Super Junior Super Show II Carnival Chibi!

July 31, 2009 at 4:26 pm | Posted in ELF, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 30 Comments
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Credit | baidu & snowy89 & reuploaded by me:


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  1. Names? Please? Lol

    • Okay this is ALLL based on guessing HAHAHA


      13)Heeeeeechul !

      • yeah~i guess probably you had it right 😉

    • You got most of them right ^^
      Just switch Wookie with Sungmin (Wook is the bunny, Min is the cow) ^^

      • and switch Leeteuk and Hangeng too..
        I Think Hangeng is the dragon

      • no the dragon does belong to teukie

  2. so cute ^^
    i think it’s this order too ^^
    luv’ Hyukkie anchovy <3<3

  3. thank you very much for the pics!!! they’re sooo cute!

  4. 2. is Sung Min not Wookie ^^
    and 3 is Wookie ^^

  5. thx for sharing!!cute!!

  6. thanks thanks!!! =?

  7. cute o

  8. no.2 is Sungmin and no.3 is Ryeowook

  9. Cute….

    Love Suju

  10. Suju kute!!!!!! Kyuhyun is lovely…lovely fox….

  11. luv Kyukie gammy …..
    SO Cute…..

  12. hi, just wanna ask can i ask permission to use your chibi to my t-shirts design, i’m sure to credit you back

    • Oh it’s okay, also its not mine lol as long as your credit back 😀

  13. kamsahamnida…

  14. Can I use these pictures for a t-shirt design that I am going to make? I’ll be sure to give you guys credits.

    • SURE … sure xD

  15. what is kyuhyun supposed to be? in Super Show kyuhyun’s a kangaroo. CARNIVAL! > u <
    *We ♥ attractive seafood. Anchovy and Fishy.*

  16. can u please name them?

  17. Hi! Just wanna ask permission, if I can use these chibi styles for our t-shirt design.. I’ll make it sure to credit you back.. 🙂

  18. why isnt kibummie wearing a hat??? aww… them all!!!! ❤

  19. 😛 😀

  20. hey, can i also use it for my t-shirt design…and i will also give u the credit…but wait what is the meaning of the ‘credit’?
    i have a request…do u have the character pics?
    thanks 🙂

  21. thanks a lot for sharing, such cute stuff hhhee ^^

  22. hi! I want this too in my tshirt design.. how could I credit you guys?
    reply soon ^_^

  23. Can I use this on my T Shirt Design too? Gomawo 😉

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