Hi guys, ! I’ve created this page just for YOU! ~ Basically I want feedback from you guys, & hopefully your willing to reply… anything about this site, whether you like it? or love it? (hahah yeah I’m being optimistic xD ) … or even about yourself .. 😉 – uksujusid



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  1. OMOOO! I’ll Be The First To Comment On The Guestbook!!!
    I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!! It Keeps Me In Contact With My Loves!! Super Junior!! FIGHTING!! hahaa 😀
    Thanks Thanks Thanks Times 80 Bajillion! For Your Effort And For Making Me Love Super Junior More And More! ❤ haha
    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SID Much Love To You And Your Wonderful SuJu Love! 🙂

    P.S. – May You Please Kangin In The Background Next Or Shindong. Either One. THANKS! 😀

    • Oh And This Is On My Favorite Bar On My Laptop. HEHE! 😀
      I Meant Put Kangin In The Background Or Shindong.*** Thanks!

    • Hey I saw Super Junior in New York City at Madison Square Garden. I have a friend in Guangzhou,China and when they did Super Show 3, they went to the airport where she works and she told them about me. I’m from Pittsburgh and after the show was over I chased after their tour bus with other fans for 3 blocks down one street. 🙂

    • it’s my first comment on this site i liked it so much it’s really enteristing especially it’s giving informations about the best korean boybands in the world our oppas i will support this site like im supporting super junior i hope everyone keep love suju and help in case ..finally we need to keep suporting the new repackage album SPY it’s really cool i hope everyone watched the MV and love it ;D and FIGHTING!

  2. Waaaaah!! Im just Happy to be the second one to comment! Im really so Happy to find this wordpress Because it really has everything about Super Junior, i mean u got it all covered!!
    Thanku so much!! Thanks for all ur hardwork on this wordpress, for super junior, and us ELF!!

    We love U! Sid FIGHTING! Keep on working til the end!

    From Norway/Phillippines ^^


  3. People are too overwhelmed by all the updates that we didn’t look at the guessbook 😉
    This is my favourite site, second only to Youtube! Like Leeei said, you got it all covered! Thank you so much for your hard work Sid! And thanks to other committed authors too!
    I LOVE it that you post updates on all 15 members! I really appreciate that.

    Farah from Malaysia 🙂

  4. thnx for supplying us fellow ELFs updates!
    Thank you sooooooooooo much <333!

    I just the fact that u cover all members of SUJU, including Mimi & Mochi hahha <3333! Theres no word to describe how much I love u!

  5. i luvvvvvvvv this blog..
    First thing when i open my laptop is to read your blog, same as after came back from work.
    I get the news of the boys because of you, i know what are they doing everyday, what they like, the funny stories of them…
    Because of you, i know well all of them.

    SO keep it up.
    we support you ❤

    • i totally do the same thing, love these guys!!! 🙂

  6. Sid, I just wanted to thank you so much for making the wordpress! You have no idea how grateful I am to be able to come on here whenever and have constant updates. Thanks for being so dedicated to this! I’ve been visiting this site since like jan 2010 and I’ve never been dissapointed. I know its tough but Im sure every ELF reading this really appreciates it! :]
    ELF and Super Junior fighting!

  7. I just wanna say Thank You so much 4 all info about Super Junior…

  8. The only thing I can say is just keep up the good work…I’ve been coming here a few times a day since you update so frequently…you’ve been doing a great job…

    Was so shocked when that incident happened few days ago…let’s leave that in the past and keep moving forward…fighting yeah?

    Will be supporting you in every way I can…^_^

  9. Thanks i love this site because it keeps me up to date with oppas and thanks for your hard work. Fighting!!!!!! 🙂

  10. thank you for sharing and compiling all these information! 😀
    even after all that has happened… fighting! 😀

    cool site! 😀

  11. OH THANK GOD. For the last two days i couldn’t access the website and I was FREAKING OUT. I pretty much only go here for suju stuff (SJ-World seems too intimidating and requires membership), so THANK YOUUUU, sid!

  12. Thankyu very much for creating this wonderful wordpress! Hopefully, SJ will have world tours so that fans like me who live in the west can enjoy their shows!

  13. Your wordpress is the best!!
    Thanks for this, im updated about our oppas ^^
    Hwaiting! ♥

  14. really appreciate your wordpress
    thank you sooo much:)

  15. hi! to all ELF especially to you sid. thank you so much for putting a lot of effort in updating this WP. it helps me a lot to know anything about SUJU.I love how you change the background from time to time. it makes me excited to check your WP, which i do like every hour?! hehe. Thanks a lot and take care. SUJU Hwaiting!

  16. Hello from South Africa! Thanks to you, I get to fall in love a little more everyday 🙂 Your site is amazing. Thank you for all your hard work. I love everything about Suju. I dont have a chance of ever meeting them, seeing as I’m on the other end of the world, but just knowing what they are getting upto everyday makes me feel closer. Thanks again!

    South Africa

  17. Omg!!! I L.O.V.E this site, gomawooO!!! this is super cool!!

  18. I love this site so much.. this site help me to know everything about Super Junior especially my bias Sungmin..
    And I’m so happy to when know this site actived again..
    im diying when know this site off one week before…

    Will Super Show3 show in Indonesia? Hopply…

    Thank you..
    Arigatou gozaimaste..
    terima kasih..

  19. Hi,Sid..
    I want to thank you for your every single post you write,, I love your site very much.. I never find another blog like yours, i really addicted to your blog,, kekeke
    I hope you always do this for a long time and be more succesfull,, 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thank you for all you've done, good job.. hwaiting..!! Gomawo chingu.. Arigato.. Terimakasih..
    Saranghae.. ♥_♥

  20. Thank you so much for all the hardwork you put into maintaining this site and updating us all on the latest happenings in the lives of our 13 wonderful and gorgeous men. ❤ I totally support you all the way! Suju and uksujusid fighting!! 🙂

    p.s. Would you happen to know Kyu's phone unit? LOL


    it’s awesome you have this great team and deliver a good update from time to time

    Sid you just chose great staff this time (hope it won’t happen deleting this page of someone who is selfish)

    hope for the GREAT SUCCESS of this page and will STAY as long as the BOYS are there…

    keep it up, you always have ELF support! hwaiting

  22. i just want to say i LOVE this pikachu kyuhyun background. it is pure WIN! =D

    thanks so much for maintaining this site! IT IS AWESOME. YOU ARE AWESOME =D

  23. You are the single hardest working girl i have ever heard of and you dont even get paid to do it!! I looove you for dedicating your time to this page :0) Its the only place I go to for SUJU news. If I knew how tohelp I totally would love to be a part of it, but being computer illiterate id be more a hinder haha. So keep up the great work, dont listen to the haters and one more thing “FIGHTING!!” Oh and i CAN NOT WAIT to see a Donghae background!! hes my bias too!!

  24. Hello all other SJ fans! 😀
    It’s nice to be able to keep up to date with all of the big news going on!
    Thank you. ❤

    • right! because its so hard to find a site that is updated about suju,,,
      pls. be always updated about them

  25. hallo eLf’s ..
    im a new guest…
    i like this site very much..
    information fronm this site is always update..

    thank u..

  26. ur wordpress is the best …
    thank u for ur effort…..
    i’ll continue to support ur wordpress…
    fighting !

    -malaysian ELF-

  27. مرحبا أعضاء سوبر جنيور
    أنا آلاء من سوريا
    أنا أحبكم كثيرا
    خصوصا الثنائي اون هيوك و لي توك

  28. Good day! This is one of the sites that keeps me updated with Super Junior stuffs. Hope to hear more! Very great site for E.L.F 😀 Thank you thank you so much! ^^

    Btw, I will include your site in my blogroll can I? Thank you! 😀

  29. i appreciate this site soo much and want to thank you for your hard work! i visit this site every day so keep it up ^^

  30. keep it up..^^ i love it..^^

  31. Love your site! Very imformative!
    Ok question! When is the MV getting released?! I keep hearing different dates!

  32. Hey! I haven’t written here yet, but I really do appreciate your work and all the authors work on this wordpress, it really is easy simple Super Junior news. I only check your wordpress cause it’s the fastest one out there!!

    Keep up the good work!!!

    sup3rjunior Hwaiting!!!

  33. Super junior is the BEST.Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Hi, My day isn’t complete without opening your site for news overload regarding Super Junior, I’m Siwon bias by the way…:)
    Just asking how come I can’t see all the photos posted? some i can see but some have this picture of a frog, do i really need to register as what it says?
    Anyway… thank you very much for the time and effort that you’re giving, so that us super junior fans can have daily updates on our idols.
    Keep it up!

  35. HELLO, i like this blog so damn haha i can get more fresh info about the boys intensively here. however, but my life is not going better if i don’t hear their news in one day. i wanna thank to all admin here for being kind to give us news about the boys XD

  36. Hey Sid,


    Sincere thanks to you and to all the other contributors for providing us with “all-things” Super Junior. I’m really elated that you are making SUJU accessible to people all over the world. You spoil us with daily updates. I can’t express how grateful I am for all your hard work. You guys are the best!!!

  37. Hi!
    Thank you for always trying to bring the most updated news about our Super Junior Oppas. I’m addicted to your site, in fact i visit your blog like every single day since i noticed,:D
    It’s hard to find blog like yours, i’m Eunhyuk bias, but I LOVE that you keep updating news all of the 15 members.
    I really appreciate every post, keep it up, thanks a lot for all the admin!

  38. i love super junior

    • Me too I love all of them.

  39. Thank you for this site. I am happy to hear from this site about my favorite KPOP Super Junior.Thanks Super Junior For making your fans happy with your songs. Thanks for sharing your talents with much efforts and love. Your great guys. I love you all. Take care always. Muah

  40. Love It so

  41. I really love this blog ♥
    I was kind of panicked when it was turned off. ç_ç
    The effort you guys make to update it daily and quick is really appreciated, but you already know that, right.
    And what made me stay here, following it, was the fact that there is the support for every 15 members without prejudice. ^^
    And that uksujusid loves U-kiss too, right? kekeke
    I’m sorry for my veery bad english. xD
    Love from Brazil~

  42. Hey, ever since i found this site i’ve become an even bigger ELF b/c i’m up to date with oppas lives. A big Warm Hug and THANK YOU for dedicating time to this. fighting!!!!!!!

  43. This blog is just awesome. KEEP IT UP, YOU ARE DOING GREAT! Kamsahamnida, hwaiting! 😀 ❤

  44. hye!!! really like this blog..this blog is a must everyday ever since i found this blog.. keep me updated bout SuJu.. Love Donghae+Sungmin..Love them all..(^,^) thanks for ur hardwork.. Hwaiting!!

  45. annyeonghaseo..
    i’m a new ELF, since i found this blog coz this blog is really amazing..
    thank you.. aza aza hwaiting!!! 🙂

  46. hi i have been fllowed ur WP since i know suju but i just today i realize about this guestbook.mb im too concentrate wif ur updated n hardwork. wow ur WP really really really amazing n i wonder how u divide ur time to updates n others work! i totally admire it!! i want to know ur personally bt i know u r very busy. bt can i know where do u live, what is ur job??? i adore u very much dear!! u help me too a lot in improving my english since my english so bad!! im a hardcore elf bt i cant challenge ur effort!! now, ur WP is my priority, my inspire n a place for me too get close wif our oppas! thank u very much sid. im still ur fist WP bias n ill continue following ur WP!!

  47. hello i’m Taiwan ELF^^
    Your blog is really amazing!!
    Thank you for sharing so much of their news and information
    Because here,I know many ELF from various countries,especially non-Asian region.
    Very happy to see that so many love from various countries.
    We all come together because of SJ.
    Its amazing…isn’t it? ^__^

  48. I love this website because we cand find everything about SJ here. 🙂 The news are posted quickly and I love projects like donations for buy SJ’s albums. 🙂 It’s the only website I visit for news. ^^
    I hope it will live for a long time. ❤
    ~ Fighting from France. ^o^

  49. Hey, Sid!
    My name is Ali and I`m from Romania. I`m a huge fan of SJ and of course of your WP. It`s like a fresh air every day for all the E.L.F around the world. I know SuJu from a year now (more exactly a year and 3 months:)) but I feel like they were always part of my life (I wish!!!) Everyday when I came from school the first thing I do is to open your wp and read all the news about our oppas. I`m a Donghae bias! But in the last time Teukie seems to be very cute!^__^ I love all of them! I really hope that one day the 15th came togheter on one stage and perform like the old days. I 13LIEVE IN THEM!! ❤
    I wanna THANK YOU and to the others authors for making my day brightly, to allow me to know everything about my favourite group and I hope that this wp to last for many years in the future cuz` SUJU for us will never die. I will always follow you wp everyday like i did it until now. E.L.F around the world admires you! Also thanks to Super Junior who makes our life better every day!
    GOOD JOB and KEEP IT UP!!!!
    Ow, and I love your projects!^__^ Hwaiting!!!

  50. When I open this site this morning, as usual, it’s written 4minute… I thought I enter a wrong site. Just curious… why the background pic is 4 minute?…. 🙂

    • LOL another one ❤ Which day is today then? ^^

      • omona….. today’s april fool’s day…… you got me 🙂

        • btw, thanks guys for all of your hard work. Nice to know such a young and harworking people like you guys…. this 언니 can only tell you all… 고맙습니다….

  51. OMIGOSH i got a totally big shock when i opened the site and saw 4minute!!! Den i realised it was april fools day! xD Maybe u all should put elvis presley or someone really “ancient” lol…

  52. nice site………………………..i really like it……muy bien gracias.

  53. wow, I just realised there are actually 15 of you managing this wordpress. 15 just like our boys. Hwaiting everyone, thank you bring us the latest news of our boys.

  54. Hi everyone!:) I’m very new visitor to this site but i’m really liking it a lot. I think you are doing a magnificent job here and I would like to thank you for all your effort in keeping us (like me)updated and for your unwavering love and devotion to our SuJu boys.
    I’ve only known SJ not to long ago (<1yr)but I'm so hooked up into their music thou that I play it all the time. My husband thinks I'm too old to be doing this, my kids just smiles and shakes their head and even at work they know about my "korean boyfriend" as they call them.Yes, I'm old enough to be a mother to almost if not all of you.
    Like I always say SJ reminds me of my Asian roots and they do make me feel happy and young. I am a KyuHyun fanatic but a very avid SJ follower and supporter. What is good for one is good for everybody.
    Thanks again and Good Luck!!^_^

  55. I really love this website <
    thank you for making this website, so I'm able to following the new updates from Super Junior. and thank you for you hardwork guys 🙂
    tengkyu very kamsa… *bow*
    keep it up!!
    Hwaiting! ^^9

  56. Hey Sid and the rest of the sup3rjunior.wordpress team, thanks a lot for always bringing the latest about Super Junior. My day would be incomplete whenever I miss reading your blog. Keep up the good work! Super Junior and ELFs are awesome! =D

  57. Thanks for all of your hard work! I love this site and twitter account because it is so well-organized and easy to search/read. It is one of the fastest sites for English updates on SJ news. The layout of the blog is also attractive and timely. staff, you all make my day! ^___^ *big smile*

  58. I freaking loove this site!!!! all informations of SJ are here!! easier for me to know whats happening and what’s the next schedules and pretty much everything! Thank you for your hard work updating all those news! I know it must have not been easy for all of you! ThanKYU !!!

  59. Hi guys! I just found this site and it’s THE best site ever! I want to thank the staff for uploading and keep us informed about SJ 😀 also, do you ask questions here or..? heheh new and lost 😛 thaaanks!

  60. You Know What?….
    Your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……
    thanks for giving me my daily dose of Super Junior….
    Keep it Up…

  61. love this website!!

  62. thank you for putting so much effort into this site! this is the best suju site that I’ve found so far. I love you ❤ ^^

  63. this page ROCKS!!!!!very update!!! ❤
    thanks so muchh..~ 13ELIEVE TO PROM15E!!

  64. annyeongggggggg
    hiii…im Noi from Indonesia…im kpop lovers,well..though im 29 years old now for me,kpop never diesssssssssss :))
    and Super Junior is one of the band from Korea that i love most after RAIN bi…Super Junior really moves me by their friendship,brotherhood,passion,skill,melody,rhythm,togetherness and good looking guys..plusss such a big talent from each individual…
    i knw its hard for me to meet them face to face but they always in my heart cause i love Supewr Junior very much 🙂
    and though i cant watch KIMCHI concert in Indonesia this June 4th 2011,which is make me really cried >_<
    im expecting lotsssssssssss for them to have concert in my country Indonesia for SS4 concert….
    cause..'I…prom15e to 10ve them…13elieve in them…support the remaining 10 and prot3ct the missing 3…
    saranghaeyoooooooooo Super Juniorrrrrrrrrr… 🙂

  65. Hello everyone!!

    Im Ayesha from Pakistan. This is an amazing web page. Hats off to the entire team. Keep up the fantastic work.

    I love Kpop!!!!!

  66. anyeong!

    this web is totally daebak! keep doing such a great thing admin 🙂
    thanks for all the updates given to us….

  67. Annyeong haseyo!!!…… Kamusta!!!……. Hi!!!……..
    I really love this site, Thank God That I Found this Site…………
    Now, I will get more info about SUJU and to know them better……..
    My All Is In Super Junior……… KAMSAHAMNIDA!!!!!!!!……..
    SJ forever ELF fighting!!!!!!!!……..(^…^)…….

  68. 최 당신이 내가 사랑하는 삶에 와서 더 많은 축복을 가지고있는 인사 희망 원은 최 ….^_^을 수상했다

  69. Hi Sid and all the staff:) I’ve been following you guys for over a month now and I check this site at least once a day. I’m very happy about how quick you update this site and I’m very thankful to all of you. At times when I want to forget my worries and be in a happy place I immerse myself in looking for any news about Kyu and the boys and you never fail so far to give me something new every time. With this in mind, I would like to ask for your help if you can. I”m going to Korea on July 8 and staying there for 2 wks, do you know of concerts, appearances or anything that may give me a chance to see them? Its my dream and wish to see them, specially Kyu and I plan to make this a reality. So pls if you or anyone can help me I would appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance.
    More power to you guys and my thanks for taking your time and putting a lot of effort in keeping this site updated even with your own busy schedule.Hats off to you all!!!

  70. This site is just so AWESOME.
    I soooooooooo LOVE it!
    Hope it wouldn’t be deleted again 🙂
    I think this site is my life…
    So much updates… Totally HELPFUL to an ELF like me.
    KEEP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. I really love this site. It’s so organized and damn fast in updating. Thank you guys ❤

  72. i love super junior very much i like their song their album i like what they like to eat i like their style that they are wearing i love the shirt and trousers that they wear they are the best singer
    i like their song bonamana,sorry sorry,sorry sorry answer,no other ,happiness,marry you,cooking cooking and shining star they my best singer they are no.1 best

  73. wuuah i love this blog 😀

  74. Hi, Sid ! My loss for not being able to find your blog much earlier !!!

    I am a Super Junior diehard fan from Malaysia ( especially bias towards a couple of specified
    guys in the group ^-^ !! ).

    That is why I am SUPER happy to ” stumble upon ” your blog address today !! Makes my weekend simply marvelous !!! Keep up the good job & will visit often !!!

    Love you guys ! & also Super Junior ~ fighting !!

  75. I have been following this for more than half a year and it has become a part of my life :DD. I just want to say THANK YOU for your dedication, efforts and endless love for our boys. THANK YOU!

  76. love this page so much..always update new thing about suju ><

  77. Hi . I always be a silent reader of this wordpress . It’s my favourite site ever (after youtube) . Just wanna say thank you to Sid and all sup3rjunior team because you all have spent your precious time to spread the love and news about Super Junior .

    Keep on fighting 🙂 *Idk how should I steal my time to read this wordpress after I further my studies in college .

  78. hello^^
    um…………………..May I introduce myself?
    I’m korean. and I live in south korea. and I am super junior Fan.
    Nice to meet you!!
    I read your epilogue that SM town paris concerts reaction.

    I appriciate you and European friend’s love for super junior and other korean bands. Thank you so much. Merche Bouque!

    ^^;( I amnot english user, so my english expression maybe weak or weird.)
    Even though, I want to remain this message.

    I thought……. your bias is teuk-yii? right?
    but I love kyuhyun^^

    and have your good time, and thanks for all other euro fans.
    bye…………. ^^

    see you soon !!

  79. i found this page a long time ago but i always forgwet to leave some massge,,& mianhe for that.. i really like this pages it hepls me a lot to know some updates of suju i am super ELF..& my bias is heechul & kyunhyun.. but thats not meani don’t love the rest.. i love them all coz they are super juniors 7 they are my life.. sorry for my bad english im not good in english…..


  80. this is acctually my first visit here aaaaand i Like it!!!^^

  81. Hello, my name is dD/ddance if you like ^^.) , from Brunei. 29yo. I`m maybe far too late to love SuJu in 2009, that is how it started and always be, NOW and FOREVER.

    Super Junior change my life from negative to positive thinker. True.

    Keep on doing this great job Sid and thank you so much for all of the hard work and dedicate. For SuJu, for ELF!

    *hugs* take care and thank Q *bow*

  82. I luv super junior and this site made me luv them even more! Thx u for putting this site together!!! ^^


  83. Thank you so much for putting up this blog *thumbs up*
    Your updates are so real-time haha keep it up!

    Cheers from the Philippines

  84. i am a very very big fan of heechul i love him sooooo much………..
    i am so obsessed with him….n i want to know everything about what he is doing everyday….so this website is so helpful to me…..

    keep up!!!!…….i love u kim heechul oppa…..!!!

  85. Hello. お元気ですか?
    (*∀*) ..Japanese of ELF Japan I.. I want to become ELF all over the world happily.
    My best regards(^з^)-☆


  87. This site is incredible .. ^ ^ Thank You for creating this site and posting so much news.. I really love translated twitter updates.. I always had it hard by translating it on translaters 🙂 every single day this site is on and when I’m searching internet , I check if there are some new news.. Thanks for all the staffs of this website ❤ This is every single ELF's dream. I think so 🙂 Keep it up 🙂 A lot of love goes from Lithuania ❤

  88. You are soooo soooooo incredible to post about 50 news in ONE DAY!! I love you so much!! Your site is very complete, I come here every day and I often reposted some links in my facebook!!
    FIGHTING to the staff, you make a good job for the ELF of many countries I think (I’m French so ^^”)

  89. the website is sooooo great !!!!! your new informations are really fast… I love this page so much <3,, thank u :)))

  90. I just wanna say THANK YOU for always updating about Super Junior and your wordpress and of course the STAFFS are very PERFECT. keep this good work. I LOVE YOU SID ^_^

  91. your site is daebakkk!!!!!!!!!!

  92. im just want to say this is a PERFECT SITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this site soooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!! keep updating our boys ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hwaiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. This is one of the best sites i’ve encountered for Super junior, not only that’s its up date, it also showcases news about the original 13 members. thanks for continuing what you do, you’re a savior for all Super Junior Fans worldwide!! =)

  94. i really love your blog :’) and your dedication to keep us ELF updated is amazing XD and it’s really wonderful that you update about all thirteen members as well 🙂 keep it up~! and hwaiting! for your fasting (sid?)!

  95. thank you thank you thank you and thank you for your hard work ~~<3 love this site and basically i visit this site every single day several times to check some updates XD

  96. I REALLY LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! It’s almost 2 years I’ve been visited this site, EVERYDAY!! Thank you for always make me and uri oppadeul feel so close 😀

  97. thank you so much for everything..the best site in my laptop that always accompany me to update many thing bout the boys..uri super junior…i would like to make a friend from other country as elf who always beside super junior supporting them.
    hope you always give us update and always be with us as ELF..

  98. Hiii…
    I love your site. In my opinion, your site is more update than both allkpop. You have worked really hard to make us know everything about SuJu. Thank you very much.. 🙂
    Please, keep going as long as possible.. ^^

  99. i love!!!!!!!
    the best Super Junior site ever!!!


    korea music drama show free down torrent

  101. you certainly live up to your motto! definitely the best place for “easy simple suju news.” =) great site updated 24/7 pertaining to ALL 15 members–what more can an ELF ask for? i’ve always wanted to know where you get your news XD and the time to update all that? AMAZING dedication! at home there are few ELFs more crazy for suju than me, so it’s great to get to connect with other fellow ELFs across the globe. though we live in different time zones, i have a feeling if we met, we would be great real life friends, too (haha hopefully that didn’t sound too creepy!). btw sometimes i forget to sign in here via twitter and comment as “kyufan” lolol

    sid unnie, hwaiting! sup3rjunior, hwaiting! SUJU, HWAITING!!! XD

  102. great work you guys did!!!! checking EVERY tweets about the oppas is now a part of my daily…or should i say it’s now a MUST DO every day…spend at least 3 hours to view every posts and videos about them everyday and watch SUKIRA KTR every night though i don’t even understand a word lmao….cant resist myself not to on twitter because once i miss a day of your tweets, i feel so outdated and left out….haha….my parents always tease me that how good is it if i put all these effort into my academics….love all your work and keep it up thanks! 🙂 Fighting!

  103. FROM MALAYSIA SABAH 🙂 im a 2 months old ELF….glad to join this big family!

  104. I just subscribed to your blog and whoa, you guys aren’t kidding about stalking Super Junior XD Thank you for such a wonderful service, I am very grateful for this.

    More promotion = more fans & fans retention = SuJu more successful = more SuJu for years to come

    I noticed that there are many international fans for Super Junior and this English based stalking Super Junior site would help promote the boys very well. I wish there would be more subs though, I hope to be able to follow Sukira =(

    Anyways, again, thank you very much for sharing with us ^^

    Sup3rJunior hwaiting~!!

  105. emm, actually there is something dat makes me feels so worry..
    1- DBSK already wif 350,000 album sales..
    2- 2ne1 is pretty strong right now, wif their album sales and so on..
    3- Girls Generation ready to make their FULL ALBUM comeback within September.. it reminds me of GDA 2010, where All SNSD’s mini album is add up where they beat Bonamana.
    as a boy, i like SNSD too. but i think this is the year where super junior should win the trophies so bad as dis is leeteuk hyung n heechul’s final year b4 they enter the army..

  106. HELLO to all ELFS! 🙂 I just got my Super Junior 5th Album! I got Heechul’s album cover, but i would like to trade for Ryeowook’s! Anyone interested? Contact me k! THANKS! SUPER JUNIOR ROCKS! 🙂

  107. Hi guys!

    I’ve been spazzing out on here so much lately xD its because of Super Junior’s comeback (and sungmin being so REEEOOOOW). I’m sorry if I’m a bother because of epic fangirlling and spazz attacks ^^’ I’ve never expressed how thankful I am for all the Sup3rjunior authors for all their hard work in getting ELF news about our boys ❤

    Without you guys, I'd have to resort to another site which is very bias against other groups for a lot of the wrong reasons. You guys are like the glue to my paper mashe. The banana to my banana split…. the apple to my apple pie xD lol!

    I hope you guys continue with this post for as long as the boys are together (lol, that is a LONG time :D).

    To all the authors: stay well, be healthy and be happy ^^ saraghae ❤

    • saranghae** argh, can’t believe i screwed that up ):

  108. Hey guys!!
    i’ve been a frequent visitor since like ages ago but never really thought of leaving a comment lol i know i’m lazy 😛 but anyways i just wanted to say THANK YOU SUP3RJUNIOR TEAM FOR EVERYTHING!! I love this site XD
    saranghae ❤

  109. Hi, I like to Thank You the SUP3RJUNIOR TEAM to update this website. I like this website as I can update my niece who are Super Junior Fans. I may be wrong but I need help as I dont read and speak Korean. They have been access the Sport Chosun website to vote for Super Junior and this 2 days we have found out that whatever we vote SJ, the vote increase on TVQX not SJ. We have do the test on FX, 2PM and Big Bang and TVQX vote is increasing and not them, maybe I am wrong.. do you want to test their website. Thank you

  110. super junior debak!!!!!!!

  111. Ur WeBsiTe iS brilliant…..I have a wordpress websiTe toOoOo…..JuSt want u to share my weB’s link here…I will share iT in my weBsiTe tOoOoOoo^^

  112. Well, hello there 😀
    I just wanted to thank you for uploading all the news about the boys ♥ ^^ I’m really thankfull to all of you for your hard work ! I love you ~~ ^^
    Kisses from Spain kekeke ♥

  113. hye all… i’m dD from malaysia…. really glad to find this site… so i will know everything that happen to super junior.
    thanks for your hardworl… really appriciate it….

    i love eunhyuk!!!! ^___^

  114. i’m songjira from saudi arabia .. ^^
    this is the only blog i read for super junior .. thanks for your hardwork .. ^^
    i love sungmin .. ❤

  115. Annyeongg, !!
    sasha imnidaa . . my bias is RyeoWook, but I like the other member too. I’;m an IndoELF .

    ~~ I like this blog very much,it’s always has an up-to date news from SUPER JUNIOR.
    **previously, i didn’t know this blog, but when my facebook and twitter friend always write > “Credit :”, i want to find out what it is., oww. . . finally i know what it is.** .

    >>sid and teams, gomawoo, kamsaahamnida, gomapta ne, for all news you posted and will post :))

  116. Hi My name is Jennifer. I am from New York City. My bias is Yesung, but I love all the other members as well. I love your website!! ❤

  117. Hello ELF all over the world!!
    I’m Shim from France. 88line.
    I love Super Junior soo much, I can’t live without them, without their songs, smile ect… I love all 13+2 members but… I’ve a fav… Our fishy Donghae ^^

    I read this fabulous site everyday, every hour!! I like it. Thank you for your hard work ^^ Thank you for everything dear Sup3rJunior Team ^^

  118. i can’t to not read this website even one hours,,, wherever and whenever i would always visit this website, even via twitter and facebook. coz i really love super junior. thanks to sup3rjunior for making this very impressive website.

  119. hello ELFs ^^
    my name is ikha,but u can call me kyung 😀
    i come from indonesia,,
    my bias is lee hyuk jae,really love him,but actually my first love is siwon ,
    bcuz of hyuk’s gum i fallin in love with hyukjae XDD so i choose hyukjae to be my husband XDD
    i think i love SJ since i found this blog,,^^
    n bcuz of this blog,my love for SJ is growing every day,,^^ ❤
    especially for hyukjae ❤
    I dunno know how it happened
    now I feel that SJ is a part of my life is always flowing in my veins
    I feel happy, sad, laughing, crying, because SJ
    but I feel very happy
    thanks to this blog I can feel closer to SJ
    really I say many thanks for all staff here,,


  120. hii,,, i’m anin from indonesia.
    my bias are kyuhyun leeteuk and chul (so many)
    i love your site because u dont use min post or credit to get your info,,, yeayyy

  121. im from malaysia…. all of the boys are my bias… love them all…
    thanx to the author… u do a very3 great job… latest update and its very fast update… impressive…. to be honest.. every time im online ill open this page first… and keep click the refresh button every time… and usually im not closing it…. just keep waiting for the update… thanx u so much…… ^_^

  122. Hey uksujusid!
    i love your site!! i can get amazing updates from this amazing site!!
    it’s pretty much like i am stalking Suju…lol which is why i lurrvvvvv you and all the Sup3rjunior team !!
    keep it up!! and of course thanx for everything =D
    Lee Hyukjae Lover – Mani =P

  123. i love this site!!from this site i can see them everyday
    what are theiy doing..
    i really love this site!!
    thank coz make this site!!

    ~ Angel Leeteuk ❤ ~

    ~ From-Malaysian ELF ~

  124. LOL I am 128th to comment BUT THIS PLACE IS AWSOME!! I like follow you guys forever! I am Gina 22 from Pakistan And I am an ELF “obvious” Chuckles AND A HUGE!! SUNGMIN BIASED PERSON :XD

  125. hi ^^ sorry if my english is not good
    i am new in the blog i used to read news in 2 arabic blogs but i liked this blog when i found it so i will try to read in english

    MY NAME : dina
    MY COUNTRY : egypt
    MY OPPA : leeteuk
    AGE : 19

    leeteuk is my whole life he is no 1 in every thing i do not prefer anything in my life hat ever it as on leeteuk
    i hope i can see him thats my only dream
    of course i wanna him love me and bla bla bla kekeekek but for now my wish is to see him and talk with him

    when i knew sj he was not my bias it was siwon then heechul then eunhyuk theeeen i fall in love with all of them
    the he entered my heart and never go out even when i feel like i do not love him that much it hurt me more then if i miss him and need him i cry i scream i can stand anything but not my life without his love in my heart

    MY SECOND BIAS : heechul >> eunhyuk >> dongahe >> kyuhyun

    i love all of them i can not chosse after leeteuk \but the most guys make me crazy after leeteuk is kyuhae

    and for HEENIM i adore him so much he is my sister is bais for me i respect him so much i wish i can bow in front of him and tell him how much he is a great person

    MY BEST COUPle : kangteuk of course
    EUNHAE <3<3<3<3

    i hope i will find a lot of friends here world ELF friends <3<3 cuz i love ELF and i wanna do anything to make SJ know how much i love them but to be honest i never could discribe my love for them its so hard cuz they are no 1 as i said before

    SJ kings of world FIGHTING

    thx to the bloggers

  126. I’m from the Philippines, been an elf since SJ05. My biases are Kyuhyun and the Lee brothers

    I really like this site because everything is posted fast
    and I don’t have to go to other sites because news are gathered here. this is the most convenient sj news site to me. *applause to the authors*

  127. Hola! I’m ELF from Venezuela… I’m kinda new in this website but I love it!
    My ultimate bias is Eunhyuk! but I really love all of them!
    Thanks for sharing all the news with us and for the effort ♥

    PS: I’m a Blackjack too ♥
    PS2: Sorry for my bad english ㅠ.ㅠ

  128. Greetings from the UK!!!!
    Awww absolutely love this blog… actually probably too much… XD The lovely Siwon iss is my bias but I adore all the members, whether past-present-future!
    It’s not enough but a big thank you to all the sup3rjunior team!!!!!! ❤

  129. Yay!! I just wanted to say to all the authors of Sup3r Junior blog that they are the best people ever!!! Sid Your so awesome!! Im from California and i love everything about SJ… proud fan of the boys!! Petal, Cloud, ChoKyulate?.., String, Honey?, etc etc for all FIFTEEN boys!

  130. saranghaeyo uksujusid

  131. Hello from Oregon City, Oregon! I’m MeShine Lee and a biased fan of Super Junior’s Yesung although I do also love every other member as well! I adore everything about Yesung and would hope that SUJU comes to visit Portland some time soon! The blog is great and wonderful all the time because it always updates me on Suju information and I appreciate it! Keep up the fantastic work and don’t forget to listen to Super Junior’s 5th Album: Mr. Simple!

  132. Hi, I love this site ^o^ It’s especially useful since I have my own community to update for latest news. So I can share news from here~
    I’m the founder of Super Junior Finland facebook~ it’s still a small community but we get fans every day 🙂
    My bias is Hyukjae! I’m really really biased by him XD
    Oh, I have to thank you especially for the photos what you search over the internet! I don’t have much time due to work so it’s really helpful for me! So thank you ^0^
    p.s.I were in SMTOWN Paris and it was awesome! Now they speak something about SS4 in Europe, if it’s true I’m definetly going!

    Finally a tip: SME are negotiating currently about holding SMTOWN in Germany 🙂

  133. hey guys,

    i’ve been posting for several months now but i didn’t now about this page until now haha ^^;

    well i come to this site a lot to look at pictures and it’s easy for me to navigate since it’s in english and my bias(ryeowook)’s fansites aren’t typically in english. :/

    anywho, this is a good base for any starting ELF and for continuing ELF to come back to. ^^

  134. hi………….love from Malaysia!
    i definitely love this site…..i happen to be my bookmark and the first thing i will do when i’m online is visit this blog……
    i’m ned….
    loving all the oppas….heheh
    they are so damn handsome and cute!! and every time they stand on stage,,,
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn cool!!!!!
    this blog is one of the way to show support from ELF to our boys…
    GREAT! so thank a lot lot lot and a lot to sup3erjunior team for sacrificing their time to give many bunches of info about our love ones……..heheheh
    A BIG THANK YOU………………=p good job guys
    my leader in life=leetuk
    my sweet couple=eunhae
    my entertainer=shindong
    my husband=siwon
    my defender=sungmin
    my voice=kyuhyun+yesung
    my cute baby=ryeowook
    my heart=heechul
    my memory=hankyung

    no matter what always has faith! 13elive in them>4ever!
    start with leetuk, end with Elf……………………………….

  135. Hello, everyone!! I’m Alyne and I’m from Brazill!! I’m always admired the Super Junior videos, but was not a fanatic about the band…EVERYTHING CHANGE WITH EUNHYUK’S BLONDE HAIR AND SUPERMAN!!!! Now I’m in love with Super Junior and really trying to understand the Kpop culture, I mean, what’s about all the kiss, couples? Somebody told me it’s a fan service thing..ANYWAYS THE BEST SERVICE EVER, DAMN HOT, RIGHT?

    I’m all over the site, I’m already following on twitter!! Thanks for share all the new, pictures and videos.

    I don’t know with you guys are fluent in korean,but it will be perfect if some of the videos had subtitles in english. Actually I would love with Super Junior could talk english more, that would help them over seas.

  136. Thank you so much for organizing this great blog ^V^
    I visit this blog when I use computer every time… if i dun have time to use computer,
    I will visit here by phone 🙂

    Really thank you the admin to update, translate….
    I have met E.L.F. from different countries here, it’s amazing!!

    *for me, I’m from Hong Kong, Sungmin bias. 😀

  137. first time to know there is a guestbook well its aswaaaam xDD
    i do adore this fine aswam Blog im really greatfull for the simplest coolest blog in the world and the universe :p plz keep it up cuz without this blog really goin nuts @-@
    im sarah im Arab E.L.F I die for the super junior my dream life is to go meet them i know its not gonna happen but ill try any way i love eteuki my prince charmeing & DONGHAAAI thats for sure ^^ & i love them all thats all
    kjeep it this fiiiine fine bloog ^.^

  138. Hi everyone!!!.. well, I’m from Mexico…
    It’s great to meet a lot of ELF’s of many countries ^_^ …
    I love this blog!!.. thanks so much for all your effort, is because of you that I can know everything about SuJu…
    I’m a recent fan, but feel I love them from a lot of years jajajajaja.. my bias are Sungmin and Donghae
    Nice to meet you (to all ELF’s)!!!

  139. hi admin.greeting from Malaysian elf here.this site is freaking amazing.i love the way u manage the site.thanx for always up-to-date sj news for us.keep up the good work.fighting!!

  140. Hello!
    I’m an Swedish ELF and I just want to say, I really love this site! I get to know the news about SUJU everyday and it keeps me busy. So I really want to thank you for your hard to let many ELFs know about what’s happening with our boys! Especially you, Sid who startid this ❤


  141. SUPP~! Canadian ELF here. xD I LOVE this site, it keeps me update about SJ..>.<..THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT WORK~!

  142. Hey, Chinese elf who lives in the US here. I love this site cause its so on top of everything. So much news all the time [that’s a good thing] and I am kept busy all day with this stuff. Love you guys; keep up the good work! ❤ *fangirl signing out.*

  143. annyeong all. glad to know all of u guys.
    i love this blog very much. this blog very very very update, thanks for u’r hardwork guys.
    btw, i’m ishlah from indonesia. my 1st bias is Lee Donghae. thats why my friends call me IshlaHae. hihihi. i love this nickname very much.
    FIGHTING for the future. i will try to comment in this blog 🙂

  144. hi ELF around the world! my name is kiky, i’m from indonesia ^^
    contact me on FB: Kiky Rose, twitter: @Qcute_sonELFish.

    i love this blog ^^

  145. Hello… a new ELF here. Regret not knowing SJ earlier but hey, its better than never..hehe… thanks for your hard work in updating us with the news. This website is now a must surf for every, literally every 10 mins.. 🙂

  146. Annyeong Haseyeo all readers~ I am Gloria… I’m an ELF since 2 years ago (yes I know.. I must be ashamed of myself:P) I am from Holland and I’m half asian! (quarter Malay and quarter Chinese) and I don’t know a word from it.. I really LOVE! Super Junior! They are the best group of all kpop groups!! I really wanted to let you know I love this blog! I love this site and I love the pictures^^ you guys doing a great job!~ My bias is the Lovely, beautiful, sexy leader ^^ I hope I can go to SS4 because I want to see them at least 1 time before they have a break!

  147. Thank you for bringing news of SuJu to us!
    Keep it up!
    I keep on visiting this site every 2 hours.. puhahaha..
    I hope you won’t get tired of posting stuffs..
    I’m an ELF at heart.

    My warmest thank you.. 🙂
    Be safe always!

  148. Hi, my name is Kathy, I’m 23 years old and from austria.
    I know about SUper Juniro just for maybe.. 5 or 6 weeks, but already feel like it has beed for years. My bias are Sungmin, Kyuhyun and Yesung. ^^
    It’s sad that austria hasn’t really a chance to hear about them expect for the internet. q.q
    That’s one reason why I love this website to get informations. ❤

  149. Sandra, Estonia, 17~!
    Thank you so much for this awesome blog ^^

  150. hello everyone, I’m Shirmen. My nationality is complicated. I’m a Chinese who has never visited China, I was born and raised in Vietnam, but now living in Canada. In short, I’m from Global Town. :> I love everyone in SuJu and I visit this website everyday.

    • wow, glad to befriend a Global citizen like u
      bạn nói tiếng Dziệt dc hôn? =]

  151. Hi ELFs!!!! I’m a Malaysian currently studying in Australia with super good internet so am enjoying a bit too much here. XD. Thank you so much for all your updates!!!!! It must be hard work esp when the boys are active, they are everywhere and the data that you guys have to collect are tremendous. The first thing I do whenever I wake up is load this website. Thank you once again for feeding my suju addiction daily!!

  152. thank you sup3rjunior for providing everything!! God bless!!

  153. I see the things here for a long time, but i just saw this guest book now ;_;

    Annyong, I’m Letícia, 15 years old, Brazilian, but I’m a japanese descendant! ELF of 1 year and half, and i’m a CRAZY ADDICTED PERSON for SJ n kpop…
    My bias: no one then GameKyu♥ But i like a lot of Sungmin
    and Hyukie ❤
    (What the hell… I LOVE ALL THE Forever 15 BOYS ♥)
    Favorite couples: the real EunHae & KyuMin ♥
    I really like KPOP! My favorite band is of course SJ, but i also like, 2pm,u-kiss,shinee,BB,dbsk, snsd,f(x), IU, after school and some many others! *–*
    I just wanna thank to ALL the staff that works really
    hard to let us 24h informed, with BEAUTIFUL pics, videos
    and news!! I'm really thankfull ♥

    PS:I would say more, but i REALLY don't know what to say

  154. aaaaaawww this blog is SUPER COOL….very big thanks for the authors and all E.L.F that have been participate to make this blog become this wonderful….i’m extremely happy i’ve found this blog yuhuuuuu….when i’m in home, i visit this blog nearly everyday…i’m dian from Indonesia…i love everything about Super Junior, and of course bout my bias’: donghae and kibum^^

    keep your good work..hwaiting!^^

  155. Hey guys~ I’m Michelle, I’m 16, I’m from Venezuela and I’m a Petal 🙂 SJ is my only favorite kpop group. Actually, since I know them, I don’t really care about other groups lol. I really want to thank you for this wonderful blog, because you have actually ALL covered, you are really organized, and I really love that you support all 15 members ^^

    I want to tell you a short story~ The other day I was talking with my best friend who is also an ELF, and she asked if I saw some picture (I don’t even remember what it was) and I asked her “I don’t know, did you saw it on sup3rjunior? If you didn’t I’ve probably never seen it in my life”. Because you are my first and only source, and even if you post like hundreds of posts everyday I still see them all, even if it take me hours, because yeah, I love SJ and I love stalking them lol. That’s why I’m really thankfull of your hardwork!
    I’m sorry because I know you like comments and I usually comment on everything I can, but I feel like it is not enough…

    So, yeah, thank you ♥

    • The same as me i am a petal too but my first is teuk
      when i knew i think it one year ago T_T i wish i have know them before
      them i never do anything but them no dramas no other bands
      my life is for them they are no 1 in every thing no body can say in front of me that there is more awesome band or i will break of her heheheeh i am crazy when its about SJ

      seeing their news on blogs
      i have no time to see performings cuz i found this blog 2 days ago and a hundreds of topic in my email since 7 o’clock tell now 3 i am seeing and saving pic.s aaaah i am tired i wanna more time so i can watch their last perform and the videos i always download but no time to see
      they realy make me busy

      Michelle since we are the same i hope we can be chingu i know no body here
      read my information above and tell me ^^ 😀

      • Yeah we are the same! Seriously, when I first saw a few videos of them, I thought they were just like whatever and I didn’t even noticed them… But the friend I talked about before introduced me more of them and I really started liking them! Heenim was my first bias since that time, and I quickly fell in love with them. I really regret not knowing them better before, just like you!
        Of course we can be friends! I don’t really know to many people either kkk I love meeting people from other countries^^
        Leeteuk is my second bias! With Yesung 🙂 I really love them, I love all SJ actually 🙂 Really they are almost the most important for me! I wish we could talk… do you have tumblr, twitter, skype, or idk msn? It would be great talk to other ELF! 😀

        • mmmm iam so sad that my English is not good aaish
          i wanna say more to you but i can not T_T
          my friend who told me about Korean told me about sorry sorry i love it then i forget them for a while then another friend of me who is crazy about Japanese anime told me they are gays i was so sad and angry i was tottlay in love with heenim and siwon
          i google every thing about them for days first i believed her and i hate them ,deleted all their pic.s
          well there were not a lot of pic.s yet they was about 14 pic ^^
          now look at my lab there is more then 20000 pic
          after the third day i discover more about them
          how they are great
          i fall in love again watching no other and minah i became crazy
          then eunhyuk became my bias cuz i knew he dose not drink so i like that
          then i saw more vid.s more songs i forget every thing else and my life became just for SJ
          tell the day i dreamed iam getting married to leeteuk he was not that great person in my dream as he is actually he was telling me he is a bad person may he will hit me if he is angry and that he is crazy but i was in love with him so i do not care i just said i will marry you what ever u are
          and we got married my dream ended there heheheheeh i waked up having that feeling that i really adore this guy even if hate his personalty in my dream but his smile was damn awesome like always

          you know what this friend of mine now like bigbang and 2ne1 when i see her i become really mad i hate talk to her she make ma angry saying bigbang is better oh my god she is crazy anf have no eyes at all to say that any band better then our kids

          but she is the one made me know korean pop that is the only good thing she made to me because i was not know a lot of ppl love k pop but now i know alot of Egyptian girls love them on the Internet and i meet them some times

          yae i have twitter and face book


          i newly registered to tumblr i do not know how to use it T_T

          • u know what heheheheh no i love sj couples
            when she told me that i said yuukky and it was horrible to watch them doing this but now after i know them well no i like their funny vid.s and their games
            i love eunhae and kangteuk <3<3

            kangin ah i wish i knoew sj before you go T_T

  156. Heya all ♥ I’m Bianca from Romania 🙂 I have fell in love with the boys at the beginning of this month, when they came back with Mr Simple, so I’m still a new-born ELF. I’m sad that I became a fan only now, when Heechul is leaving for the army and the others will probably follow soon ;_; However I’ll try to support all of them as much as possible!! Thank you for this wonderful site, that made me learn more about our boys and with so many updates that I can keep up with them!! You are awesome ❤ ELFs, let's love Super Junior together ^^

  157. Hello, I’m Colleen from the USA! I’m a Noona that started listening to SJ when they came out with SORRY SORRY 🙂 Siwon is my bias, Holy Shisus I love him ❤ but I love all 15 very much too! Unnie, please keep this WP up, I know it's a lot of work but I do appreciate it, as I'm sure all of the other ELFs do 😀 WE ARE ELF! WE ARE SUPER JUNI-IOR!!! xoxoxo

  158. hello. I’m Nia from Indonesia. is there anyone from indonesia?^^ I’m 14 now T_T i love them for 3 years when i was 11 yo 😀 and my bias is LEE DONGHAE!! ♥ no matter happen my bias is always Lee Donghae. i’m falling love with him because suju full house ^^ anyway, this blog is really awesome. i always open it when i open my internet xD thanks for sharing this~~ ♥ *deepbow*

  159. woah alot of comments 8D
    hi my name is sara ,, well super junior my 2nd fav Band ..
    my bias is sungmin and hangeng and heechul 🙂
    my otp comes in 1st place my lovely HYUKMIN
    and then heemin – hanmin – hanchul 🙂
    i’m so obsess w / ming and heenim and hannie
    srsly i feel love with all members
    thankyu for the awesome and the best Blog ever of super junior
    my dream will come true after suju ss4 world tour but it broke after heenim
    i’ll be unable to see him his my second bias, i cried alot when i heard the news
    i was truly shocked well till now i’m in shcok 😦
    but i’ll be there for him proud to hold lightstick with his name and move it highly
    okay and of course my ming ;p
    i’m thankuf to you guys .. and from now on i’ll leave my comments !!
    but guys Do you really have Time to read all the comments ?
    i love you 🙂 hwaiting

  160. HELLO…..the first thing i always do after turning on the computer is visit here for any updates and i love reading other elfs comments….like wookie said those who only see suju :elf……i love your wordpress and thankyou for hard work p.s i am from NEPAL and my friends love suju too……

  161. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥SUPER JUNIOR ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Hello, I’m Gytha from Hong Kong,but currently studying in Australia.I am just a fresh E.L.F cause i love Suju since two months. My bias is Kyu Kyu Kyu Kyuhyun, he is so great for me, best voice, great smile, evil… etc. haha~
    By the way,,, i really love this blog~thank u so much for sharing everything of Super junior~~
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥SUPER JUNIOR ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  162. you are so great for making this page. I’m sure The World will cover with pearl sapphire blue soon. Super Junior = The Last Man Standing. ELF = The Last FANDOM standing! FIGHTING!

  163. Hi! I’m from the PHilippines..Actually these past few days have been hard on me:((I was really sad about Heechul’s enlistment. I was prepared that he’ll do this maybe after concert in Korea. I was really looking forward for their next parody. But we’ll be waiting and supprting them no matter what..SJ Fighting!!

  164. Annyeong !
    Hi Hi my name is Stella , from Indonesia. I love this blog so muuuuch ♥
    My bias is Lee Sungmin , Cho Kyuhyun and Kim Heechul
    don’t make me choose the one of them
    Support super junior till i die !
    Shocked when heard about Heenim’s enlist in army ;__; it’s too fast…
    but i will wait for him….and always love him.
    Milky Skin Kim Heechul, We love you Kim Heechul.

    And for staffs here, hwaiting !

  165. Hi ELF!!
    i’m from Malaysia n my bias is LEE HYUKJAE…
    really LOVE this blog coz made me know bout the recent news of SUPER JUNIOR A.S.A.p……
    support suju forever!!!!!!!!
    yes, diz week made me sad bout inki’s encore, SUJU hurt in dream team n Heechul oppa enlistment…..
    but no matter what always support them forever n thanks alot to admin who feed me with suju news^^^^^^

  166. By far this is the most updated blog about Super Junior. Best of all is that you translate all the twitter by Super Junior member which I really do appreciate very much.

    My name is Karen and I’m from Malaysia. Just started to like to Super Junior.
    Before that I don’t listen to any korea music. I felt that it very difficult to understand what they trying to express in their music. Once I listen the song Its You by Super Junior, I just can’t stop listening to it and now I start to learn korean. Now I start to collect all the information about Super Junior. Sad thing is that Malaysia don’t sell Super Junior CD. Anyways, thanks for all the effort you into this blog. You really did a good job.

  167. my nickname is :shoosha….mmmm I really like your site and I really enjoy when read the news from u I support u go ahead ….can I ask that f u have the episode of suju in strong heart wth eng sub please put it 🙂

  168. annyeong!! I’m Ayra from Philippnes (^_^) CERTIFIED ELF!! Proud vitamin, petal & jewel… I’ve been loving & supporting Super Junior since early 2010… If you ask me why., well, I can’t give you a reason because true love has no reasons :DD

    thank you so much for creating this page/blog.. you guys are really great help!! thanKYU!!! 🙂

  169. hi! my name is taryn and I’m from Philippines. thank you so much for keeping us updated on our beloved SUPER JUNIOR. hope you’ll continue to keep us posted on their activities and everything. I love reading the articles about them and the photos and videos are just breath taking. thanks for making us feel closer to our boys. keep up your good work! aja aja fighting to all of you! ❤SUPER JUNIOR❤ THE BEST!!!! THE LAST MAN STANDING!!!!❤

  170. oh I forgot my bias is ❤❤HyukJae❤❤… thanks!!!

  171. ah, I forgot whether I already filled the guest book or not…
    greetings from Indonesia, my name’s Jer. Lee Sungmin biased
    I’ve known this blog for a long time, but honestly I seldom visit *sorry~*
    like everyone has done, I just wanna say thank you to everyone at sup3rjunior for providing, sharing and helping ELFs all around the world for the easy, simple super junior news.
    also, everyone! let’s wait patiently for Heenim and pray that he do his best for his military service 😀

  172. hello, hi! i’m safirah from Malaysia. I always visit this page even though i have a lot of work to do. I love this page and always suggest this page to my friends. all about super junior are here. Thanks to web master and all friends here. i’m so in love with super junior songs and their choreographer.feel like want to cry when see them on stage.hope you guys will always update super junior’s activity.may god bless them always.give them love and fully support. To our heechul, you are always in our heart even we are not together in 2 years. so sad though!

  173. My name is Christine, from Malaysia, a MBC, a Malaysian Born Chinese, mandarin is my mother tongue, KYU is my bias!!!!!! thanks for everything!

  174. Hi everyone ^^
    My name in Bérénice, I’m 15 years old and I’m from Spain, but I’m half french:) My bias in suju is Eunhyuk, but I really love all of them… so I can’t choose a second bias xD
    I really love this wordpress! the first thing I do every morning is coming here and check the news lol so thank you all of you for your hard work!! ♥

  175. I love Ryeowook! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  176. annyeong everyone! I am Joey from Malaysia. My bias? erm… i love all of them. so cannot choose only 1. i equally love Eunhyuk, Heechul, Sungmin, Leeteuk and Donghae. The next rank include the remaining members. 😀 I have been an E.L.F since 2009. And I love them for everything, not only because of their outlook. For me, people who admit themselves as elf must have certain condition. LOL. If not, I will not agree that she/he is an elf. OK, skip this. Everytime I online, I will surf this wordpress. I love this wordpress very much. ♥ They update things fast! 😀 And i love blogging, you can always visit my very own blog here (

    I love Super Junior! Really love! ❤ They become a part of my life already 😀

  177. annyeooong! i am shazia from indonesia. my bias is eunhyuk and donghae..
    ur site is fabulous! i love ur site!
    keep updating..
    thankss.. 🙂

  178. Hello ! I’m Rica , 15 years old from Philippines. I love Super Junior so much. I’m so sad when I heard the news that Heechul is enlisted in army , he is my bias 😦

  179. Magandang araw! I’m Erid from Manila. =)
    This site is my equivalent of the daily newspaper. haha! Very updated and very much relevant especially when giving out information regarding the boys from photos to videos and pretty much anything. I can’t last a day without checking out this blog. I can’t imagine how to live if this blog ceased to exist.

    Our blog site is already perfect, however, I suggest we put up a CHATBOX or CHATROOM so elfs from all over the world can talk in real time and ask questions and latest news from each other. It’s a great feeling when I spazz but it’s better if I can share my spazzing with another elf in real time. 😉

    Kudos to our administrators. YOU. ARE. ALL. AWESOME!

  180. Hi~^^
    I’m Dinda from Indonesia~
    Firstly I’m an eternal ELF 😛 and I also an eternal Ryeosomnia ♥ kekekee~
    I know this wp from my sister..she also an ELF and she is DOnghae biased..
    Honestly we’re the crazy fangirl..XDD
    I really loves
    this wp is really awesome! >.< you guys really do a good job for us (ELF) and also the boys..
    Here is the place that I can stalk the boys..their schedules and everything..
    You guys really help us to knows about them everytime..
    I always open this site everytime I go to browsing..but I often getting mad when I opened this site because of my bad inet connection..I ever cry..LOL
    and yeah..Thank You for you guys who helped us..for updating the boys..
    Keep updating and do ur best~^^ we are nothing without you guys~^^
    We Love You ♥♥

  181. Hello! Sok Wen from M’sia 😀 So glad and happy that i found this site. It’s now part of my daily activity to visit this site or else i couldn’t sleep in peace hahaha I’m Serious ! Really Really Really (x100000….) thanks a lot for giving us ELF such a good place to know more & up-to-date about our beloved suju. I’m so touched for what u guys have done here & i know it’s not easy at all. T.T =)) All the Best to all of u(authors), ELFs & every1 that ❤ SUPER JUNIOR!

  182. hello i am from indonesia!!
    and sure! i love sup3rjunior~~!!!!

  183. wow,,so many comments, so many ELFs here:x. I’m a new ELF from Vietnam. I’m very happy to make friend with all of u guys:D. I love your blog very much because u help me seem to meet our sj and other lovely ELFs everyday.
    Thaxxx uuuuuu :xD

    • oh sr for fail emotion >”<. i mean :XXXXXXXXX :p

  184. hello, my name is Roselle [also known as haruhae091007] and i am a Philippine ELF. And it’s my first time to leave a comment on the guestbook. I am very grateful to the awesome creator of this wonderful blog. I have been an ELF since 2007 and i love Super Junior very very much to the point that i really get overly emotional each time something bad happens to each of the 15 members. It is because i don’t ever want them getting hurt or seeing them cry even a single tear ever because it hurts me even more.

    Before, I was never really that much updated really about SuJu’s activities and all until i found this blog. Through this blog i finally felt this sense of true attachments to Super Junior and all of the members. Through this blog i really felt so much happiness whenever i visit this and see images of Super Junior flooding in here.

    Donghae is my first love amongst the members. Because of the pureness of his heart, It made me love him so quickly. There is always this something that i often see through his eyes that i really can’t describe in words and how it instantly magnets my affection towards him. Sungmin-ssi is my ultimate bias. His ultimate sweetness and the love that he shares to all the people around him melts my heart all the time. His aegyo smile and the way he treats everyone with meekness and modesty makes me feel so proud to be called one of his zillions of ELFs. The third member most closest to my heart is Heechul-ssi. I happen to see him from a Drama-Comedy and instantly liked him at first sight without even knowing he is a member of SJ. It was only on 2007 when MYX Philippines started playing SuJu music videos that i finally met Super Junior [well at least only by watching their music videos on TV, though ^ ^] From then on, my admiration toward Heechul-ssi became even more stronger.

    But the best thing is that i love all SJ members, as well, Not just Donghae, Sungmin-ssi and Heechul-ssi. Everyday of my life that i see them through this blog makes me feel delighted so much that i just can’t help but imagine being tightly hugged for real by my amazing SJ dongsaengs every single moment of my life every single day.

    To the creator of this blog, you are the best. I am forever thankful to you for graciously opening to us the virtual door towards the Sapphire blue world of our beloved Super Junior, that we ELFs get to enjoy so much everyday. Again, thank u, thank u and thank u more.!! God bless u, dear chingu. God bless your blog and most of all God bless our darling dearest Super Junior! 🙂

    Waah! I never thought my comment would be this long! Haha ^ ^

    I am so happy i get to share my thoughts on this guestbook! So grateful for the opportunity… Again, so much, so much thank you. ^ ^

  185. Hiiiiiiiii Guys I’m a persian Elf and my bias is Mr.Cho haha
    and just wanna say is AWESOME
    really …. supporting every member and having the best and the most completed collection of pics and cams and news also
    just hope to be able to support them to the end together

  186. I came across your blog a few months ago and LOVE it! It’s always open in my browser for quick, easy updates on all 13+2 members of SJ. The layout is easy to read, esp with the titles and tags–other blogs I’ve seen are too cluttered. And it’s really fun to see when the background and banner is updated to match what the boys are currently doing. Thanks for all of your amazing hard work and dedication!

    • My name is Elle. I’m from the States…Chicago actually ^^ My friend actually introduced me to super junior right before Sorry Sorry but I have def made up for missing out of their first few years. Eunhyuk is my #1 bias. I ship Eunhae couple (sorry, Siwon). Even tho I have a bias, I love all the members and can’t wait to finally see them live in NYC. They make my heart flutter and also happy. Anything that makes me as happy as them should be supported! Again, I love your blog!! Thanks a million time to all the staff.

  187. Annyoung=)<3. imma from United Arab Emitares.
    i just visiting this site like everyday and watch the news about SUJU.
    this is my favourite site!!!
    keep going!! love you sup3rJunior!

    my bias is; Teukie,Eunhyuk,Kyuhyun,Donghae,Heechul
    for me they r best of Suju <3!!

  188. hello..^_^
    really love this site, which i’ll get more news about them
    Terima Kasih sgt2..hehe

    ** eJart from Malaysia **

  189. I’m Super Junior addict ang my friend Kaeziel Santillan
    I love Leeteuk,Yesung and Ryeowook
    I wish that I could meet them!!!

  190. Hi everyone!!!!!^ ^I’m nel from the Philippines and I’ve been an ELF for more than 2 years already…
    To the authors and staff of this blog I thank you from the bottom of my heart…
    Thank you for giving updates and subs since I can’t understand Korean…
    I hope to meet and converse with ELFS here too..
    ELF SARANGHAE!!!^ ^<3

  191. Hello, I’m putzy from Indonesia. Mr.Simple 6th winning today bring me here. 😉
    I hope we can be friends. 😀

    well, you guys can see me in facebook:
    or twitter: @siputzy

    I love all members actually, but if I have to choose, I would say that I’m Sungmin bias.<3
    that's because I think we have the same character. but mine is mixed with Heechul craziness. LOL

    With this 6th winning and TRiple Crown, I hope you guys have a great day! 😀

  192. wow many comments here,,i don’t know how to introduce,,kkkkk xD
    hello ELF my family in the world 😀
    i’m Nindy Nochan,, INDONESIAN ELF, Siwon biased^^
    this year is the 3rd year i became an ELF woaaaa i can’t believe its 3 years im with them and all my family (elf) in the world 😀
    for all authors here,,whoaaaa all of u really DAEBAK!!! THIS BLOG REALLY AWESOME!! Thank you so much for everything in here,,because this blog i was never late about suju 😀 sorry i didn’t commented here,,but from now i will try commented often,if i’m online,this blog is 1st site i will opened 🙂 MY FAVOURITE BLOG IS SUP3RJUNIOR.COM ;):)
    i really hope i can meet all ELF in the world T__T SARANGHAMNIDA ELF :*

  193. Annyeong! Mabuhay!

    First off let me thank all people who made this blog possible…love u guys for bringing and updating us about our fave boys in the world Super Junior..Fighting!!
    I’m Mary from the Philippines. I super love all SuJu members but my ultimate biases are KyuHyun,SungMin,YeSung,DongHae,EunHyuk and LeeTuek (wow that’s half of them),A true blue KyuMin shipper.
    I just hope that we support Super Junior till the end.. GO ELFs..Hwaiting…

  194. hai…i am Maya Sinai from Indonesia,22years old. My bias is HanChul couple. Now, i widowed for the 2nd time (Hangeng sue SM and Heechul enlistment),,hehehe..but i’ll wait Hangeng and Heechul.. Actually, i love 15 boys all,,

  195. Hello everyone… Annyeonghasseyo 😀
    I’m Indonesian ELF, Hana Imnida…

    I love SUPER JUNIOR so much, And Sungmin Is my bias.
    for me SUJU is like My Sun who always giving me a bright shine…
    Oppadeul Saranghae #Kisseu :*

    then, thank you so much to all Admin of this Blog #read : SUP3RJUNIOR.COM,
    because of you guys and this blog of course I can Update Everything about Super junior easily… Kamasahamnida~ 😀

    p.s : If u guys have time, u can see me at my Fb, or My Twit @Choi_HyerinElf.
    I’ll waiting for ya 😀 Gomawo~

  196. Hello. My name is Rose B, but most just usually just call me Bebe, hence my name “bb.” But since I like my privacy, that’s as far as I’ll go. 🙂 I’m a 25 yr old ELF. A bit old, but hey, there are ELF halmonis out there so I don’t feel too awkward. And I’m from Seattle, Washington.
    I loved SJ since August of 2010, exactly 1 year ago. Their laughter and happiness are just plain infectious! Mostly because they are so sincere and honest in whatever they do. In the beginning, I would patrol Youtube every chance I got to recreate that first moment when I saw them in a variety show (Intimate Note). I was lolling so hard! But patrolling like that is hard work, not to mention there’s no guarantee it’ll be successful. So, I ended up googling SJ blog and here I am! There were several I had to wade through, and thankfully I found one that met all my criteria. This wordpress has everything I was looking for: good organization, easy to navigate, fast and frequent updates, devoted to all 15 members, and most importantly, it’s in English!
    I have no complaints except one. Even though the updates are fast and frequent, sometimes I find things on Youtube/Internet that do not show up here, or at least show up late. I want to suggest some posts, but I don’t have the time to be a staff member. I think it’ll be a great idea to have a page where people like me can suggest things like that. Even a site email can be useful.
    Thanks for all the hard work, sup3rjunior staff! It’s thanks to you I can have a few minutes of escapism each day. 🙂

  197. Finland ELFs project for Heechul~

  198. Yo.! I’m Coriana.!~ I’m 14 &&’ I live in the USA. Im actually rather new to Super Junior. I found out about them around April of this year. My obsession quickly grew :3 Haah.! Coriana’s Top Six Suju Members!: Number Six – Shindong. Ah. He’s a pimp. And doesn’t get enough love. Number Five – Zhou Mi. He’s just so… Gah I don’t even know he’s kewlio in my book.! Number Four – Eunhyuk. I feel like he needs to be taken care of &&’ he’s hilarious.! Number Three – Heechul. I’m so proud to be a Heechul fan. And I’m going to patiently wait for him to come back to me when he gets out of his military service. [I Luh Yhu Too, Kangin &&’ Leeteuk.!(; <3] Number Two – Henry Lau. I lufferz him to death. And his bird, Birdie.! XD Number One….. LEE DONGHAE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay. At first, I saw Donghae in Sorry Sorry and I thought it was Eunhyuk. Lol. Then I found Super Girl. And someone had asked who it was that did the gun to the head thing. Im so glad that person asked. Because first of all. Donghae is just… oomf amazing but Super Girl was created for him. And thus. I kinda became his no. 1 African American fangirl. His eyes and smile… They're both so hypnotizing.! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Ah. I love this website. I kinda stumbled upon it, but geez this thing is my life. I was going through my email and my brother was like, "Is ALL of that Super Junior related.?!?! O_o Seriously, Coriana.?!" Lol. Hmm. Aside from me being 14 and black and a new Super Junior fan [Woot.! Woot.!] I'm an aspiring artist. I love music, and I really, really, really, REALLY wanna sing/dance. I even auditioned for the SBS K-pop thing.! Kinda anxious. Oh well.! Maybe one day I'll have a huge website like this that all of my fans can visit.! :3

  199. 나는 그들이 영감 아르 개인적으로 내가 그들을 사랑보고 싶어서 안녕하세요, 전 재닌 오전, 그리고 내가 필리핀에서 오전 슈퍼 주니어스 번 팬이 난 그냥 요청하려면, 다시 제가 슈퍼 주니어스 공연을 느낄 것입니다 그러니 제발 당신이이 메시지의 SUJU 싸우지을 읽고 희망, 난 영원히 당신을 사랑하고, 보살펴 ..

  200. Hello there i am Janine, i am from Philippines,first of all i want to promote Kpop in Philippine for those who love SUJU and my messages for my oppa’s take care and stay strong and god bless you go SUJU,SUJU figthing GO!..

  201. Hi ELFs! (I want to warn you in advance about my not understandable english. sorry xD)
    I’m Patricia, 15 years old (born 1996 xD). I live in small country in Europe – Lithuania xD
    I’m..kinda.. new ELF, on November it’s going to be only year when I became addicted to SuJu 😀 Well, actually, I heard their song “Super Girl” about 2 years ago, but then somehow I didnt became interested in them – at that time I was more into j-rock. But after few months I listened to “Bonamana”, “Sorry Sorry”, “No Other”… and… Here I am!! The girl who listens to Super Junior, who watches their MVs, who stalks them by reading news 24/7, who is addicted to Super Junior completely!!
    In my short life there were many groups that I liked and I were saying “Oh, this is going to be my fav group for my whole life”. But now, when I know THAT FEELING when you love SuJu, I know that nothing is going to change them.. I never loved any voices, any music, any guys like I love their voices, their music, like I LOVE THEM!
    My first bias, and still the same, and will forever be – Siwon. Actually, at first I fell for him because of his look. xD I watched “No Other” MV and he was the first who caught my eye.. Since then he’s my no.1 man.. But now, of course, I love him not only because of his looks – when I started to read about him, watch shows, his dramas and films, I fell for him even more. He’s such a great person – his character, his sexy voice, his great acting.. everything is perfect about him. ❤
    My second bias was Kyu, but now it's Sungmin too, I just can't choose one xD
    Ok, so after Siwon, Kyuhyun caught my eye, his strong voice and beautiful face. he became my friend's bias no.1 (and mine was Siwon as you know) and since then our favourite couple forever is KyuWon ❤
    About Sungmin.. I fell for him that 'strongly' not that long time ago, maybe half a year, that happened when I watched many vids of Chunji radio (or how is it called?). As you know, he was DJ together with Sunny.. I love their cuteness!! I'm going crazy about it!! I could watch them doing cute things forever. Since then, my fav female+male couple is SunSun ^^ Sungmin is aegyo king, completely! ❤
    Btw, I wish SunSun would be real couple.. They look so good together.
    Oh, I'd love KyuWon to be real couple too.. LOL. but really. *blush*
    about other members, I just can't decide, who is 5th, who is 8th or who is last.. I love them all. !!!

    About Sup3rjunior –
    I really really want to thank you for creating this page!! It's the best Suju's news site I've seen so far!
    I can't endure even one hour not knowing something new about them, what they are doing, where are they.. And YOU keep informing me!
    Sometimes I don't comment, and sometimes I spazz out (so yeah, sorry about that).. XD but I just want you to know, that this girl always checks your page xD (yea, I use mobile internet so I can check super junior news even I'm not at home xD)
    Admins, thank you for your work, for being able to inform so many ELFs. Thank you Sid for your good work, for your kindness (OMG doing giveaways? That's soo cool!)


    By the way, my favourite phrase – PROM15E TO 13ELIEVE ❤ don't forget it ELFs~

  202. First of all: Thank you so much for this amazing website!!! 😉
    I have a request!

    We are trying to reach 20 million views on youtube for Mr. Simple when Heenim returns after his 4 weeks in military!…but to achieve that we would need about 360,000 views a day!!…This will only be possible if A LOT of ELF help out!!…

    So I’m asking you to please post our request here on this website, since there are always so many ELF present here!…and please also tell them that replay and refresh doesn’t count, they either have to put the MV together with at least one additional different MV in a playlist and let it autoloop or always search for the MV anew and click on it after every view…

    THANKS!!! 🙂

  203. waaahhh tnx so much for making heechul pics as your blog background skins… hwiting heechul-ssi! syupeo saranghanda! and thank as well for this!! 😀


  205. halo im from Singapore and my biases r Heechul, Leeteuk & Siwon respectively.. but well.. ie lurv all derh 13 members as well!! =D i’ve been visitin yur website ever since ie discovered it, heehee (im a loyal supporter for 1.5 years at least and still countin!!).. dho ie dunt usually leave comments but yar, nice to meet u, & all derh Heechul biases as well.. hope he does well, ‘ll c him in 4 weeks.. =DD
    im glad dat derh site eaz now overwhelmed with updates daily!! d authors r so diligent! but it means i’ve alot to catch up on oso.. tryin my bez!! im at August 23 now.. haiz..
    mmm.. nonetheless, thankiu! for yur hardwork! hwaitin Super Junior~ hwaiitin hwaitin ELF~ =DD

  206. *hwaitin
    by derh way, forgot to mention, ie lurv derh current Heechul background too!! ❤

  207. Hi!!!!!!well just recently that I discovered this website and I’m loving it….Thanks for all the effort and it give us happiness….(^_−)−☆

  208. hi 🙂 i’m from indonesia 16 years old ^^
    now SUPER JUNIOR’s album become my must have item ^^
    why i love SUJU: nice songs, great voice, amazing dance, and also they are hard worker 🙂
    bias: yesung ryeowook kyuhyun (actually, hard to decide who is my bias. because, all of them are incredible)
    thanks from me ^^

  209. love this site..:)

  210. love this site ^^

    keep updating about our beautiful boys okay hahahaha 🙂


    Appreciate your hardwork guys 🙂
    LOVE U from INDONESIAN ELF here ❤

    -Ajeng from Indonesia and KYUHYUN biased-

  212. Hi there.. First of all i really appreciated that you guys willing to spend some time to sub and post all of the things about SJ. Since i’m quite a new fan of SJ (i’ve been SJ fan around 5months only even though i’ve known them since 2007), you guys totally makes my life easier. I can find all of SJ’s stuff in one place. So thank you very much guys♥
    Btw, i noticed that there’s quite a few youtube link has been removed and i already leave a comment there but maybe you guys didn’t have time to read it. So, what about you guys create a new page to report any broken links? So that it would be easier for you to check and re-upload any broken links if possible? Anyway, it’s up to you guys. I just want share my opinion =)

    • Upss.. It seems like everyone here introduce themselves first. Forgot to do that XD Anyway, i’m from Malaysia and my no.1 bias is Heechul (i’ve been a fan of SJ because of him. i fall in love with him for the first time i saw his picture and he will always be main bias♥). My 2nd bias is Sungmin. At first i’m not attracted to him at all and in fact, he’s one of the last members that i remember from all 13 members. But after some time, i’m more and more attracted to him and i just find him so cute, talented and just simply perfect♥

  213. hello~ wow 234 comment..will you read mine??
    well..the first thing i do when i open my mozila browser is check out this awesome wordpress!!!!!! u all are really Daebak…
    im from malaysia,17 years old.. my bias is heechul but im still love the other 14!
    im actually love Super junior since Rokkuko release… the first member catch my eyes is Shindong..hehe..i dont know yet about heechul accidents at that time T_T because im not update their news and i dont have any internet connection at my house yet.. then cooking cooking make me love all 6 members of SUJu happy.. cooking cooking is the first korean song that i so cute.. and after Sorry sorry become super ELF..after many years suju gain many so happy to know other ELF like me..i love all super junior from leeteuk to henry ^^ thank to u guys hard make me easy to know bout their news,,thank u so also really glad to know one of u is muslims..keep fighting!!! i will love suju forever

    p/s= i dun ship any suju couple but i love their brotherhood love! i ship taetauk cp.. ^^ u all

  214. hello!! (can’t believe i didnt sign this yet ㄱ.ㄱ )
    Anyways, my nickname is meimei. I’m a kyu-donghae-ryeowook-sungmin-eunhyuk bias ^^
    I’m from Philippines but currently in 미국.
    I’ve been following sj since sorry sorry days. I fell in love with them while watching them in ehb and full house. I also loved them in super junior drama.

    I bow d0wn to all the staff of this site. This site is daebak and chego!!

  215. hi i’m from algeria i’m supporting suju since 2008 i love all suju members espacially heechul siwon and kyuhyun i’m a teacher at the university i’m 26years old since i don’t have much time to look for suju’s news couldn’t follow their news constantly but since i log in this site it becomes like mornning news it keeps me aware about the lastest news so i’m so thankful so thank you sup3junior group you are the best and i wish you more success

  216. I’m Kat. I have been a fan of Suju for several years, My first bias is Heenim. My second bias is….Kim HeeChul, hah. Yes, I love the oher members but Chullie owns my heart. I feel that he has set an example to me because of the way he tries so hard to be a good person, a loyal friend, a member who doesn’t hide his personal feelings from his fans. He has suffered both physical pain and emotional pain in a very public way, and fought through until he succeeded. I am proud of him. I found out about Suju quite by accident, but they are so extraordinary, I have never been able to walk away. I am loyal too. They are stuck with me forever.

    I love everything about this blog. I have been around since about the time it started, although I didn’t comment back then because I thought my opinions might not matter since I am from the U.S.. But I have since learned that the people here are very accepting of all fans.

    I think all of the contributors are wonderful and I am grateful for their efforts. But just like I have a bias in Suju, I have a bias in that department as well. Uksujusid has set the bar up so high, .she has made herself a tough act to follow. Nobody does it like Sid. I used to apologize all over the place for my long; opinionated (sometimes silly) comments, but she never once called me out. ( I did have a comment deleted once, but that one was so over the top, you couldn’t see it with binoculars).

    Suggestions? Nope. Can you improve on perfection?

    I love you all: posters, other fans, everyone. Thank you all for reading my long tedious replies…<3

  217. Oh, wait!!! I forgot to say……I have learned so much from others here (I would name names, but you know who you are)…this blog allows exchanges among fans about culture, about politics even, that other blogs would label as spam and delete. It is a truly excellent place to be and I am learning new things about Asia every day here. (Asia is so vast with so many different cultures and peoples and I LOVE to learn) Thank you again.

  218. Hi! I’m Cadiea~ I’m 17 [gonna be 18 next month] and I’m a Caribbean ELF! I was born in Trinidad but moved to NYC last year, where I am now – and where I stumbled upon the guys! My journey with these 15 have been quite interesting: when I got into the K-pop circuit around September last year I ABSOLUTELY HATED everything to do with SJ – I hated their videos and their music and their style and the fact that they had so many members…. I would not have given them a second thought. Yet I was exploring K-pop, and I had a knack for going through videos and artists in detail, and on November 22nd 2010 I downloaded 14 of their songs, from 3&4 jib. I mainly liked the vocals of KRY but I didn’t listen to what I had downloaded much…

    Until February.

    With my music on shuffle, a particular song caught my attention, and for days its’ lyrics were stuck in my head: “Neo gateun saram ddo eobseo….”

    I looked it up and found myself face to face with their ‘No Other’ video – then 11 things ran through my head:
    1)You know this song really isn’t that bad. In fact… I really like it!
    2) WHO is that cutieeee @ the beginning of the video??
    3) That balloon dude is kinda…um…odd….
    4) Look the mousey boy! His name is Ryeowook right? I heard his solo “One Fine Spring Day” before! Actually I think I downloaded that last year….
    5) WAAW. Who is the adorable one with the rose???
    6) Weird looking, but good voice
    7) Kinda cute
    8) Ugh button back up that shirt dude. Egh he looks like he’s got such a bad attitude
    9) Is that GD’s brother?! LOL
    10) Chubby! ^^ He seems fun tho!
    11) Maybe…. I should look @ another one of their videos again…cause… maybe…they’re not as bad as I thought they were…..
    12) Maybe…

    YUP! I still can’t believe those were my thoughts back then….on February 9th 2011, I still didn’t like most of their members [before that I never bothered to check up the missing 5] – I didn’t even notice Teuk in that video – and I would have never predicted that that was day when, without knowing, my life would forever be changed by 15 amazing guys. I didn’t know how, but slowly I became enveloped in the life of an ELF – after learning their names and their voices, I searched everything to do with them, watched countless variety shows, learned their personalities, fell in love with each and every one of them, and cast all my prior judgement and hatred out of the window!

    I realized that Super Junior wasn’t just another singing group of guys with a funny name who pranced around on stage with millions of crazed fans screaming and fainting for them – EVERY SINGLE ONE of them is so unique, talented, distinguishable and extraordinary… yet so down-to-earth, absolutely hilarious, ordinary, at times awkward and REAL at the same time. They are world idols, but they are never afraid to just be themselves and remind us that they are human, too – they feel and share and love and hurt and work and triumph not just as band mates each seeking their own self-interest, but as brothers, united by one goal, one love and one ultimate cause – SUPER JUNIOR.

    Since then, I have loved and supported these 15 beyond comparison.

    I’m the type of person who gets bored easily, and usually my favorite band changes every month because of that – but even after investing in 120 songs [and that’s not all yet!]; listening to their albums too many times to count; gluing myself to the laptop to take in all the shows I could; seeking their music as my refuge when I’m sad, using it as therapy when I’m going crazy, dancing along when I feel to party or just enjoying it when I’m glad, looking up their videos anytime I need to cheer up… and checking [undoubtedly the BEST SJ info portal in the world :D] first thing when I come online and last thing when I’m going off [and constantly getting updates from them on my TweetDeck]…. I’m still FAR from boredom!!!! And I know that I won’t be getting bored of SJ anytime for the rest of my life!

    Our boys have taught me the true meaning of the word “fan” since I’ve become an ELF – it still amazes me how many fans in SO many countries all around the world they have, who genuinely wish nothing but the best for them. I’m proud to be an ELF, and I wish that I could have met all the ELFs in the world to say THANK YOU for loving them as much as I do!

    Not to mention, a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff here @ for making all these updates available to us 24/7! I don’t know what we would do without you guys 🙂 Really, always being in the loop about what the guys are up to, and knowing that I could come here and be in a community with so many amazing ELFs to celebrate their wins and all their successes, and help each other through their injuries,enlistments and other unfortunate moments is the best thing we could have gotten from you. We all really and truly do appreciate your hard work guys! Keep it up! 🙂 THANKS AGAIN~!

    And last but not least, and although they can’t see this, I’m still sending the biggest THANK YOU to all to the boys who have captured our hearts: Leeteuk, Heechul, Hankyung, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, Kyuhyun, Henry and Zhou Mi!!!!!!! Without you guys, none of this would be happening in the first place!! WE LOVE YOU!!

    ~*We prom15e to beli13ve!*~

    • Lol quick correction: between “Kinda cute” and “Ugh button back up that shirt” is supposed to be #8 🙂

      • Your story was really intresting! Me too freaked out when i saw the video compilation of Heechul’s kisses..i was like OMG!! ARE THEY GAY OR WHAT??? until i found out it was just a fan service which is part of their culture..same goes to cross dressing. Lol,i was relieved and take it as a joke all the time..yup,true…they’re really down-to-earth and really appreciate their fans which the feeling that i never had before. That’s why i love them soo much! :’)

    • you write an essay ^^ Thank kyu ^^

      • @StarKarz ㅜ_ㅜ Sorry, Sorry, Sorry it was so long [HAHA] I didn’t mean to bore you out~ I just….had a lot to say…. lmao

        @SuriaIdris YES omg the same thing happened to me with the Heechul kisses and stuff!!! The first time I saw it was like 0.0 but now that I understand them, and one of the things that I’ve come to love so much about them is their connection with each other, it’s actually kinda fun to to see now…heheheh… The things they do for us~!

        • had the same story with you. lol…
          i totally hated all about them. The videos from my friends, to intentionally ‘poisoned’ me with their song, I even deleted them. but someday I don’t know, just for killing time, I browse youtube to check their video, and stumble upon ‘No other’ video. And now, they totally hook me up. XD
          nice to know you!
          I’m anien btw..
          I just being Suju’s fan.

  219. Annyeong, i’m Disty. I’m an elf from Indonesia and 86 liners. Kyuhyun-ah & Donghae-yah lovers 😀

    i always open this site everyday, its a must!
    thanks for the updates.



  220. I’m Maja from Belgium 😀
    I’m only 13 so I haven’t been a fan of SuJu for a very long time.

    My biases are Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong, but Leeteuk is my absolute nr. 1

  221. Hiyaah!! ^^
    My name is Katarina but Kat for short 🙂 Am chinese but can’t speak it because I was born and brought up in Uk, am 13 years old.
    Am really confused in who my bias is! I need help! It was Heechul oppa but now its complicated lol The more i get to know super junior the more i fall for another member 😦 Is there anyone who has the same problem? kekeke d(^_^)b !! x
    Please help me out!! I like them all! (-_-); Byeebyee x

  222. haiii..:) 😀 i’m from indonesia… I love all the members of super junior..but kyuhyun is the most one..hehe
    and also i love this site..thanks for sharing all of the information about super junior.. it’s very helpfull..;)
    keep up the good work,,guys..Fighting!!


  223. hye there admins!!! 😀 annyeong~ i’m Suria from Malaysia.I was literally thank god for founding dis website..all this time i was searching where can i get latest updates about our boys. To be honest,i had join some forums before this,like some pages at Facebook,even join many groups in it..BUT still i a lil bit late to get the latest info..i was soo frustated. First,the forum. It was soo complicated till i gave up to log in again. Even to see all the latest videos,i have to comment like i don’t know how many (don’t remember),only after that i can get through all the videos. Felt dissapointed at one point,i didn’t even know whats going on that moment with our boys. UNTIL i found you guys!! Go to is the 1st thing i do when i’m surfing whether on laptop or phone. I don’t need other sites,or FB pages anymore coz you guys are the best! Keep up the good work!! hwaiting!!! ^______^

    • btw,i started to listen to kpop music last year.the 1st song i heard was Nobody by Wondergirls. it was a suggestion from a friend. He recommended me to listen to Sorry Sorry too. After i did listened to Sorry Sorry,my eyes just locked at the guys who wear the shades which was Hangeng! 2nd was Leeteuk. He’s kinda looks like the guy in the Death Notes movie dat time,kinda like mystery personality. Lol..after i found out Hangeng was no longer in suju,i make Leeteuk as my biased until now (i’m a loyal fan,haha 😉 ) Since then,i’m an ELF! and proud to be it till today n forever! 😉

      p/s : i’m fallin in love with eeteuk oppa much2 more in 4th jib! he’s sooo freakin sexy with the abs! hahaha..

  224. Only one suggestion for improvement: adding a *like* button on each post. That would give feedback to the poster and also be like a show of hands as to how many are reading it. Sometimes I don’t comment because the people who have been there before me have already said what I would have said. But if there were a *like* button, I would use it, to show that I was there and that I appreciate the efforts of the bloggers.

  225. Helloo! im jorene, from England, but im filipino:P and i just want to thank you guys for giving sooo much work and effort into this site! i go on it everyday:P hehehe..
    my bias is Donghaee! and sungminniee:))
    i love that all the E.L.F’s help suju together, like a B.I.G familyy!!<3 hehe
    loving this site and take care of yourselves Sup3rjunior admins! thank you for the amazing sitee!! 😀

  226. I really like Kyuhyun!!! I’m from the U.S. I really wanna see their concert in New York, but my parents said I can’t go *sad face* :'(((

  227. hai name is siti nur fajariah.i come from malaysia…honestly,i started like suju was last year.and now,i;m addicted with suju.i really like this page,i like kyuhyun and couple that i really like,kyumin,of course…:)

    *sorry for my broken english*

  228. Hi! I’m Rusi from Indonesia.. Huang Ai Qin is my mandarin name ^_^”..
    I love all the member, especially Heenim, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun..
    And also i love this site.. ^_____^
    Thanks to Sup3rJunior team for suppyling all the things about suju… Daebaaaakkkk…!!!!
    Sup3rJunior Team Fightiiiing…!!! \\^_^//

  229. I really love this website because it keep me in-touch with suju members about their schedule and what happen to them everyday . Im always updated about them everyday and that makes me to be proud as an certified ELF XD

    Im Precious from Philippines so im a filipino …
    My Bias is SUNGMIN and HEECHUL .. i love sungmin because of his aegyo and heechul because of being cool ..

    I really love your page pls .. always keep me in-touch with your website :))

  230. i love ur blog soooooo much,, but could u separate between pics spazzing and other news???? it’s getting harder these days just to find about SJ’s news on ur blog just becoz of those tons if pics,, while i enjoy a lot reading ur blog every single day! never missed a day visiting ur blog since 3 years ago. but pliss consider it.. could u??

  231. Love your website.
    I am 29 (male) from United Kingdom.
    I am a big, big fan of K-pop and Superjunior is No1 on that list.
    I became a fan of them in 2005ish, with (Miracle)
    I feel head-over with ‘Sungmin’ his is my No1.
    I am truly the biggest Fan-boy of Superjunior and Sungmin.

  232. Hola I’m Kassy, I’m 18 Yrs Old, From The US && A Latina Fan Of SuJu :O Lol
    …Just Recently Found Out About Super Junior (Like 1 1/2 Months Ago) Saw Them On The Front Webpage Of Youtube It Was The Mr. Simple MV && I’ve Been In Love Ever Since, Way Better Then Boy Bands From The US.
    There Music Is Addiciting (Even Thou I Don’t Know What There Saying) && There All Very Good Looking Guys ;)…
    …This Website Is Awesome, It’s The First One I Look At When I Get On The Internet 😀 Hehe
    …Dont Have A Bias Yet Cause There All Awesome, But Im Kind Of Leaning Towards Leeteuk<3
    ;…Anyways I Love This Website && I Love SUPER JUNIOR! ;]

  233. love this blog !!! really really love !!!!

  234. annyeong^^ I’m Yusnita, I am ELFIndo (ELF from Indonesia)..
    I love all of SJ’s member^^ especially Kim Ryeowook, Kim Heechul n Lee Hyukjae.. (I’m Ryeosomnia)
    I really like this blog.. You are always up to date to give us all informations about Super Junior 🙂
    gamsahamnida..sup3rjunior daebak!!!!
    sup3rjunior team fighting!!!!

  235. Annyeong!!! And Hello to All ELF at HERE!!!
    My Real Name is Claudya, I’m ELF from Indonesia ^^
    I love anything about SUPER JUNIOR, they are the best idol group I know
    My biased is LEE DONG HAE heheheeheheheeeeee…
    I reall this blog, b’coz czn give all ELF in the world infomation about Super Junior

  236. woooooowwwwwwww
    Hi,plz really being THE LAST MAN STANDING

  237. does this website has forum site too ?

    btw thank you for working so hard. now i dont have to open lots pages. just come to ths page then its done ^___^

  238. thank you so much for creating this amazing site. I just love SUPER JUNIOR so much. I often wonder what they are up to everyday. and thanks to these hardworking people who keeps us updated on our beloved boys. these site is DAEBAK! SUPER JUNIOR THE BEST!!! THE LAST MAN STANDING!!!! HyukJae the sexiest!!!! thanks again…

  239. Hello everyone! I need a favor, ELF’s kindly help me.. Where can I buy the latest album of Super Junior??!! My mother and I really like this korean boyband! Please help me have my own copy of their latest album. And do you have any news about SS4 Manila?

    I would really appreciate if anyone from ELF would response. Thank you!

    • the links are on the sidebar.. Just click on the pictures of the album ;D

  240. hey guys!!!!! everyday when i need a backlogs of SJ updates.. I came here to scan.. and i really love this site!!! you guys are awesome!!!!
    you keep up all the happenings and it’s a great help for some ELf’s who’s not really on line everyday..there’s always a page to backlog.. i love you!! keep it up!!

  241. Hello guys, sorry to take so long before actually posting something here. I found this blog only after SMTown Paris by pure coincidence. It’s a shame if I had knew before I was more than willing to welcome you at my home for the concert. So if SS4 take place in Paris it will be great to meet you and you can stay at my place. So yes I live right now in Paris France, but due to my nature I do not stay more than a few years at one place.keke I’m a travelling ELF, but the best part is that no matter where you are there will always be ELF!
    Thank you SID for creating this amazing site and thank you sup3rjunior team for your daily efforts.

  242. go ELFs !!!!! ^^

  243. Hi, I want to know if you know someone that could sub this video of Super Junior in Taiwan. I’m trying my best to understand, but so far I just get caught up with watching the members instead. Here’s a link to the video: I hope that someone can english sub this one day.

  244. hooo !! It’s my first time to saw your blog 😀 hahaha ^^
    I never thought you have this page 😀


  245. hahahhahahah !!!!!!! i like this page……….

  246. Thank you so much for creating this site, all of the authors, editors, contributors, thank you, thank you, and thank you! *can’t thank you enough*

    I’m a new ELF and I’m so grateful being in this family 🙂

    Super Junior and ELFs, fighting!!! ^^

  247. nice. this really rocks. im a Baby. and it feels so good to find sites such as this. keep rockin if i we’re you. (:

  248. helloooo….Indonesian ELF here…^^~~~~
    My name is Cici, a Moslem, on going to 24 years old by next year, having birthday just 2 days after Heechul birthday..^^~
    Get to know Super Junior at 2009. My friend showed me Sorry Sorry MV which hit me strike and turn me into ELF in sudden. XD
    My forever bias is Hangeng a.k.a Hankyung and i fully support him for his solo activity…but deep inside my heart i still pray for him to come back to the boys again.
    I’m currently working as Landscape Architect at a consultant. I’m planning to continue my study to South Korea by the next one or two years. And i’m hoping that i will meet super junior by then. XD

  249. Annyeong! I’m Ima an 18th Indonesian ELF and moslem ^^

    I really love this blog, everyday I always open it no matter what ><

    Hemm , I like SJ when I saw "Sorry, Sorry" the "It's You" and I fell in love with Ryeowook so much
    Now as I know them more, I love SJ so much and all the members, they really have talent and easily make us fall in love.
    They fill my day and always make me happier than before 🙂
    I'll never stop to support them , I prom15e to 13elieve!

    All worldwide ELF, let's unite to spread our boys over the world xD

    “I hope to write history. Until the day the world is covered with pearl sapphire blue balloons, it’s not an End, but an And.” – Leeteuk

    "You don't have to be an ELF from the beginning but you do have to be the one until the end" – Siwon

  250. hi good day. i was hoping u could help me, i know ELF’s right now are voting 4 MAMA and a lot is having trouble, every I.P address can only vote up to 10x w/ diff email acc. but this morning 1:30 am kst i voted using my 10 acc on your 11th acct can’t vote anymore right? u have to wait for the next day. but also today 3;00pm kst i tried to vote again using my 11th acc. and so on and it worked i guess u have to wait for a few hrs to try gain. Even if u refer to the timer posted at MAMA i still voted on the same day. Hope u could spread this word or try it for urself 1st to see if i’m right=)

  251. hi, i’m indonesian E.L.F.
    i’m a newbie..
    thanks for creating this precious wp and share a lot to us..
    i think i can feel the love you spread through all the posts, ehehe..
    Super Junior + E.L.F. = Daebak!!

    sorry for my poor english.. XP

  252. Love this website… every thing is great =) keep up the good work. I always visit this site since i discovered it. you make my day always.

  253. nice website!
    thumbs up to the creators and admins.. :))
    one perfect site to meet up with ELFs.. :))
    keep this up to keep all ELFs smiling.. fighting!

  254. Hi, hi! Annyeong haseyo! this blog is really mzing! daebak!
    Suju Hwaiting!
    Saranahamnida! SUPER JUNIOR!

    Donghae Oppa^^
    Hyukkie Oppa^^
    Eunhae bias!!!<3<3

  255. Thank You SUPER JUNIOR for being my inspiration in everything that I, we do! We ELF are very proud to have you as our oppas!!!

  256. During the Super Junior Concert at MOA Malaysia, my friend and I got the oppurtunity to see Suju backstage. We got to see all of them but not face to face as we just standing there, waiting to see them. We just got to see Eunhyuk and Sungmin face to face and take picture with them\. Leeteuk got out and join too. We got free Heecul album cover and Eunhyuk and Sungmin sign it after the picture time. They are so busy so Prince manager called them back. Eunhyuk went in first and I said to Sungmin “Can I take 1 pic?”. He nodded but then the manager called him so he looked at us guiltily but my friends and I said Its ok. Only then, he went it. He looked so guilty with his eyes and his pouting mouth. Too cute. Eunhyuk said “Apa khabar” to us and during the pic time, he put his hand on my shoulder. My friends and I want to say THANK YOU so much because they took their busy time to meet us and to the LG Korea staff, thanks so much because took care of us so well.
    Let me tell from the start…
    My friend is the lucky one as she is the one who win the game and she choose me to go with her to the backstage. we stand beside Suju van but we don’t know that Donghae inside. My friend, Zura pointed to me and said its Eunhyuk. He walk infront us and got into the van. Only then that we realised that Donghae is inside.I asked if I can take pic before seeing them as many of Suju member walk infront us but the LG Korean staff said no because others staff may get angry. So, we just waited. We saw Miss A waiting to perform and when they performed, Ryeowook got out and saw them performed. He look to cute. one of the B1A4 stood beside him too. We also saw Siwon, Yesung, Kyuhyun and Shindong just arrived and Shindong looked at us. His expression is like “Who are we?”. After finally around 20 minutes or longer, we got to see them but only Eunhyuk and Sungmin. Eunhyuk said “apa khabar’ to us and motion for us to stand in the middle. He even put his hand on my shoulder. I’m too shocked and just static there. Then Leeteuk got out and stand beside Eunhyuk to take pic too. The rest of what happened already been mentioned. really hope you could spread this because my friend and i want to say thank you so much to the LG korean staff which we forgot to ask her name or twitter and to Suju, thanks so so much

    • All of you are too lucky! May god bless you =) You must be so excited and like ‘oh god im gonna faint!’ am i right? hehe.

  257. Hello, hello, hello! 🙂

    New subscriber here. Just thought I’d drop a line and tell you that I looooove this site. You guys are super diligent with all the updates and it’s fabulous! 😀 I’m always happy when I come across a new SuJu blog, and I’m even happier when I find one as good as this. 🙂 And your R♥R section said to include biases and location, so I shall!

    Biases: Siwon & Heenim, though I love them all sooo much. ♥
    Location: Canada! 😀

    So, thank you so much again for running this site, and I hope you get info about the SS4 North American tour dates soon and post them! Even if they don’t come to Canada, I’ll head to the States for my oppadeul. ♥♥♥

    Forever an ELF,
    Claire. 🙂

    Super Junior fighting!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  258. Annyeong, ELF..

    Let me introduce myself.. I’m Yunita Yeung, 18, from Indonesia..
    Actually, I didn’t know suju until I watch Happiness MV. From that, I loved them directly. especially Lee DongHae, the sexiest fish around the ocean!! ^^
    U know? I like to collect all things that related with SuJu, like their albums or pictorial book..^^
    Thx for this blog too so we could get more info about Suju.. I have words that i wanna tell u all: U DON’T BE AN ELF FROM THE BEGINING, U JUST NEED TO BE AN ELF UNTIL THE END!!

    ELF, HWAITING!! Luv ya ❤

  259. Hello!
    Bonjou mes amis!
    je m’apple Milla. I’m from indonesia.
    17yo girl and lives in Indonesia. I’m an ELF. I’m Yesung biased and only Yesung.

    i want to say thanks to admin and authors in this site::
    thanks fo sharing all information ^^ i get many pics and infos from this site! ^^
    keep spirit all. 🙂

    • ELFs, if you want to know about me, just follow me @Myshfly3424 ^^

  260. Love this site so damn much!!!! Thanks a lot dear for creating such a great ELF fan page!!!

  261. Forgot to introduce myself. Haha. Im Xidi from M’sia and im Heechul bias <3333

  262. Hi, a petal here ^^
    my name is Zoey Orlando
    I am an ELF of course
    I became an ELF since 2009
    I love all the 15 members but my bias is Heechul oppa, waiting for him to come back~
    then Siwon and Donghae
    I ship
    Sichul, Hanchu, Kyuchul, Teukchul with Heechul being the uke in all of them XD
    I also ship, Eunhae, Kyumin, Yewook and Kangteuk (SuJu omma and appa)

    my twitter is!/MissHeeZee
    my youtube page is

  263. hello i am from Turkey.
    i like suju especially siwon and leeteuk so much 🙂
    i started to visit your blog for 1 week . here is amazing.
    you are amazing!!! because there is everything about super junior here. you are so fast and share everything. thank you so much for your hardwork ^^

  264. Hello, maybe someone can help me.
    Sungmin has this blue pacman sweatshirt (he wears it today on his birthday, cake picture) and i really like this one, maybe i want to buy it but i dont know where. Can you help me ?
    greetings and beautiful new year 🙂

  265. Dear sup3rjunior staff and all the other ELFs!
    Happy New Year!
    Wish you the best in 2012! Fulfill your dreams, live happily! And of course, I wish you what every ELF wishes for each other – go to SS4!
    To sup3rjunior admins, thank you!! I’ve been with you all 2011 year and I hope I’ll visit this page in 2012 too! Keep up the good work and good luck~
    Love you all~

  266. Hi,

    I was wondering why for the skip beat episode 3 why does it say this video is private?? I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR And i really want to watch the 3rd episode of skip beat… And does it have english subs??

  267. Magandang araw! I’m ZeroCiel, nice to meet you!
    I’m a ’97-liner, born in the Philippines, and I lived there until I was 12. Just before I turned 13, I moved to New Jersey, USA with my mom and younger sister, but I classify myself as a PhELF 😀 😀 😀
    I “found” Super Junior – or maybe they “found” me – at around 2009, when I watched their It’s You MV. Until then I didn’t know that it was possible for such a large group to exist! At first, I was a little scared of Leeteuk because of his expression at the beginning, and I thought that Siwon was the eldest (and that he was married!). The first member that I had a crush on was Yesung ^^ but eventually I realized that ALL of them were good-looking and nice people. I watched the Blue Tomorrow MV of SJ-M later on, and when I found out about Henry and Zhou Mi being subgroup members, I came to support them to become members of the main group too ^^
    My favorite SJ pairing is: HenKyuRyeo XD Maknae love ❤
    I am the ELF of my family, and I am proud of it XD My dongsaeng likes SJ too, but not as much as I do – she admitted that a lot of times. My cousins, aunts, uncles and mom leave me alone about it, but I can tell that they don't understand why I like SJ so much ^^
    Outside of my being an ELF, I like writing, reading books/manga, watching anime, listening to music, and being with my family.
    Oh yeah, and thanks to the sup3rjunior staff for this blog! It's the best source of SJ and ELF news that I've come across 😀 😀 😀
    ~ZeroCiel, proud to be an EverLastingELF, over and out! ❤

  268. Hi~ My name is Manuela, i´m from Venezuela and i´m 15 years old! I REALLY LOVE SUPER JUNIOR<3 My bias is CHO KYUHYUN<3, nevertheless i love the other members as much as i love kyu :p
    I´m very grateful to you, because i´m able to know how are my boys doing, news and other stuff related to them, plus, this is a site where i can disconnect myself from school, and my daily activities. I don´t comment that much, so i´m sorry about that 😦

    Keep on the good working!
    PD: I´m proud to be an ELF(forever)<3

  269. I love suju since I heard ‘In my dream’. Beautiful song, beautiful voice esp Yesung.

  270. Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to post but if there are oth Elfs out there still trying to get SS4 on 18Feb, pls contact me. I hv 5 extra Cat 2 tix, 3 in Blk 310 n 2 in Blk 330. Stupid Sistic system hung everytime i made payment n eventually ended up wz 5 extra tix…

  271. annyeong,I’m ELF from Indonesia.
    I want to know you all.

  272. Hi guys!!
    This page s amazing and really actually, I like it!
    Thank you for sharing information about our handsome boys ^^

  273. Hi! I’m from Colombia, but I live in Brazil since I was 3 years old. I always search differents musics and one day I found Super Junior and felt in love. The love and happiness they give is unique! In a second I became an ELF and like everyone I was really sad when I dicovered the case of Hangeng and how Kibum was focusing his actor career. And when I see our perfect Leeteuk proving uncountable times that Super Junior is a group of 13 and not only 11 or 9… My tears of happiness don’t stop falling. About SUP3RJUNIOR, great job guys!! Thanks for your hard work and let’s share our love forever 😀

  274. Ohh I forgot to tell my favorites in SuJu are the couples HanChul and EunHae. Their freindship is inspiring. ^^

  275. I LOVE YOU ❤

  276. Hi!! I’m Desideria from Indonesia. I turned into an Elf on March 2011. A little late, I know.. This website is the first thing I access on a daily basis for the past 5 months, loving it more and more each day so THANK YOU SO MUCH for sacrificing all you time and energy to scoop every single thing about Super Junior that exists out there! Btw, what if I have something SJ related that I want to share here? where should I send the info to? cause there’s a big event going on in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta and Bandung, right now; Super Show 3 3D. there’s lots of photos regarding the event and I want to share it to all Elfs.
    Kyuhyun is my bias but an Elf is not a real Elf if she never made each one of them as her bias(es).
    Kyu was my first bias, then all the other became my bias(es) but my heart always find its way back to Kyu. hehehe..
    Thank you guys for sharing all SJ related stuff constantly!!

  277. Love super junior so much, never not listen their songs..
    Thanks to this website so I can keep see my favorite SUJU..Kamsahamnida..<3

  278. Haiii… I’am Therisia from Indonesia. I turned into an Elf since 2011. I love super junior so much…i really love super junior…i search anything about super junior on internet. and how lucky, i find this blog…i already follow your twitter my name at twitter @re870627 (may be it’s to much followers on your twit so u may don’t know who i’am). Thank you for build this blog, thank you for all sharing and update information all our SJ constantly. may be my english is not too good. but thank you for everything that u do for our SJ. Super junior=Elf=1….. Kamsahamida ^^

  279. YEHEY !! a Guestbook . .! :))

    It makes me close to my FAVORITE KOREAN BOY BAND !! Super Junior .. !!!
    haha .. ! add me on twitter: @russel_bulosan

    THANK YOU !! SALAMAT !! :))

  280. l also love this blog because i couldn’t access website .
    i can know everything about suju through this blog
    i love suju …… fighting suju whatever happen to u …..
    we ELF are here forever ……

    fan from Myanmar

  281. hi my fellow from new york..i just become an elf planning to watch them in tokyo dome but i dont know where i could purchase the ticket and how much it will cost..can someone help me,thanks so much..

  282. ummm hi there!! ^^;
    I just want to share something with other ELF
    I made a sapphire blue ocean wallpaper… it’s here

    if you want to use.
    this is something that can always make me cry tears of happiness ^^; really ELF daebak! ♥

  283. SIGN 😀 ELF ♥ Super Junior!!
    The last man standing!

  284. i love this site…… I LOVE SUJU 😀

  285. Annyeong,everyone…
    i’m elf from indonesia.i like super junior when desember 2009.i like all of them but is specials for me is kyuhyun oppa.suju is daebak and elf is daebak too.
    i wanna to be friend for elfs all aroud world so make me easy share about suju.

    oh,yeah.i’m new comer this blog.when i make fb n finding all about suju in fb,i find this blog.this blog is very nice and always update many information about suju.gomawo admin….

  286. So I guess it’s my time to write~ XD
    Bulgarian ELF here ^^ I started using this site when I got to know Super Junior and I have to say that it’s the best source of infromation~ Thank you so much ❤
    Thank you for the fast updates, full info, pictures, random posts, giveaways and everything~ It would be one idea harder for me to be an ELF if it wasn't you so once again: THANK YOUU~~
    You have 59,512,431 visits, right? Soon to be 60,000,000 aigoo, so many~ Well, I wish you at least 10 times more *-* Good luck with your job and everything~ Saranghae, my fellow ELF ❤ ^^

  287. Hi all,
    Actually I start to Addicted to SUJU Since 2010? I Know it’s already for 4jib of SJ. But I really like it when I heard ‘No others’, ah.. too late it’s the repackage album… ^^
    since then I start to browse about SJ in YouTube, and I found many side of SJ, funny, honest, humble, friendly.. I really like the show with SJ, any member on the it’s still ok..

    The first member that I recognized is Ryeowook, but the first member that I amazed is Yesung… I really like yesung, his voice it’s so amazing, that I start amazed when I heard ‘It’s you’ oh, it’s the 3 jib. when I start addicted to SJ I just know that SJ already have 4JIB.. SJ is the best, than when I start watch variety show I start bias to heechul and eunhyuk… I like all o

    n know I’am working n my company block all entertaiment site, too bad.. so I only can attend blog.. this blog it good, but can u put more transcript here??? too bad cant view any video uploaded… T_T only view it at home after come back home, of coz need to sleep early for work tomrow…

  288. Great job authors..Its really update compare to other SuJu Fan pages……..Hwaiting 🙂


  290. wow i like it please except me i love u

  291. Hi guys I love this Blog ❤
    I visit everyday and get my daily suju news 🙂
    I just want to say that your work is appreciated.
    All 13 members are my biases 🙂
    I hope to be part of this blog someday…
    but untill then i will just be a supportive elf
    love you guys
    p.s. thanks for everything ❤

  292. Hiii guys….
    I’m Fei i’m from Indonesian….

    I always visit this blog every day because I really liked the performance of this blog is very dedicated to the Super Junior
    other than that this blog is also not known to spread the news that is not true so i can give the info to my friends when they ask to me

    lastly thanks for the hard work ^-^ I hope all the teams in this blog to keep providing the best news for all the ELF
    FIGHTING !!!! ^-^

  293. Annyeong guys!
    I’m Chloe, an Irish ELF & my bias is Lee Donghae! 😀
    I just wanna say thank you! You guys keep me updated with all the latest news & stuff!
    The blog is awesome! Keep up the great work! :’)

  294. HI…I’m Prila from Indonesia… (@prilachanz)
    I know abt SUJU since 2006 especially Siwon in 18 VS 29 drama and start addicted since sorry-sorry , It’s you
    My ultimate bias is choi Si won 2nd bias Lee sung min 3rd Kim Ryeowook
    but I love they at all…

    sup3rjunior..Thanks for a lot support and sharing for 13+2 Angels 🙂

    With Love,

    Indonesia ELF

  295. I’m sorry i don’t know about this guestbook before.
    This wordpress is the first address i visit when i’m browsing about Suju. Thank for all you did for ELF.
    My name is Diah Ika i’m come from Indonesia i’m as old as Yesung.
    I love Suju since 2010.
    And Suju is the first kpop idol that i love it.
    My bias is eunhyuk but i love all the 15 Superman.
    Thank you for everything

  296. Annyeong… ^^
    i’m Rya
    ♥ I really love this web, I even bookmark it on every gadget I have ^^ ♥
    I’m from Indonesia but currently stay in Japan.. (for 5 months now ^^)
    Finally getting so close to south Korea.. and to my beloved SUPER JUNIOR..
    Can’t wait for SS4 this May at Tokyo Dome.. oow and my bias is Donghae ♥o♥
    I really appreciate sup3r team effort.
    Well, I wish we could meet.. (hold a gathering party or else.. ^^)
    Really admire your language ability ^^, since I still struggling with my japanese language, while also want to learn korean language and chinese.. hehe…
    Btw, domo arigatou gozaimashita ^^

    Super Junior.. Fighting..!!
    E.L.F.. Fighting..!!
    Sup3r team… Fighting..!!

  297. hello fellow ELF, I’m Adila
    I love this site and I’ve spent at least 3 hours per visit everyday
    I’m KRY biased
    I fell in love with SuJu after I watched Sorry Sorry back in september 2009 and the first member I noticed was Yeye (I can still remember his layered hair style)
    the reasons why I love our oppas is that they never failed to make me smile and cry at the same time
    and everyday after I woke up I must listened to their songs Angel and Walkin’. they boost my mood.
    anyway to sup3rjunior, I would love to say “many many Kamsa” for the news. I love you guys, keep it up ^^

    love from
    Malaysian ELF

  298. Hi!

    I’m glad I saw this thread, because I’ve been dying for a way of letting you guys know how precious this blog is to ELFs all over the world…

    I’m from Canada, and I’ve been a SUJU fan since Noerago, and honestly, I can’t see myself without their music and dorkiness in my life anymore. I’m a big KRY bias: the harmonies just grasp me, and I can’t get enough.

    So, again, thank you. Thank you for all of the hard work you guys put into this blog everyday; I’m here at least once a day, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Thank you!

  299. Hiiiiii….my Lovely ELF^^ & all Authors^__^
    I’m Lova From Indonesia^_^
    I really really really love my Superman Super Junior!!! just them^^ I don’t like other group^^ & Kim Heechul is Mine xD I really love him ^o^
    thx to all authors for their hard work!! really appreciate it^^ this blog really fast when update news bout SUJU #BugHug lololol *Siwon Syndrome*
    kkkkkk~ ok Let’s be friend ELF!!!!

  300. Hello ELF!!
    My name is marizka you can call me mariz or chiki kkkk.
    I’m from Indonesia, kyuhyun biased and have so much love for super junior ^^
    I love this site sooooo much. I always visit this site everyday.
    Thanks for all the authors in here who always update about super junior.
    Thanks for your hard work especially for Sid kkkk.
    Keep your hard work up! Always support you all sup3rjunior team! Hwaiting xD

  301. hi I’m ELF from indonesia,,, my name is vany, Actually I start to Addicted to SUJU Since i saw strongheart, first I just listen the song, after I saw strongheart I know SUJU not only songs but also their friendship very interesting. make me that makes me more happy with SJ is ELF, like I have another family,
    everday I vist this blog, thank you so much for the all authors, you make me easy to get news about SJ.
    btw I hope SS4 INA can happped…… amin amin
    lets be friend ELF,,,, 모두들 사랑 해요

  302. hi guys. i want to say thanks for you hardwork. i really love this site. give a lot of information,
    i love super junior, but cant help, my fave is eunhyuk oppa

  303. Heeeey I’m known as Ivy Park (thats not my real name in my country) – I’m from Kuwait an I totally LOVE ur blog ITS AMAZING AND ur so FAST ~ I hope that you would keep it up and good luck~~~~!
    앞으로 열심히해용~~~ 화이팅!! ^3^

  304. i love this site, i come here twice a day.
    the only thing i have been noticing is, well i know a lot of the authors are hae and hyuk biased, and sometimes when i come, i feel like i only see them two and not much of the others, so please also post a lot of pictures of the other members 🙂
    but other than that, i really love this site, it’s the only one i rely on for my SJ craving and for news, thank you so much to the authors that look for the pictures and videos because other wise, i would never know where to look or what the boys are up to.;0
    And im from the USA and my biases are teuk and yeye

  305. Hi. I come here everyday for SuJu updates. I love how everything is in one place and that there is always new post. I love the posts with tons of pictures because I don’t always have the time to watch all the videos.Please try to post more of other less known members in Super Junior. I love hearing about all of Super Junior and also of their solo projects.
    I’m from the USA and I personally love all of Super Junior, but
    please post more about Yesung 🙂
    Super Junior=15 Superman for Life!
    I will always support Sup3rJunior!
    Thanks for helping bring more ELFs together

  306. hi, i’m a romanian elf and i must admit that i completely love this site…i come here everyday and i know i can rely on this site for finding out news about sj or watching videos, finding photos, etc. this is like an everyday journal of the members because i always find out what they do and where they are from here….you really do an amazing job and i can only sincerely thank you for this. although i found out about suju just for almost two years, i fell in love with them immediately. they are my everything now, i love all of their sons, their shows, everything… bias is heechul<3 although at first siwon was my favourite :))
    thank you once again for your hardwork ❤ millions of ELFs are thankful for this awesome blog ❤

  307. Dear

    Love this site ^^. Really thankful for your hardworking to create this site, and give me new information about suju everyday. Love u ^^

    IruL, donghae’s girl from Indonesia.

  308. HEY HEY (:

    well, i’m jessie and i’m from the USA, from LA to be more specific. I’m Chinese.

    i hope that there will be a SS4 here ! i want to meet more ELFs from this area!! So if there is a SS4 here we should all like meet up and just roam around LA(x eat. and sit together during the concert. LOl

    hehe well my biases are, Super Junior. LOL, i don’t have one bias. I don’t think i
    ever can. But my bias is the Lee Brothers. (: and henry and Kyuhyun HAHA that’s a lot of biases (x
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. It’s bookmarked. (:

    follow me on twitter: sweetyandshorty (esp if you’re really considering the meet up (x i wasn’t joking lol)
    (: i spazz a lot.

  309. Hi! =)

    I’m Christina, an American ELF. I’m not a new fan, but a fan since “No Other”.I actually knew who they were, but didn’t turn into a fangirl until I saw their Music Bank Goodbye stage of No Other with their pink suits. lol. It will be 2 years since I got into Kpop next month. =) Super Junior is the second artist that I love and is also the second artist that I supported by personally purchasing their album (Mr. Simple). Sadly, I have yet to have a poster of them. =( A little more about me, I love the color pink the most and the number 13 (it has nothing to do with Super junior, as for I support all 15 =)). My favorite is basically all of them, haha but Yesung, KyuHyun and Henry receives slightly more love. KRY is my favorite subunit.

    I’d like to thank the staff for providing daily and even hourly updates on the boys. I really appreciate it. 🙂 Sup3rjunior is bookmarked on is on my quick tab . 🙂 your efforts and hard work to create a site for everything and anything super junior is greatly appreciated and will be forever the best fansite!

  310. i’m sorry admin,i still introduce myself now……
    my name is Rina,from Indonesia…..
    my bid bias is Leeteuk oppa……or uri park jung soo…..
    i like this wp so muchhhhh,because i always find new info about super junior oppadeul……i love this blog……fighting!!!!!1

  311. Wooooa! Hello!
    ^^ Im Gaby, im Peruvian ELF-Cloud! im 16 years old and My bias is Yesung<3!! I really lover him so much 🙂 Of Course i love turtles a lot too xD!
    I love the information you provide is incredible and I love it. I like to be updated when it comes to Super Junior :3 thanks for that.

    ^ ^ Thanks for keeping me informed with super junior.
    I really love the blog and i want to read more about SJ thanks!! <3!

  312. I have already written here but I wanna introduce myself so… Here I am again :3
    My name is Iliyana and I come from Bulgaria ~ People usually get surprised after hearing this and they’re like ‘You know SJ in Bulgaria?’. Yes, we do! XD It probably sounds kinda exotic and weird but we do love kpop here as well~
    I am from small town named Haskovo which is famous of the building of Virgin Mary which is the biggest in the whole world! It is a nice peaceful town and I love it.
    I have plenty of hobbies but on the top of my favorite things, of course, are Super Junior! The activities related to SJ take the most of my time (and money XD) but I like it just this way~ Another interesting hobby of mine is collection postcards. I already have some of them all around the world sent by lovely kind people and I love my collection =3
    Except for Super Junior, I also like 2PM, TVXQ, BEAST and lately EXO but I also listen to many ballad and non-idol groups. Of course, I listen to so-called worldwide music, too, and some of my favorite artists are Eminem and Adam Lambert. In total, I prefer pop, R&B and rap music and maybe punk-rock and soft rock but the hard styles are not for me XD
    So this became too long already ._. I may continue my speech for myself some day again hehe~
    Greetings from Bulgaria,
    Iliyana =3

  313. Alright, i already vistit this blog for like…ages… but it’s never too late to introduce myself, right?!
    I’m Tessa, a girl from the Netherlands. I know Super Junior since 2010 (Victory Korea!!!). My number one Bias is Heechul, he’s handsome, funny and of coure: unique! Sa-rang-hae-yo Kim heechul! haha. My other bias in Eunhyuk, he’s adorable and he looks cute! I’m an Eunhae shipper!
    I also love 2ne1, SHINee, and B.A.P
    I love everything that has to do with music, sleeping and Super Junior. I hate school, It’s just dead boring, hahaha.
    My addictions are music and Twitter..and chocolate..yeah…
    Ehm… I wanna thank you all for making this blog, you guys are so hard working! Now ELF is always in touch with the latest SuJu news! Thank you, Unnies!
    My birthday is tommorrow, hehe 🙂
    Thanks again for everything! Hwaiting!! ❤

  314. Heeeey Guys!!
    Well I’m Sabrina, 15, and Canadian :D. I’ve been and official ELF since september of last year, but ive known super junior since 2009. its weird but this is how it happened: i was browsing on youtube and seen “sorry sorry”. i clicked on it and watched the video. i automatically fell in love. i also thought sungmin was the best looking so i searched him up and watched videos about him all day and night. i didnt even care to know what the other memebers’ names were, or watch any of their other music videos. boooy was i wrong!
    after a couple of weeks, i totally forgot about him and super junior. i “rediscovered” kpop last september after listeing to “run devil run” by kesha and heard there was another version by snsd. i searched it up and after listening to it i seen “perfection” in the related videos, clicked on it, and…..the rest is history :D.
    My ultimated bias is kyuhyun! not only because he is very good looking, but because his voice is so unique and distinctive it just draws u in.
    sooo thats my story and i hope to be an ELF forever!
    thank you for this amazing site!! i come here everyday for updates 🙂
    much love <33333

  315. wahhhhh~~~~~
    visit your blog long time a go and didn’t know about this page, thanks to the test and tasks to do 😀
    My name is Selie, my internet name is luvfishy or AllRiseMe (you can find it on many kpop forum ^^ ) and I’m from Indonesia ^^
    4 years became SJ. I know them from my friends who forced me to watch their video (thanks to her) and now I became E.L.F xD
    Actually I love all SJ members, but I really love LEE DONG HAE and Lee HYUK JAE ❤ ❤ .<<3

    Beside SJ, I really like other group, esp from SM Town (Boa, The Grcae, dbsk, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO), Beast, 2PM, Big Bang, 2NE1, Davichi, IU, etc I just love kpop~! hahahha~~ but not really in new group 😛

    And you can follow my twitter too @selieBonamana, I will follback you asap, just tell me you know me from this blog ^^

    thank you so much sup3rjunior@wordpress who sharing all about SJ when I can't catch them up when many things to do b^^d keep hwaiting~!!!!

    • edit : I mean 4 years became E.L.F, not SJ XD

  316. hai,my name is nia. im from indonesia. i really love this blog,cause i can find new info about super junior. i hope we,elf always support and love them and we elf all in the world can be friend. (im sorry if my english not well :p) nice to meet u all elf!

  317. Hi, Sid
    my name Kristina I’m ELF from Indonesia, my biases sungmin
    i love your blog, i love to know all about SUJU, n i get it in this blog
    thanks a lot for sharing all the things about SUJU
    love u ^^ muaahh

  318. hi…. I’m Lulu from Indonesia…
    thank u for always sharing everything about them, our princes….
    I really love this blog… in a day I can look at this blog many times…

    love this blog as love as super junior… 🙂

  319. helloooo, i’m tika from Indonesia, my bias is Sungmin Lee!! ❤ and i'm KyuMin shipper, XD~~, i love this blog so much and i always open this every day to find out everything about my 15 boyfriend^^. thank you for your hard working to all the staffs, i'm so so appreciate it :))))

  320. Hi ELF ^^
    thanks sid for made this so I know many ELF around the world hehe 🙂
    btw let me introduce myself..
    I’m fitri from Indonesia but u can call me pitchy ^^
    my bias is Heechul oppa and Eunhyuk oppa ❤ <
    jeongmal saranghamnida Super Junior

    thanks for sup3rjunior/sid because this blog I can update about Suju oppa faster ^^

  321. okay, i am the 355th!!
    hi fellow ELF~~~
    just call me gitonk, i am from indonesia!!
    and i am A BIIIIIG donghae bias!!!!
    thank you~~~

  322. just read your R♥R.. and your “Don’t like this? well don’t visit.” part on the 1st rule cracked me up, hehe.. a warning for the anti’s..

    Im Aileen but you can just call me Ai.. 31 from the Philippines
    my biases are EunHae and KyuMin..

    i love this blog so much.. believe it or not, i’ve been/registered to a lot of blogs/websites/fansites, etc. but no one does it better than this blog.. this is the very 1st blog i ran into google when i was still a newbie to SJ fandom.. it gives me complete access/info on all the scoops i wanted to know abt the boys’ daily activities.. 🙂

    i also happened to be a mom as well.. so the only time i can log in is at night after such chores at home and taking care of my son. i can easily browse the categories here.. such comfort, really..

    keep it up and i hope this wordpress stays as SJ were already fathers and grandfathers, haha!! *wishing*

    to all the admins and maintainers of this blog, a job well done!!!


  323. hi! i’m S from Indonesia 😀 this blog is huge than other blogs! all of u r really great and kind. thank u so much for always sharing about Super Junior. 🙂

    anyway, i love all of them. kekekek~ :p

    oh yeah, can u share Heechul’s drama and Kyu’s radio star with english sub? wanna see it badly.. 😦


  324. Hello everyone!!
    I’m a new ELF from New York. Just got to know Siwon and Donghae through Skip Beat (I know I know, i’m super slow…) Since then, I’ve been youtubing, twitting, googling nonstop trying to learn as much about SJ as possible. They’re all just so adorable!! I love everyone in SJ, but my bias is Siwon. Just love his sexy body and dimpled smile!! perfect 10 ^^ But I love everyone of them. Really, they wouldn’t be the same individually, if they didn’t have such strong bond of brotherhood!
    Anyway, I hope to become friends with all of you! I’m still so new, and want to learn more and more about them! Please be my friend! My fb is Kyoko Faye and twitter is fairytale407.
    And last but not least, thank you all for posting/translating/sharing your news about SJ. And thank you for maintaining such a resource-rich page!

  325. Hello =) I’m Nana from Brazil and my bias is our Fishy DongHae ♥. Any other brazilian ELF around here? :3
    I love this blog so much. I was so happy when I found it. I never saw such a good fansite before. Thank you guys to always share fresh news with us.
    I hope to meet a lot of ELFS since I’m a loner one e_e
    Nice to meet you guys, come on and say a “hi” on twitter, haha.

  326. Hiiiii!!!!! Keep up the good work!!! I always visit your wordpress to know news about suju specially siwon! (who is my bias:3 I love him) soo thank you and keep working hard we appreciate it! 😀

  327. hello i’m dhisa 94 liners from indonesia 🙂
    my bias is cho kyuhyun haha x)
    everyday i visit your wordpress because i can updating about super junior
    your blog is so awesome
    and i see a lot of your crew from indonesia too
    fighting!! 😀

  328. Hey, I’m Ami Bias is Sungmin and Henry and Zhoumi. 🙂 Mainly Sungmin since I have a blog dedicated to him on tumblr….I really love this wp so much. Updates on every member. SO, I appreciate that and sometimes I wish that I could have a blog as awesome as yours..

  329. HELLO SUJU LOVER all over the world. I’m Dinariz ….Siwon bias ^_^ Kya! Kya! and i’m Proudly MALAYSIAN. Follow this blog since 2010…….

  330. Ah, I missed to congratulate you on your 60,000,000 visits! Where was I looking? It’s 62,650,890 now. Wow, that’s so many. You’ve been doing great job, guys! Thank you so much for everything ~
    So with this will come the third part of Iliyana-spamming-your-guestbook ^^” I hope you don’t mind, I just love talking XD This time I will be telling the story of me becoming ELF.
    I have been into kpop for pretty long time already but I never really payed attention on SJ, I didn’t want to bother with so many members. My first song was Sorry Sorry probably but I can’t remember a thing about my thoughts back then… I guess it didn’t impress me as I just ignored it. Then I heard Bonamana around 2010 since people were comparing SHINee’s Lucifer with SJ’s Bonamana. I thought (and I still do) that Lucifer was a great song and I couldn’t believe that most people choose that Banana-like-named thing. I decided to take a look and I remember that I thought that the song was kinda messy and untidy and I didn’t give it a second chance so I just kept ignoring SJ.
    But then my friends kept dancing Sorry Sorry and I had no other choice than seeing that so-called memorable dance. I downloaded Sorry Sorry and Bonamana in order to be informed about kpop and I actually liked them. Then a few months before Mr Simple a friend of mine also got into SJ and we talked about them like A LOT, really XD I got myself to listen to their discography and I loved their songs and everything went extremely after I watched some variety shows and saw their kind personalities. And I was officially in love ~
    I know, I know, the story is nothing special and it’s not even interesting at all but I just wanted to share my beginning with you, guys ^-^
    Brace yourself for the next part which will be even longer: Iliyana-spamming-your-guestbook-with-her-random-feelings-about-Super-Junior-and-ELF ^^”

  331. saranghaeyo DONGHAE OPPA………..


  333. i love this site<3 i just love it from the bottom of my heart<3 and when i saw the video on the top of this page i started to cry. i jusr suddenlystarted and now i cant stop. i'm proud to be an ELF<3 maybe you wasn't one from the start, but you will be one until the end<3 thank you super junior for brighting up my life<3

  334. Your blog is awesome, this is where i get all my SUJU news. Thanks so much for posting.!

  335. I LOVE BABYKYU!!!!!!!! My GameGyu~followed by fishy Hae2nd!
    i LOVE THE WHOLE OF SJ!!!Sapphire blue 💙

  336. i like super junior so much,until that boy band make me crazy…LMAO

  337. Ommooooo….. I Love so much this blog…
    After saw the video ‘Marry U’ and all of member SuJu crying make me crying too…
    Omooo Bogoshipo and Saranghae oppa…
    Sari >>ELF from Indonesia
    Bias Leeteuk ‘Teuki oppa’ and all of member of course kkk^^
    And i’m proud to be an ELF <3<3<3

    For Author, admin, subber, and etc Fighting…Fighting… ❤ Always update about Super Junior member… ^_^

  338. I absolutely love that new black (& little yellow) design! One of the best used in the site so far, in my opinion~ I can look at it forever, such a good job!

  339. woaaa. a lot of thanks for sharing about super junior, especially henry lau ❤
    your blog is daebak. hwaiting!

  340. I could’ve sworn I’d commented in here… >_< *facepalm*
    Thanks SOOO much for creating this site. I'd be so clueless without it.
    Love all the backgrounds/themes you've had, btw. (;
    Super Junior, ELF, and Sup3rJunior hwaiting~!

  341. Super Junior forever… Elf hwaiting. Saranghaeyo


  342. There’s no day that I’m not visiting this site! I really really love it all the way! The optimism and dedication of the admins and contributors really shout what a true ELF is. I’m just too thankful for having this site! More power and I hope that you’;; not get tired on updating us!

    Philippine ELF here!
    Saranghae! 🙂

  343. Hello i’m ELF from MALAYSIA my name is Julbin Ali @ raees , SUPER JUNIOR – leteuk , yesung , shindong , siwon , kangin , sungmin , ryeowook , hangeng , hyukjae , kyuhyun , donghae , heechul , kibum . is a 13 most talented prince in korean music. Super junior HWAITING. ☆ ★ 🙂 😀 ☆ 😀 ★


  344. Thanks for all the precious information that you give to us and for your hard work ^_^

  345. Hi there!! I’m an ELF in the United States. My name is EmmKays, and Super Junior is my all-time favorite Kpop band. I support all 15 of these lovely boys (YES! Zhou Mi and Henry ARE members of Super Junior in my mind!!). I support all sub-groups (SJ, SJ-M, SJ-T, SJ-Happy, KRY). My SuJu bias (and ULTIMATE KPOP BIAS/HUSBAND ;D) is Lee SungMin. I think he is one of the MOST talented men that I have ever seen. He can sing; he can dance; he knows Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (and probably a little English); he can play the guitar and the piano; he can act. He’s just gorgeous, and I love him!!

    Super Junior brings me such joy, and I’m so glad that I found this awesome wordpress to stay up-to-date on the latest Super Junior news and concerts. I LOVE all these pictures (especially those of my SungMin ;D). Keep up the great work!!! 😀

  346. ok! i think am gonna be a bit different from rest of the others…. am an ELF from india 🙂

    • hahaha I’m the creator.. originally from Bangladesh yo! well that’s my ethnicity..

  347. I am here everyday so i must LOVE LOVE this page:DDDDDDD
    Max from Norway, only been an ELF for a few months and feel like I’m a part of an awesome LOVING family. Thank you for amazing pictures and keeping me always up to date.

  348. just realize that u have a guest book
    I’m here almost everyday and really love this page~
    I’m Lina from Indonesia!
    being an ELF gives me a feeling like having a huge and gorgeous family… with super junior, I laughed, smile, cried, learned many things
    keep fighting!
    Hm, I REALLY like Cho Kyuhyun!
    and I like this page more than him

  349. whoaa maybe I’m too late to know this page, but it sure lovely! many information about Super Junior and ELF from everywhere. this page like a family gathering, as ELF >ow<
    well, hello to all of you ELF XD keep the great work and stay healthy <333

  350. Hello ELF!!!
    My name is Miki, Japanese ELF^^
    I’ve known SJ two years ago and loved them since then.
    My bias is Lee DongHae・・・really love him!
    Thank you for updating amazing pictures and so much news about SJ.
    I love this blog!!! and enjoy to get to know about SJ by this blog.
    Especially the translation of a twitter!!
    Because I can’t understand Korean, I’m glad to know what is updating on twitter.
    I really want to say thank you for creating such a wonderful blog!!
    ELF is family. I love you guys ELF all over the world!!! Thanks for sharing all the precious information in this blog and for your hard work^^

  351. I LOVE this blog SO much! To have current SuJu news in English is so amazing! I live in the States and don’t know what I would do without this blog. I seriously check it multiple times a day. =) Thank you SO much for all your hard work! ❤

  352. I have one question… do you know the site that super junior’s fans write massage and SJ members reply??… and is it really true?

    • i hear abt that site i also want to know what is it :(( mayb it’s their official korean suju fanclub???

  353. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS SITE! You all do such a good job!!! 😀
    Also, I have a dumb question: Is Kangin coming back to Super Junior? If so, when?? and if not, why?

    • Kangin is already back with the others. He was discharged in April 😉

      • i hear that he will join in with them in the 6 album is it truee?? if yes omgg! xD

  354. you are a Angel sent by GOD to keep us updated! thank you soo much for creating this fansite! soo happy right now!! *DIES* >:)))

  355. its a nice page….keep it up ….i suuuppppeerrr loooove suju !!!!!!

  356. OMG!!! I almost started crying. It was so beautiful! Super junior 4 ever!!! I will support and love them 4ever!!! They are the Best of the Best!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  357. Hi my name is dina I ELF from Indonesia even though my english is not smooth but there is a language translate Greetings

  358. Hi! I just want to say thank you in a million times! I greatly appreciate your hardwork, effort and conderation for us who rely on sub kshows especially suju. I wud have done the same if can translate whatever they’re saying. thank u so much!^^

  359. Hi do I join your group? How do I officially become and ELF? 🙂

    • If you love Super Junior with all your heart and will always support them etc…. your already an ELF. Its just what SuJu fans are called.

  360. Oopps! I mean…an ELF

  361. Heyyyy ELF,

    Im a Chinese born but live in England since forever ELF!!! I bet im one of the youngest here, im 12 years old ^^ My bias is Yesung then Donghae. LOVE SUPER JUNIOR they are soooo funny, seen them on many variety shows, loved EHB!

    I’m going crazy! im in love with people years and years older than me, i know im never going to meet, never been the the country they live in, dont speak their language, only seen on a computer screen and way out of my leauge! And I Love IT! Haha

    Btw, great site, when I was a new ELF earlier this year this helped me out, so much info! Thanks for everything keep up the great work! Love this site and will continue to!

    If you’ve read all this thanks for listening (reading) to me blabbering on! Thank you, Xiexie and Gamsahabnida! 🙂

  362. SJ forever ❤ ❤ ❤

  363. id just like to say thank you so much.
    you are just as amazing as our boys for all your hard work and making it possible for us international ELF’s to enjoy all the things K-ELF’s do as well. i was a new ELF starting out early this year (but ive learnt so much about them it feels like ive known them forever ;p) and your wordpress has seriously helped me out and i always know i can get the latest and most important news from here.
    so thank you. from a dilligent and thankful ELF in england (should we be called E-ELF’s or is that already taken?)
    kamsahamnida ^-^

    • I’m a British (Asian) ELF too.. thanks for your comment, it is much appreciated!

  364. hi my name is RAJA im 19 years old im a BIG ELF i believe that super junior is the best boysband in the wold first super junior had the best 3 voices everyone knows what im talkig about K.R.Y , great dancers like EUNHYUK ,DONGHAE, SHINDONG,..
    the best figures SIWON ,heechul,donghae and of course the sweet personnality of super junior even if the band it’s well known and had famous talented members they still modest it’s one of the things that make us love them more and wonder about if there is any other band like them they so friendly betwwen each others that makes them look like brothers that’s why i think super junior is not like any band when listen or watch their MVs i can’t stop smiling like a fool when i hear YESUNG (my bias)OR KYUHYUN singing i can’t stop crying when i fell like my world is falling down and my life is getting suck i just watch super junior they make me feel more alive in the same time they make me miserable because even if i spent all my life looking for someone close tho them i will never find someone like those guys so i hope everyone keep supporting them i’ll always love super junior because i can’t do anything but loving them FIGHTING!

    • Yesung is my bias too!

  365. I love this page because I can know what It’s going on with my Suju but, I’m Italian and in Italy Suju aren’t so famous so I don’t have friends that are Elf, all my friends hate Korea or Asian things. I really want some ELFs to be my friend so I my friends can see that I’m not alone and that there are other people tha like this sort of things. Thanks to Suju I could talk to many ELFs, and even if for a few minutes, I didn’t feel alone! Thanks Suju! And Thanks to this page!

  366. Dear the Amazing Person Who Made This Site,
    Hi! Ok first of all, I’d just like to say I love your website and please keep posting and updating!
    Im still new to this website and I don’t know where everything is.
    I’ve watched recent Super Junior talk shows on your website before, but I was just wondering if you have a certain section for english subbed RECENT talk show videos that has Super Junior? I really like watching the shows that they’re featured on like Star Life Theater, but I like watching the most recent ones! So if you could email me back with a reply, that would be great! Thank you so much and have a great day! 🙂

  367. Hi, I just wanna say that I looove the current design of the page. I’ve been following the site a while now and this is my favourite…Nice work and I totally love your updates! 😀

  368. I really like this website.. And I can have a great in touch with my lovely bias in Super Junior.. Love you!! ❤

  369. fighting

  370. saranghae, suju ❤
    brazilian ELFs love you so much 🙂
    fighting \o/

  371. can anyone tell me… where i can order super junior’s photobook that release on 6th November..??
    help me please…

    follow me too @rhaunique ,,

  372. Thank you for your hard work !!!
    New’s Suju are my drug
    Saranghae super junior fighting !!!!!!!!!!

  373. Hello! I recently saw the updates of Super Junior in Chile. I just wanted to volunteer if there is any translation needed the I am willing to help! I know both English and Spanish, and I can read and write Spanish. I also know elementary Korean. @jenny62891 twitter *^^ 슈퍼주니어 사랑해요!

  374. Hello!!! I recently fell in love with Suju while watching Strongh heart. That is were I first heard of Super Junior. I google them and started watching them on YouTube with english subtitles and just got addicted. Now I hear thier music all night long at work so it keeps me running all night. Since I live in the United States and don’t speak Korean but love it. I can’t wait for the day to come when I get to see them here in the USA. I know they come to California or New York city. I just happen to live in neither of these states. Just wishing they would come to Arizona for a small concert.

  375. thanks God that you exist 🙂

  376. let me know more info ’bout them please ..

  377. hello…. thanks for making this wonderful site for superjunior elfs

  378. wwwhhhhhaaaa your website is amazing, wish i could do something like this, been trying now for years s; anyway it keeps me updated about what’s going on, keep on the hard work , fighting !!! 😀

  379. since i started coming to this site since like almost 2 years, this is my fist time here. I love that the site soesnt make you register or be a memeber to see the posts. i love that there is no navigating to find what you want. i love that the site still posts hangeng and kibum info! this site really does save my life its probably my most visited site, (youtube may be first). I mostly love that it is not a forum! you guys are awesome! never stop doing what you do it makes me happy!

  380. I love Super Junior and I go on one website, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to find updates of them, but this is way more convenient. The opening of this page is perfect and made me want jump off my couch and start singing with the ELF’s. xD This helps so much and I thank you for this information, all the authors and the last but not least, the creator. Thank you! And I wish Suju the best! Oppas, hwaiting! Saranghae to all the members!

  381. I love Super Junior and always will, and I go to a specific website, Twitter, Facebook etc. but I haven’t seen any website that can give so much information in such short time. I loved the opening of this page, I wanted to jump off my couch and sing along with the ELF’s :3 Thank you for this information and to the authors. Also the creator of this website! Always be safe Super Junior! Oppas, hwaiting!

  382. hello^^
    Firstly,may I introdue myself.I’m a Myanmar girl and I live in Yangon.I am a superjunior Fan.

    I’m a *kyuhyun bias!Kyuhyun is my whole life.Kyu is my no.1.
    Dearkyu ~ fighting!!!!!!!!!!
    Please take care !

  383. Hello 🙂
    I’ve found this site not so long ago, and it is really, really great.:) I guess I don’t have to say that I’m a Suju fan too.^^ I don’t even know when I started to love them, but a long ago. I love their songs and all the members. I see all the shows and series or movies, they appear in, so thanks for creating and managing this site.^^Fighting!!!

  384. Awesome site ♥ Have to update the links for their weibo already!
    Heechul –
    Hangeng –
    Zhoumi –
    Donghae –
    Henry –
    Kyuhyun –
    Siwon –
    Super Junior –

  385. names yolanda i live in oklahoma.u.s..i think they are a great group and all hotties.i was wondering if you know if they will be touring in the U.S



  388. Annyeong ^_^ I’m ELF from Indonesia, I love everything about Super Junior, I think Suju best of the best. Hopefully are u guys always together forever. 슈퍼주니어 사랑해요

  389. Take care guy’s ^^

  390. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about hefemale.

  391. I am Kristina from Connecticut US-I love Super Junior and so does my mom! I will always be a fan, and I pray the best and for happiness and safety to all Super Junior members. I hope they will come back to the US again soon, and that they get treated better and fairly. Maybe one of these days they can become an independent group and be in charge of their own career paths, instead of being under a company that is not treating them right.

  392. oh my god!!!! i found this guestbook just now…
    I have to say that you look sooooo organised!!!!!
    Just like our reputation as ELF XD.
    Wish the best!!!! ^_^

  393. Hello i’m rosma from indonesia, finally i have free time for look at this site.. ur site amazing guys, it’s really organised and also admin for this site is ELF from anywhere, can i join as admin in this site? kkk *really want*.. Love ya our boys and ELF ^^

  394. omg thank you so much for this i think that this is the best website I’ve found there’s just nothing that i can miss about suju when i’m using this website i swear you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  395. Hello, although i’v been coming to this site for 6 months now (fairly new ELF here:) i just found the guest book. i must say your doing a great job. i get all my SJ dose of news from you. thanks a lot and keep up the work. your the best. ajajajaja!! lots of love from italy

  396. One of the best SJ fan websites ever !! Thank you for all the hardwork 🙂

  397. Annyeong!!! I’m a 13 yr old, Yesung biased ELF in England^^
    BEST SUPER JUNIOR FAN SITE EVERRR ❤ Thanks for providing us with constant updates about all 15 members of Suju 🙂
    Super Junior Fighting! ❤

  398. Like my SJ fanpage on FB please ? ♥

  399. please help spread the word

  400. Sorry if I sound dumb, but how do I send in fanaccounts?

    • sup3rjunior @

  401. Hello super junior 🙂 im so big fan from you and ilek you so madsch and im so happy wen you komin to GER 🙂 i love you super junior :**

    • You wanna watch their concert in Sg? I know ppl selling their standing ticket at cheaper price!!

  402. Saw people selling Super junior Singapore concert ticket!

    Super Show 6 on 1 May 2015!

    Selling Standing Ticket cheaper than cost price! 4 more available tickets. $220 each!! I got 1 myself. Hehe

    The contact person is normanis- got sell in Carousell under norm_anis

    Let’s support SS6!!

  403. 💖💖💖💖 Super Junior forever!

  404. I just love super junior, I can’t understand myself why…… But all I know is only super junior, just super junior….
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  405. Thank you for giving us Elf updates about our favorite idols 🙂

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