Yesung will replace Jonghyun to perform “Ring Ding Dong” with Shinee

November 5, 2009 at 10:14 am | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs., News/Rumors, Wonderboys, Yesung | 7 Comments

Yesung will replace Jonghyun, who is recovering from the swine flu to perform “Ring Ding Dong” with Shinee on this week KBS Music bank (November 6th)

On this surprising performance, Yesung will sing Jonghyun’s part and hope to bring a fresh image to the audience. Yesung said “I feel fresh everytime I have chance to perform with Shinee. This performance is my support to Jonghyun, hope him can recover quickly. Also, I hope everybody will give a lot of love to <Ring Ding Dong>”, thus showing his love to his same company hoobae.

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  1. yesung!!!!! i wonder how ur voice will sound like when you are singing ring ding dong.. haha
    saranghae yesung oppa!!!!!

  2. I want to it… *o*
    it will be great!!!!!
    yesung oppa is the best!!!!! ^^

  3. opssss…I want to see it!!hahaha

  4. This is going to be EPIC! ❤ Yesungie! ❤ SHINee! ❤

  5. Ho yeah!
    I want to see it too =D
    Fighting Yesungie!!! ^^

  6. I can’t wait to see it!!

    cant wait to see your performance! ;D

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