Henry.. takes a Psychology test??

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From my understanding, Henry had to draw according to the directions <which i put in blue> and the part under the blue is what the the drawing means….(so have to compare his drawing to the meaning ) …

::Psychology test::
Prepare a piece of paper, first of all, draw a bridge and then draw yourself on anywhere you like on this piece of paper. After that, draw a ball and a small rabbit. Finally, draw a key to finish the whole picture.

Answer to test……………………………………………………

Generally speaking, complex/fussy drawing (including line, decoration or face expression), indicates the person who is taking this test has a stronger self-awareness. Alternatively, if the pictures are simply in the form of cartoon characters, which will indicate this person is a team player, he is more likely to put the team’s interest before his own. The distance between oneself and the bridge in the picture represents personal moral, the further the person stand away from the bridge the weaker; if the person is standing on the bridge, indicates he is the one who will be constrained by his moral value. If the person is standing in the water, indicate that he will be trapped by his own moral value.

Next, the ball in the picture represents  how the person is viewing his career. The closer the distance between the ball and himself, indicates a stronger focus on his career. Meanwhile, holding the ball will represent the strongest career focus and cautious.
The key represents the author’s money concept. Using the same method we mention in the previous section to observe for this purpose.
Rabbit represents your affections towards someone you love. The closer the rabbit is to you, indicates the more focus on the personal relationship, in the meantime, that represents you will be a very caring person to your lover.

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  1. erm…i can’t find Henry…is the thing beside the ball Henry? or rabbit? or the “03” near the ball a rabbit? and where is the key? the one on the hill? with a little pink and blue colours?

  2. I have a strong sense of self awareness, am contrained by my morals(I was actually sitting on the bridgeXP), am focused on my career, am not focused on money, and I focus as much on my relationship as I do on my career (the bunny is stand on the ball^^)

    ^^Henry’s so carefree, according to this.

    • SWEET, you actually kinda put the thing together hahaha.. let’s support carefree Henry Mochiiiiiiiii!

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