090620 Super Junior – It’s You / Sorry Sorry @ Music Core

June 20, 2009 at 9:16 am | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs., MBC | 2 Comments
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Guys I am so SORRY,
13 did not perform together…
it came out to be rumour..
I am annoyed & really sad… but just enjoy the performance…
Once again I’m really sorry for getting everyones hopes up… 😦

p.s. you guys might see a banner it reads 사랑해요 고마워요… 기억할게요 which translates to “we love you, thank you… we’ll remember you”





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  1. Ok, I’m sorry but I’m totally confused by this.
    I mean, most people say this is their last performance of promoting this the album and now their thaking time out to concentrate on the tour.
    However, other people are saying that this is the end of SuJu and they’re off to do their military service and whatnot T_T
    That can’t be true right…?

    If you know could you please tell me, it’s keeping me awake at night *twitches eye*
    Btw, brilliant website ^^V

    • no no.. the one on 090621 is their LAST performance….
      … but the one on the 20th June.. is ONE of their Last performance.. if you notice.. they are different shows… thefore it was Super Junior’s Last performance on Music Core ~~ also these performances are only the last for the 3rd album… Super Junior are still Super Junior & will be back ~~

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