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141006 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

October 6, 2014 at 6:11 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 4 Comments

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Ryeowook: When the members DJed last week I did listen to them, even though I didn’t manage to listen to some… I heard Kangin’s and Eunhyuk’s, it was too lousy… so bad that when you think they’re the first generation DJs it’s really weird…

Ryeowook: [Talking about youthful times] The thing I’m most proud of is travelling with the members~ even though it’s only once a year, I’ve gone three times~ each time when we have a week’s break, I’ll think of going back to Incheon to be with my parents and friends… but members will say Ryeowook-ah let’s go overseas and walk around and experience other countries~~ so in my twenties the thing I will be most proud of will be travelling~

ah Ryeowook said he is planning to go overseas for travelling in November!!

Ryeowook: I rushed to Sukira directly from the airport, I was actually late by about 10 minutes… the planes kept being delayed… there’s a typhoon in Japan now, yesterday all SM artistes had to perform under pouring rain… it was four hours long but we still got to rest in the middle, but the audience was in the rain all that time and no one left, it gave us a lot of strength~ thank you everyone once again~

[Listener said she doesn't have someone she likes, and is worried she'll never be able to date] Ryeowook: Recently I’ve been thinking too, are things a little too bad for me… why don’t I have someone I like, it seems like I only like my work… but these things all have their right times, rather than force myself to date, it’s better to wait for a person I like and then start dating~ I want to be in love with Sukira~ if I say it this way there’ll be lots of news about a hot relationship ㅋㅋㅋ but no~ everyone please believe me~~

Ryeowook- I like the kind of girl, who will take care of even her toenails and do pedicures (maintain herself well)… I’ve had manicures before… because Heechul gets them done too… and this is one of those things where if you do it once you have to keep carrying on… so I did it for a period of time, but then I stopped… during the early days after debut I’ll follow Heechul-hyung to get manicures, now I don’t anymore~ it saves me money too~

Source: 金圣诞是理想型
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141001 Sukira (KTR) with Special DJ Kyuhyun | Part 2 [Transcripts]

October 1, 2014 at 3:58 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, Kyuhyun, Wonderboys | 8 Comments

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141001 Sukira (KTR) with Special DJ Kyuhyun [Video]

141001 Sukira (KTR) with Special DJ Kyuhyun [Transcript]

Playing “Late Autumn” kyuhyun sang a line from the song, then said “It’s the first time I heard of this ‘Kyuhyun’ singer, and his (song) is nice”

Who are u closest with in’Those Days’musical casts? KH:We just started practice so..유준상sunbaenim,there’s someone who’s the same age as me,지창욱

Kyuhyun said he filmed radio star before this, and that those watching bora can see a pretty Kyuhyun today

KH: I have gone into wrong rooms before at Karaoke, and.. some rooms sang badly.. and I wanted to sing(in that room), but I didn’t because I was afraid they’d hit me

KH: I was also in a small.. really small car accident recently, and I got a scar (on hand?) and…  KH said he received light contusions on his hand & elbow from the small car accident, and that it’s been ~10 days but it hasn’t healed well

KH: I also was on a diet recently, and I discovered detox juice.. and I would drink them in morning, and in between, and it’s really nice. It makes your intestines work more, so I think it was nice. Of course, I don’t do things like (pooping). I’m a clean person

KH: when I earned money for the first time, I think I gave it all to my parents. I’m still giving it all to my parents.

Listener: Oppa, see you again Kyuhyun: Okay. It’s “Super Junior”‘s radio, so I will see you again ^^

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Guest sang a cute French(?) song and Kyuhyun said isn’t it a song that gets you addicted (and sings two lines cutely)

Kyu likes washing dishes, he tends to wash dishes a lot. He feels proud seeing it clean and members feeling good.

He’s getting ready to sing. It’s a song he liked from before, but he’s nervous since he hasn’t done radio live for a long time

The song he sang just now was 너라서, he really liked the song so in the past he always played the piano and sang on his own at home

Open studio!! He’s like ooh this is interesting talking to the fans outside the studio

Kyuhyun said I would like to thank Ryeowook who went to Japan and gave me the chance to come to KTR and sing this live ㅋㅋ

There’s a listener who said her sister died listening to Kyu’s live, and he said oh no, let’s save her with the ending ment later

Kyu said he’s not sure if he did well, he was really nervous and made some mistakes so he hopes listeners will overlook them

Kyu on how he felt: it’s really tiring when guests come, though he’s doing Radio Star with guests something similar but he has to respond to guests. He now understands how Wook has worked so hard.

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Listener: Does Kyuhyun oppa not intend to be the 12-2am midnight DJ? Your voice is so attractive. Kyuhyun: I’m embarrassed

Fans: It was amazing! Kyuhyun: (IN A FREAKING CUTE VOICE) Isn’t that right~~~~~

Translated By Kikiikyu ‏@kikiikyu 

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140930 Sukira (KTR) with Special DJ Kangin [Transcripts]

September 30, 2014 at 10:14 pm | Posted in Kangin, KBS, Kiss The Radio, Wonderboys | 4 Comments

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KTR – Kangin said if there was no radio today, he would have no schedules today. Really thankful to PDs for giving him this chance to host~

Kangin said Eunhyuk sent him a message asking why he sounded dull hosting the show, should host more crazily.
Kangin: This kid is really putting me in a spot, need to speak carefully now, Eunhyuk-ah~ the atmosphere isn’t very good haha

Call to Eunhyuk. Kangin asked Eunhyuk to introduce himself. Eunhyuk: I think our Kiss family knows who I am when they heard my voice~ Kangin: Our KISS family?

Ending phone call to Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk suddenly said “KISS family, tomorrow we…” about to say ending line.. Kangin immediately stopped Eunhyuk and said “No~ No~ I should be the one saying this” “hahaha Let’s listen to MAMACITA”

Source: 銘儀___
Translated by  

Listener asked what did Kangin play before enlisting. Kangin: Erm… how to play? Want to play? I didn’t have the thought to play before enlisting

Source: Blue_浅光SJ团站
Translated by  

Kangin said it’s been so long since he did radio and he’s a little nervous somehow

He listened to Hyuk’s show yesterday, the guests were all girl groups, he thinks that Hyuk had some deal with the KTR team haha

Kangin said he’s been member for 10 years, he knows if his laughter is real or not. and he said Hyuk did it sincerely yesterday

Kangin said he’s nervous, his palms are sweating

Listener said she’s looking forward to Kangin, he’s her ideal type. Kangin seems so happy about it hehe

The listener’s worry is about how others always think she got a surgery for double eyelid though it is really natural, she said Kangin must have met with similar thing right since he is so handsome. Kangin said he understands, he says people always misunderstand that he did his nose, and always ask him why he perms his eyelashes when he’s a guy (they are all just naturally like that) ㅋㅋ

Kangin said he used to not have good impression about plastic surgery, but now if it makes people feel more confident and if the person himself/herself wants it it can be good too. It’s mostly after Shindong did it that he slowly changed his idea about it

Listener asked Kangin to recommend places for holiday, he said wants to go to Turkey, the architecture is pretty and river is pretty. He wants to go to Thailand and be able to go around freely.

Listener asked if members is listening to KTR today, Kangin said Teuk is definitely listening <3

Kangin wants to recommend Gyeongju, places like Seokguram, Bulguksa. Busan too, and Seoraksan for domestic travel.

Listener asked how should he play the day before going into army? Kangin was like “you feel like playing? you’re in the mood to play?” haha then he recommended he spend time with friends and family. Kangin said maybe because he didn’t really go into army in a good situation.

Listener ask what kind of singers they like these days. Kangin said Hyuk likes all the girl group guests that came yesterday. Kangin himself likes more musical-style singers.

Kangin said Hyuk is listening and ask him why he sounds so insecure, asking him to do it crazily.

Listener asked he like baseball? Kangin is really interested in baseball haha

Listener said now she understands why Hyuk said Kangin is the funniest member, Kangin DJ daebak! And Kangin said he could have done better, because this is not his show so he’s a little careful

Kangin said recently there’s a member that does not pick up his phone calls at all

Kangin!!! called!!!! Hyuk!!!! Hyuk already did the ending ment lol and Kangin was like no not yet!!

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Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: lovekyu7

140929 Sukira (KTR) with Special DJ Eunhyuk [Transcripts]

September 29, 2014 at 4:47 pm | Posted in Donghae, Eunhyuk, KBS, Kiss The Radio, Wonderboys | 13 Comments

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Eunhyuk: So this is the charm of doing DJ alone. Doing ment and the reaction alone

How were these special DJs chosen? It was just done randomly, we were in the car, and Ryeowook-ee said he’ll be going to Japan so the members that were in the car were me, Kyuhyun-ee, Kangin-ee hyung…. that’s all the members revealed on news so far right? Almost said all the names.. Almost made trouble on the first day ㅋㅋ the reason I was chosen for first day? There’s no particular reason but I guess since I am 1st Gen DJ, .. and I am going (somewhere) with my family tomorrow, and on days after that, I have a filming.

Don’t zoom in too close to my face ㅋㅋㅋㅋ …. Handsome? I have makeup on today ㅋㅋ

Hyuk: I asked the staffs, since I’m appearing only for one day, I asked them to have girl groups as the guest ㅋㅋ don’t get jealous

Eunhyuk: (Guest ages) 91 liner, 92 liner, 96 liner! 10 years difference with me!

Guest (came to SS6): But we had a schedule, so we had to leave in the middle, just before the really funny part Hyuk: We have a concert coming up soon in Japan, so come watch it then~  Guest: Okay, if you give plane ticket also… ㅋㅋ

Hyuk: Who wants to go watch a movie~ for 15 minutes, no one replied my kkt. It’s okay; movies are at best watched alone. Who wants to go get a massage together~ again, for 15 minutes, no one replied. It’s okay, I can just go get it alone. But tonight, till 12, I don’t want to be alone. So I will do everything you guys ask for now ㅎㅎ

Hyuk: I like doing things alone! Watching movies alone, etc. I don’t get hurt from things like people not replying

Fan: Can I ask you to marry me? Of course, I’m kidding Hyuk: I was going to think about it seriously, but since you said just kidding ㅋㅋ

fan: please tell us about your trip in Jeju Island~ Hyuk: When we went to Jeju, I guess Ryeowook-ssi was jealous. He said things like “I hope it rains”. It rained ㅋㅋㅋ

I was on the phone with Donghae-ssi, and I was like “Ya, you wanna go Jeju tomorrow?” He was like “okay” and we ended up going with Teuk hyung,we reserved everything, the hotel and rental car, and when we checked the weather, we saw that a typhoon was coming. But we said ‘it’ll be fun even if there is a typhoon.’ So we went.. and we rented an open car… and it was blowing wind very hard and raining very hard. We were like ‘the rain and the wind cannot stop us!’ so we went with the top opened. At first, it didn’t rain so hard so it was okay. Hyuk: We went to Jeju island, watched a movie, went bowling.. did everything we could do in Seoul in Jeju

Talk with Open Studio. Fans asking hyuk to stand up because they cannot see his face. Hyuk: I can’t see you guys outside because it’s dark.. how many are out there? Fans: 10,000 fans!!!Hyuk: So there are Chinese fans here too today. (talks in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc) Who else are here? Fans: (says country names) Hyuk: ㅋㅋㅋ okay. bye~~

listener is younger than him so hyuk: I will talk informally then~ ㅋㅋ (staffs say cannot) I cannot? Listener: It’s okay! I like it more Hyuk: (The staffs) said since this is a broadcast, I have to speak formally ㅋㅋListener: Fans will date, so oppas go date too. you guys have to get married too Hyuk: Really? I can get married? Hyuk: what kind of girl do you think I should date? Listener: Someone like me? ㅋㅋ just kidding. Someone who cares about you, etc etc. Listener: and I hope you date a normal person (non-celebrity) Hyuk: Ah don’t date a celebrity? Listener asked Hyuk to call Donghae. Hyuk: I don’t know if he’ll answer.. and he won’t know it’s a broadcast so it can get.. dangerous.. He’s not in my recent call list, have I not called him recently? Calling him now ㅋㅋ

Donghae answered the phone but there is music playing. Hyuk: hello? hello? so loud. what are you doing? Hae: why why why Hyuk: What are you doing? Hae: where are you? Hyuk: This is SUKIRA~ hae: you’re kidding me right? hyuk: no! hae: you’re lying hyuk: I’m not! hae: you’re getting a massage now, right? Hyuk: I’m not! Hae: Can I say this again on Sukira? Hyuk: Do it Hae: I’m preparing an D&E album with Eunhyuk-ee hyung right now

Hae was going to come today, but he received a lot of stress today so he was tired. Hae requested for his new 1+1 song, and Hyuk said they don’t have the digital right now. Hae: you have the song! Hyuk: I have the song file but we can’t play that. Hae: Then I request for.. a pop song right? Hyuk: sure Hae: Then I request for Man in the Mirror

Ryeowook had asked Hae to DJ this week, but he said he cannot DJ alone.

When Hae was ending his phone call, he did the sukira ending ment, and Hyuk said: (sukira is) not finished yet!!

Hyuk: Tomorrow, the member I think is the funniest member will come..

Hyuk: Now we’ll play Donghae-ssi’s- oh. cannot? Sorry, Donghae-ssi. I talked too long, so we cannot play the song. I’ll play it for you or you can listen to it on mp3. Maybe they’ll play it tomorrow ㅋㅋ

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Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts] – From 140926

September 26, 2014 at 11:25 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 1 Comment

Ryeowook: I cut my hair slightly today. Originally wanted to cut more but because of my musical role this is all that can be done. Maybe this is the first part? Have to ask the director if I can cut again~ If can cut, I may continue. This is not confirmed now.

Ryeowook told guests there will be a replacement DJ next week.
Guest: Can you reveal who it is? Or hint..
Ryeowook: Hint? Someone who is very close to me?
Guest: Never mind. I am not asking anymore.

Source: 銘仪__
Translated by: 
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140922 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

September 22, 2014 at 5:55 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 4 Comments

Ryeowook: Our members are all resting, only I still have radio’s schedule hahahahaha and Eunhyuk-ssi.. Wants to watch movie, I must end radio quickly to go. Watching movie later at 12.10am, how do I rush to the venue in 10 min hahaha

Ryeowook said while he is doing radio, members have holidays and have gone to Jeju, Busan etc

Source: 銘儀__

Ryeowook: Just received a message… “Ryeowook are you asleep?” “What asleep… I am doing bora~” “oh… yah” that was sent by a manager who went to Jeju with Kyuhyun… Kyuhyun and Changmin went to Jeju to play together~ 1 of the manager went along too… Now everyone is teasing me (because he is the only 1 who has to work XD)

Source: Giraffe_Girls

Translated by: 
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140910 Sukira (KTR) with Super Junior [Transcripts]

September 10, 2014 at 3:58 pm | Posted in Donghae, Eunhyuk, Heechul, Kangin, KBS, Kiss The Radio, Leeteuk, RadioShow Updates, Ryeowook, Shindong, Shiwon, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 7 Comments
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RW: They’re(SJ) reading the script right now, and are preparing. They’re talking with script writers to make the show funny today

RW: We will listen to one more song, and will bring in Super Junior … I’m also Super Junior ㅋㅋ

KI: Sungmin-ssi isn’t feeling good at all today, so he wasn’t included in the radio schedule, but he heard members will go so he came too

RW: Someone is missing today DH: Yesung-ssi? RW: Kyuhyun-ssi ㅋㅋㅋ KI: It’s okay, he went to talk sharply about other people anyways

RW: (To Siwon) Why do you think you are famous in China? (SD? not sure): Wealth?

HC: Personally, I like guys with mustache. So I recommended it to Siwon-ssi, “grow it out”


SW: and other members have ### followers.. KI: So all the other members are in the ‘others’? Siwon and others?

EH: I’m fine just being ‘others’ if I can be in a group with Siwon-ssi LT: I don’t know if I can say it this way, but I am ‘trash’

KI: no no, I think we’ve gone too far LT: I-  KI: Leeteuk-ssi, Leeteuk-ssi, how long has it been since you came on radio? ㅋㅋㅋ


EH: Whenever I hid my eyes, the album did well. I thought, why don’t I cover it up overall?

EH: But I think the original picture is prettier. I think they edited it weirdly. I’ll send you guys the original photo later

DH: how can I talk about it myself? I can’t even talk well


SD: Do you like Mamacita or Shirt more?  DH: I-  HC: I like mamacita more, or ‘I don’t know why we did Mamacita, shirt is definitely better’

DH: Don’t go that far~ LT: If Mamacita and Shirt were to fall in water KI: Wait wait. Leeteuk-ssi that’s too 2 years ago

SD: So 2 years ago~ HC: Don’t be so mean to my friend~

HJ: it’ll be big trouble if Donghae’s movie is released. Everyone will fall in love with his charms. I watched the edited version that was on his computer 

RW: I wasn’t able to do the ‘thank you’ ment after winning first place  SD: Right, he went after prerecording for another schedule

LT: I’d also like to thank Teddy Riley. Members: Is he your friend?  HC: Isn’t Teddy YG?

There was a ‘Su-Per-Ju-Nior’ part in MAMACITA, but they edited it out in mastering.

They measured the size of members’ back~

They wanted to do a segment where Leeteuk and Eunhyuk would sit in the DJ seat again, but now they said they won’t have time for it

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140906 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

September 6, 2014 at 8:25 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 2 Comments

Ryeowook: Actually there are many apps now, but I don’t really know how to use… When we travel, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk are good at looking at maps (on app), but I don’t really know how to… because I am a bit of an idiot at electronics.. so I will look for it in travel guides.. or just let the members do it..

Ryeowook: SJ Donghae’s face will turn red after drinking, like it is on fire… maybe people who are pretty are all like this..

Ryeowook: Many people hate beards.. But men look forward to having it, many look handsome in movies.. but people around me don’t like it… I came to SUKIRA with a beard once, in my early 20s… but the responses were not good .. in the recent 10 months I have done about 7 hair removal treatments~ although i will regret, because men are more handsome having a beard after 40 years old.. but girls don’t like it…

Source: 金圣诞是理想型

Ryeowook: If you have seen this week’s guests list, you will know LADIES CODE was originally one of the guests. Heart aches that such an incident has happened… May the dead rest in peace… also hope the other members will recover quickly and appear in front of everyone well..

Ryeowook: Actually Siwon-ssi is filming movies, I really didn’t know, it is an overseas movie. Because it is an overseas movie, I didn’t know~ If it was a Korean movie I will definitely know hahaha I was talking to him about this and he even told me about his target to film 5 movies. Give me some too~ haha looks like I have to work harder XD

Ryeowook: It’s Sunday tomorrow.. our practice day. Although I don’t know how everyone is spending it but hope can have a beautiful day^^

Source: 銘仪__
Translated by: 
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by dreamhae


140903 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

September 3, 2014 at 4:42 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 2 Comments

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Ryeowook expressed his apologies for Kyuhyun’s absence due to urgent personal reasons, hope everyone can understand, he has replaced Kyuhyun in preparing live performance for everyone, hope everyone can anticipate.

Source: 星旭PolarisRW

Ryeowook said everyone heard the bad news today.. “SJ members talked alot because of this, really sad today.. Although it’s hard but hope to bring healing through this (show), will do broadcast diligently for these 2 hours for EunB, also hope other members recover quickly.”

KTR- What song to listen to on a rainy day? Ryeowook: oh~ recently, on rainy days I will listen to Raining Spell For Love in our new album. This song also begins with rainy day~

Talking to C-ELF. Ryeowook was shocked and said her korean is good. Fan said because she is ELF.
Ryeowook: Ok. I won’t ask whose fan…
Fan: I am Ryeowook’s fan…
Ryeowook then asked fan if she knows how to learn korean quickly and if she wants Ryeowook to tell her the way to do so
Ryeowook: Get a korean boyfriend. Get a boyfriend like Ryeowook.

Source: 銘儀___
Translated by: 
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by lovekyu7



140902 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

September 2, 2014 at 9:36 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 3 Comments

Ryeowook: Some time ago our members said I like Eunhyuk-ssi alot. Donghae felt frustrated but I didn’t know~ There was once during drinking he said frustratedly “You only take care of Eunhyuk-ssi” I didn’t, I like Donghae-ssi alot too. Then I realized there was such an issue..

Guest: I thought today was bora? Why is there no bora? Ryeowook said there was no bora because there can only be bora for 3 days in a week… Also said there was no special guest today so just listen to his voice hahahhaa

Ryeowook: To me, the biggest problem is everyone’s lifestyles are different. When I sleep, it is time for other members to wake up because our schedules are too different… So I used an effective method which it to use ear plugs, that made it better~ Guest asked Ryeowook if he had plans to move out. Ryeowook said money is a problem and if he moved back to Incheon, manager will have to travel here and there..

Source: 銘儀___
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140829 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

August 29, 2014 at 7:52 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 1 Comment

KTR- Ryeowook said he will have a new challenge in between the 3 months of Sep, Oct and Nov

Source: 星旭PolarisRW

Ryeowook: I want to praise members.. Shirt was choreographed by Shindong and Eunhyuk.. in between we even went to Indonesia, had many schedules, but even so they kept staying up to choreograph it.. arranged movement, choreographed dance moves, finished the product after discussion with members.. too cool. our members even took part in productions, really talented! Too cool!

Listener: SJ can still do synchronized dancing. Wook:Is ours synchronized?Thanks..but synchronized dance is like BTS


Source: 金圣诞是理想型

Wook: Some may not know, today is SJ’s comeback, listened to MMCT just now.Members will be guests soon, please anticipate!

Source: 浅光

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Shared at sup3rjunior.com by lovekyu7

Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts] – From 140826

August 26, 2014 at 11:17 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 2 Comments

Ryeowook: Once during dance practice, I suddenly danced wrongly, but I thought I was the only one who dance correctly and it was everyone else who danced wrongly… I didn’t feel that I was wrong, but everyone felt I was and asked me to stand behind…

Ryeowook: Our SJ hyungs are quite tough… have sharp tongues too, usually if we are not recording shows, they are like that too.. like recently because we practice together we will eat together.. the stuff we say are really powerful.. slapping each other and being sarcastic… really no joke.. once we even almost quarreled… but we can be like this because we are very close~

Source: 金圣诞是理想型
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Shared at sup3rjunior.com by dreamhae

140820 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

August 20, 2014 at 7:22 pm | Posted in KBS, Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 2 Comments

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140820 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Video]

KTR- Today is Wook DJ’s 500th day.
Ryeowook: this morning Sungmin and me had a schedule, I said “hyung, today is my 500th day”
Sungmin said “So I have left for 500 days.. You give me 500 dollars!!”

Source: 金圣诞是理想型

Last night at 12am Ryeowook told members it is his 500th day
Yesung sent a message “really congratulations! My dongsaeng~ 500 won~!”
Ryeowook is really thankful for such a message

Source: 銘儀__

Translated by: 
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by dreamhae



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