Kyochon widget clock typa thing… totally SUJUFIED.

August 3, 2009 at 1:59 pm | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Pictures/Videos, Random/Other | 18 Comments

Oh basically it’s a widget, you can have on your desktop to tell time, but.. DAMN this aint know ordinary one, it’s a SUPER JUNIOR.. version, I already have this..
So if you ELF.. want one go here and click on the 2nd big orange box.
Or direct download from…Code=20090713_4

Credit: Kyochon website, popcornfor2 & reuploaded by me:



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  1. sid, how to make gif pic?

    • which gif pic? also I don’t think I made any, lol usually I save from other places etc ~

  2. I got mine also!!!
    yay! thanks for the heads up Sid!
    the suju members that appes on the clock changes every 30secs?
    can I choose just 1 member to appear?

  3. fangirlizm: right click, click on 6th line. Then select the name of the member you want. (provided you know how to read their names in korean)

    • oh! yeah! yeah! that’s what I do. hehe

  4. oh! oh! oh!
    I already knew how to make just 1 member appear!!!

  5. wooooooow
    this is wonderful ..
    I’ve downloaded it ^^
    thaaaaanx so much ..

  6. Thanks for the link! Love it! ^^

  7. >_< hope it works.

    • ohmygawd it works. HAWT. nowto figure out how to make it so its only one….
      yaya i got it . thx thx thx<3

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the goodies!*.* My desktop has been 100% pretty- and suju-fied.


  9. i absolutely love the widget!!!

    thank you so much for sharing this.

    i just have one question though… is it possible to re-size it?

    thanks again! ^^*

    • as far as I know unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to rezie it.. 😦

  10. thanks a lot…
    i love this widget…
    n i’m very happy have it… ^^,,,
    gomawo!!! ^^

  11. Thanks so much! =D

  12. hi…………………. !

  13. it will be great if i can put it on blog..=(
    anyone know if i possibly put on my blog??

  14. i’m kind a late, i can’t download this..
    do you have another link? i want this clock widget T____T

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