp siwon ttp yg pling macho hehehe
    kan2… apa2pun tahniah utk yg dapat tgok cnsert s.junior nie, untunglah korang..;)
    dan lg.. jgn lupa behave… 🙂
    salam 1 malaysia…
    welcome super junior..
    iloveu.. hehe

  98. Yes!!!Finally SUJU come to Malaysia.I can’t wait to see Ki Ki Bum& Kyuhyun…..

  99. sadly icant go..!! 😥
    agree with sung minnie..
    pls comeback again..!

  100. kibum oppa dtg ke x yer??
    btOl ke dia kluar dri suju??
    x nk..
    love him forever..

  101. is kang in and han gen coming???

  102. i heard that kang in has problem….
    he commit a crime

  103. anyone selling suju’s concert tickets , plzz contact me
    my facebook : LYN ZULKIFLI(wearing a pink cardigan)


    p.s: ill take both RM 138 or RM 238. THANKS!

  104. when did super junior arrived in malaysia??

  105. hey anyone got M138, RM238(Numbered Seat) ticket?
    call me

  106. T.T…
    hope 2 go!!!
    but cant!!!
    too expensive!!!:(
    but i do like them… ^^

    • theres a quiz in 8tvnitelive but u have to answer every weekend. theres one more. go to click at “contest” before 18march

  107. when suju will arrive in malaysia??
    reply me asap..n how can i get a free ticket??
    i really want to go there !!!
    PLEASE !!

    • hidayuki

      theres a quiz in 8tvnitelive but u have to answer every weekend. theres one more. go to click at “contest” before 18march

  108. to idolshop
    do u still sell the tix??
    how much is it??
    please reply me ASAP !!!

  109. when will they arrive?
    can anyone tell me..
    malaysian elf please inform me..

    • they will arrive at KLIA at 4:35 pm

      • When? The same day?

  110. FOUR rm458 super junior’s concert tickets. L6, first row tickets. Anyone interested, pls contact me,

  111. where can we buy the tickets??

  112. hi there~
    im selling 1 super show 2 tickets live in malaysia.. price is rm458,but it is,if u interested can mail me at ASAP ok:D the seating is really2 strategic.its in the front row!!! >< at L13 rowQ-07

  113. omg! suju come in Malaysia!!!!! tapi x dapat pergi lah x ada duit.Tapi x apa saya tetap menyokong super junior.Thanks sebab buat konsert kat malaysia….


    go to click at “contest” before 18march

  115. huhu…so sad, i have a ticket but can’t attend the concerts! n my fren already buy my ticket for rm458! i feel wanna cry, when my director says i have a meeting on 20th of march. hope u all enjoy d concerts k!

  116. hihi~ hopefully im not too late posting this. I happen to drop by this blog via googling “Super Junior Malaysia”

    coz i wanted to sell my Rockpit 2 tickets for RM350 each, anyone interested in getting it? I have to go melaka that’s why i couldnt attend T_T can’t get to see kang in anymore. The original price is RM468 per ticket. I’ll sell both together for RM300.

    CoD and i can meet up at LRT stations preferably Taman Bahagia and Kelana Jaya cuz im around damansara. me no personal transport … sad rite.

    My contact: Sam, 012-6184661 ^_^

  117. Anyone selling the front seats?? I wanna to hv 2 tickets. Call me at: 010-2756553

  118. typo above, i meant rm300 for each if you are getting both >< sorry for the mistype

    • kang u got email adress? can give me so i can easy to contact u

  119. Is anyone is unable to attend the concert and need to sold your ticket? kindly reply here.. thanks…

  120. Is anyone is unable to attend the concert and need to sold your ticket? kindly reply here.. thanks…

    • Hi Sharie, I got 2 Rock Pitt tickets for sale @ RM400 each (Original price @ RM458 each). Let me know if anyone interested. Thanks!

  121. kang.. do u have an email adress? so i can easy to contact u through mail.. thanks

  122. i will go there soon!!!!icannot wait to see them!!!

  123. they will arrive at KLIA at 4:35pm

  124. I have one ticket to sell. Please drop me an email

  125. tickets sold to Vincent. ^.^

  126. I have two tickets worth rm238 each. Anyone interested in getting them from me can contact me at

    my location is petaling jaya, damansara, bandar utama area.


  127. anybody got xtra ticket??=(
    i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. anyone has extra tickets in singapore?

  129. i want to go but i cant…
    i only meet them in my dreammmm…

  130. i have 1 extra ticket worth RM238, U16 K-05.. interested email me..

  131. To those who will go to the concert..i need your help..
    I can’t go to the concert because of family problem.I really want to go.So can you take a lot of their picture and send it to me?


    • Me To..Please Send To Me If You Take A Good Shoot Of Them…

      To SuJu..”Selamat Datang To Malaysia…Do Come Again..Bring Shinee Also…HeHeHe..Sarange”…

  132. Anyone has extra tickets, preferably two tickets? (If only one, it’s good too. and it don’t matter which ticket pricing it is)

    Interested please email me at asap. Thanks!

    • I have 2 tickets for Rock pitt A worth RM458 per ticket, but I’m selling it off for RM250 each. Anybody interested? Please email me at . Term: Cash on Delivery within Kuala Lumpur area only

  133. I have 2 tickets for Rock pitt A worth RM458 per ticket, but I’m selling it off for RM250 each. Anybody interested? Please email me at . Term: Cash on Delivery within Kuala Lumpur area only.

  134. even though i can’t go to the concert, i’m still feel very100000x excited coz i feel like they’ve come really near to me compare to when they’re in their hometown, KOREA… TOO EXCITED!!! i wish i can watch a recording from that concert!!!!

  135. Hi there, I got 2 Rock Pitt tickets for sale @ RM400 each (Original price @ RM458 each). Let me know by today if anyone interested so I can pass the tickets by tomorrow morning. I’m in Cheras or Kajang area. I need to rush back to Johor. Please contact me directly at 012-6589605. Thanks!

    • Have u sell your ticket? Now the concert is over, but my friend wants to have it as a collective/collection because she has lost it.. are u selling for ticket leftover?

      • Thank you for your information.

        I found a lady who wants to learn Korean from me through online.

        So I had to contact with her.

        I am teaching Korean in Singapore as an instructor at language school.

        And I teach Korean through online,too.

        I stay in johor bahru now.

        Thank you again.

      • Alex…..R u teaching korean????

  136. argh!!!!!
    i can’t go 4 my lovely band!!!
    got work 2 do!!!
    SuJu SARANGHAE!!!!

  137. hi there…i can’t go to the concert ..only have rm100 in pocket…hope someone can tell me when they are going back to korea so that i can see them before the fly back to korea…tq

  138. when they can come to indonesian.. .T^T
    hiks..hiks… TT^TT

  139. i love super junior very very much,,,
    i hope suju will come to malaysia again n visit johor bahru,,
    kim heechul!!!,,
    sarang heyo,,,,

  140. how i wish i can go here!!! i hope super junior will come again!! luv u all!! super junior,go go fighting!!!!!!

  141. hello…i love suju…my Reokwook..ILOVE..THANK FOR COMMING TO MALAYSIAN…

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