OMYGAWD ! MAJOR NEWS ! become an official E.L.F!

July 8, 2009 at 11:52 pm | Posted in ELF, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 8 Comments
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OMG!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this FOR YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!

OFFICIAL NEWS!!!…01&LangNo=1

After 3 LONG years, SM has FINALLY opened up Super Junior’s Official Fanclub E.L.F. 2nd Generation memberships!!! Starting July 9 through July 23 ONLY, you can go to

Because there is a new way of joining (and I *think* this is only for Korean residents right now), follow the instructions on the fanclub website above.

The fee is 10,000 won ($7.86 USD as of 7/8/09) for a one year membership (could be extended like the 1st generation which lasted for 3 years, if SM sees fit).

WATCH this POST, I’ll update soon as I know MORE ^___________^

Credits: damifino @ Soompi


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  1. I’m not Korean…. so it means I cannot sign up? @_@

  2. yup.. that’s my question too.. i’m not korean, does it mean i can’t sign up??.. also i don’t have a friend there too…

  3. I am a fan suju in vietnames ! not fan korean! i must transmit money but i don’t know anythings! die!

  4. wow ..we must pay this every year ???
    10000 won ??
    i think its free ..hhaha
    (and I *think* this is only for Korean residents right now),
    so that means i cant join ???
    am not korean resident .

  5. hi sid,,

    can you sub it??

    i’m tryin to join but when it comes to payment, i dont really know what to do..

    thanks a lot..^^

    • aww, right now i realise that only Korean residents can become an official ELF.. ty, I’ll update more soon as I get more info… sorry for getting you guys all excited T_____T

  6. so we cant be an official ELF??

    but in the agreement, it’s written that fan from outside korea can join the fanclub too..

    i read it in english,,

    oow, so sad if there’s no way to be official ELF,, T_T

  7. Really? Only for Korean resident? So, how about non-Korean? Oow, I really want to be the official ELF..

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