090715 Super Junior become animal characters? xD

July 15, 2009 at 1:47 pm | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs., News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 11 Comments


An article about the concert. During the performance of a new song with lyrics written by Kangin “Carnival,” the members will transform into animal characters…

Heechul – Cat
Hankyung – Dragon
Leeteuk – Duck or Dog (Gaeteuk) xD
Donghae – Fish
Kangin – Raccoon or Mouse
Shindong – Pig
Yesung – Dog or Ox
Ryeowook – Rooster
Kyuhyun – Snake
Siwon – Horse
Kibum – Sheep
Sungmin – Rabbit
Eunhyuk – Anchovy (aigooo Hyuk should have been a MONKEY!)

Credits: Damifino @ Soompi


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  1. hahaa
    so funny!
    cant wait!

  2. ooow… i prefer leeteuk to be duck.. he’ll be so cute…
    and yeah… i agree with u sid.. eunhyuk suppose to be monkey..
    oh i wish i can watch the concert..

  3. Kibum as a SHEEP?!
    freakin adorable.

  4. sungmin as rabbit!!!!
    how about bunny!!!!!!! ^_~

  5. LOL,
    I thought yesung would b goof if he bcome rabid dog ^^

  6. Heechul – Cat
    Hankyung – Dragon
    Leeteuk – Duck
    Donghae – Fish
    Kangin – Raccoon
    Shindong – Pig
    Yesung – Octopus (remember the octopus dance haha)
    Ryeowook – Squirrel (cute and small)
    Kyuhyun – tortoise (kyuhyun’s chinese name is abit like tortoise in chinese)
    Siwon – Horse
    Kibum – Rooster (same reason as Kyuhyun’s answer)
    Sungmin – Rabbit
    Eunhyuk – Monkey (hyukkie is always my cute monkey)

  7. Hee Chul – Cat
    Han Kyung – Dragon
    Dong Hae – Fish
    Shin Dong – Pig
    Eun Hyuk – Anchovy
    Lee Teuk – Dinosaur
    Kang In – Ox
    Sung Min – Cow
    Ryeo Wook – Rabbit
    Ye Sung – Turtle
    Kyu Hyun – Kangaroo
    Si Won – Horse

  8. but kyuhyun is deer

  9. bout henry and zhou mi 🙂

  10. que animal son zhoumin ???

  11. oh my GOD KYUHYUN is a SNAKE

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