Shim Eunkyung’s CY with Heechul

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With Heechul Oppa~
original date 2009.08.09 23:38

She is the girl on the right.

That day was really interesting~
We must eat together next time ^^

Source: Shim Eunkyung’s CY.
Translated by: Cinderella @

*Shim Eunkyung’s one of the actor in the MBC sitcom [Tae.Hye.Ji]
which Heenim had a cameo role in the episode that will air tml.
She updated this picture on her cyworld on the 9th
(filming took place on the 3rd).

Credit: sujumrs08 &


090815/16 Leeteuk Cyworld

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Leeteuk Comment on Eunhyuk’s Cyworld

If we have time, let’s go again!! I miss you, come quickly!! ㅋㅋ (Bling Bling Jyungsoo*, Park Jungsoo)

* — A fun way of saying ‘Jungsoo’, like calling Grace ‘Gerace’ 🙂

SR: 이혁재 싸이월드
Translated by yurim_sj♥ and rocket @

..The lyrics are really good..Hyu*

…Makes my heart feel knotted up..

.. Just wait for awhile, you will get to listen .. ^^

*Hyu is just a sound.^^

Source: Jungsoo’s Cyworld,
Translated by ♫Haengel @ SJ-World

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IU is chosen as regular guest on SJ’s KTR

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IU is chosen as regular guest on SJ’s KTR

Part of the new generation in the music industry, IU was chosen as a regular guest on KBS 2FM(89.1MHz) Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio program, and will meet the audience every Thursday. SJ Kiss the Radio’s Thursday program “live request” is a program started by request from an audience member. Regular guests will perform songs requested by the audience live during this program. IU will use her solid live-singing skill as foundation and exert her unique charms to sing sweet, beautiful songs for the audience. As a regular guest, the first event IU attended was KTR’s public broadcast, “Hahaha festival,” and performed MC Mong’s “Letter to You” with DJ Eunhyuk in perfect cooperation. During a round of conversation on broadcast with Eunhyuk and Leeteuk when she was asked who she would choose for a real brother, IU chose Eunhyuk, then explained, “I like brothers who can fight. I don’t know why, but Eunhyuk looks as if he is very good at fighting.” Her unique reasoning made Eunhyuk and Leeteuk laugh as well.
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090807-090813 KTR Sements :)

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1. 090807 Members, don’t leave us behind!
LT: Today our members all went to Busan, only Eunhyuk and I didn’t go…
EH: Yeah T-T
LT: I thought they’d just look at the ocean and then come back, turns out they still have a route (as in a tourist route, places to visit) tomorrow so they’re going to stay there a night and then continue on the route. Donghae told me, “Hyung, I feel so down…” (Note: The second day is August 8th, Donghae’s father’s day of commemoration)
EH: I admire them (as in admire their life) so much.
LT: Oy, hurry up and come back.

2. 090807 Soccer skills! Eunhyuk vs Donghae
EH: To me, life without soccer would be like living a mindless and empty life. When I was in elementary school, the coach of our school team personally unearthed my talents.
LT: Soccer club?
EH: No, it was a very official school soccer team.
LT: You don’t play well at all now.
EH: Eh…now I’m not that good compared to back then……and as one gets older, can’t run as fast……if I train and practice I can still bring out my previous abilities.
LT: I don’t think you’re any different from the other members.
EH: My reflex skills are strong, right after I kick the ball I run, and I can run fast.
LT: You don’t seem that fast to me……
EH: How am I not fast?! Why are you looking down on me so much, you think I look like an anchovy so you disregard me…..
LT: We’ve played soccer before; you’ve never scored many goals.
EH: How many goals I’ve scored!!!
LT: As soon as the ball comes before you, you fall down. In the end the manager couldn’t stand the watch anymore and said, “Ya, Lee Hyukjae, get off the field.”
EH: That’s cause the ball wasn’t passed well, nobody was working with me properly. Our skill levels differ too much.
LT: The one who scores the most is still Donghae.
EH: He’s not on the same team as me…so aggravating, next time I’ll really show him what I can do.
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Live Premium Japan…

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I know it was a while back (090801)  but these pictures are WORTH posting about, 🙂 … because they are CLOSE ups.. (I was gonan because it’s FUN!.. HA, I thought of the clip back in Full House, when Eunhyuk says it’s FUN.. to collect CARS.. xD!)

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090814 Leetuk Cyworld Update

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2009.08.14 금(2009.08.15 04:35)’s been a long time since I


came to the dorm..

..made some happy memories..

..Super Junior truly is my everything..

source: Jungsoo’s CY
translated by:

Eunhyuk & Shindong BGM List Changes

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BGM List Update

Credit | Eunhyuk’s CY + snowy89 @ for sharing

Shindong BGM List Update

credit | Shindong’s CY + snowy89 @ for sharing

Super Junior in a Japanese Magzine !! <3

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Eunhyuk @ Star King (Pictures)

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this epsiode has not aired yet

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Kiss The Radio !! Picture UPDATES ;)

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Credit: Stalker93 & KBS site ~

‘SUPER’ in Asian Plus Magazine ~

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Asian Plus magazine Vol.46 August2009 did make TOP 3 in the topic “who’s considered SUPER” based on Thai staff and they divided the topic into 3 countries from China, Japan and Korea

Top 3 Super Sexy (Male)
1. Jaebom (2PM) – he’s full of muscles and his powerful dance (he look manly,strong and sexy in the same time)

2. Jaejoong (TVXQ) – With his visual shock image and his sexy voice, he can easily take your heart

3. Siwon (Super Junior) – Tough his body is full of muscles but his lovely smile can still stay in your heart.
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CURRENT results For Channel V. MV Award .. ~

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Channel V

Credit: CHANNEL V site, image uploaded by me:

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