Kangin involved in a fight, summary of the incident & the result

September 21, 2009 at 11:32 am | Posted in Kangin, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 3 Comments

About 3.35AM on September 16th, Kangnam police were reported a case of fighting at a bar in Non-hyeon Dong, Kangnam which Kangin is involved. According to them, Kangin went to that bar to drink with a friend and was caught between a fight with the other guests when there ended up being violence in the bar. Therefore, Kangin and other people who involved in this assault case were investigated by the police. Both SM Entertainment and Kangin himself stated that Kangin is innocent and he’s just the eyewitness. Kangin himself also said that he’s the victim, the one who got hit, not hitting other people. However, according to the police, one of a suspect claimed that Kangin had attacked him so they need to do more investigation about the case.

On September 16th afternoon, Kangnam police have got the CCTV about the incident’s footage and the result was released on September 21st. According to the CCTV and the investigation process, KangIn has participated in part of the assault. Kangin and his friend were drinking in the bar when some other guests who couldnt find their room came in and there was a dispute between them. However, after Kangin came out of the bar, those two had followed him and constantly been picking up a fight with him. Although Kangin had tried his best to avoid the fight, he he was not able to control his emotions eventually and participated in the fight.

The police also said all 7 members (Kangin, his friend, 3 people that the police claimed to be Kangin’s sunbae, 2 guests that started the fight) involved in the case will be put on non-restraint and they will be prosecuted for being violent.
Because of the investigating process of this case, Kangin being the main model in Andre Kim’s fashion show on September 22nd with 2009 Miss Korea Kim Juri was cancelled. Moreover, Kangin couldnt attend the press conference for Super show II in Hongkong on September 17th and 2009 Asia song festival which was held on September 19th with Super Junior.

After the result is out, SM has stated that Kangin had tried his best to avoid the fight but the other party kept picking fight with him and used violence agaisnt him so Kangin being fighting back was just self-defence. Kangin also said sorry “As a celebrity, I’m sorry that I myself made this trouble. I want to say sorry again and again to all the people whom I made them worry (because of this incident). I’ll be careful and dont let anything like this incident happen again”

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From Alice :

on a side note, ELF is starting a petition to have the CCTV released to the public since the police just released the result of the investigation, they didnt show the CCTV so ELF just want other netizens and people see that Kangin only being legal self-defence in that situation

if you agree and have a Daum account you can sign it here:


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  1. well at least he didnt participate immediately…i mean, everyone has been in a situation where someone would JUST NOT STOP harassing you. and so what if Kangin threw some punches? Its not like he’s supposed to be always good/righteous…Even though he’s an awesome celebrity, he DOES have emotions as well.

  2. so was he charge assault? if not what was he charge with?

  3. i love SJ..
    but however……..

    he was wrong

    so.. just follow the law rightly oppa
    i’ll still love you

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