091023 Oppa Band Last Episode Preview O__O (NOOOOOOOO Sungminshiii!!)

October 22, 2009 at 10:03 pm | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, MBC, Pictures/Videos, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 4 Comments


Credit: IMBC + popcorn42 + Shared by Rai@sj-world.net
Reupload: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. i cant believe this show is going to be cancelled. i love watching this show!!!!! 😦

  2. WHAT…,LAST EPISODE????!!! o,O
    Aaaaaaa…….I Won’t see Min’s Exciting Smiles on Oppa Band Again…
    SAD As the same time…there’s nobody Sub all the OB episodes yet…Hikz… 😦 ~~ u_u

  3. ooooohh~ what’s wrong with this show? i think it’s a good show
    i love sungminie, everybody love sungminie . .
    so what?

  4. nooooo… the show is great!
    man, i miss sungmin already!

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