Sungmin & Sunny?? NOOOOOOOO !! (sorry, I think in my opinion sj members should NOT go out with SNSD members)

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Super Junior’s Sungmin denied the rumour of being in a relationship with Sunny from Girls’ Generation. He gave an explanation on the rumour on MBC’s Golden Fishery – Radio Star, broadcasted on the 22nd

MC Kim Gura asked Sungmin “Are you in a relationship with Sunny? to which he replied ” We became close only after doing a radio programme”, in a way denying the rumours. Kim Gura mentioned “Sunny’s uncle, Lee Soo Man is wondering if both of you are dating” and that made Sungmin embarrassed.

TRAX’s Jungmo, who was there at the filming, revealed “Sungmin’s only close to Sunny and Sooyoung in Girls’ Generation” and “he teaches Sunny how to play the guitar” stressing on Sungmin and Sunny’s close friendship.

Sungmin also gave thanks to Lee Soo Man as “the man who help me achieve my dreams”.

source; mk & joynews24
translated by; carolyn @


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  1. yeah SNSD have many antifans cuz theyre vry close to them haha i dont hate them but theyre so stuck with them anyway i think teukie is gonna find some chick soon and specific from introducing star friends πŸ˜‰

    • well sorry before, i think the opposite way..
      i prefer them to be with those SNSD girls or maybe KARA..

      coz i don’t like leeteuk’s girl on introducing star friends *so damn jealous*

      • kyu and nicole.. agree of course…
        hahahaha… okay i got it Mrs. Donghae..LOL

      • Teukie oppa likes Kara’s Jiyoung very much,
        but when he appeared in We Got Married he
        decides to change his ideal girls
        – 4m a Kamilia –

    • sunny and sungming are ciute cupple…………..sunny happy cupple with sungming.

  2. kinda a sad and good news. sad is because Sung Min’s heart grab by somebody else.
    good news is…Sung Min won be a loner. haha!

  3. Sungmin was meant to wait for me…

    • dont’ worry.. have hope ^^

  4. minnie ah T__T
    why did u dump me….

  5. lol~ im prefer kara too XD (im not snsd AF but dont like them too lol~)
    n i like baek eunhye soooooo much n kinda sweet for teuki XD (i think even i spell her nme correct XD),eunhye hav pure beauty n seems like kind person^^
    Wuteva,just hope d’best for SUJU boys (Aameen~),we LUVVVVVV THEM,ryt?
    SUJU FIGHTING (to find their true luv)!!!


  7. What’s wrong about going out with SNSD members? If Sungmin is going out with Sunny, it’s his own decision anyway^^

  8. Nothing wrong with Sungmin dating Sunny. They were happy together when they hosted Chunji radio. I’m totally fine with it. If he’s happy, we fans should be happy too.^^
    Sungmin and Sunny forever!

  9. Well, its good to see them together…we all should let them decide whether they wanna close as dongsaeng or girlfriend…LOL…i dont like the girls in introducing star friends too…huh..suju look good with snsd or kara…haha…other than that,emm no more….

  10. i know that is their own decision,
    but i dont like if Super junior member dating SNSD.

    i really agree with you

  11. It’s OK if Min oppa dates one of the SNSD members.But Sunny is the most ugly girl in SNSD and she’s LSM’s niece.I don’t think Sunny suits Min oppa.

    • Sunny is the most beautiful SNSD member. I want her to be with heechul!!!

  12. well… i prefer sungmin and eunhyuk than sungmin and sunny!!! hahaha XD don’t hate snsd but don’t like them either… XD

  13. I adore Sungmin. Even saying his name makes me swoon.
    And surprising I dont mind Sunny. She is quite charming and can sing pretty well. She isnt snobby compared to the other SNSD members.

    If their happy, fans should be too. Their really cute on Chunji Radio.It seems like they get along well. πŸ˜€

  14. dont like SNSD member too,,to much rumor,,,
    and the member are snob,,but,,i’m not their anti,,,
    prefer KARA or wonder girls,,,
    fortunately,,,it’s just a rumor,,,
    their only friends,,,,

  15. noooo oppa!!! WEAYO??? HUH??? WEAGUDAE??? I hate you sunny!!! nonononono…… sungmin must be with me and all the fans out there not with sunny…….. am i right or wat?!?!?!

    • YOU ARE RIGHT ! πŸ™‚

  16. sungmin oppa belongs to Kyu oppa

    nothing can change that truth

    sunny – eooooo – it never happens

    that sounds like a fairy tale

    hate sunny and SNSD

  17. I prefer Yoobin of WG for Sungmin oppa or Sooyoung sshi!!!!

  18. truthflly, i would rather SNSD be with Suju than kara or WG. WG is for BB and Kara for FT island. I don’t really like Kara, they act cute, even more than SNSD. at least, SNSD are strong and able to withstand antis. Besides, Sungmin and sunny are cute and full of aegyo πŸ˜€ better than pathetic fans who think they will marry their ‘oppas’ one day. Just wish them the best, it makes sense as they are in the same company anyway.

  19. i hate sunny date with sungmin….sungmin only for me…

    • Sungmin oppa has aegyo same as Sunny but I dun like them together
      I like Sungmin and Seohyun
      – Kamilia –

  20. i agree wid you 100% that suju members should not go out with snsd members..

  21. I would rather see them dating (or marrying…) normal people than celeb….
    It’s better if we don’t know that girl than we know her…
    I’d be better if they’re dating E.L.F (or marrying…)
    If they’re dating E.L.F (no matter who it is…hope it’s me…LOL…)
    i’ll support them 10000000000000% ….


  23. i hate sunny

  24. i hate snsd tooooooooooooooooo much
    snsd members are ugly stupid rude
    hate them
    I would rather see sungmin oppa dating with sunye of WG

    • i love you
      and i love your comment

  25. I like Sunny & SNSD
    I rather say their just friends

  26. it’ok………….sunny and sungming are happy……………..

  27. This is my favourite couple 4 SUJU
    Siwon – Sulli
    Eunhyuk – Gyuri
    Leeteuk – Jiyoung
    Heechul – Yuri
    Yesung – Seungyeon
    Sungmin – Sunye
    Ryeowook – Seohyun
    Shindong – Kahi
    Donghae – Hara
    Kyuhyun – Nicole
    – Kamilia –

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