091008 “Oppa Band” viewer, object the discontinuance , “Now we are family..”

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091008 Oppa Band[Newsen reporter Yoon Hyeon Jin]

“Object discontinuance…younger generation satisfaction is at the corner”

Viewers of Oppa Band highly oppose the discontinuance.

MBC ‘Starry Starry Night’ sets a questionable discontinuance of present program and under discussion large scale reformation is reported.

‘Nodaji’ has been acknowledged actually discontinued, in relation Oppa Band’s discontinuance is still undecided and hasn’t been confirmed.

Since 90’s by MBC entertaining arts program, MBC “Ilbam” is recognized as its trademark, and finally the program’s popularity rating is dropped until 2%; and in order to escape the worst, is trying to get a new hit program.

However, the viewers are protesting it. Specially desperately opposing ‘Oppa Band’s discontinuance is one of the comments.

‘Oppa Band’ Shin Dongyup, Kim Gura, Tak Jaehoon, Yoo Youngsuk, Hong Gyeongmin, Sungmin, Jungmo with
the only vocal woman Seo Inyoung, together (with) 30’s Oppadeul * , regain the lost dreams for a fresh challenge of TV viewer’s deep impression.

Viewers, after discontinuance of the corner related news become known on October 8; on ‘Oppa band’s official homepage, (viewers) delivered objection comments on it.

Viewer with ID jaekyung67, “Now this time after all, members that are at loss for word and who seem like family, passing through hard time with each other; harmonization like this so soon is discontinued, it’s really a pity. From 7080 music dry neck and from music rock view said to these, it’s really a good corner. It’s a good example to younger generation”, hoping for the keeping of the corner.

In addition, viewer with ID pumacho ,”I enjoy the program , instead of simply forgetting, to see the growth coming from the process of pain and sweat, members’ harmonious, songs based on maturity and sense of accomplishment; because so many programs to learn even more to exist, and have to think long-life procedures. (I) was able to see new generation and the older generation’s harmony delightful corner”, expressed his/her opinion

The other’s viewers also,”The broadcasting company of course can’t ignore the rating. However if all programs
pursued rating only; the justification for the existence of programs, where shall we find (it) .’Oppa Band’ has enough potential. Don’t do the discontinuance”

* i assume they referred it to Oppa Band’s members who are in their 30’s
* by saying corner, they meant ‘OPPA BAND’

translated by superlover♫ @sj-world.net
maybe taken out with full credit
please don’t hotlink the picture

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